How to Disable Fn On Lenovo Ideapad Laptop

How to enable WIFI on Lenovo laptops? A topic that I’m sure will interest most laptop owners from this manufacturer. I want to immediately emphasize that all of the information below is for the most part intended for all modern Lenovo models. But, despite this, owners of laptops from other manufacturers can also draw a lot of useful information in this article.

From the title and the first paragraph, you can easily understand that the article has a narrow focus, that is, it is specially prepared for users with Lenovo laptops. This is due to one case when different users brought me three laptops from Lenovo with a request to see why WiFi does not work.

This, of course, was not in one day, but in a day so accurately. In general, along the way I found some interesting chips due to which Wi-fi may not work on Lenovo or will turn on only after performing certain actions.

Below I will provide information on how to enable Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops in various situations, based on my personal experience when working and setting up computers from this manufacturer.

What to do if Wi-Fi does not work on Lenovo laptops

Of course, I understand that there are a lot of situations and reasons due to which the wireless network may not work. But, if you are one hundred percent sure that everything is ok with the router, then for sure the cause of the malfunction is hidden, unrelatedly, in the laptop.

Therefore, I will describe several basic points on turning on the network adapter, after which you will either earn the Internet, or relying on the received data, you can move forward, for example, by starting to check the network settings.

Turn on the wireless adapter

The very first thing I recommend to do. this is to check if the network adapter is turned on.

  1. Open the dialog box ” Run “And insert the command” ncpa.cpl “By starting it by pressing the” Enter “;
  2. Among the appeared network adapters we find ” Wireless connection »And clicking on it opens the context menu;
    How to Disable Fn On Lenovo Ideapad Laptop
  3. Next, we find the line ” Enable “And click on it with the mouse.
  4. If instead of “Enable”, “ Disable “Means the wireless connection is on, so you can move on to the next recommendation.

Checking the installed driver

Be sure to check if you have installed the driver for the Wi-Fi adapter before further configuration.

  1. Again, using ” WinR “And the team” devmgmt.msc “, We get into the device manager;
  2. Open from the list of available devices ” Network adapters “, And we find there the device responsible for Wifi, usually after its name the word” is added Wireless “(In a normal Ethernet connection);
  3. If it is displayed with a triangle or none at all, but there is some unidentified device, then you have obvious problems with the driver, which must be installed.

You can download the driver on the Lenovo website, in the support section. The easiest way is to find the page you need by driving this phrase into the search engine: “Lenovo z50 driver»Substituting, of course, your model instead of the z50.

As for the installation, everything is simple and familiar there, we run Setup, wait a few seconds and restart the computer.

Turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo using the monitor cover

In general, it turned out that the two laptops that came to me turned out to be the same model, namely the Lenovo z50. The problem was that when the system booted up, the adapter did not turn on automatically, well, and when I pressed the key combination responsible for turning it on, the computer did not react at all.

But, as soon as you close the monitor cover for a few seconds, after opening the wireless adapter will turn on and start searching for available networks, which is pretty surprising.

In general, this chip worked on both laptops so I recommend that you use at least this connection method to start, for its further configuration.

The algorithm is simple, closed the lid of the laptop, waited a few seconds, opened it. Voila. the Internet works. I know for sure that this option works on many Lenovo notebook models.

Start auto power on wireless adapter

Another option for turning on the adapter is the function keys on the keyboard, which I mentioned above. They are usually located on F1. F12 and are displayed in the form of various icons, while they are used only in combination with another key ” Fn “.

I’ll immediately notice that in newer models, more and more manufacturers are swapping these buttons, as a result of which the F1-F12 only works when you press “Fn”, but the function keys, on the contrary, act as regular keys.

As it soared, I am responsible for turning on the Wi-Fi adapter F5, F6, F7. In order to make it easier to determine the necessary button, you can look at the icon that is applied to it. Usually this is a Wi-Fi antenna or an airplane (Mode: on an airplane). For example, in z50, I remember exactly that this is the F6 key and it shows an airplane.

In general, after clicking, for example, on ” FnF6 ” or simply ” F6 ”, An icon should appear on the screen confirming that the network adapter has been turned on. Well, if nothing happens, then most likely you do not have the necessary software package installed that uses these keys.

Install Lenovo Energy Management

So, if function keys do not work for you or only part of them work, then most likely you haven’t installed Lenovo Energy Management.

The fact is that Wi-fi just might not work for you because the adapter is turned off, but you can turn it on only using the function keys, which in turn only work after you install this utility.

You can download it at the office. Lenovo website for any version of Windows. After you install it, I recommend restarting the computer and trying to use the power button on the adapter. If everything is ok, a small menu will appear on the screen in which you can enable or disable Wi-Fi and bluetooth.

In our case, it is necessary opposite the wireless network to set the value to “ On “, Respectively, by selecting it with the mouse. After that, the adapter should turn on and start looking for available wireless networks. In addition to this, now you will not have to manually start it at each boot of the operating system, since it will do this automatically.

Also, if the necessary keys did not work, it would be advisable to check or even install the driver on the keyboard by downloading it from the Lenovo support page.

Turning on WIFI to Lenovo using the button

In addition to the method of turning on the wireless adapter using the keyboard, on some models on the case there may be a separate special button or switch that is responsible exclusively for launching Wi-Fi on the laptop.

Usually it is located on one of the side faces of the body of your laptop or near the power button, the special features by which it can be recognized are the same, it most likely displays an icon in the form of small antennas.

Power saving mode

The power saving mode, which is enabled by default in the device’s properties, can also cause the wireless connection to work incorrectly or to disconnect it altogether. You can remove this function by going to the network adapter settings.

  1. Opening ” Run “, Copy there” ncpa.cpl “.
  2. Having found the wireless connection, using the dialog box, call ” The properties “.
  3. Next, the button ” Tune “.
  4. Go to the tab ” Power management “.
  5. And there we uncheck the item that allows you to turn off the device to save energy.

After, do not forget to restart the laptop and check whether something happened or not.

Is the WIFI adapter connected to the motherboard

Well, finally, if nothing helps you, I can recommend checking if the antennas are connected to the adapter directly on the motherboard itself.

I once had such a case that for some reason the Wi-Fi didn’t work on the new laptop at the same time the drivers were installed and the device was turned on. But, he did not see more than one network, except in cases where its distribution was using a smartphone. Ito, he connected to it, but there was still no access to the Internet.

After trying everything, I decided to check if everything is normal with the connection under the cover by unscrewing it. As it turned out, the antennas simply were not connected to the adapter itself, although the laptop was new, there is a possibility, of course, that they disappeared, or they simply forgot to connect them.

In general, after I connected them. Everything fell into place and Wi-Fi worked in normal mode.

Here, some of the things that, in my practice, helped me to turn on Wi-Fi on Lenovo laptops, maybe something will turn out to be useful for you too. In general, as always, I am waiting for your comments and wish you the best of luck in setting up your computers.