How to Disable Speaking On Iphone 4s

Remember the times when Nokia still added the ability to pronounce the name of the person who is calling you to the phones? Only that time has passed, the technology is outdated, and it is not particularly popular. And it’s strange why they decided to renew it only recently in Apple products, adding in iOS 10. If you still don’t know how to teach iPhone to pronounce the name of the caller, then in this article you will get all the necessary knowledge!

From the article you will learn

Enable option

It is available only for users who have installed iOS version 10 and higher, so devices such as the iPhone 4S, 5C and all others released earlier will no longer be able to please their owners. Here either buy a new iPhone or be content with what is.

How to Disable Speaking On Iphone 4s
  1. To activate the function you need to go to the “Settings” of your phone and select the “Phone” tab there.
  2. Find the “Call Announcement” item and select the mode in which Siri should work when it speaks the name of the subscriber.

The following items are suggested there:

  • Always. regardless of the mode, the system will say the name of the subscriber of the incoming call.
  • Headphones and a car. if the phone is connected to a car system or headphones, then the name of the subscriber will be spoken Siri.
  • Headphones only. the caller’s name is pronounced by Siri’s voice assistant only if a headset is connected, both wired and wireless.
  • Never. the option is completely disabled.

How it works?

Suppose you are calling a subscriber who is recorded in the phone book as “Michael.” When a call arrives, Siri automatically reads the name and speaks it at about the same volume level as the call you set.

If the voice defaults to Siri does not suit you, go to the “Settings” of the device and select Siri. Now in the window that opens, click on the “Siri Voice” tab and select male or female, after listening to it.

Disable option

For some users, after upgrading to iOS 10 and above, this function was activated automatically, and each time a call comes in, the system pronounces the names of the callers who are calling on the phone. If you are one of them, and now the option does not need work, then:

  1. Go to the “Settings” of the smartphone and select “Phone”.
  2. Next, go to the “Call Ad” tab and check the box next to “Never”. Now when you receive calls, there will be no pronunciation.

How to find out who is calling me without reaching my phone?

Suppose you own an iPhone, but this system functionality annoys you, or maybe you just don’t like Siri’s voice, since she is still far from voicing Russian words and phrases? Or, for example, you just have an old smartphone model that does not support iOS version 10 and higher? In this case, we suggest using another interesting solution that was introduced a long time ago.

You can create a unique vibration that will alert you to a specific call. For example, set a unique vibration alert for a call from your wife. Whenever she calls, the iPhone will vibrate according to a predetermined algorithm, and you can quickly determine who it is without removing the phone from your pocket.

You can enable this option on earlier versions than iOS 10.

  1. You need to go into the phone book, select the subscriber and click the “Change” button.
  2. Next, click on the “Ringtone” section and select “Vibration”.
  3. Now click on the “Create vibration” tab.
  4. Use your finger to tap on the area that the system will show. If you hold your finger on the screen, it will be continuous vibration, and if you just poke your finger, then small tremors. As a result, you can do something in the style of SOS, only longer and more unique.

By creating your own vibration, you can save it under a separate name. Note that recording time is limited. By the way, there is already a ready-made list of various combinations, so you can choose from the available ones.

For iPhone users who have installed firmware with Jailbrake on their device, you can also install various tweaks that allow you to pronounce the name of the subscriber. But, as practice shows, they do not always work well, and there’s no sense in doing jailbreak just for the sake of it.