How to determine which iPad I have

How do I know what kind of iPad I have?

Apple technology is of high quality build, so it can serve for many years. This company started releasing tablets back in 2010. During this time, the range of this segment has been many times updated, some devices were upgraded and new ones appeared on sale. In addition the company produces cases, chargers and other accessories for different tablets. Since the iPad is not a cheap device, many people want to buy a second-hand device. But it is often difficult to figure out what model is in your hands, so it is useful to know how to correctly identify the model of iPad.

There are several ways to find out the model of your iPad. This information is written on the device, but in small numbers. This information is on the box and should be in the warranty card. Let’s look at all the options in more detail.

By serial number

If you need to know the model of iPad, you can do this with the serial number on the official Apple website. This form of verification is designed for the user to find out whether his tablet is legal or not, and whether there is a right to service and support from the manufacturer. But such a check can also be used to find out the model of the device.

To use this method, you need to go to the checkcoverage, enter there the iPad serial number, which is registered on the back of the device, then enter the verification code and click the “Continue” button.

It should be noted that the serial number on the back of iPad is written rather small and thin, so that it is entered correctly at first attempt is not possible for all, and the number of attempts to enter the combination is limited.

After you’ve entered everything correctly, a page appears with information about your right to service and support. Among other information on this page will be the model of your iPad.

On the body of the device

You can also find the model number on the case of your device. At the bottom of the back of the iPad case are several lines of text. Your model number is located on the upper right side of the screen, after the word “Model. The model number is in the format A1234.

Match the model number of your iPad with the model name. All current iPad models have the following numbers:

  • iPad Pro 9.7 inches. A1673 (Wi-Fi only); A1674 or A1675 (Wi-Fi and cellular).
  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch. A1584 (Wi-Fi only); A1652 (Wi-Fi and cellular).
  • iPad Air 2. A1566 (Wi-Fi only); A1567 (Wi-Fi and cellular).
  • iPad Air. A1474 (Wi-Fi only); A1475 (Wi-Fi and shared networks); A1476 (Wi-Fi and TD/LTE networks).
  • iPad mini 4. A1538 (Wi-Fi only); A1550 (Wi-Fi and cellular).
  • iPad mini 3. A1599 (Wi-Fi only); A1600 (Wi-Fi and cellular).
  • iPad mini 2. A1489 (Wi-Fi only); A1490 (Wi-Fi and general cellular networks); A1491 (Wi-Fi and TD/LTE networks).
  • iPad mini. A1432 (Wi-Fi only); A1454 (Wi-Fi and general cellular networks); A1455 (Wi-Fi and MM networks).
  • 5th generation iPad. A1822 (Wi-Fi only); A1823 (Wi-Fi and cellular networks).
  • 4th generation iPad. A1458 (Wi-Fi only); A1459 (Wi-Fi and shared networks); A1460 (Wi-Fi and MM networks).
  • 3rd generation iPad. A1416 (Wi-Fi only); A1430 (Wi-Fi and general cellular networks); A1403 (Wi-Fi and VZ networks).
  • 2nd generation iPad. A1395 (Wi-Fi only); A1396 (GSM networks); A1397 (CDMA networks).
  • First-generation iPad. A1219 (Wi-Fi only); A1337 (Wi-Fi and 3G networks).
  • iPad Pro. A1980, A2013 and A1934 on iPad Pro (Wi-Fi Cellular), A1979 on iPad Pro (Wi-Fi Cellular). mainland China only.

How to find out the iPad model in the settings

iPad model can also be found in settings. To do this, go to the settings, there find the General tab and the item or “About the device”. It has all the information about the firmware, operating system version, IMEI, and other information, including the correct code.

This option is best if you have a mono-unlocked tablet. But if the device is locked, it’s better to look for the code on the back cover.

On the box and on the receipt

If you have the original box from iPad, or the receipt given at purchase, it is easy to find the model of the tablet.

  • Turn the box over and look at the information on the sticker. The necessary data is under the icon that indicates the amount of internal storage;
  • In some cases this information can be found on the receipt. But this is only possible if the store has entered the full name of the product in the database.

On the back of the package, on the very bottom sticker you can find the serial number of the device. It can also be used to get complete information about your iPad, if necessary.

How to identify iPhone model by serial number

There are many ways to find out the name of your iPhone. Information about this is not limited to the three previously discussed options for determination.

A good method in this regard is to use the serial number. This is a unique identifier that is assigned to every Apple iPhone that comes off the assembly line. Thus, you can find out your model by going to.


Enter the serial number and the code from the picture, and then click the “Continue” button. The screen will display full information about the device, as well as whether you can surrender your iPhone under warranty.

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But now you may be wondering where to find that cherished serial number. There are several options here:

The easiest way to find out the number is by looking at the packaging of the iPhone. On the back of it you will find detailed information, which includes the serial parameters.

Don’t put your Apple iPhone serial number data in the public domain to protect yourself from identity theft.

What iPads are most often counterfeited

At the moment, Apple sells three categories of tablets:

It is quite difficult to say exactly what model of portable gadget the criminals prefer to counterfeit most often. The fact is that in general copies take from the original only external design: the case and the interface of the operating system. So it is possible to run into malefactors, buying any model of the tablet.

Particular attention should be paid when buying older versions of iPad. At the moment Apple company doesn’t sell previous versions of its tablets, so if a store offers its customers the old versions of gadgets, they are most likely a fake.

