How to Disable T9 on iPad 3

Entering text through the T9 was a great success at the time among push-button mobile phones. Using this feature simplified the set of messages that the user sent. Auto-dialing technology has proven itself very well, which made it possible to actively use it in all modern gadgets. For applications that allow remote communication and information exchange, including WhatsApp, this feature has become a familiar addition.

Given all the features of the T9, in practice, this technology can make many mistakes. Vatsapp also often has this problem, which requires an immediate solution. As a result, many users are trying to abandon the use of auto-correction. For those who are interested in how to disable T9 in WhatsApp, you should read a little instruction.

Instructions for disabling auto fix on Android devices

Communicating regularly in the messenger, each user sooner or later wonders how to disable T9. The solution to the problem lies precisely in the settings of your gadget. There is only one way to disable an awkward function. It is suitable for all smartphones with Android OS and, oddly enough, has nothing to do with the WhatsApp program itself. Several steps should be performed in accordance with the instructions:

Stage one. You must open the Settings of your device. Then go to the “Language and input” section.

How to Disable T9 on iPad 3

Step Two Keyboard settings should be selected. In the example, it is signed as “ZenUI Keyboard” (ASUS smartphone acts in the example).

Attention! If you have multiple keyboards connected to your device, do not confuse them with Google Voice Input. There it is unnecessary to change the parameters! You are interested in the one that is currently being used.

Third stage. The final one.

In different devices, the T9 function can have different names: “Auto Correction”, “Auto Correction”, “Prediction of Words”, etc. Therefore, we carefully read and look for something similar in meaning.

Important! In rare cases, this function is hidden in Advanced settings (as is done in my Asus smartphone). If you did not find it immediately in the keyboard settings, then look at the additional ones.

Auto fix must be disabled! As an example below.

In conclusion, we pay attention that you need to follow the specified parameters, but focus on the features of your smartphone. Due to the fact that many models may differ in the location of a particular item, you need to be attentive to this feature.

Disabling T9 in WhatsApp actually takes from two to five minutes, so there are no difficulties with adjusting the parameters. The main thing is that the user himself understands his own phone.

T9 mode gained popularity when button devices came into fashion. This option is very convenient and allows you to quickly type text. It was only necessary to click on the necessary initial 2-3 letters, and the wise program itself guessed the necessary version of the complete word. However, some users wish and are interested in how to turn off the T9 in the smartphone?

Pros and cons

T9 is available in both older models and today’s Android gadgets. Despite the convenience and reduced time for typing text material, this mode is not without drawbacks. Often the acceleration of typing remains a theoretical concept.

The application has a large dictionary with a wide range of words most often used in everyday life. This mode sometimes brought undesirable surprises when, after typing, he rephrased the words in a different manner, and the user had to spend time correcting them.

Uninstall T9 on iOS

Basically, the iPhone does not have this mode. This development of predictive input was created for simplified button devices. The option on the iPhone is called auto-correction. Although most of it is called the T9.

To disable auto-correction on iPhone and iPad, we take simple steps:

  • go to the settings;
  • open in the “Basic”. “Keyboard”;
  • disable the “Auto Correction” command.

Additional features

In addition to the automatic correction mode on an iPhone, you can disable:

  • auto-capitalization of characters at the beginning of input (looking for the command “Uppercase”);
  • word tips (look for the command “Predictive dialing”).

There is also the option of including your own text replacement templates. They will be active even if auto-correction is turned off. This operation can be performed in the “Replacing text” section.

Delete an option on Android

There are two ways to disable T9 devices on this platform: using the system settings and using the keyboard.

1 Option

In order to disable T9 on Android in WhatsApp, the first way you need to perform these manipulations step by step:

  • go to settings;
  • select a command. Language and input;
  • click on it;
  • in the list that opens, select. smart dialing;
  • find T9 or auto-correction;
  • disable the option by placing the runner in an inactive state.

The algorithm of actions is the same for almost all modifications of phones.

It is important to consider that if there are several keyboards on the gadget, they should be distinguished from Google voice input (you do not need to touch this option). You should choose the one you are currently engaged in.

Option 2

Using the keyboard functionality, you can also disable T9. For this:

  • open one of the system programs or instant messengers where the introduction of the text is accepted;
  • press and hold for 1-2 seconds. key with the space option;
  • in the highlighted option “Input Method” select the active keyboard;
  • press the input settings key;
  • select the “Auto Correction” command;
  • mark the command “Off”

Remove option analog

Developers recommend not only T9, but also similar applications that allow you to type text materials in auto mode or make auto replacements.

In order to disable similar options, you must:

  • find function. optional;
  • pressed on it;
  • in the opened list of functions that have the ability to auto-edit any text, disable them.

