How to Disable Password On Sony Xperia

Sony Xperia developers have taken the liberty of adding more security updates with the latest Android firmware, including protecting your device at different levels. In addition, the owners of these gadgets are presented with a built-in application that offers screen lock protection with a password, pattern, or pin code. A major problem may arise when you forget the password of your own Sony smartphone and cannot restore access to it. How to unlock Sony Xperia?

What methods can be used?

Such a phone lock can be really annoying, so experts have provided ways to solve this problem. Below are a few options for unlocking Sony Xperia if you forgot your password. They include the following methods:

  • Using the factory settings.
  • Screen Lock Password Bypass “Sony” using your Google profile.
  • Unlock screen by removing password “Android”.
  • Through the option “Find my device”.
  • Using the ADB service.
  • Using safe mode.
  • Having provoked a failure of the password input interface.

Solution 1: Unlock Sony Xperia Password with Factory Reset

How to unlock Sony Xperia phone? If you choose to reset the device to the factory settings, then for sure the password or graphic key can be removed from the screen, but at the same time, all data will be completely destroyed on your device. Therefore, use this method, carefully considering its consequences.

This is done as follows:

  • Turn off the Sony Xperia and restart it by pressing the Home button “Power” “Volume”, and the recovery mode should be activated.
  • Use the volume buttons like arrows and select Factory Reset / Wipe Data from the options.
  • Press the Home button to select your option, and wait until the phone is successfully reinstalled.
  • Now you will get access to the Sony device without any key or screen lock.

As you can see, unlocking the Sony Xperia screen is pretty simple. However, this method has the following disadvantages:

  • This method will completely destroy all documents, files and privacy settings from your phone.
  • It is not recommended if there is important information on your smartphone that you cannot afford to delete.

Solution 2. Bypassing the Sony screen lock password from your account “Google”

How to unlock Sony Xperia password if you do not want to lose the saved data on the device? Each screen lock application provides you with the option to remove a password by entering your Gmail login credentials. How to activate this option on a phone that has been locked? This is done as follows:

  • Continue to enter the wrong password until you see the “Forgot your password?” Link that appears on the main screen.
  • Click it once, and the application will ask you for information about your Gmail account.
  • Enter your username and password and successfully log in to your profile.
  • The service will send you a new password or a graphic key to your email. Done! Now use the settings to access your smartphone.

How to Disable Password On Sony Xperia

This method has the following disadvantages:

  • A stable network connection is required.
  • This method will not be useful to you if you have not configured a Gmail account as one of the recovery options.

Solution 3. Unlock Sony device by removing password “Android”

How to unlock a Sony Xperia smartphone without data loss or without entering an email account? In this case, iSeePassword Android Lock Screen Removal will help. This option is software. You will need to download and run it.

This is an amazing lock screen reset service for “Android”, which is able to decode all four types of protection, including text passwords, pin code, fingerprints and a graphic key. The developers guarantee that not a single file is deleted from your smartphone. However, the password will be completely erased from your device so that you can easily restore access to it.

You can use the application on Windows and Mac platforms. Follow the instructions below to unlock Sonly Xperia in a few minutes.

Download the software to your computer, then install it. This step is quite simple and obvious. Just follow the instructions on the screen and the service will be installed.

First, connect your Sony Xperia to your PC using a USB cable to sync data. Run the program after it has been successfully installed and click on “Uninstall lock screen” to start the unlock process.

Reboot the Sony Xperia by simultaneously pressing the Home, volume and power buttons, and when the phone turns on, release all the keys except Home. It should be included in the boot mode, and the software will automatically start downloading the data package for recovery.

Why is this method convenient?

This method will not delete anything from your smartphone. The program will download only the files necessary to unlock the device. Make sure your phone is connected all the time while this process continues.

The software will now inevitably try to remove the password from the smartphone, and when this is done, you should see a message about it on the screen.

Now you can reboot your device and get normal access to it without entering a key or password. This is a great way to unlock Sony Xperia Z3 and similar models.

Solution 4. Use the Google website and the option “Find my device”

For most Android phones and tablets, the built-in smartphone search service is best. After you log in to your Google profile, you are able to use any computer or other device to access the service available to every Android user.

