How To Disable Huawei Screen Lock

How to remove the screen lock on Huawei if the system shows an error in the form “Forbidden by the administrator”? Some users do not need the standard feature presented in smartphones. If Huawei prohibits disabling the lock, arguing that the existing encryption policy or administrator rights, then you should familiarize yourself with the available methods in our article. Consider how you can turn off this feature.

How to remove the screen lock on the phone Honor and Huawei

Detailed instructions suitable for the entire Honor and Huawei line:

  1. Go to the phone settings.
  2. Next, go to the screen lock section, as indicated in the screenshot.
  3. Click on the “Password” tab.
  4. Enter the password-pin, if you installed it on your smartphone.
  5. Select Pattern.
  6. In the next window, the system displays a warning. If you set a graphic pin for a locked screen, it will disable fingerprint unlock. Just click “Next.”
  7. Draw a key as you wish.
  8. Then Android will require you to configure the pin needed for the recovery procedure.
  9. After setting the pin, save the settings and turn off the screen.
  10. Press the power button of the smartphone again. The system will ask you to draw a key to unlock the phone.
  11. Make five wrong attempts. After the specified keys are incorrect, the smartphone will warn about blocking the entire system for half a minute.
  12. After waiting for the allotted time, at the very bottom, click on the “Emergency code” and specify the pin that you set in the settings.

After doing this, the display lock should be released.

There is also another method that allows you to disable the screen lock on Huawei or Honor:

  • Go back to the settings and select the “Security” tab.
  • At the bottom, find the section through which you can erase the account. Delete certificates in the same tab. Do not be afraid, the information on the smartphone will be saved.
  • When you do the cleaning, go to the screen lock settings and turn off the password by simply selecting “No”.
How To Disable Huawei Screen Lock

We examined all the available options to disable the standard feature of the phone. If you performed everything correctly and according to the described instructions, the smartphone will cease to require a pin or another type of password when unlocking the screen.