How to disable call forwarding on Samsung’s phone

How to set a forwarding on Samsung’s phone?

How to configure the forwarding on Samsung We open the “Phone” application, click on the troete in the upper right corner of the screen and among the options for the context menu, select the “Settings” item. The call settings menu will open, where we go to the “Additionally” section and click on the “call forwarding” subsection.

  • 21 [phone number]#. Redirecting all calls. If you want to redirect all calls to a certain number;
  • 62 [phone number]#. Forwarding by inaccessibility. If you have changed the number and want to redirect all those coming from the old phone;

What is forwarding on Android

Calling the call to the Android device is a redirection of the incoming call to another number specified by the subscriber. This opportunity is very popular among consumers. She will become an indispensable assistant if a new SIM card was purchased, to which you need to get calls from your old number. This may come in handy when an old card is lost or changed and there is no way to restore it. They also use this service if a very bad signal.

The service is simply indispensable in a situation where the user forgot a phone somewhere, and an urgent call awaits. It can also be useful if one network is not available in some place, but another catches well. The option can be used temporarily for some time or on an ongoing basis. Many owners of several smartphones use forwarding to not miss an important call.

Note! The phone number to which the call is redirected is not visible to the one who calls. Thus, a person has the opportunity to hide his number from annoying people.

What do the settings look on Android settings

How to connect a conditional call forwarding?

An unconditional forwarding for any Russian television system (Beeline, MTS, Megafon, Velkom, Yota) can be connected through sending USSD code 21 phone number #. Immediately after connecting this service, absolutely all calls will be forwarded to the specified number.

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Activation is free. The option does not provide. The cost of one minute of the conversation will be calculated in accordance with the conditions operating on one or another issue.

The combination for connecting on a conditional forwarding phone, each television system has its own. You can find out the activation code of the service on the website of your provider, in the television system in your personal account, through a call to a hot fishing line for a trimmer, or in the nearest office of your mobile operator.

Redires using the operator

In addition, you can organize calls for calls from Android smartphone using the services of a mobile operator. This can be done through your personal account on the operator’s website or using the USSD command.

For example, with mobile operators from the so.Called “big four” (Beeline, Megafon, MTS and Tele2), the following commands are responsible for the forwarding:

But, if you have another mobile operator, then the teams may differ. You can find out USSD commands for your operator on his official website.

How to configure Android forwarding

There are many options for setting up, both using standard android options and through the capabilities of a mobile operator (a certain cost may be charged), but we examined all the options so that you can choose the best for yourself.

Retreference in smartphone settings

The Android operating system provides for the standard setup of call forwarding, which is activated in several clicks. Keep in mind that menu items may vary slightly, depending on the version of the operating system and the phone model. We considered the example of Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite. The procedure is as follows:

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The setting through the built.In Android tools is completed, but we recommend that you check that everything works. To do this, call your number from another phone and see if the forwarding will automatically turn on or not. If it does not work, most likely, the cell operator blocks this option, because you need to connect through it. (some operators do not charge a forwarding commission). In this case, proceed to the next setting option in our article.


Each mobile operator provides a forwarding service for its subscribers, only most of them will have this option paid, so you need to look at what operator you have, what cost and other conditions. You can connect this service in several ways:

Whatever option you choose. The cost will be the same, and you do not need to implement any additional settings in your smartphone. We have described overestimations for four main operators: Megafon, MTS, Beeline, Tele2.

All operators have unified teams for managing the calls to redirect calls, therefore, regardless of which SIM card you have on your phone, you can make settings. The only difference is the cost of the service. It is described a little below:

  • 21 number of phone (for redirecting)#. Activates the redirect all incoming calls from your number to the specified. For example, 219286653322#;
  • ## 21#. Cancel all redresses from your phone;
  • # 61#. Check if you have a service or not;
  • ## 61#. A complete shutdown of all redress on your phone;
  • 61 nomor of the phone (for redirecting) time (seconds)#. Calls to calls if you do not respond to a call within a certain time. For example, 61928665332230#. This team activates the option, and the subscriber will be redirected to another number, if within 30 seconds you will not pick up the phone;
  • 67 number of phone (for redirecting)#-automatic redirecting included to the selected number if you communicate with someone. For example, 679286653322#.