Each user decides to use this mode or not based on how laconic or voluminous the messages it sends daily depend on the type of activity of the subscriber.

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Each owner of a mobile phone when writing a test message, notes and reminders can use the T9 function. Often this option does not work correctly, which causes outrage from users. Read on to learn more about the automatic text input feature, as well as simple ways to deactivate it.

What is T9 in the phone

The T9 function has been known to many since the time of push-button telephones. This was one way to type a text message. Then its essence was to correct incorrectly typed words. The name of the function comes from the English “Text on 9 keys”, which in translation means typing on nine buttons. Thanks to the built-in dictionary of frequently used words, the user can write text quickly and correctly. The automatic text input mode often distorted the essence of the phrase that was conceived, as a result of which text not planned by the user was sent to the recipient.

In connection with the rapid development of technology, modern mobile phones are equipped with an advanced predictive typing system. “Smart type”. Many mobile device owners still call this option the T9. This is not surprising, because they are really similar in functionality. When using the “Smart type” mode, the user enters the necessary word, and the system recommends the most correct replacement options. In addition, the function helps to build the necessary phrases, offering more suitable words for this.

Those who are just starting to use automatic text input are outraged that they cannot find many common words. Just do not know why the developers did not add them to the dictionary. If desired, the user can independently add frequently used words to the system. To do this, deactivate T9 mode, write a word in the usual text input mode, then add it to the dictionary. Each device model has an individual algorithm of actions for this procedure.

Almost every user who managed to use the T9 option faced a situation where auto-correction turned typed text into an incomprehensible set of words. In this regard, users do not want to use this option anymore, but they don’t know how to disable it. There are simple ways to deactivate automatic text input. They are universal, that is, they are suitable for most models of smartphones.

How to disable T9 through system settings

The first way to disable T9 involves using the system settings of the Android OS. It consists in such actions:

  1. On the desktop of the mobile device, click the icon with the name “Settings”.
  2. Find “General Settings”, then “Language and Input”.
  3. In this window, the user can configure the keyboard functions. Click the “gear” icon or the three vertical dots that is opposite the keyboard you are using.
  4. Find the item with the name “AutoCorrect”, “Text Correction” or “Auto Correction”.
  5. Uncheck the box next to the option or click “Disable”.

This method is the simplest, suitable if the default system keyboard is used. In the event that in the system settings it was not possible to find the item associated with the T9, try to find the option in the keyboard settings that are presented by the manufacturer of the smartphone.

How to disable T9 through the keyboard

Each program has an individual interface, so there may be a different name for the settings items. The automatic text input mode is called “T9” or “Predictive input”. Find the item similar in functionality, uncheck to disable the mode.

Deactivate Auto Correction Mode

Most Android devices allow you to turn T9 on and off in fast mode. To do this, go to typing messages, notes or search. Touch the line to enter text, then hold your finger for three seconds. The “Input Method” tab opens. Here you can select a keyboard, as well as configure the predictive input function.

Turn off similar functions

To deactivate the options “Automatically capitalize” and “Auto-space”, use the instructions described above. Click on the keyboard settings button that is used on the device. Uncheck the box for the options you want to disable.

We hope the information provided in the article has become useful. Leave your questions in the comments below.

Using the T9 function was in demand at the time of push-button phones. With its application, a simplified set of text messages. The work of modern applications due to this function can be complicated, so many are interested in how to disable T9 in Vatsap or other systems.

What is T9 in the phone

T9 (text on 9 keys) is a system for typing letters that “guesses” combinations. When the user clicks on the buttons with signs, the program selects similar words and allows you to quickly add text. In this case, the internal dictionary of the device is used.

Many phone owners believe that typing messages on the keyboard is more productive. It is not so fast, but it allows you to avoid mistakes. Using the auto-correction mode can rephrase a message or individual words, distorting the original meaning. So that at a time when you need to urgently type and send text, you do not have to waste time correcting words, you can turn off auto-typing.

Pros and cons

As with other options, the T9 has significant advantages and disadvantages that should be taken into account.

  1. Allows you to type letters faster.
  2. The text is more literate.
  1. The internal vocabulary used in T9 operation should have a large number of words. If it is not, writing will be difficult.
  2. Can pick up the wrong word.

Removing T9 on iOS

On iPhones there is no T9 function. it was available on old-style phones equipped with a limited set of buttons, with which you could dial combinations of characters, numbers and letters. Modern smartphones have an auto-correction mode, which is still called the T9.

If the user does not like this type of word set, they turn it off. The procedure takes no more than a couple of minutes, regardless of the smartphone model. For its implementation, the actions should be as follows:

  1. Go to the settings menu.
  2. Go to the section labeled “Basic.”
  3. The page must be scrolled down, find the subsection “Keyboard” and go into it.
  4. To disable the “Auto Correction” option, the slider is moved to the inactive state.
  5. If necessary, the reverse procedure is carried out.

