How to disable synchronization between iPhone and iPad

How to make iPad and iPhone not synchronized?

We launch iTunes, select the “Edit” item (on PC) or iTunes (on MAC) in the upper menu of the program and select “Settings” from the drop.Down menu. Click on the “device” tab and install the “prohibit automatic synchronization of iPod, iPhone and iPad devices”, thereby prohibiting such actions. Click “OK”.

  • Open iTunes on a computer and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • Click on the device icon in iTunes.
  • Click the photo.
  • Select the selected albums and cancel the choice of albums or collections that you want to stop synchronization.
  • Press the “Apply” button.

How to synchronize two or more iPhone with one iTunes

Many families have only one computer, but two or more Apple mobile devices. In such cases, a problem often arises with synchronization and the creation of reserve copies of iPhone and iPad. ITUNES is one and the content for each device offers to load the same, while family members require only certain songs, films, etc.D.

However, in Apple this situation provided and allowed a convenient, albeit not in the most obvious way, to work with several devices (up to five) under one iTunes.

So, in order to create a second (and each subsequent) iTunes media, for a certain device, you need to perform the following operation.

Pick up the Shift key and holding it off ITUNES.

In the window opened, click “Create a media text”.

Indicate the folder in which the media will be stored, give it a name and click “Save”.

Mediatics only for your device has been created! In order to choose it in the future, ITUNES will also have to be launched with a shift key, but already click “Choose a media text” and indicate the ITUNES Library file from the folder with it.

In order not to get confused in media, especially if there are more than two of them, it is recommended to call them speaking in speaking when creating. For example, “iPhone Lena”, “iPad daughter” and t.D.

What is the main plus of such use iTunes? When working with a media stream created exclusively for your device, you can freely move any content to the iPhone or iPad, delete it, change the data and perform other actions without any fears. For other media texts, for example, your wife’s iPhone, you have made changes will not be reflected in any way. This allows you to get rid of many unpleasant problems.

Disconnect the synchronization of the call magazine through settings

To ensure that the list of outgoing and incoming numbers stops repeating on different iPhones, you can also through the settings of the device. Another thing is that there are many settings and there is no universal solution. Try and experiment-one of the methods will definitely work. Here they are all:

  • To begin with, on the gadget from which you want to remove the appearance of the history of your calls, you need to go to the “Settings. Facetime. Calls with iPhone”. Naturally turn off, because if calls are duplicated on different devices, then their list will be repeated.
  • We do not leave the settings and open the “phone. Calls on other devices”. Disconnect the item “Allow calls”.
  • Turn off the iCloud Drive. You can do this in “Settings. ICLOUD. ICLOUD DRIVE”. It is this line that is responsible for the permission of the programs to store documents and data in the “cloud”. And the call magazine, in essence, is the same ordinary program and all the notes on the challenges are just synchronized through the iCloud Drive.
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The only moment, remember. Even if in each of the points under consideration the sliders has already been disconnected, it is recommended to turn it on and turn it off again. Because software malfunctions and “glitches” are also possible, more on that below.

How to erase content and settings on iPhone

This procedure is performed very simply, only 5 “slippers”.

  • On the iPhone go to “Settings. Basic. Reset “.
  • Select “Wipe out content and settings” and if you set the lock password, it must be introduced.
  • Confirm the request by slipping twice to “erase the iPhone”. Do not be surprised that you need to confirm erasing 2 times, the action is not reversible and can lead to loss of important data, you must be sure that you are doing.
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  • If the iCloud settings on the iPhone include the “Find iPhone” function, you need to enter the password from Apple ID. You can’t erase the content and reset the settings without this (this is how activation lock works).
  • After you disconnect “find the iPhone”, the iPhone screen will go out, then the Apple logo and the process of the process of the process will appear. Depending on the model of the device and the volume of the space occupied in its memory, the discharge can last from 2 to 15 minutes.

In order to erase content and settings on the iPhone, it does not have to connect it to the power source, but still make sure that the battery charge level is at least 25%. Otherwise, if the battery is completely discharged in the process of washing, IPhone restoration may be required by iTunes.

A warning! If you have an iPhone or iPad with a jailbreak (Pangu for example), as a result of erasing content and resetting the settings, the device will fall into the “Eternal Apple mode”, but instead of the Apple logo, the process of the process of the process will be spinning on the screen. Iphone will have to be restored by iTunes.

With my iPhone 5s with Jailbreak using Pangu, it happened. It’s good that the backup copy in iTunes and icloud remained. I had to restore the device from Recovery Mode, it is possible from DFU-mode, there is no difference.

ICLOUD shutdown

To stop using iCloud on all or only some devices, follow these instructions.

After leaving the iCloud (or removal of this service), the data backup function on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in iCloud will be disabled, but a backup copy of the device can be created on a computer.