Detailed description

The option is available to customers in several variations. Of course, there are two main options that Beeline provides:

The main forwarding is valid for some conditions:

  • In the case when the phone is inaccessible, for various reasons (a subscriber in the forest, metro or simply outside the network of network);
  • In the case when the subscriber is already conducting a conversation by phone and the fishing line for a trimmer is busy;
  • If the subscriber cannot respond to the call, then the call will be redirected.

As for the unconditional option of the option, it does not apply any restrictions on it. She works in any case and redirect the incoming call, regardless of the above factors.

The service is controlled by entering the USSD command or you can use the help of the operator. It should also be noted that the option is available to any subscriber of the company on any tariff plan.

The option will become useful to many people, especially if you plan a trip to the area where Beeline does not work, but catches the connection of another phone or operator. To do this, you will need to buy a starting package of another telecom operator and just redirect calls to that number.

Beeline Overhage option also helps to significantly save money on balance sheet if the subscriber is in roaming.

The service is available not only on mobile phones, it can be installed on any city number or international. You can also make a call back to the phone, but on the voice mail.

What is Call Forwarding How to Activate & Deactivate ? Sinhala ( සිංහලෙන් ) ���� Thusi Bro

How to enable conditional forwarding on samsung?

How to enable the forwarding on Samsung? Open the “Phone” application, click on the Troete in the upper right corner of the screen and among the options for the context menu, select the “Settings” item. The call settings menu will open, where we go to the “Additionally” section and click on the “call forwarding” subsection.

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Call forwarding is a transfer of an incoming call to another pre.Indicated telephone number if the subscriber does not respond to the call. Cases when forwarding may be required: when the subscriber recently changed the number; when the subscriber does not answer or busy.

Sumsung call forwarding: all methods


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How to configure the forwarding on Samsung

Samsung phones allow the user to significantly adjust any settings that he may need.

But one area that can really be adapted to the personal needs of users is perhaps a forwarding.

How to Enable Call Forward/Divert Setting in Samsung A50, A70, A80, A20, A10, A50s, M30s

This is that the manufacturer cannot configure universal. All these parameters are deeply individual.

Let’s figure out how to make a forwarding using the Samsung A5 phone as an example.

This model is one of the most configurated phones.

But at the same time, many not very advanced users will be pleased with the fact that the phone comes in working condition directly from the box.

In the base kit, the smartphone comes with the Android 5 operating system.One.One.

The most affordable update that the buyer will receive at home “by air”. To version 6.0.

Unfortunately, the last Android is not supported on the device, but this does not affect the settings of forwarding.

Also, this in no way affects the applications that can be installed so that third.Party software performs, instead of a stock core, the same forwarding functions.

Calls forwarding is the process by which the smartphone will redirect the incoming call on your device on Samsung A5 or from it to any other device.

This is very useful if you go, for example, on vacation with your family, and do not want to take all the phones with you.

In this case, on each of them it is necessary to configure the forwarding precisely on the phone that will be with you.

If your vacation goes outside the country, it is worth considering roaming services.

So before you think about whether you want to take at least one phone with you or want to completely devote yourself to rest, read the tariffs for international calls.

Either the forwarding will come in handy if you want to redirect all your calls to the office while you are in departure.

Thus, you can call back to those people with whom you need to contact, and they will call either the secretary or to the answering machine.

Samsung are installed using the Android operating system itself, using the settings that your cell provider provides you, or using a third.Party application.

The easiest option is to set forwarding, to do the following:

On the home screen you need to press the Menu button.

