How to disable the Internet on your smartphone

How to turn off the Internet on your Android phone?

Have you noticed that the first time you turn on your smartphone or after a reset you almost always turn on the mobile internet? over, in some cases, begins to automatically update the firmware, and if the Internet is not unlimited, this can cost a lot of money. Some users do not know how to disable the Internet, so we decided to show where and what you need to click on. I would like to note that the operator does not matter, whether it is Beeline, Megafon, MTS or Tele2, because you turn off the Internet in your smartphone, not on the tariff of the mobile operator.

The easiest way is to use the curtain, which is a shortcut menu. Slide your finger from the top of the screen to the bottom to bring up the menu. Find the mobile Internet icon in it and click on it. It can be called in many different ways: Internet, Mobile Data, Data Transfer, like in our example, etc.д. Tap the icon.

It has changed color. Mobile internet is off.

Also should disappear the icon from the status bar about the enabled Internet 3G, 4G, LTE, etc.д like this:

We can go a different, more complicated way. Open the settings.

And turn off the mobile internet with a switch. There were:

If you can’t find such an item in the menu, use menu search for the key mobile network.

Why completely or temporarily disable mobile internet

The specifics of Android phones require a constant connection to the Internet in order to take full advantage of all the features it offers. On the Internet, the phone synchronizes contacts with Googel servers, downloads new emails in push mode, synchronizes notifications or messages, and more. There are always reasons to disconnect the Internet: the data pack is over and a new one has not been bought yet, we are abroad and the package does not include data on roaming, or we just want to save the battery. Let me remind you that all the time we are talking about data transfer via 2G / 3G / LTE mobile network, the phone will have access to the Internet when it is connected to the WI-FI network.

To disable mobile internet service go to “Settings”, select “Connections” (I’m writing about version 7.0) and select “SIM Manager. The above path I described based on the Android phone Samsung, in phones of other manufacturers it can be slightly different, but the scheme is similar. In general, in Samsung, LG or Sony phones we need to look for something like “Mobile networks” or “Data transfer” in the settings.

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Turning off the Internet in roaming

Modern smartphones have a good function. “Internet in roaming”. It is suitable for those who often travel abroad and do not want to break away from business and communication with loved ones.

But if you do not use the Global Network while travelling, but the E icon is still hanging in the status bar, then you should deactivate it to avoid wasting money.

  • Go to the main menu of the device and go to “Settings”;
  • Here under “Network” select “Mobile networks”;
  • Uncheck the box “Data in roaming.

Other ways to disable network access

In addition, if your smartphone does not have antivirus installed, then you risk infecting your device with a malicious virus, which can be found on almost any site.

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How to do it

There can be many reasons for a ban. But, as a rule, blocking is used for:

So how to block the internet on your Android? You can do this in several ways directly in the device itself:

  • The easiest option is to simply disable “Mobile Data” and Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on the offline mode or airplane mode. A long press on the power button on the phone will bring up a menu where you can select this function. In newer versions of Android, starting with Lollipop, this option is also available from the notification bar.
  • To “cheat” the device by choosing a point of access of other operator or setting APN with incorrect parameters. You will need to do this:
  • select “Connections” in the settings, and then go to “Other networks”;
  • In the “Mobile networks” section, click “Access points” and add the one that is not working.

Instructions for Windows devices

Owners of Windows devices to disable network access will need Follow the following flowchart:

  • Open the settings of the gadget, go to “Cellular network” and “SIM. On some devices, the section may be called “Data transfer”.
  • Move the slider to the left to disable Internet access. In some cases you may need to restart the device.

You can also turn off access to the Internet through your operator.

To do this, it is necessary to dial a special number, wait for the answer and deactivate this option. You can do it both for a short period and permanently.

To contact Beeline it is necessary to dial 0611. Megafon operator will answer the number 0500, MTS. 0890, and Tele2. 611. The calls can be made 24 hours a day and are absolutely free.

