How to Disable Google Assistant on Android Xiaomi

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

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Google Assistant is a personal assistant developed by Google LLC and available on all modern Android smartphones.

The assistant is suitable for voice control, can respond to simple commands, search the Internet, interact with applications installed on the smartphone. If you do not like the functionality of the Google Assistant or the utility simply interferes with using the device, then you can disable it. Therefore, below we will tell you how to do it.

How to disable Google Assistant

If you do not use voice commands, then to disable the Google Assistant on your Android smartphone, follow these steps:

Open the “Settings” menu.

Scroll down the page to the “Device” section and select “Applications”.

A list of applications installed on the device will open. Click the gear icon.

A menu with additional settings will open. Here find and select “Assistant and voice input”.

Click on the “Assistant” item at the very top of the list.

A window will appear where you will be asked to select an assistant application for controlling your smartphone. Click “No” to completely disable Google Assistant.

Please note that after this you will not be able to use other functions and features related to the assistant. This means that by turning off the assistant, you turn off voice commands and activation by the word “Ok, Google”.

How to remove Google Assistant

If this is not enough and you want to completely get rid of the Google voice assistant so that it does not take up free space on your phone, then follow these steps:

Go to the Settings menu again.

Scroll down the page and select “Applications”.

A list of applications installed on the device will open. Find and select “Assistant” or “Google Assistant” in the list.

Click “Uninstall” to uninstall the application from your phone or tablet.

Click “OK” to confirm the action and completely remove Google Assistant from android.

After that, the assistant will not work. Now you know how to disable Google Assistant on Android or uninstall the app from your phone. If in the future you need the assistant’s functionality, you can activate it in the settings at any time or download it again from the Play Store.

Where is Google Assistant located on Android

First, let’s figure out where the notorious Google Assistant is. It consists of several components. The first one is hidden behind a widget on the desktop, which is also responsible for searching.

For those who do not use it, this is just a waste of space.

And it is better known as an annoying message, which is shown when you hold down the Home key for a long time. before, in such a situation, contextual information was displayed.

However, there is a workaround for the last action. To do this, you need to request objects on the screen in the window that appears.

If the button is missing, you can say “Objects on the screen” yourself. The program will check the context, display a list and suggest further options for action.

How to disable Google Assistant through device settings

If you want something more, for example, how to disable the Google Assistant app on an Android phone, you will have to delve into the settings of your smartphone (or tablet, there is no fundamental difference between them):

  • Find in the device parameters an item dedicated to the Google application. it is it that is responsible, among other things, for assisting functions.
  • The picture above is for an example of how to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi. On a phone of another brand, the corresponding item may be located in a different section. Next, open this item. In it you need to find the line associated with the Assistant.
  • If you click on it, an additional item with parameters will open. In the program section, go to setting values.
  • detailed information about the account will open, but not it is needed, but the next tab. In it, scroll down to the list of devices.
  • Click on the phone to go to the corresponding device options.
  • And here it is. the coveted slider on how to turn off Google Assistant. Move it to the inactive position (shifted to the left, painted in gray tones).

How to disable Google Assistant on Android phone

Not every innovation of the next version of Android is to everyone’s liking. Fans consider the helping service from Google to be a very convenient and functional addition, someone does not pay attention, and disliked users are actively looking for how to disable Google Assistant on Android. This article is for those who choose the latter option.

Removing the call gesture

The method above works only partially: a long press will still bring up a persistent offer on the screen.

Where and how best to remove Google Assistant from the home button. On Xiaomi, this is done in advanced settings.

Next, you need to go to gesture control.

Then from the list of options you need to select “No”.

Now the system does not have a combination of keystrokes that would launch an annoying program.

Removing Google Assistant from the phone screen

Removing Google Assistant from the screen is as easy as removing any icon. To do this, press and hold on it so that the image of the basket appears. Without lifting your finger, drag the widget onto it.

Done, the desktop has become freer, you can place other shortcuts or widgets.

However, keep in mind that this is only a cosmetic measure, as the application itself is still installed on the system and is as enabled as before.

On Honor

To disable the Google Assistant on your Honor phone, you need to go to the smartphone settings and do the following:

  • select the section “Applications and notifications”;
  • go to “Default Applications”;
  • select “Help and voice input”;
  • in the upper right corner, click on the inscription “Start” or “Google” with an arrow;
  • in the pop-up window select “No”.

On Samsung

In Samsung gadgets, the utility can be deactivated in two ways, depending on the software environment running on the device:

  • swipe the home page with your finger to open the list of applications;
  • go to the “Google” application;
  • in the left corner at the top of the screen, select “Menu”, and then. “Settings”;
  • go to the “Settings” section under the item “Google Assistant“;
  • set the slider to inactive position.
  • hold down the “Home” key;
  • find the “Advanced” section at the top and enter;
  • go to the sub-item “Settings”;
  • deactivate Assistant.

