How to disable voice control on Samsung TV

How to disable the voice assistant on Samsung TVs of different episodes of releases

The operating system of modern TVs with Smart TV includes the function of a voice assistant. This is an accompaniment by the voice of all actions that are performed in the standard integration of the device. The function is also called “TalkBack” (feedback, suffler).

Duplication with a voice helps to navigate in the actions performed by people who are weakly seen. In practice, dictation voices all switching on the control panel. For example, we went into the settings, then moved to the “channels” item. The voice will be voiced in the menu. So a visually impaired person will understand in which section of the settings and point he is now.

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In other situations, supporting actions with voice notification does not need. Sometimes the function is turned on by default with the “box”. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to turn off the vocal support on the Samsung TV.

Diactivation option Voice for reading parameters in TV devices

The voice automatically Комментарии и мнения владельцев on all the user’s actions from switching the channel to a decrease in volume. Over time, the voice just bothers. There are several ways to deactivate this option. The easiest option:

Now you just need to close the menu. Когда флажок присутствует на других пунктах, например описание видео или субтитры, тогда уберите его также. Keep in mind that, depending on the TV model, the button and functions on the remote control differ. If there is no action when holding the button, then you need to familiarize yourself with the second method of deactivation of the voice.

Deactivation through TV settings

Special capabilities on TV devices

Through the settings of special capabilities

Let’s see how to make the Samsung TV stop talking, performing a few simple actions. To do this, go to the “Settings” “Main” “Universal Access” “Voice Guide Settings” “Voice Guide”. Detailed screenshot instructions see below.

  • Click on the left side of the round navigation panel on the remote control panel, go to “Settings” and click the central button to open it.
  • Now press the central button or right side of the navigation panel on the remote control panel to open the general settings menu.
  • Go to the “Accessibility” parameter by pressing the lower part of the direction panel, and open it.
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How to remove Bixby Assistant on Samsung Smart TV

Modern Samsung Smart TV supplies consumers already with a voice assistant Bixby. If desired, this function can be turned off using the following scheme:

  • Pressing the “home” button on the controller;
  • Opening Smart Hub and choosing a section with the settings;
  • Sticking the options by selecting the item “General”;
  • Pressing the “awakening in the voice” and changing the key to “off”.

Series M, Q, LS (latest models)

You can turn off the voice acting in the TV menu. To access the device parameters, you must click on the “Menu” on the touch remote control or select “Settings” in the lower left corner of the home screen.

  • Go to the “Sound” section, then. To “Additional settings”.
  • Open the “Sound signals” tab and manually set the necessary volume level.
  • Save new parameters and exit the menu.
disable, voice, control, samsung

If the owner of the model does not manage to find the desired section on your own, you can use the search function according to the system parameters, the launch of which is carried out by click on the “lupa” icon located to the right to enter the “Settings”.

You can turn off Talkback in another way:

  • Enter the “menu” of the TV. Using the corresponding key on the remote control or icon on the “Home” screen.
  • Open the “Special Opportunity” tab in the “device” section.
  • Go to the “Voice Instructions” and deactivate the option by installing the “Turn off” parameter.
  • Save the created settings.

After the user performs any of the presented algorithms, the voice support will be turned off. It should be noted that this instruction is relevant only for models of families M, Q, LS, as well as related series devices.

How to turn off the voice accompaniment on the Samsung Smart TV?

The sequence of manipulations will depend on the Smart Samsung Smart model. Way to find out a model of technology:

The first marking characters contain data on the manufacturer and size of the diagonal, behind the first numerical designation is an indication of a series of technology. It is precisely on this indicator that the algorithm for disconnecting the vocal support on the Samsung TV will depend.

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On new models

  • On the control panel, press “menu” or enter the “settings” on the home screen;
  • Go to the “device” section and find special opportunities there;
  • Find the “voice instructions”, transfer the slider to the “off” position;
  • Save the choice.

How to Turn Off Bixby on Samsung TV

The instructions for decactivation of special capacity are also suitable for TV, which have adjacent markings, expressed by additional digital values. For example: M453, LS4311 and others.

Old models

The disconnection algorithm on old Samsung depends on the year of release.

They are characterized by a dark menu with a minimum set of icons and capabilities.

To deactivate the Tolkback on Samsung (K) you need:

How to turn off Voice Over from smart tv ( how to turn off voice over ) voice guide setting on/ off

  • Open on the TV menu and go to the “System” tab;
  • Find “special opportunities” and press the line of dubbing;
  • In this paragraph, you can both completely turn off duplication with sound, and reduce its volume;
  • Save the choice.

Dubbing can be removed by turning off all system sounds in “additional settings”. It is worth paying attention that in this case the remote control signals will be unavailable and others, there are additional chips in the form of an alarm and other applications that signal using a certain melody. They will be blocked or reduced to a minimum volume level.

  • Enter the “menu” of TV using a remote control or buttons on the side panel of a technical device;
  • Click on the sign “system”, made in the form of gears, enter “common”. “sound signals”;
  • Turn off the dubbing of actions or set the optimal volume level;
  • Confirm the choice.

It is worth noting that for the premium line Samsung “S” there is no clear deactivation instructions. The user should refer to technical support, printed instructions or the South Korean manufacturer site.

It is not difficult to disconnect the TSKBEK in Samsung, the user’s algorithm will depend on the TV Samsung series, the technique menu varies and depending on its model. Such data are always present both at the unit itself, in the documents to it, and system messages. If there are no problems or information on deactivation, the manufacturer posted on the site a detailed relevant instruction for all series of equipment. Users always have the opportunity to contact a free phone or write to technical support.

Reset of settings to factory

Please note that the TV device will turn off for a couple of minutes, then automatically turn on. Check if the sound has appeared. Go into the account on the TV, since such a discharge will erase all the settings and installed parameters before, the applications will be removed. If not one of the actions helped, then we recommend that you contact those.Support.

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How to enable and configure subtitles

Most models of TV panels of different models, including on the Philips TV, provided for Subtitle mode. To activate the option on the remote control, there is the same button, it can be called and otherwise. You should clarify in the documentation for a specific TV model.

The mentioned “Subtitle” mode allows the option to include, disable or install in the automatic application mode for content broadcasting in a foreign language. Here you can also configure the main and additional language of displaying text accompaniment.

Smart TV through the menu “Show additional control elements” allow you to configure textual information not only in terms of choosing preferred languages. Settings such as color design of the text and the size of the characters, location, encoding and other parameters are available.

disable, voice, control, samsung

How to disable voice control?

Working with a TV using a voice may not be interesting to some people. Also, according to a large number of users, the voice instruction is irritable, which distracts from viewing information on the screen.

Therefore, a very popular issue of users is how to turn off the voice of the instructions or completely turn off the sound control.

You can do this in several actions:

You can completely turn off the recognition of sound commands in the same section. For this, as described above, it is necessary to press the “off” mode. Every year, services available in TVs will be improved.

LED screens technology have great prospects, which means that TV manufacturers will develop and add new functions. Models using the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Smart TV headset are already available. The virtual assistant engaged in the recognition of the voice will not be deprived of attention. In the near future, the largest manufacturers will produce devices with a more developed voice control. There is no doubt that Samsung will occupy a leading place in this area.

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