How to Disable Keyboard On Hp Omen Laptop

How to Disable Keyboard On Hp Omen Laptop

The advantage of laptops is their portability and self-sufficiency. To work behind them, additional input or output devices are not required. everything you need is provided for in such computers. In this case, the laptop is often used at home or in the office permanently, and in such conditions an additional monitor, printer, scanner or, what is much more common, a mouse can be connected to them. When you connect a mouse to the laptop, you need to deactivate the touchpad, which can accidentally work when using the keyboard. In this article, we will tell you how to disable the touchpad on a laptop Asus, HP, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Sony and others running Windows.

Disabling the touchpad on the laptop through the “Control Panel”

The Windows operating system works with a particular device on the computer after installing the drivers, and the touchpad in this case is no exception. Most laptops install Synaptics drivers by default, which work with the touchpad touchpad. The graphical interface of this type of driver allows not only to completely disable the touch input panel, but also to configure it as necessary.

To disable the touchpad on a laptop through Synaptics drivers, do the following:

  1. Right-click on the “Start” and select “Control Panel”;
  2. Next, set the viewing mode to “Large Icons” or “Small Icons”;

Important: After reinstalling Windows on the laptop, the Synaptics driver does not automatically install. Also, it may not be available on some computers initially. As a result, this method of disabling the touchpad is not suitable for everyone.

Disabling the touchpad on the laptop through the “Device Manager”

If the Synaptics driver is not installed on the laptop, you can try to disable the touchpad through the control center of all devices on the computer. To do this, do the following:

  1. Press the WindowsR keyboard shortcut on your keyboard to launch the Run window. Next, write the command devmgmt.msc and click “OK”;
  2. After that, the “Device Manager” will start. Here you need to find the touchpad connected to the laptop. It can be located in the “Mice and other pointing devices” or “HID devices” sections. At the same time, depending on the computer model and touchpad, it may have different names. USB mouse, Synaptics PS / 2 Touchpad, USB input device, and others;
  • When the touchpad is found, right-click on it and select “Disable”.
  • Note: If you see several connected USB input devices and cannot determine which one is the touchpad, you can disable them one at a time. After each disconnected device, try interacting with the touchpad, and if it works, turn the device back on and move on to the next one.

    Third-party programs to disable the touchpad

    An easy way to disable the touchpad on a laptop is to download and install the Touchpad Blocker utility on your computer, which has several useful options for setting up the touch input device, and also implies the possibility of its complete deactivation. You can download the Touchpad Blocker application from the official website of the developers. After installation, it works in the background, performing tasks that the user requires of it.

    We offer point-by-point to understand the capabilities of an application that does not have Russian localization.

    1. This option is responsible for automatically loading the Touchpad Blocker application along with turning on the computer;
    2. A setting that enables or disables program alerts that appear in the tray during its operation;
    3. The most important setting, in which the user can specify how long after clicking on the keyboard button the touchpad of the laptop is disabled. If it is necessary to completely block the touch input device, this can be selected in the drop-down menu;
    4. If the touchpad has a separate button for scrolling the page content, when this option is activated, it is blocked;
    5. Sound notification on disconnecting the touchpad;
    6. Configure hotkeys to activate and deactivate Touchpad Blocker.

    Disabling the touchpad using this program compares favorably with the options described above. With it, you can configure the touchpad lock only during typing so that there are no accidental movements and clicks, while the rest of the time the touchpad will be able to work.

    Disabling the touchpad on a laptop using hot keys

    Each laptop keyboard has an FN function key. It allows you to perform actions pre-programmed into the computer if you press it simultaneously with another key. Among these quick commands, almost all laptops have the ability to disable the touchpad. At the same time, each manufacturer sets its own key combination for disabling the touch panel, and below we will consider the most popular commands for deactivating the touchpad on laptops of various companies.

    To disable the touchpad on an Asus laptop, you must press the FNF7 or FNF9 key combination, depending on the computer model. Locate the icon in the lower left corner of the voiced keys that looks like a crossed out touch pad.

    You can turn off the touchpad on HP laptops by double-clicking on the upper left area of ​​the device’s touch panel. Most often, the zone on which you must double-click is highlighted by a depression.

    On most Acer notebook models, the FNF7 keyboard shortcut allows you to disable the touchpad. This will work if a hand is pressed on the touchpad in the lower left corner of the F7 button.

    The combination to disable the touchpad on Sony laptops is FNF1. At the same time, the Sony Vaio Control Center application is installed by default on Sony laptop computers, where you can also turn off the touch panel.


    On Lenovo Chinese laptops, the touchpad is disabled using the FNF5 or FNF8 key combination, depending on which of the buttons has a crossed-out panel.


    The standardized team for disabling the touchpad on Samsung laptops is FNF5.

    If you have a laptop from a different manufacturer, study the manual for it, which should indicate all the “quick commands” that can be performed using the FN button and other keys.