How to Disassemble a Hp Pavilion G6 Laptop Keyboard

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How to Disassemble a Hp Pavilion G6 Laptop Keyboard

Dismantling the HP Pavilion G6 1321SE laptop. We clean from dust and we change thermal paste.

Not a bad laptop, we came across another disassembly and cleaning.

We act as usual. Turn off the power and turn off the laptop. We take out the battery. Taking the lock-lock to the side, we take out the battery from the case.

Unscrew the two screws and remove the cover, similar to the capital letter G.

Disable the cable from the hard drive to the motherboard. Moving the hard drive to the side, and lifting it, we remove the hard drive from the laptop case.

Disconnect the antenna wires from the wireless module. We unscrew the screw that secures this module and remove the module from the connector into which it was inserted.

There is no point in getting rid of RAM modules, they will not interfere with our laptop disassembling.

Now, you have to unscrew all the screws that are marked in the picture. These screws secure the laptop case.

Be sure to pull out the DVD drive. Unscrew the screw that holds the drive, and gently press the DVD drive out of the case.

The laptop keyboard is held in place by four latches. Turn the laptop over as shown in the photo, believe me, it will be more convenient to remove the keyboard. In turn, we snap out the fixing latches and throw the keyboard back, as shown in the bottom photo. We turn off the loop and now the keyboard can be safely removed to the side.

Next, under the keyboard, you will need to unscrew a few more screws and turn off a few loops. All this is shown in detail in the picture.

After that, you can disassemble the laptop into two parts, on the top and on the bottom. On the bottom of the case will be installed a motherboard, which we will also remove. To remove the motherboard, unscrew all the screws marked on the photo, and disconnect all the cables and connectors marked on the same photo.

In the next photo, we see how the removed motherboard will look like. To clean the dust of the cooling system, as well as to replace the thermal paste, we unscrew the screws marked in the photo. Remember to unplug the cooling fan power connector.

And this is how the removed cooling system of the HP Pavilion G6 1321SE laptop will look like. For more thorough cleaning, we will analyze the cooling system into its components. How to do this is shown in the picture.

Naturally, we clean the contact pads of the cooling radiator from the old thermal paste. After all, when installing the radiator in the same place from where it was removed, we will apply a new thermal grease.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in parsing and cleaning this laptop.