How to remove Google Assistant from the Home button

You can disable Google Assistant on Android using the Home key. After deactivation, the display will no longer pop up notifications about the need to activate the function. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Hold the key until the assistant starts.
  • In the upper right, find a widget with a box of white and blue colors.
  • In the drop-down list, go to “Settings” and click on the item “Phone”.
  • Move the slider opposite Google Assistant to inactive state.

On Xiaomi

On Xiaomi mobile gadgets, a virtual assistant widget is installed on the home screen by default. It helps in finding information when giving a command by voice or entering a text query.

To remove it from the Xiaomi screen, you need to hold the icon for a few seconds and then move it to the basket that appears at the top of the display and confirm the action.

The application widget will be removed, and the utility will remain in the device. To disable Google Assistant through settings, you need to do the following:

If you have any questions. let us know Ask a question

  • Enter the parameters, scroll to the very bottom and open the Google item in the “System and Device” section.
  • Scroll down to the sub-item “Search, Assistant and Voice Control”.
  • Go to its parameters.
  • In the “Assistant” submenu, go to the “Phone” section, uncheck or move the slider opposite Google Assistant to an inactive state.

How to turn off Google Assistant on Android phone

There are several ways to disable Google Assistant on Android. Through the “What’s on my screen” function, the icon of the personal assistant application, or completely disabling the utility and related auxiliary functions.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

The program is activated randomly, which is not always convenient. The assistant often turns on when not needed, for example, when unlocking the screen. As a result, you have to spend time to close the option before you start performing the actions you need with your smartphone.

This happens, as a rule, due to accidentally pressing the “Home” key, which launches the Google Assistant.

To turn off the Google Assistant, you can tap on its widget and move it to the top of the display in the trash. After that, the utility will remain active and will be present in the list of device programs.

You can completely disable Google Assistant on Android if you deactivate it through the configuration options:

  • Go to the “Settings” of your smartphone.
  • Select “Applications”.
  • A list of installed programs on your smartphone will open. Go to additional configurations by clicking on the ellipsis or gear at the top right of the screen.
  • Select “Help and voice input” and the “Assistant” tab.
  • In the window that appears with a list of control programs to choose from, press the “No” key. the service will become inactive.

After the installation, voice commands on the device will be disabled, and the smart assistant will stop responding to a voice request.

Another recommendation on how to disable the Google Assistant is through the Home button. After performing the necessary actions, the display of notifications on the need to turn on the personal assistant will stop. To disable, follow the steps:

  • Hold the Home button on your smartphone until the utility starts.
  • Click on the white-on-blue drawer icon in the corner on the right.
  • In the displayed list, go to “Settings” and “Phone”.
  • Move the toggle next to Google Assistant to an inactive state.

Why is it activated without the user’s knowledge?

The fact that the Google Assistant activates on its own is not very pleasant. The assistant can be activated at a time when it is completely unnecessary: ​​when unlocking the smartphone. As a result, you have to close it yourself before performing any action on the screen. There are quite a few reasons for spontaneous activation. This usually happens due to accidentally pressing the Home button, which is also responsible for launching the smart assistant.

As soon as the application starts, it will begin to process your voice and execute the given commands. Even if your smartphone is in your. the Google Assistant can be activated by voice. If you are talking at a certain moment with a person, the system may think that you are referring to it, and then answer you. So, for example, words about some Egyptian pyramid and its history may start coming out of your. although your conversation was completely not about that.

Turn off Google Assistant

It’s been a long time since Google Assistant launched. The search giant’s voice assistant has received a huge number of updates during its existence. While it can be a very useful tool for Android users, the Google Assistant can get in the way at times. What if you just don’t need Google Voice Assistant? In this article, you will learn: how to disable the Google Assistant on your smartphone.

Turn off Google Assistant

If you constantly encounter a similar situation, it’s time to turn off the assistant. You can do this in three ways.

Disable Google Assistant completely.

If you decide to completely disable the voice assistant, do the following:

  • Open the application itself and press the “Menu” button (three strips).
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • In the “Assistant” section, tap on “Settings” “Phone” and disable the Assistant by moving the slider.

Disable activation of the Google Assistant on the Home button.

In most cases, the above method will suffice. But, it is much safer to remove the activation of the assistant by pressing the “Home” button. Thus, you will not see constant recommendations on what to enable the Assistant, as is the case with the first method.

  • Go to the menu “Settings”. “Applications”. “Default applications”. “Assistant and voice input”.
  • Here you can choose which voice assistant you want to use by default. Select “No” from the list of available helpers.

Another plus of this method, in addition to annoying reminders, is the ability to use the Assistant at any time convenient for you, without having to turn it on again. It should be noted that the path may differ on different devices.

