How to disable safe mode on Lenovo phone

Ways to turn off a safe mode on any tablet

Safe Mode should be included to diagnose problems when the work of your device is violated by malicious programs or other systemic errors caused by various applications. In the article we will figure out how to disable the safe mode on the tablet.


First, we will sign the main methods of making a phone from this mode.

Simple reboot helps in 65% of cases of all appeals to the service center with this malfunction.

Typically, Safe Mode is turned on when the buttons are random due to the inattention of the user, in the. Bag and other situations, so “seven troubles are one reset”. This saying in the world of IT is also relevant for operating systems under the control of Android. The reboot is done in the usual way. Using the device to turn on the device, through the menu: “turn off”, “reloading”, “in flight” and “without sound”. Works in 85% of cases, since the safe mode is turned on forcibly, during the start of.

Using volume buttons when loading

In rare cases, the system hangs in a safe mode and does not want to enter into a normal state in the usual ways. Then a forced loading Hard Reset will be required:

  • Turn off the gadget completely, then run it again.
  • At the time of the start/load of the logo, press the “Voice Up” key (in some models “TOMENTER down”) and hold it until the system is launched.

If everything is done correctly. Android will start in the usual state.

Reset to factory settings

Such a method allows you to reject all the changes that have recently been made. But, you need to understand that all the information about the user will also disappear. Therefore, before performing this procedure, it is worth maintaining all your passwords and account names. Photos and music are usually stored on the SD card of memory, so they should not suffer from such manipulations. But it’s better to play it safe. It is also necessary to save data from your Google account, as they will be deleted.

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After that, you need to pinch the volume increase and the phone power button. This is done at the same time. After a few seconds, the menu will appear on the screen. In it you need to select the Data Factory Reset item. Thus, all the settings will be reset and the safe mode will turn off.

Rebooting equipment

To begin with, it is worth considering the simplest and most elementary options, but if you can’t remove it, you can consider more complex ways. The rebooting of the device can be corrected by almost any technical problem, this includes the deactivation of Safe Mode on the Android smartphone.

It is necessary to find the newest downloaded program, which contributed to the transition of a mobile device to a safe state, and get rid of it before you reboot the phone. There is such a small instruction for deactivation BR:

  • Go to the settings of the apparatus and application dispatcher;
  • Look for software, which, according to your guesses, became the cause of malfunctions;
  • Click on it;
  • Press the removal and remove from the smartphone;
  • Clamp and hold the mobile device nutrition key, select a reboot;
  • Waiting for the completion of the process so that the device can return to the working standard mode.

Why do you need a safe mode for Android

Android operating system has become so popular and in demand due to its democracy. In it, the user can perform many different actions that are inaccessible in another OS. Installing third.Party software, manual editing of system files can lead to the appearance and operation of the apparatus based on Android changes beyond recognition. If you can still come to terms with the new appearance, then it is difficult to abandon normal functioning. The system gives errors, freezes, inhibits. All this makes you get nervous and worry.

How to disable safe mode on Android Samsung

In this case, Android has prepared a safe mode for its users, in which only system applications can function. The option is necessary for the diagnosis of the device. It is called Safe Mode on Android, which literally translates as a “safe mode”.

Important! In Safe Mode, you can delete a program that has created all problems, eliminate errors and go to normal operation.

How to Turn off Safe Mode on Android-Samsung Safe Mode Turn off-Exit Safe Mode on Samsung

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  • Instability. The applications “fly out”, close, does not respond instantly to the request for inclusion or launch. Users write everything in this case for the appearance of viruses that interfere with work.
  • Antivirus programs do not always allow you to get rid of problems. Therefore, users always seek to solve the problem radically. To drop the phone to factory settings by deleting all files along with useful and harmful applications. But they simply do not know about the safe mode, that you can check the phone for viruses without using the antivirus program and without removing important data. In safe mode, you can remove all viruses manually.
  • Capasets occur due to the fact that some programs specially or inaccurately affect the work of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Therefore, the user has a lot of problems with the Internet access, connecting wireless devices. Identify such applications, you can clean the device in safe mode.
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Activation Safe Mode

How to turn it on

Before you understand how this platform turns off, we will understand the issue of its activation, since it is directly related to the disconnection. Regardless of what you use the Lenovo, Nokia or Samsung phone, the transition to the SAFE mode will be performed as follows:

  • Squeeze the power button until a pop.Up window appears.
  • For a few seconds, hold your finger on the virtual button “Reload”.
  • Confirm the transition to a safe mode through a sentence, which is displayed after a long.Term retention of the button.

Sometimes to transfer the device in Safe Mode you need to hold not to “restart”, but the “turn off” button. Therefore, it makes sense to try both options. Note that on the smartphones “ZT” it is possible to start a safe platform differently:

  • Turn off the smartphone.
  • Hold the power key before vibration.
  • As soon as ZTE begins to vibrate, click both volume swings to go to Safe Mode.

If everything is done correctly, and you managed to go into a safe shell, then the appropriate notification will appear on the desktop. Usually it is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, but depending on the specific model it can be located elsewhere.

How to activate the safe Lenovo mode on Windows

When you turn on Windows 7 or XP, you need to click on the F8 button, after which a special menu will be displayed. The user will only need to choose one of the modes, and then perform the start of the load.

With Windows 8, this mode is activated in a similar way. It is enough to click on F8 when starting. Instead, you can use a combination of Shift F8 keys. As a result, the menu will be displayed on the screen in which you will have to choose a loading method. This option should be applied when there are problems in the operation of the device, due to which it is not possible to access the desktop.

disable, safe, mode, lenovo

However, there is another option that is suitable for Windows 10 consists in using the MSCONFIG program. It will be necessary to specify “download” in its main menu, then. “safe download” (located in “loading parameters”). Also, do not forget to indicate “minimal”. After rebooting, the system will constantly start loading in safe mode.

Why is a safe regime needed?

A distinctive feature of this mode is the moment that during its operation only system programs function. Therefore, it can be used if the device begins to systematically issue an error or work slowly. Using a safe mode in the phone, you can get rid of all interfering files that negatively affect the process of system files.

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How to disable safety mode in Android

To make sure that the smartphone on the Android mobile operating system has loaded in safe mode, check the inscription in the lower left corner.

Icons of the programs installed by the user independently through the Google Play store or from APK files are blocked, which can be seen in the figure at the top. Only system applications can be launched.

The easiest way to get rid of the state of limited functionality of the smartphone is to make three actions:

  • Pick up the gadget shutdown key for a few seconds. The action menu will be released: rebooting or disconnecting.
  • Select the icon reboot and expect the completion of the procedure. If the safe mode has turned off, then the failure was random, its reason was automatically eliminated.
  • If the problem is not solved, try to clamp the shutdown button again and completely turn off the phone. Experienced employees of professional service centers recommend removing the battery from a smartphone for 30 seconds, if the model allows you to.

How to exit safe mode in lenovo in english

If you have not been normalized to normalize the work of the gadget, analyze the reason for the problem. The most common situations of inclusion of a safe mode:

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