How to Disable Safe Mode On Xiaomi

How to Disable Safe Mode On Xiaomi

Now you will find out what Xiaomi safe mode is and why it is needed.

Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of the operating system. In the operating system of smartphones, it exists to fix various kinds of problems.

The user can harm the functioning of the operating system by his actions when downloading files or changing the appearance of the desktop. Malfunctions are expressed in the form of a “freezing” of the screen, not downloading files, not responding to actions taken, and so on. To remove installed malicious applications, normalize the system functionality, there is a safe mode in smartphones. Only system programs work in it. All other applications, access to the wireless network, mobile communications are temporarily disabled. In this functionality, the user can check the phone for viruses, delete a program, application or file, because of which the system crashed. You can also uninstall a program for which the uninstall function is not provided.

After exiting this functionality, third-party programs will start working again.

How to enable safe mode on xiaomi

There are several ways to enable it.

  • If the phone has an Android operating system, for example, xiaomi redmi, then to enter the mode, when the phone is on, press the on / off button. When the menu appears, click on the shutdown icon. Next, click on the inscription “enter safe mode”. After rebooting, the device will turn on in this functionality.
  • You can enter when the phone is off. To do this, simultaneously click on the “home” icon and turn on. The system first prompts you to enter safe mode.
  • For xiaomi redmi 4, you need to hold down the power and volume buttons at the same time. A menu appears prompting you to select a function. After clicking on the inscription “safe mode”, the smartphone will go into the functionality you have chosen.
  • To call this mode, you can use the fingerprint scanner. To do this, we press the button to turn off the phone and put our finger on the scanner sensor. This method can be used for xiaomi redmi note 7, redmi 5 phones.

How to disable safe mode on xiaomi

To exit the functionality, you must restart the phone. After the reboot procedure, it will return to its normal state.

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  1. To restart the smartphone, press the on / off button. A menu will appear on the screen for selecting actions: shutdown, reboot, emergency call. Click on the “reboot” icon. After that, wait a while before turning on the phone.
  2. If a simple reboot did not help, you can make a forced one. To do this, simultaneously press the volume and on / off buttons.
  3. Another way to force a reboot may be by removing the battery. Turn off your smartphone and remove the battery for a while. When you turn on the phone should go into the main functionality.


Safe mode is used to troubleshoot problems in your phone. In it you can:

  1. Remove harmful third-party programs and applications
  2. Delete downloaded files and changes made
  3. Diagnose viruses and functional errors

It allows you to troubleshoot problems related to the phone. But you need to know, by removing system programs and files, you can cause great harm to your phone. Therefore, cautiously intervene in the operation of the operating system.