Another simple but effective way. Just uninstall all Google Assistant updates. Of course, there is one drawback, you will not be able to access all the features of the application that work only on certain versions of Android.

Go to “Settings”. “Applications”. “Application Management”, and search for “Google”.

When you open the menu (three small dots), you will see the line “Uninstall Updates”.

What do you think of Google’s voice assistant? Does he interfere with you? Have you had any strange experiences with the Assistant? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Disable Google Assistant as default assistant

If Google Assistant appears while holding the Home button and it annoys you, then this option can be easily disabled.

The steps may differ slightly on different versions of Android and on devices from different manufacturers, but you can easily find and repeat them. In this case, we are using Honor 8 Lite with Android 8 OS as an example.

Next, select “Apps and notifications”.

In the menu that opens, we need the “Default Applications” item. On devices from other manufacturers, you can use the settings search to find this option.

There are many different options, but in this case we are interested in the option “Help and voice input”.

The first item here is setting up the assistant. Click on this item.

In the menu that appears, select “None” as the default helper.

Now, when you hold down the Home button, Google Assistant will no longer make itself felt.

Option 1: Using the What’s on My Screen helper feature

If you remember the times when the long press of the Home button was used for contextual information, then it will be good news for you that the Assistant also has this function.

Go to the screen where you will be using Google Now on Tap, then press and hold the Home button.

When you do this, an assistant will appear. Now you can say “Objects on the screen” or just click the button at the bottom of the page (if it appears).

Now you can do it right inside the helper.

How to completely disable Google Assistant

If you just want to get rid of Google Assistant, you can also turn it off completely. This will disable all the helper functions that have now become the main part of Android, but if you are ready for this, then let’s do it.

Launch the Google app and open the menu and then select “Settings”.

In the “Google Assistant” section, select “Settings”.

In the “Devices” menu, click “Phone”.

The first option here is Google Assistant. Just toggle the slider to turn it off.

Again, keep in mind that this will disable all helper functions completely. On newer phones that come with the Google Assistant, this means you won’t be able to say “Ok Google” and start voice commands.

If you want to turn the assistant back on, just go back to this menu and turn the switch to the “On” position.

Option two: set a custom shortcut for the google app

If you want the best of both apps, you can use both Google Now and Google Assistant.

But first of all, let’s clarify: Google Now is no longer available. It just doesn’t exist anymore, at least in name. What we used to think of as Google Now is basically the Google app at the moment. essentially the same thing. Google recently added new features to it to make it better than Google Now.

If you want to use both, you can easily add a custom action to your home button using Nova Launcher. In short, you will need:

Now, a long press on the Home button will still launch Google Assistant, but if you press the Home button on the home screen, the Google app will launch.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

For now, Google Assistant should be available on all modern Android phones, but don’t like it. If you no longer want to use it, then you have several options: You can change the way you use the assistant or turn it off completely.

The biggest complaint from users is that the long-press Home button that was used to launch Google Now now activates the assistant. If you are one of them, then there is good news: you can use both of these functions together.

147 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Thank you so much. I am very grateful to you), this assistant just infuriated me and took me out. I just couldn’t listen to music normally (he always turned off the sound for me) Thanks again

And with me he now offers to include himself and still displays.

At what point does he offer to include himself?

I have the same situation asks to enable it. Permanently it already pisses me off, I don’t know what to do help me please

What is your phone, OS? At what point does he propose to include himself? Describe in more detail and then we will try to help you)

I have an Honor 10. I use the “off-scren navigaton key” system navigation that Android 9 already has for Honor 10. I turned off Google Assistant in Google’s settings. But the navigation is made in such a way that when I move my hand from bottom to top, this gesture is for the assistant, it is also for opening the program menu. This is annoying. Then I turned off this virus in “settings / applications / default applications / assistant and voice / application assistant” by setting the parameter “no”. Then the problem disappears, after one BUT. After a while, this virus sets itself as the default again, and again asks for it to be enabled (configured) when I swipe up from the bottom.

And at what point does it set itself as the default? Not after reboot?

The problem was still in Android 8, but then after several times, it disappeared and sometimes did not appear again. Now at 9. I noticed it right away, of course. If you disable everything, then the virus sets itself by default after 5 minutes. If you turn off and restart, then after a few hours or a day, and it doesn’t matter if the phone rebooted or not.

At the moment of long holding of the “home” button.

And please tell me when this happens, you have headphones connected to the device?

When I listen to music. And in headphones. Offers me to work with a headset. It stops, switches and starts tracks. It pisses me off. Sometimes I can’t even print, because I get a suggestion to turn it on. I looked in the settings and it turned out that I have it built-in and I cannot delete it permanently.

You can only delete it if you have root rights. And without them, you can try to disable it, as described in this article and in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to it.