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Setting traffic limitation

To ensure that your smartphone does not consume traffic even when the mobile Internet is on, you should set a limit on the use of mobile data. This is done as follows:

Go to “SIM-cards and mobile networks” section and press “Set traffic” button.

Please note: on some smartphones this item may be hidden in other subsections. For example, in the “Data Transfer” menu.

Press the “Tariff Plan” button.

Press the “Mobile Traffic Limit” button and set the limit you want. Here you can also set the alert threshold: when your data consumption approaches a certain limit, you will receive a notification.

Or select an access point (APN) from another operator. To change, open:

Disable mobile Internet (mobile data) and WI-FI

Pull down the status bar and open the notification panel. Turn off WI-FI and mobile data:

Enable offline mode

In many models of smartphones it is enough to perform a long press on the power key and select the Offline mode:

Here it is important to remember that you will turn off not only mobile data, but also the mobile network, t.е. you will not be able to receive calls.

Configure APN with incorrect parameters

Or select an access point (APN) from another operator. To change it, open:

  • Settings
  • Connections
  • Other Networks
  • Mobile networks
  • Access Points
  • Add a new hotspot.
  • Specify a name.
  • Enter the wrong access point.
  • Select the freshly created AP:

After that, the mobile internet on your Android device will stop working completely.

Locate the Mobile Data icon and tap on it until it turns gray. In some cases, the icon is on the second screen. To see it, scroll left or right in the panel.

Unlock the screen and swipe from top to bottom twice. You will see a panel with icons.

Find the Mobile Data icon and click on it until it turns gray. In some cases the icon is on the second screen. To see it, flip the bar to the left or right.

Done. Now Internet will not work until you connect your smartphone/tablet to Wi-Fi or turn on the mobile internet again.

If operator charges money for internet even when it is turned off, it is not malfunction of device but it is a mistake in its calculations (except tariffs with subscription fees). To check, start your browser and try to open any site. You can’t do this with the internet turned off.

How to turn off your child’s internet

Setting a parental lock on your phone is a very smart move. This prevents your child from, for example, accidentally or unconsciously deleting valuable files or apps.

This will also prevent the installation of unwanted programs on your phone and block sites with m, which is not intended for children.

I’ll show you how to quickly and effectively implement parental controls on Android phones, in other words, disable the child’s Internet.

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There are several options for setting up this parental control on our smartphone. If you have a clean Android, go to the “Settings” tab, select the “Users” field, and select the option to add a new user.

NOTE: if there is no such option, it means that you cannot add new users on your Android.

At this point, we choose “limited access profile” and configure the security (e.g. pattern or code). After clicking on the new profile we can give it any name.

From the list of programs you can select those of which the child can use and disable those that we do not want access to.

For example, do not select browsers, then the child will not use the Internet on your smartphone. Selecting a profile is possible when unlocking the phone.

If you let your child use the android store, it’s also worth setting parental controls here.

To do this, go to the Play Store settings. There you have the option to select the “parental control” and set a PIN code to prevent the child from disabling the settings.

Similar applications are also offered by some GSM networks. Here are a few examples of them:

Unfortunately, not everyone has a clean Android on their phone. An alternative to system solutions for parental control are external programs from the Google store, which work on a similar basis, and sometimes they can be more effective.

The general principle behind most of these programs is based on being able to select the apps that your child can use.

Some programs offer additional options, for example, they allow us to choose the amount of access time for a given app.

This is a very useful tool in a situation where we think our child is using an app too long or spending too much time on his favorite mobile game.

In some cases, we have access to app reports. we can, among other things, check what sites our child has visited.

Some of the apps allow remote control of the smartphone after logging into a previously created account. Some of them, thanks to the geolocation feature, allow you to find our device. Good luck.

How to turn off Wi-Fi on Android?

We’ll also tell you how to turn off Wi-Fi, just in case.

You can do this through the Quick Access Toolbar.

Or go to “Settings” and select the Wi-Fi line.

Move the switch shown in the screenshot below.

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