Select the “calls for calls”, and then “voice calls”.

If this parameter is not available, it is necessary to use the parameters of the forwarding of your operator.

If the required menu has opened, you can choose one of the four forwarding options:

All incoming calls are sent to the number you specified; your

This parameter overnights that all other forwarding options are disconnected.

Redirect if the fishing line for trimmer is busy

Responsination when you are already talking to someone, and choose not to answer the parallel incoming call.

Usually this option is used to send a call to the voice mail, although you can redirect it to any number.

Redirect if the smartphone does not answer

Calls are forwarded if you decide not to answer phone calls. As a rule, the challenge will be redirected to voice mail.

How to connect

Activation of the function depends on how the user decides to connect it. In the case of mobile operators, the company’s specialist is engaged in setting up. But there are several more methods of connection, including the internal functionality of the phone and third.Party applications.

Below are options for connecting forwarding for smartphones operating on iOS and Android operating systems.

Operators services

All operators of the country offer a redress service. It is paid according to the established tariffs and is often offered along with the option of voice mail, on which the caller can leave a message for the subscriber. The cost of such services depends on the price policy of the company, but when using the standard “unconditional” option, it is inexpensive.

call, forwarding, samsung, phone

Service is connected through a USSD command, through a personal account on the official website of the company or in any sales office. If the user device allows you to activate the forwarding, no problems with it will arise.

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Refresis may be unprofitable in roaming and when connecting “conditional” packages. In this case, the subscriber pays more, and the tariffing is set in the daily mode.

Functions of a smartphone

The built.In capabilities of modern gadgets allow the use of forwarding on any of the numbers available to the user. This can be the second SIM card on the same smartphone or a number on another device. The instruction of the actions is slightly different depending on the manufacturer. For iOS and Android there are different conditions.

Review has long been developed on all “smart” phones. It became possible even on the earliest versions of operating systems, due to which it is possible to use it without involving the operator or the installation of third.Party applications.

Options for iOS

On the iPhone, the function is connected as follows:

  • We go to the “Phone” section and click on “Predress”;
  • Click on the slider to activate the option;
  • Enter the phone number to which it is necessary to redirect incoming calls. The call is redirected by the specified way.

Thanks to new developments of the company on the latest IOS versions, such an option as Continum is available (Per. From English. “continuity”). Thanks to it, the user can combine all Apple devices under one account. Apple ID. To do this, it is enough to log in with the existing login and password on all gadgets and connect them to Wi-Fi. Previously, one network was required for this, but after the IOS 9 release, the restriction was removed.

  • The user receives a call to the iPhone;
  • When using one Apple ID, an incoming call is displayed on the screens of all gadgets connected to Wi-Fi;
  • The user answers the call from the device he needs.
  • We go to the “Phone” section in the settings of the device;
  • We go into the subsection “Calls to other devices” (Calls on Other Devices);
  • Click on the slider to activate the function (Allow Calls on Other Devices);
  • In the “Allow Calls ON Calls” unit, you can choose the necessary ones, otherwise the forwarding will be done on everything on Wi-Fi network.

The only drawback of the free function is that it works only inside the Apple system, that is, it will not work to configure it for redirecting from iOS on Android.

Reviews on Android

On Android devices everything is simple. The user is available for conditional and unconditional forwarding. To connect it, you need:

  • Go into the settings in the corresponding section (you can drive the word “forwarding” into the search, since the location differs depending on the version of the OS and the brand of the device);
  • Choose a conditional or unconditional point and press it;
  • Enter the number to which the call will be transferred and confirm the operation by clicking “Turn on”.

If the option is included, all incoming calls will be redirected to the specified number. This can be done both on the second SIM card inserted into the device and the other on the cell phone.

Third.Party applications

Most of the applications currently available in online stores for Android and iOS do not cope with the tasks and work with serious software failures. Since all of them exactly repeat the internal functionality of modern smartphones, it makes no sense to use them.

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