I turned it off, but he offers to turn it back on, although I also turned off notifications. over, if I also hear a voice in the headphones, they say turn on Google Assistant and let it work with the headset. I thought to find in the settings how to prohibit working with the headset, but I did not find anything like that at all. Only bluetooth devices, but I have wired headphones. Perhaps the most important thing for me to understand is why he invites me to turn on myself if I turned off notifications? What’s the matter? Or it doesn’t count as a notification?

Here’s the same thing, I’ve already turned everything off, but I can’t do anything about it.

I turned off the Google Assistant, as described in the article, but for some reason this bastard still periodically works either when someone is talking nearby, or when a video is running on the phone. Those. the phone is on the table with the video on, I do not touch it, and suddenly the assistant turns on and searches in Google for a fragment of the phrase on which it turned on. Very annoying, please tell me how to COMPLETELY demolish it

I also offer to include myself. Because of it, I cannot turn on the operation mode with one hand

For me, too, for no reason, turns off the music or just demands to see his update. I click “no, thanks”, but it does not work and all over again.

I have the same situation, I don’t know what to do anymore

Google Assistant Turn Off or Disable in Redmi Note 7 Pro | Mi Phones

Please tell me. Phone Huawei p20 pro, the assistant is disabled, but on the main screen, when you swipe down from top to bottom, a white window “search for applications, messages, contacts, etc.” pops up. I often miss and it constantly opens. I’ve already researched all the settings everywhere, I don’t know how to remove it. I would be glad if you can help. Thank you. P. S. I’m not sure if this is related to Google, but you may know what it is)

This is a feature of the EMUI firmware and cannot be disabled)

Help. The same problem. It offers to turn on the assistant, I want to call or climb somewhere, it constantly throws it out of applications. Help. Phone ASUS zc520kl

Everyone writes “I have the same problem”, but no one has detailed the problem. So it is impossible to help, you need to know what actions this happens, attach screenshots in order to somehow understand what the problem is. Describe everything in detail and we will try to help you)

In ALL cases, when the Assistant climbed out, now it climbs: “Google Assistant is ready to help you.” And the “ON” button. In the same place and under the same conditions. Zadolbalo. What’s more here

“In ALL cases when the Assistant climbed out.” Therefore, I asked for screenshots and describe the actions that precede this, I do not know in what cases the Assistant climbed out for you, only you can know about this

Do you even know the answer? Or in some cases that only you know about). Buy a phone and turn on the assistant, then turn it off and you will see whether he bothers you or not.

I turned off the assistant on EMUI 8, EMUI 9 and on pure Android 8 and Android 9. I turned it off exactly as described in the article, it turns on itself only when you hold down the Home button on EMUI 9 on Honor 10, even if you turn it off manually, in other cases on others test devices after switching off the assistant itself does not turn on. It is physically impossible to check on all devices, therefore I ask you to describe in detail the situations in which it appears in order to see the pattern

After disconnecting according to your method, the assistant will turn on itself when a wired headset is connected. The message “Give permission to the assistant to work through the headset” is played (not literally, but in this sense) on the screen a window with a greeting and the phrase “the assistant is ready to help you go to the settings” (not literally)

The phone is down, the idaprikol application is open. Didn’t touch for 3 minutes and this fiend climbs out, starts typing what he hears around. Or just climbs out. I can’t interview candidates because of this Mr.

I have honor 8x. Same problem. You can call the assistant by gesturing from the lower left or right corner of the screen to the center of the screen. Turned off and when you wave. It does not turn on as before, but a window appears in which it is suggested to turn on.

Do you have EMUI 8? In this firmware version, I have disabled the Assistant, Voice Match, as well as voice control for wired headsets and bluetooth devices and offers to enable it only if you hold down the Home button. In other cases, it is not) I will check it on Honor 10

In the task manager, it turns out when you want to clear open applications constantly, this assistant there I click on it offers to turn it on, how to make it so that it does not appear in the application manager when it is off

He invites himself to turn on himself constantly, let’s say I’m watching a movie in google crome and it pops up to me to turn on Google Assistant

Assistant’s prompt, I want to use screen search instead. But the assistant, when disconnected, suggests itself constantly by holding down the home button. Here’s how to fix it without ROOT rights?

Once, a rollback to the sixth version of Google helped, but in this version there is no offline search. Hunt stayed on the eighth version of Google and at the same time use SEARCH ON SCREEN. It is possible?