No matter how illogical this may sound, start by touching the “Lock” button as soon as the “Find My Device” function displays its location. If the service has problems finding your device, click the update button next to the name of the smartphone several times, and it should establish a connection within 5 attempts (if your phone is compatible with this option).

After clicking the “Lock” option, the service will offer to record a new password to replace a forgotten key, PIN or access code. Enter the new value twice to confirm your choice, and then click “Lock”. Then it may take you up to 5 minutes to change the password, but when this is done, you will be able to enter new data to unlock your device.

Solution 5. Using ADB to destroy a password file

How to unlock Sony Xperia if other methods do not help? The ADB option may help. It will be functional only if you previously activated USB debugging on your phone and at the same time allowed the computer you are using to connect via ADB. But if your settings meet these requirements, this is a great way to unlock the gadget. However, note that models with encryption enabled by default may not be compatible with this workaround.

To start this process, connect the smartphone to the computer using a USB cable for data synchronization, and then expand the command prompt window located in the ADB installation directory. Enter the following command in it: adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key.

After maintaining it, click on “Enter”. Then reboot the phone and the lock screen should be reset, which will give you access to the device. But this will only work temporarily, so be sure to set a new key, PIN or password before rebooting.

Solution 6. Switch to safe mode to bypass the lock screen.

How to unlock Sony Xperia if the lock screen you are trying to bypass is a third-party application? Then the download is in safe mode. This is the easiest method to access the device.

In most models, you can enable the boot in safe mode by pressing the power button and calling the shutdown menu on the lock screen. After that, you will need to press and hold the “Turn Off” button. From here, select “OK” when prompted if you want to enable the device in safe mode. When this process is complete, your third-party display lock application will be temporarily disabled.

From here, just change the settings or delete the service, then restart the Sony gadget to enter normal mode. When you return to the welcome screen, the problematic application causing the lock should disappear.

Solution 7. Screen lock interface failure

In addition, if your device is encrypted and runs on Android 5.0-5.1.1, there is a way to turn off the lock screen. It will not start only if you forget your password.

First press “Emergency Call” on the locked screen, then use the dialer interface to enter 10 stars. From here, double-click on the field to highlight the entered text and select “Copy”, then paste it into the same field to substantially double the number of characters entered. Repeat the same copy and paste process to add more characters until double-clicking on the field no longer selects characters.

Then turn on the lock screen again and click on the camera shortcut. From here, pull down the notification shadow and touch the Settings icon, after which a message will be displayed to enter the password. Long press on the input field and select “Paste”, then repeat this process a few more times. In the end, after you insert enough characters into the field, your lock screen will fail, which will allow you to access the rest of the interface of your Sony phone.

How to unlock a smartphone with a broken screen?

You will run into trouble if your phone accidentally crashes or for some other reason the screen is damaged. In this case, you cannot draw a key or enter a password, because the touch screen does not respond well or does not work at all. At the same time, to back up data and files from the phone, you must unlock it. How to unlock Sony Xperia with a broken screen? It may be a little complicated, but it can be done. This is done as follows.

Even if the touch screen does not respond to touch, you can still enter the key using a USB mouse. If the display is damaged, it cannot be connected directly to the Sony Xperia, but with the OTG adapter you can establish a connection between Android and the USB mouse. This is done like this:

  • Connect the USB mouse to the OTG adapter.
  • Connect the latter to your Sony phone and wait for it to recognize it.
  • Now you can easily draw a graphic key with the mouse and unlock the phone.
  • After the phone is unlocked, you can connect it to the computer and make a backup copy of all files and folders.

This is a good way to unlock your pattern on Sony Xperia. However, it has several disadvantages:

  • You cannot remove text passwords with it.
  • Older smartphones cannot detect a mouse without a proper firmware update.
  • The method can only be used to unlock the phone.

Final word

Above are many solutions to unlock your Sony Xperia password. Remember that if your phone has important data that you cannot lose, use iSeePassword. This method will help you shut down flawlessly without deleting any data from the device.