How to Disable Child Protection on TV

Almost all modern TVs are equipped with a very convenient button lock function. the so-called “child protection”.

This option protects the device settings if there is a small child in the house, and also eliminates the unauthorized access of children to television programs in the absence of adults.

How to Disable Child Protection on TV

However, this useful feature often creates unexpected problems for users. For example, a kid himself can put up protection by accident, playing with the remote control, or a person who has set a password can simply forget it over time.

The situation is completely out of control if the remote control itself gets lost or breaks.

What to do in this situation? What should I do if the TV shows only one channel or asks for a password when I turn it on?

how unlock the LG TV buttons? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

How to reset your LG TV password

If there is no chance to remember the password set on the TV, then the easiest way to solve the problem will be to reset the settings to factory settings.

By default, all TVs have a factory default PIN code of 0000.

To reset the password to the factory one, you need to pick up the remote control and perform the following steps:

  1. In the device’s main menu, select the Settings tab;
  2. Next, select the Security item and the tab “Reset PIN”;
  3. Then enter any 4 digits and click OK;
  4. Immediately after this, you need to press the channel switching buttons in the following sequence: Up — Up — Down — Up;
  5. Enter the code 0313 and press OK.

After this manipulation, the password will be reset and locking the buttons on the LG TV will no longer interfere.

  • If you turn on the TV and again ask for a PIN code, it will be enough to enter the standard password of four zeros.
  • If the lock is no longer needed, you can completely remove the child protection on the LG TV. To do this, go to Settings and turn off the protection function in the Security section.

How to unlock the buttons on an LG TV without a remote control

Unfortunately, remove the protection of the buttons of the LG TV without a remote control will not work. The easiest solution in this situation will be the acquisition of a new remote control.

Another option is to contact a service center, however this path is more time-consuming and costly.

Useful app. LG TV Remote

Owners of LG smart TVs can install the official free LG TV Remote app on their smartphone or tablet.

With it, you can control the TV directly from a mobile device. It is enough to connect both devices to the same home network and run the application.

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Using the LG TV Remote, you can control the volume of the TV, switch channels, search, browse and launch any applications installed on the TV and other media content via LG SmartShare, take screenshots, etc. In fact, the smartphone will become a fully functional “smart” control panel.