Try to find the default app in the settings and in the help and voice input section set No instead of Google

I listen to music with headphones. Phone in your The music is interrupted and the assistant’s window pops up. Then it disappears by itself. The music continues and the assistant gets out again. At first, I did not understand why the music was turned off. Since the bodies are in your Then she took out the bodies and began to observe. I don’t press any buttons. Tel in both unlocked and locked state. The assistant doesn’t care. Jumps out when it pleases. Without headphones, all the rules. It started recently. I won’t say exactly. A month or two. Tel Samsung s6

Open the Google app, go to Settings. in the Search section, go to Voice Search. Voice control and disable For Bluetooth devices and For wired headsets. Maybe it will help)

Will not help. I have a similar situation. When you press the headset button, the assistant sometimes asks if you want to control the headset. I myself turned off the assistant, and prohibited notifications, but it regularly triggers and asks for permission to control the headset.

and at the same time you do not press anything? just plug in the headset and that’s it?

HTC m10. When you hold down the home button, you are constantly prompted to turn on this assistant. How to remove it completely? In any application, with fingerprint identification, etc. LORD why did they create this horror?

I can advise you to put another launcher, for example Nova Launcher, where you can reassign the action when you press the Home button. You don’t have on-screen buttons?

Installed Nova Launcher. You can assign an action when you press the Home button. yes! But you cannot assign an action when you “hold down the home button”. And the speech is just about him

Try to find the default app in the settings and in the help and voice input section set No instead of Google

How in “Nova Launcher” to assign an action to “hold the home button”?

Perhaps you need to find the Applications section by default (in your firmware version there should be something like this) and set No in the help and voice input section (instead of Google)

It is in the settings of the device, not the launcher

Thanks a lot! Disabled through the settings, without this article I would not have guessed. As a token of gratitude, I poked ads on this site

We are glad that our article helped you)) Happy New Year

Xiaomi redmi 5. Disabled Google Assistant in the settings, but it always turns on by itself. Mostly when I’m on Google. For example, I’m watching a TV show, and this sentence “Google Assistant is ready to help you” constantly pops up; _; Before that, the volume still increases, it can exit the full-screen mode (I’m watching a movie, well, I hope you understand D 🙂 If I ask someone, they say that an assistant needs to be removed, but it is built-in as I understand it. And why does someone have it and someone does not?

Do this (it seemed to help me): No settings (phone). all applications. google. notifications. application settings. turn off notifications And just in case, turn off the microphone in the application also: No settings (phone). all applications. google. application permissions. turn off microphone

I wanted to disable this program from the word “completely”. In the end, I found your third method, which does not quite help. This is only disabling the call of the assistant when you press the “home” button, but at the same time, when you slide your finger up the main screen, Google also starts up, and what is most unbearable for me is that this assistant constantly interferes when you press the headset button and asks for permission to control through her Disabled, fucking assistant, asks for the right to control the headset!

I began to turn on by itself, even when I do not touch the “home” button. At the same time, it resets itself to the home screen. It’s just impossible to use the phone anymore

It’s strange, my assistant and my friends have an assistant disabled and does not turn on by itself and does not ask itself to turn on

But what if this assistant does not allow you to listen to music normally? He stops or switches all the time and at the same time invites himself to turn on

While listening to music, do you not touch your phone at all? Does the assistant appear on its own? Which version of Android and which device?

I have exactly the same problem as in the previous comment. The assistant is turned off, as soon as I start listening to music in headphones, its window constantly pops up asking to turn it on, he stops the music himself, switches it himself, and at a breakneck speed! Xiaomi redmi 4 pro phone, miui global 10.1 stable, Android version 6.0.1. Sooo pissed off, I’m on the brink of hopelessness

The redmi note 5 phone costs miui, often just when listening to music, when I play, Google Assistant appears with a proposal to turn it on. At the same time, the volume changes, turns off / switches

It was already disabled for me) so it did not help to solve the problem, sorry

How can I turn it off completely? He ALWAYS gets out, turns off, switches music, gets out when I watch a movie. I turned it off as it is said here, but now it comes out and asks to turn it on. What to do? How not to throw your phone out the window?

When listening to music or watching videos, the assistant turns on only when using headphones or without them too?

Personally, for me, only when using wired headphones

Headphones with microphone? Through which application do you listen to music (Yandex music, Google Play Music, etc.) ?

Without a microphone I usually listen to music through Black Player EX

Good day! Can someone help turn off the assistant completely (for example honor 6c) Settings. applications. additional settings. settings. help and voice input. assistant (click on the word “assistant”). select “no” Everything, when you press the home button nothing is happening

Nikita! Thanks a lot! Finally I got rid of him!

Honor 8x Did as you advise. After a while, it appears again and locks the lower part of the screen. It may be a device malfunction

so I bought myself airdots headphones, from Xiaomi all normal headphones have a double click, this is a track switch, and my assistant’s phone calls out, I don’t need it, I want to switch tracks by double-clicking, I turned off the assistant, now by double-clicking on the headphones it offers to turn it on asistenya, is it possible to demolish it nafig?

you can freeze the google application, but the tracks will still not switch, I have a similar problem with the creative outlier air headphones, when watching a video, instead of switching, there is an assistant call, all normal headphone manufacturers have an application in which you can turn off the assistant call, you need to communicate with support, but little chance.

