How to disable speech synthesizer on huawei

How to remove the speech synthesizer icon?

Answer: Go to settings, then special features, then speech synthesizer, then click on where the speech synthesizer settings icon, then set the voice data, and look for each language and where there will be a cross and the inscription “wait”, click.

Go to Settings Third Party Apps. We will see a big list of programs. Select, for example, Google Speech Synthesizer. Select Disconnect.

How to deactivate Talkback on Huawei and Honor

If you accidentally activate the voice assistant or if it turns out to be unnecessary, the question arises as to how to disable Talkback on Android Honor and Huawei. Instructions for each model are slightly different. Despite the same shutdown process, the names of items in the settings may be different. There are three ways to deactivate this helper.

Quick shutdown

The easiest way to disable Talkback mode is to press and hold the volume up until the phone vibrates. A pop-up notification will appear to deactivate the program’s features.

If you’re using a phone with the Android 4 operating system, you’ll need to do a little more effort. After pressing the power button and waiting for the vibration, which notifies you that the smartphone is off, you must press the display with two fingers. Holding your fingers on the screen, after a few seconds you will also see a pop-up window confirming that Talkback is disabled.

How to deactivate talkback on honor

This way is good if no hotkeys are installed. If you plan to further use the assistant with the keys, you can check and configure them using the following instruction:

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Remove through settings

The second way to disable the application is performed entirely through the settings. The steps of deactivation are simple:

There is another option, running through the Software Manager.

If you deactivate this helper, it will disappear from the list of special features. If you need to re-enable it, you must re-enable it in the list in “Application Manager.

Full removal (root)

It is possible to remove system applications on Android only with ROOT rights or Super User access. This will give the owner the right permissions in the system to make changes.

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Ask a question

But, for such a procedure, a certain experience is required. It is recommended to contact a professional for help. Otherwise, when an error occurs, a serious system failure may occur, the solution to which will require a complete reflashing of the device.

Where are the settings on your phone??

To set up your phone or tablet, you usually use the Settings app. It contains both the settings of the Android operating system itself and the functions of your phone or tablet. To get to the right directory, open the “Settings” screen and then select the appropriate category.

  • Press and hold the Power/Lock key for 3-5 seconds until the menu appears.
  • Opens the Shutdown/Reboot menu. Choose the right one and it’s done.

Why do you need a speech synthesizer on Android??

To recap, Google’s Speech Synthesizer voices the text seen on your device’s screen. You can use this to read books aloud, use translators to pronounce words, and use TalkBack and other special features to sound out user actions.

Go to Settings Applications Third-party. A large list of programs will appear in front of us. Select, for example, Google Speech Synthesizer. Select Disable.

What is Android Speech Synthesizer?

Speech Synthesizer or TTS is a software solution that allows you to reproduce textual information with your voice. This makes it possible for nonvisually impaired users to interact with the smartphone, as well as listening to books in electronic format.

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Sound on touch” function allows you to listen to the name or description of the item selected on the screen of your Android device.

How do I disable TalkBack on my phone??

Tap Settings, then double tap Settings. With two fingers, scroll down the menu, find and tap Special Features, then double tap Special Features. Tap TalkBack, then double tap TalkBack. Tap the switch next to TalkBack, then double tap the switch.

There are two ways to unlock a device that has TalkBack service enabled:

  • Swipe the locked screen from bottom to top with two fingers.
  • Using the audio prompts, find the unlock button in the middle of the bottom of the screen and tap it twice.

How to disable the voice assistant?

Instructions for earlier versions of Android

  • Android 4.0. Select TalkBack and set the switch to ON. Then go back to the previous screen and turn on the Explore Touch feature.
  • Android 3.2 and below. Check the checkbox for Special. features and then TalkBack.

Google Assistant features

I agree that Google Assistant can be very useful and has evolved significantly since it first appeared on our phones. But what if it keeps popping up with its advice even when you don’t need it at all, or you just don’t want your phone to always listen to you? It’s very simple. you disable unnecessary functions and life becomes as easy as before.

The most annoying thing about Google Assistant is that it pops up when you’re not expecting it at all, and you’ve made a call by mistake. Sometimes this happens when you unlock your smartphone. This happens if you accidentally hold down the Power button a little longer.

You end up having to close it first and only then do all the necessary actions. Of course, we are talking about seconds and we should not think that it is a very long and complicated process. The fact that we are used to the maximum responsiveness of the interface and the fact that even inexpensive smartphones everything runs very quickly and does not force us to spend even an extra fraction of a second.

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It’s like with YouTube. Not long ago, there was a study that showed that if a video didn’t start within three seconds, users would get nervous, and if six seconds had passed, the video would shut down. Even though it seems like only six seconds.

After you open it, the assistant fixes your voice, analyzes it and performs the action you specify. You can even carry your smartphone in your and accidentally activate Google Assistant. I’ve had this happen too. It is especially disgusting when you are talking to someone or some video is playing in the background. In this case, the assistant snatches up a piece of the conversation and tries to answer it as if it were a request.

How to turn Hivoice back on?

The procedure for enabling it is the opposite of disabling it. To turn it on, do the following manipulations:

  • Go to the system menu and open “Settings”;
  • go to the “Management” tab;
  • from the pop-up list select “Voice Dialing”;
  • go to the tab and activate the function by dragging the slider to the left.

In case the program was removed via PC with system tampering, you’ll need to download and install the file back in order to restore it.

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