How To Disable Administrator On Android

How to remove a device administrator on an android phone

I try to remove the program from the device administrators and it does not work. That is, I click on the name of the program, select Disable and the phone immediately turns off. After a minute or two, it turns on, but the program as an administrator remained. This malicious program is a virus, therefore I want to disable it. Since otherwise it is not deleted.

To remove a malicious or adware program from device administrators, try the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. Install the KIS program from google playmarket or Malwarebytes Anti-malware id = org.malwarebytes.antimalware
  2. Run and run a full phone test. It will take a lot of time, but be sure to wait until the end! When the scan is completed, delete the found malware.
  3. Now try again to remove the malware from the device administrators. Open Phone settings, then Security, then Device administrators. Uncheck the box next to the malware. Confirm your actions. If a window appears with the message “To roll back updates, a full factory reset is required. All information on your device will be deleted. ”, Then feel free to click on OK. This message was created only to scare you.
  4. If step 3 was successful, then open the Applications section in Phone Settings and delete the malware.

Hello! I have a similar problem, only after I unchecked the phone started asking for a PIN code on the main window. The administrators have a doctor on the web and it looks like an application (called “Installation” with the Avito icon). The phone itself works, calls, messages, come, but I can not go anywhere. When I restart the phone, sometimes a notification appears that an error has occurred in the “Installation” application. What with Sima, that without, the phone still asks for a PIN code. I put the android in safe mode, all the same.

Tell me what to do? (Android explay ALTO, firmware v1.00)

How to uninstall an application on Android

Working with modern smartphones is usually quite simple. This is especially true for applications, namely installation via Google Play and removal via program settings. The situation is different when it comes to pre-installed ones that the manufacturer of a smartphone or tablet has safely installed. Most often, such software cannot be removed. What to do then?

There can be two reasons for this problem:

  • The application is the device administrator. An error is often written when uninstalling a program: “Unable to uninstall: the package is an active device administrator.” Often when removing a virus, the device writes this particular message.
  • The program is a system one, and therefore there is no “Delete” button at all. Such software is also called built-in, pre-installed or standard, which come in the “box”.

How to remove the “device administrator” program on Android

A device administrator is software that has an extended list of permissions and rights, unlike other ordinary applications. Up to the point that such a program can, if necessary, block the phone and set passwords. But you should not be afraid of anything, and you can deactivate it in the special menu “Settings. Security. Device Administrators”.

How to remove embedded system applications

Very often you can see how the smartphone manufacturer is trying to “take care” of its users and install as many unnecessary and useless programs as possible. And besides, they tend to run in the background and discharge the battery faster.

To solve the problem, you need to find the hated program in the settings, press the “Disable” key, clean the data and cache. After that, it will no longer appear in the menu, will not consume RAM and affect the duration of the smartphone. Completely remove using regular means does not work. you need root rights. However, attention, be careful with any manipulations with system applications, this may affect the entire operation of the smartphone.

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How to get rid of uninstallable applications

Installing and uninstalling applications in the Android operating system is a very simple process, a few taps on the screen and you’re done. However, there are applications that refuse to be deleted. This situation arises due to the fact that some applications are installed as a device administrator, while others are already installed (preinstalled) by the device manufacturer and the user does not have rights to delete them.

To completely remove preinstalled applications, you will need root privileges. If you do not want to root the device, then you can try to disable pre-installed programs so that they do not start with Android and do not take up space in RAM. So how to remove uninstalled applications.

Removing admin apps on Android

Device administrators applications require more rights for their full functioning. There is no need to confuse it with applications that require root privileges, just administrators need more privileges under existing user rights. For example, to set up protection or remotely lock a smartphone, track it via GPS, etc.

If the application you have installed does not delete, then go to the settings of the android device, go to the “Security” section and then to “Device Administrators”, in which uncheck the program to be deleted that it is an administrator.

After that, the application will be removed unhindered.

Uninstall or disable preinstalled applications

There are manufacturers who abuse the installation of their programs that cannot be removed. You can delete them, as mentioned above, only by obtaining root rights on the device. But what if there is no desire to do this or the smartphone / tablet is under warranty and its root serves as the basis for withdrawing the warranty? In this case, you can try to stop the preinstalled applications. To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to Android settings.
  2. Go to the “Applications” section and find the desired program in it.
  3. Call the information screen “About the application” by tapping on its name.
  4. Click the “Disable” button and here. “Clear Cache”.
  5. Reload gadget.

Disabled pre-installed applications should disappear from the menu and will no longer run with Android, and also occupy RAM, which in budget smartphones will be a big plus, where it is always in short supply.

How To Disable Administrator On Android

However, with system applications, this procedure must be performed carefully, as You may encounter unstable operation of your device.

How to get rid of uninstallable applications?

In general, there are two reasons for refusing to uninstall an application. In the case of the first, a bored program can act as a device administrator. The second option is much more common, and each of us probably came across it. We are talking about applications that are part of the smartphone system. In other words, preinstalled by the company’s engineers programs for which the delete key is simply missing.

Possible solutions to both of the above problems were shared by our foreign colleagues from phonearena. Let’s look at each of them separately.

Admin application

Do not rush to close this article: there is nothing to worry about in this phrase. The fact is that some applications require wider permissions. For example, set a password on a smartphone, block it, track geolocation and much, much more.

In this case, to remove them, just uncheck the box in the special section of the menu. In my good old HTC One S, which returned to use after the experience with the iPhone, it’s worth going to settings. security. device administrators. One problem is solved, but what about the other?

System application

Not all smartphone manufacturers love their users. The proof of this statement is a huge number of completely useless pre-installed applications, which there is no desire to use. In the Taiwanese smartphone, again, the EA Games, Friend Stream, Rescue, Teeter and other dubious programs can be attributed to similar ones.

Agree, it’s not so much their presence that annoys them, but the inability to get rid of them, right? However, it turns out that there was a way out of this situation.

To do this, you need to go to the application manager, select the hated program and find the “Disable” key. Following this, you can also clear the application cache.

The result will not be long in coming: marked applications will disappear from the menu and will no longer remind of themselves. However, getting rid of them completely is not always possible: most likely, some programs will occupy several megabytes in the bins of the memory card, but do not forget about the main plus. A disconnected application will not start when the device is turned on, thereby saving RAM and, accordingly, the device’s charge. Not bad, is it?

Be that as it may, you should not forget that many system applications affect the operation of the smartphone as a whole, and therefore it is extremely careful to experiment with turning them off.

How many similar unnecessary programs are on your smartphone? Share your answers in the comments.

How to get rid of uninstallable applications? Grigory Pasechnik