Honor 8 x. Did as you prompted After a while it appears again and locks the bottom of the screen. What should I do? Maybe it’s a phone malfunction.

Before, when I pressed the home button, an icon was displayed on which there was a finger, after clicking on it, I can select the text on the screen and copy, now only the bot, objects on the screen give out some things or events. Kapets. How do I get the text selection function back on the screen? It’s convenient in YouTube and on secure sites.

Thanks, it helped. Only I had a slightly different problem, when a wired headset was connected, every few seconds from any rustle into the microphone, a voice assistant was launched. Mi a 2, Android 9. It’s not that annoying, it’s just infuriating! As it is written in the article, I went into the Google settings and there in the voice search there is a separate item for a wired headset. Naturally it was included. Turned off. now peace and grace.

Google assistent bothers even after disconnecting as soon as I put down music or video and asks “enable google assistent?” What to do so that she does not bother at all?

I cannot turn off the agent in Xiaomi. Where can I find help in it so that Google switch to no in voice input? I plugged the whole phone already

Thank you so much! The assistant no longer tortures me

I read all the correspondence. But there is no solution to the problem. I have an ASUS ZenFone 5 Lite. The problem is the same. When you press the “home” button, the “assistant” comes out with the requirement to turn it on. As a result, it is impossible to use the telephone. If you don’t have a solution, then write that. That it is impossible to remove the “assistant”. People will save time reading this useless site.

I have ASUS ZenFone 5. The last described method works! CAREFULLY click on the word “Assistant” and not on Voice Input and select No.

I have another problem after updating the system on honor 9 lite, I learned the problems of googol as an assistant, he began to automatically press the home button himself, it already pisses me off wherever you give me, he knocks me out and enters the search

I used to say to the phone “let’s go home” and he immediately finds a route. Now, as Google Assistant, I get a moronic smiley and a dumb response “Hurray, let’s go!” What’s this? New mockery from Google? Also, earlier it was possible to set the place of work and home as a marker on the map and Google maps perfectly built a route to this place. Now Google Assistant can no longer do this. You see, you need an address. The address of my work is an area of ​​3×3 kilometers. Divided by the autobahn. It became impossible to set the exact parking place on the map. And the address of my house is still confused by Google. It used to be easy. set a point on the map and no problems. Now “Hurray let’s go.” You completely collapsed from an oak tree?

Watching a movie on YouTube…. silence YouTube turns on, Google turns on and starts talking nonsense

I drive to work (in a car), listen to music (on a radio), a tablet in my backpack. Take the tablet out of the backpack…. HANGS DEADLY IN THE GUGLA Treatment. reboot

In general, I do not understand at all from what hangover it turns on okay in the car from the music (fucking how my voice is similar to AS / DS, Aerosmith, Ozzy etc) 🙂 🙂 🙂

Voice search. Auto (cannot be changed) The rest of the settings, as you recommended. Z380KNL. latest firmware version.

So, I checked. Everything is done, as you described. Does the hell he get out again every time as soon as I plug in the headphones?

you can post a screenshot to some photo hosting, for example radikal.ru, and write a link in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев

How to Turn Off Google Assistant in Redmi Note 7 Pro(MIUI 11.0)?

Good afternoon, I have a problem with the assistant, it was turned off just wherever possible, well, just everywhere, but as soon as I connect the headset, he asks himself to turn it on (while nothing is turned on in the phone), but if you go into the music player, it switches the songs. or turns them off, changes the volume, it even sometimes gives such a volume that the ears bleed simply, or just then starts talking as “ALICE” understood And also asks what is needed to turn on the assistant to search, at the slightest turn of the plug, he also starts to turn on and ask him I even tried completely different headphones and asked my friends and acquaintances, and as it turned out that there was no point in which headphones, it stupidly cuts in as soon as anything connects, is it really one option to give it to Google??

Hello. Check the following points: 1. Google. Settings. Voice input. Voice Match all items must be disabled 2. Google. Settings. Voice input. In the Headset section, turn off all 3. Google. Settings. Google Assistant. Assistant tab. Under Devices with Assistant, select Phone toggle the Google Assistant must be turned off. 4. Settings. You need to find the Applications section by default (on different devices this item may be in different sections of the menu, you will have to search). Help and voice input. Assistant. Not

Hello. help please, my mother also has a problem that is described above He interferes and when you listen to music, watch movies, and does not allow printing Did absolutely everything that you wrote above and nothing

setup / system and device / notifications / app notifications

there we turn off everything by google all notifications

I disappeared, the phone almost broke my nerves

shorter option above works. half a day. normal flight

The same problem! Phone Huawei p Smart 2019, and this happens when I connect headphones too Huawei Free buds firmware EMUI, the new version available for the phone, turned off, but still asks itself to turn on! How to figure it out?

