How to Disable Touchpad on a Dell G3 Laptop

Hello, our dear visitors. Not sure how to disable the touchpad on a laptop? In this publication, we will talk about disabling the touchpad on any laptop. For those who do not quite understand what a laptop’s touch pad is, we’ll tell you. Touchpad. This is a wonderful touch device that is designed specifically for laptops.

The touchpad technology is based on a fairly simple capacitive sensor that responds to finger touch. Touchpads are equipped with laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks. The touchpad is used to manipulate the cursor, as is done on conventional computers with a computer mouse. At the company Apple in macbooks, the touchpad is called the trackpad;).

How to disable touchpad in a laptop

There are many notebook manufacturers on the market today: Samsung, ASUS Sony, Acer Apple, Compaq, HP, Lenovo, Msi, Toshiba, Dell, as well as a variety of other brands. Most of them use touchpads in their laptops from the company. Synaptics. We did not even consider the touchpad as an advantage in the article on how to choose the right laptop, since this component of the laptop should be present and work like a clock. Let’s see how to disable the touchpad on a laptop.

Oddly enough, sometimes disabling the touchpad on a laptop is easier than turning it on. Depending on the model of the laptop, the touchpad may turn off differently. By the way, the presence of a touchpad netbook from a laptop is no different. Most modern laptops have several options for disabling the touchpad. Here are the many ways you can think of and implement to disable:

  1. If you touch the touchpad, you can simply close it for a while with something flat, such as a card or a sheet of paper.
  2. Some laptops, such as laptops Hewlett packard, There is a special button that locks the touchpad.
  3. If there is no such button, then your laptop can understand the special key combination. Among the buttons from F1 to F12 there should be a key responsible for disabling the touchpad. You need to find this key and use it in combination with Fn. For laptops Dell Are the FnF5 keys, for Asus this is fnf9, Acer. FnF7, Lenovo. FnF8.

You can try disabling the touchpad using Windows. To do this, do the following:

“Start”. “Control Panel”. “Mouse”. “Device Settings”. “Turn on / off the touch panel” tab. put the switch in the “Disable” position.

Or you can, in Windows XP:

“My computer”. “Control”. “Device Manager”. “Mice and other pointing devices.” and disconnect the device.

You can completely disable the touchpad on the laptop in the BIOS. How to enter the BIOS of the laptop can be found on the link. In the BIOS itself, to disable the sensor, you need to find the item Internal pointing device and put “Disable”.

For the correct operation of the touchpad in the Windows operating system, a special program for touchpad is usually responsible. Most manufacturers use company touchpads in their laptops. Synaptics (a couple more competitors are. ALPS and Elantech) The program for the touchpad is called Synaptics pointing device driver. To find the options for this program, you can find it in the tray. And you can once again follow the following standard path (for Windows 7) in the mouse settings:

Finding the right program tab is not difficult:

How to Disable Touchpad on a Dell G3 Laptop

As you can see, to disable the touchpad you need to check “Disconnect the internal pointing device when connecting an external pointing device to the USB port”. Then when you connect the mouse, the touch pad will turn off.

In some versions of this program for the touchpad, developers for some reason removed this useful point. First, try to say the new version of the program from the official website of the developer. If the new program did not help, and the daw did not appear, you need to edit the Windows registry. Beginners can read how to open the registry using the link. In any case, if you decide to edit something in the registry, you should be careful. So, if there is no checkmark, do the following: