How To Disable iOS 11 Update

How To Disable iOS 11 Update

All owners of Apple technology are constantly encouraged to update software. So the company is struggling with the fragmentation of gadgets and firmware from which Android suffers, and collect startling statistics for the next presentation. However, at the same time, our devices are slowly killing so that we run after new and fast gadgets.

It turns out that you can turn off obsessive offers to update iOS on any device even without jailbreaking.

Why is it necessary

Although Apple insists on the need to update the software on the device to the latest current version, we know that this is not always necessary.

For example, the first-generation iPad Air still copes with its tasks and is working briskly on the latest versions of iOS. But after a couple of updates, he will begin to think, lag and freeze. At the same time, the device will not receive all the new chips of the system, which, as always, will work only on the top models.

The situation is similar with the iPhone 6. The smartphone is still pretty good, but by iOS 11 Apple will definitely try to “kill” it to force the owners of the device to buy new models.

So why not just stop updating the firmware on your device?

If before it was possible not to connect the iPhone or iPad to iTunes, now the Over The Air update flies to the device and daily reminds you of the need for an update. You have to regularly refuse the new firmware, and the files for updating are already downloaded and take up space on the device.

There is an exit

Enthusiasts have come up with a curious way to trick the iOS update system. Using a special profile, you can redirect iPhone or iPad to the tvOS update server. The device will not find the desired firmware there and will not offer to update.

Everything is simple and legal, the method will work on any device even without jailbreak.

Here’s what you need to do

1. Delete the update downloaded to the device if it has already flown through the air. To do this, go to Settings. General. Storage and iCloud. Management (storage), Find the update and delete it.

2. Copy link

And go through it in Safari on your mobile device.

3. Save profile in iOS settings (password will be required).

4. Reboot your iPhone or iPad on demand.

Now you can safely go to Settings. General. Software Update and check for a new version of iOS. The device will not find any updates and will inform you that the installed firmware version is current.

Unfortunately, the annoying red badge will not disappear, but these are trifles.

How to get everything back

To redirect the device back to the correct update server, just delete the installed profile tvOS 10 along the way Settings. Basic. Profiles.

After rebooting, the smartphone or tablet will see all available firmware updates.