Try this option: Settings. Apps and notifications. Applications. Google. Notifications. Turn off all notifications. Write whether this option will help or not

Help me please. For a long time this assistant infuriated me, climbed out when not necessary. I turned it off. But now he also climbs out constantly, but now not with an offer of help, but with a proposal to turn it on. It happens that while you are typing a message, it can come out several times. And strangely, he does it mostly when the internet is bad. How to completely forget about him, my nerves can not stand it))

Good morning. Try this option: Settings. Apps and notifications. Applications. Google. Notifications. Turn off all notifications.

I read all the articles, all the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I have probably done everything

Disable via browser

  • Open the standard Google application.
  • In the lower right corner we find the item “” in the form of three dots.
  • Here we go to Settings Voice input.
  • Here we find the Voice Match item and disable access.

What is the Google Assistant for??

Google Assistant is a voice assistant that “unties your hands” when you operate your device. With it, you can control your smartphone with voice commands or gestures. It covers a large number of functions, here is a list of the most common ones:

Disable activation via buttons and gestures

The launch of the Google Assistant is set by default through the Home button. These are system settings and can be changed.

  • For MIUI 10: Settings Advanced settings Buttons and gestures Launch Google Assistant.
  • For MIUI 11: Settings Advanced settings Button functions Launch Google Assistant.

In both cases, select the bottom item. No.

Disable through settings

  • Go to Settings Advanced settings Language and input. Advanced settings Language and input “width =” 660 “height =” 677 “srcset =” https://xiaominfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-cherez.nastroiki-scr1.jpg 660w, https://xiaominfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-cherez-nastroiki-scr1-292×300.jpg 292w, https : //xiaominfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-cherez-nastroiki-scr1-390×400.jpg 390w “sizes =” (max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px “/
  • Next, we find the Control keyboards item and under Google voice input we find Settings. Settings. “width =” 660 “height =” 684 “srcset =” https://xiaominfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-cherez-nastroiki-scr2. jpg 660w, https://xiaominfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-cherez-nastroiki-scr2-289×300.jpg 289w, https: // xiaominfo. ru / wp-content / uploads / 2019/11 / kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-cherez-nastroiki-scr2-386×400.jpg 386w “sizes =” (max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px “/
  • Select Voice Match and disable it.

Depending on the MIUI version, the path to disable the assistant may differ. The easiest way is to open “Settings” and in the search bar to drive “Voice input”.

Disable Google Assistant completely on Xiaomi

If you want to completely disable the assistant without jumping through individual functions, take the following steps:

  • Open the “Google” application, click on the “” icon in the form of three dots.
  • Select the Google Assistant Settings item. Google Assistant. “width =” 660 “height =” 678 “srcset =” https://xiaominfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-scr2.jpg 660w, https : //xiaominfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-scr2-292×300.jpg 292w, https://xiaominfo.ru/wp-content/uploads/ 2019/11 / kak-otkliuchit-google-assistent-na-Xiaomi-scr2-389×400.jpg 389w “sizes =” (max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px “/
  • In the window that opens, you need to open the “Assistant” tab, scroll down the screen and select “Phone”. Disable Google Assistant here completely.

How to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi

Google Assistant is built into all Android smartphones. The function is certainly useful, but for some it only hinders. Let’s see how to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi.

Disable Google Assistant

Despite a solid set of useful functions, not everyone needs it, and many people prefer to operate the smartphone “the old fashioned way”. Google Assistant on Xiaomi can be partially disabled in the browser and settings. Of course, there is an option to completely disable, we will consider all the methods below:

Method 6. dramatically

A cardinal option, but one hundred percent off. Go to device settings, open applications and search there for Google and / or Google Assistant.

Delete data and turn off. You will have to use a different browser, but the offer with a request to enable will no longer be sent out.

Method 5

Go to the device settings, open the applications and find everything from Google there and deny access to the microphone for each of them in the rights.

This can help as such software quite often likes to address the microphone when the user wants to enter something. Google itself advertises this to some extent and wants to transfer everyone to voice control of the functions of their devices.

Method 3. for Honor

On phones with EMUI shell, open basic settings, go to “Advanced options” and go to “System navigation”.

Go to Gestures options and turn off Google Assistant.

Important! Remember that depending on the version of the firmware itself and the EMUI launcher, the names of the menu items may differ, and sometimes they are located in a slightly different place. Therefore, if you cannot find something, look for a name that is close in spirit.

How to disable Google Assistant on Android

Users of phones based on the Android operating system often face a problem. turning off and uninstalling built-in and unnecessary applications.