Additional features

The user can customize the function of printing texts in accordance with personal preferences. The set of words is therefore simplified. The smartphone owner has the opportunity to replenish his vocabulary with abbreviations, set the start sentence capitalized, set up the selection of words in which errors were made.

Among the additional features is the activation of the mode, in which options for the continuation of phrases are offered. To do this, in the “Keyboard” subsection, you must enable predictive dialing.

Delete T9 on Android

You can remove the T9 along with the keyboard, which was installed by default by the developers. To do this, go to “Settings” and look for the “Applications” item there. A list of programs installed on Android opens. Among them we find the keyboard that is used, click on it. Now click one of the three: “Delete”, “Stop”, “Disable”.

In order to preserve the possibility of typing, before deleting, you need to download any other keyboard from the market (Play Market, AppStore).

Shutdown through system settings

You can disable the program using the system settings as follows. First you need to find the tab “Language and input”, all tasks will be performed there. This item is located in the device settings. On phones, the location of the tab may vary, but most often it is in the “System” or “Additional” blocks (the icon looks like this. “.”).

After the item “Language and input” is found, you need to go into it and find the block “Keyboard and input methods”. It should have a tab “Virtual Keyboard”, if available, open. It may not appear, then the input device that is used will be visible in the block. You need to click on the “gear” next to the keyboard, go to “Corrections”, activate the option “Never offer.” After the current procedures, restart the WhatsApp.

If there is a virtual option in the block, open it and find the letter input device that is used. By clicking on it, we go to the “Input” tab, then to “Input and correction”, where you need to disable auto-correction. The instruction does not fit all brands of smartphones, but the action plan is about the same everywhere.

Via keyboard

To disable T9, you need to download the program Gboard or SwiftKey. One of them or both can already be installed on the device as the default keyboard, then you do not need to download anything. Click on any input field, the on-screen button panel appears. Now you need to click on the icon “”, a new panel will open with different symbols.

You need to click on the image of the “gear”, so that the settings appear. To switch items, shift the checkboxes next to them. When the inscription “Auto-correction” is found, it should be disabled by clicking on the checkmark located next to it.

Deactivate Auto Correction Mode

Deactivating auto-correction on an iPhone is easy. After that, the use of instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, becomes more convenient. A step-by-step instruction for disabling looks like this:

  1. Go to the settings tab.
  2. Find the line “Language and input.”
  3. When you click on it, a list of features opens, in which you need to select “Intelligent dialing.”
  4. Find the item indicated by the word “Auto Correction” or T9, and turn it off by moving the slider.

On most models of modern phones, you can remove auto mode in the same way. If there are several keyboards installed on the gadget, you must carefully select one of them to work. When performing deactivation, actions are performed for the one that is used more often.

Turn off similar functions

Text input application developers not only offer T9. To check which of them are on your device, you need to perform simple steps.

In the keyboard settings, find the position indicated by “Advanced”. Its menu contains functions that are able to automatically edit any of the typed texts. After disconnecting them, the owner of the gadget can safely work with the keyboard as he wants, and type any messages in “Vatsap”.

A modern person is in a hurry somewhere all the time, and he does not have time to type a text for a long time and meticulously check spelling, answering messages. To help in such situations, the T9 system was created, “predicting” words by the first letters and automatically correcting spelling errors and avoiding repeated button presses. But this system also causes many curiosities caused by inappropriate character substitution when it is not needed. We will tell you how to disable t9 in Vatsap on iPhone and Android.

How to disable t9 on Android

You can disable the function in the phone settings and keyboard settings. In the first case, we need:

  • open the settings and select the “Languages ​​and input” command;
  • in the list, select the “Intelligent dialing” command and disable it.

Thus, we turn off the T9 systems throughout the phone, excluding voice input.

To disable the second method:

  1. Start typing a message or SMS using the keyboard.
  2. Hold the spacebar for a few seconds. this will bring you to the application’s settings item “choose input method”.
  3. Select the “Auto Correct” command and disable it.

Also in the Android system there is an analogue of the t9 option, the correction takes place through Google. It is also recommended to disable the analogue in order to completely exclude the possibility of autocorrect. To do this, go to the settings, select “System”, in it “Language and input”, then the item “Advanced”. Here we will see the “Google Autofill” section. Open it and select “No”.

How to disable T9 on iPhone

Unlike Android. where this function is enabled by default, on iPhones it is not, instead of t9 there is auto-correction. To disable it:

  1. Go to settings, open the main item, then the keyboard.
  2. Near the line “Auto Correction” move the slider to the “Off” mode.