If the iOS settings or iOS devices include the function of automatic loading of purchased music, programs or books, then purchases made through iTunes will be loaded on devices, as before.

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How to disable synchronization with iTunes when charging iPhone or iPad from a computer

Connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer and wait until the iTunes will start again

Go to the tab with the device

Sweet the opening page down to the “Parameters” section

Remove the box from the item “Open iTunes when connecting iPhone/iPad”

Click “Apply”

That’s all. Now all subsequent iPhone or iPad connections to the computer will not automatically cause ITunes launch and subsequent synchronization.

In the event that the start of iTunes does not particularly interfere with you, or after the end of synchronization, you want to extract the device from the Apple utility, you just need to click on a special button responsible for the safe extraction of the device.

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How to synchronize contacts with iPhone on iPad using Mobiletrans?

Mobiletrans works in a number of ways that you can synchronize contacts from the iPhone on iPad. Mobiletrans works as an excellent tool for direct transferring contacts from iPhone to iPad with ease. Here’s how to synchronize contacts from iPhone to iPad with one mouse click using mobiletrans:

You will use mobiletrans. A phone for a transmission phone in this process to transmit contacts. Here are the steps that you should follow:

Unsyncing iPad to iPhone

Connection to a computer

Open Wondershare Mobiletrans, and then select “Telephone for Transfer”. Get both devices currently connected. Since we want to transfer contacts from the iPhone to the iPad here, connect the iPhone and iPad to the computer.

These contacts will be transmitted from source to destination, t.E. Ipad.

Now, after both devices are connected to the computer and get a specific program, the time has come to choose “contacts” for transmission. Select “Contacts”, and then click on the “Start Transfer” button to start the process. The whole process will take a few minutes to get completed. Thus, do not turn off the devices during the process.

You can also use the option “Clean data before copying” by setting the flag if you want to erase the data on the iPad before receiving new data copied.

This is one of the easiest ways to get contacts transferred from the iPhone on the iPad in just a few steps.

How to Sync iPhone and iPad (4 Ways)

Thus, these 4 ways in which you can transfer contacts from iPhone to iPad. Since these methods are the result of thorough research, all methods are absolutely safe and there is absolutely no data loss in the process. However, we recommend DR.Fone tools. Backup and restoration of iOS data, taking into account its reliable and effective work structure. This is one of the best and most popular tools for transmitting data from iPhone to iPad and offers amazing overall experience working with a simple integration and quick process.

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What is necessary to make sure that you will perform all the actions correctly, and that’s all you have; All contacts in iPad.

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ICLOUD Functions Enable and Dischanting

Depending on the device, the settings of which are required to change, perform one or more of the following actions.

On the device iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

If the device is installed on iOS 10.3 or later version, follow the following actions.

On the Mac computer

  • Go to the Apple () “System Settings” menu and press Apple ID. If you use MacOS Mojave or an earlier version, there is no need to press Apple ID.
  • Click iCloud.
  • Install or remove the flags next to the necessary functions.

In earlier versions of the MacOS OS, some functions will not be available or located in a different order.

On the computer PC with Windows OS

Some functions are not available on the PC computer or are located in a different order (depending on whether Microsoft Outlook 2016 or earlier version is installed on your computer).

In the presence of the Outlook program, work with the functions “ICLOD”, “Contacts ICLOD”, “ICLUD calendars” and “ICLUD tasks” in it. If you disconnect the functions of “mail”, “contacts”, “calendars” and “tasks” stored in iCloud data will continue to be available in Microsoft Outlook, but will not be synchronized with ICLUD. If you do not have an Outlook program, work with the functions of ICLOD, Contacts ICLOD, ICLOD calendars and ICLOD reminders in the ICLOUD website on the website.Com.

In Outlook 2016, the function “ICLOUD Reminders” is called “Tasks”.

If the “bookmarks” function is selected, and the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser is installed on the computer, you can click the “Parameters” button to choose which Windows browsers should synchronize in Safari (for iOS and Mac computers, configured for working with Safari and icloud). Additional information about the browsers supported by ICLOD for Windows, see. In this article.

Synchronization on Windows

Many users did not know that the iPhone synchronization with a computer on Windows was possible, and this is really officially available. To configure the application, you need:

If the devices are not synchronized for some reason, then it is worth checking the correct entry and whether there is access to the Internet. Most often, problems arise precisely for this reason.

Important! For all devices you need to use the same Apple ID. This is the only way to knit devices among themselves.

There are no other ways to do it. If one of the devices gives an error, then contact Support. In this case, the user must be ready to provide employees with his real data.

After reading this instruction, iPhone users should not have questions about how to enable or disable ICLOD synchronization. Now they will be able to do this using any devices. Phone and laptops with Windows and MacOS operating systems.

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