Among which is Google Assistant. how to disable it? This can be done using several different options, after which, it will no longer take away the resources of your smartphone and constantly pop up with a proposal to turn it back on.

How to disable Google Assistant in Miui 12 and Miui 11 Android 10 with gesture on any xiaomi mobile

You already know what a swipe is. Now we will deal with one annoying process for many, you will learn how to disable Google Assistant on Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi and other Android devices.

Interesting! It is better to try all the options, and if one does not work, try another. If you have your own method of how this can be done. share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, everyone will be interested to find out.

Method 4

Download the Google app from Google Play and without launching it, uninstall it right away. This option helped quite a few, because the parameters are reset and the obsessive inclusion offer will no longer pop up.

If it does not help, you can try to turn it on first, and then delete it. Anyway, it’s worth experimenting as in different variations, this option turns out to be working for users.

How to disable Google Assistant. permanently

It is better to do all the methods in order to make sure to turn it off and not to pop up a suggestion to turn it back on. Menus may be called slightly differently on different Android OS versions.

Method 1

Open the settings, go to “Apps and notifications”, then go to “Default apps”.

Find and open the “Help and voice input” item and set the “Assistant” parameter to “No”.

Open the device settings, go to “Google” and then go to “Search, Assistant and Voice Control”. If it is not there, then look in the section “Services in your account”.

4-1. Open the “Google Assistant”, then in devices with an assistant, open your phone and first turn off the “Ambient Mode” function, and then the assistant.

The “Ambient Mode” function may not be visible if the assistant is turned off, check this by turning it on and then turning it off.

4-2. Open “Voice Input”, go to “Voice Match” and disable everything here.

Method 2. in the Google app

If you did not find the items from the first chapter in the parameters, and the Google application is installed, then launch it, go to the settings and already in them go to the Google Assistant settings.

Again go to the main settings and from there to the item “Voice search”.

In the “Headset” section, make all the items inactive, then go to “Voice Match” and disable everything here.

How to remove widget from Xiaomi desktop

On Xiaomi smartphones with preinstalled MIUI shell, just hold your finger on the search bar and move it to the trash can icon that appears at the top. Similarly, they remove the widget from the phone from the Android One program.

Note! Moving a line to the trash does not delete it, it only removes it from the screen. It can be restored and displayed at any time (increase / decrease the size).

As a last resort, on Xiaomi Mi 9 and other devices of the brand, you can remove some of the built-in and Google services using a computer or root access rights. Doing this is not recommended due to possible failures in the operating system.

How to disable Google Assistant via the search app

The voice assistant is integrated into the Google search application to disable it:

  • Tap on the Google search bar widget on the main or secondary screen.
  • In the lower right corner, select “”.
  • Pull down the window that appears and go to “Settings”.
  • Follow the path “Google Assistant”. “Assistant”. “Phone”.
  • A menu will open, click on the toggle switch next to “Google Assistant” to turn it off.
  • Below is a line with the “Voice Match” function, disable it if you do not want to call the assistant for the phrase “Ok Google”.

Interesting! This guide works on all Android smartphones with Google Services Updates enabled.

Turn off Google Assistant in settings

If the assistant was randomly turned on by accidentally tapping on the microphone, or you removed the widget to increase free space:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Scroll down the page, select “Advanced settings”.
  • Go to the “Language and input” tab, go to “Google voice input”.
  • Here in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, tap on the item “Recognition Ok Google”. Click to deactivate the mode “On any screen”.

Note! Uncheck “From Google app” if you want to remove the assistant from everywhere.

How to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi

Google Assistant is a voice assistant preinstalled on the Android operating system. It is designed to help users create quick reminders, find places on the map, check the weather, turn on the timer, and more. Despite the extensive functionality, some users tend to disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi as unnecessary.

Installing Alice instead of Google Assistant

The reason to put Alice instead of Google is the expanded number of functions for residents of the CIS countries and synchronization with services released by Yandex. Before setting up the assistant, install the Yandex. with Alice or Yandex.Browser applications on your smartphone. Then:

  • Visit “Settings”.
  • Go to Applications, select Default Applications, click on Help & Voice Input.
  • At the top, select the “Assistant” tab.
  • From the list, select a product accompanied by Alice.

Interesting! Also, users can enable or change the assistant to Mi Assistant from Xiaomi. It has problems with Russian language recognition.

Disable call with gestures

By default, device control involves calling the voice assistant while holding down the Home key. This often happens involuntarily, but entails the appearance of a search window. To remove the activation of the assistant with a gesture:

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to “Advanced Settings”.
  • Select “Buttons and gestures”, followed by the transition to “Launch Google Assistant”.
  • Here you can replace the hotkey or select “No gestures”, deactivating the function.

You can disable Google Assistant on Xiaomi smartphones using the standard system controls without resorting to getting root rights. He is also replaced with assistants from other companies.