What is the difference between the original and fake

Naturally, a copy of iPad from the original is distinguished by a huge number of features, both smaller, and those that are visible almost immediately. However, we will consider only 4 basic values, which can accurately demonstrate to the buyer that he is a fake.

Name enclosure Processor Operating system Functionality
Original The body of the original device meets the quality standards, and also looks like it is shown on the Apple website. Apple itself develops all the internal filling for their devices, so the original can be identified by the presence of the “Apple” processor. The official operating system of Apple is iOS. Therefore on the original “Apple” tablets can not be another OS. The functionality of this iPad must correspond to the features listed on the manufacturer’s website.
Fake Copies often sacrifice the quality of the tablet body, while changing the appearance of the “shell” of the gadget. Fakes use parts from cheaper tablets. So the device will have a third-party processor. Fakes often run on the Android operating system with iOS customization. However, this appearance is given by the Google Play marketplace. It’s strange, but the functionality of fakes, usually much wider than the original. But either these features are just unnecessary, such as retractable antenna, or their quality is extremely poor.

It is also not unreasonable to check the name of the “apple” tablet. Often intruders, to confuse the buyer, call their product extremely similar to the original, such as uPad or iPed.

By appearance

iPad series

In this series it is easier to distinguish the first iPad. The front panel of the device is made only in black. The tablet does not have a camera. The device is distinguished by the presence of a 30-pin connector. Naturally, only A1337 models have a SIM card tray.

The second-generation iPad is thinner and has two cameras (front and rear). Users are also available in different colors of the front panel (white and black). Models with the number A1395 have no tray for the SIM card. Only this distinguishes them from the devices A1396 and A1397.

To distinguish iPad 3 from the previous generation of tablets will allow a wider 30-pin connector. At the same time the tablet is slightly thicker than its predecessor. The device with number A1416 is made without a tray for the SIM-card. This will help distinguish it from A1430 and A1403.

iPad 4 appearance almost perfectly copies its predecessor. Visually, the tablets differ only in the fact that in the more modern generation, the developers have installed a Lighting connector. “Inside” a series of tablets iPad 4 can be distinguished by the presence or absence of cellular module. Devices with license plates A1460 and A1459 have it, and tablets with number A1458 can only provide Internet access via Wi-Fi.

The fifth generation of iPad tablets series received a fingerprint sensor and more modern “iron. Visual differences lie in the greater variability of color schemes of the back cover. There is no difference in the appearance of these devices compared to the iPad 6.

The iPad mini series

Tablets of this series are distinguished by small size. The iPad mini with number A1432 differs from the devices with numbers A1455 and A1454 only in the absence of the cellular module.

There is no visual difference between the second and first generation tablets of the series. The only way to tell the models from each other is a brighter display. “Inside” the second generation model to determine all the same SIM card tray. The model A1489 does not have a cellular module, while devices with numbers A1490 and A1491 did receive it.

Visual differences between the iPad mini 3 and iPad mini 2 is only that manufacturers have added to the range tablet, made in gold color. Inside the series devices differ in the presence or absence of cellular module.

iPad Air Series

The first generation of iPad Air tablets has received two versions. Models with numbers A1476 and A1475 are equipped with a tray for the SIM card. Devices with the license plate A1474 can provide access to the web only through Wi-Fi.

The second generation iPad Air has modified speakers. Manufacturers began to produce this series of tablets in gold color. The main external difference between iPad Air 3 and other models is a larger screen. In this case, the diagonal is 10.5 inches. The predecessors had 9.7 inches.

iPad Pro series

Tablets in this series differ primarily by the screen diagonal. The 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 models got 12.9 inches, 9.7 inches, 10.5 inches and 11 inches, respectively. The second-generation iPad Pro featured a 12.9-inch diagonal. No visual differences with the 2015 iPad Pro tablet. The third-generation iPad Pro also has a diagonal of 12.9 inches. It differs from the rest of the devices by the minimal size of the frames.

By model number

Each iPad model has its own model number. There’s nothing complicated about knowing the number. It is written on the back of the device and listed in the settings.

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In addition, the gadgets have other distinguishing features.

  • The newest iPad Pro with 12.9-inch panel of the fourth generation released in 2020. It has a triple main and front camera, has a LiDAR area scanner and Face ID sensor. The front bezel is black regardless of color. Available in black and silver. On the back there is the number A2229 on regular models, and the numbers A2069 or A2232 on devices with mobile Internet support.
  • iPad Pro with a screen diagonal of 12.9-inch third-generation is significantly different from the above model. The device was released in 2018 and has Face ID. There is only one camera on the back with a flash at the bottom. The frame on the front is black. There are black and silver models. Standard devices show model number A1876, but gadgets that can have a sim card in them show either A2014 or A1895.
  • Another Proshka with a large screen at 12.9 inches, but already second-generation and 2017 release. No Face ID here, because it uses the Touch ID sensor in the home button (previous variations don’t have that button at all). The front panel can be black or white. The main camera on the back is significantly smaller than the third-generation unit, but also has a flash. There are gray, gold and silver colors. The number A1876 is listed on the regular variant, while A2014 or A1895 are listed on devices with a SIM card slot.
  • The newest fourth-generation iPad Air with a diagonal of 10.9 inch came out in 2020. Has a regular main camera and Touch ID sensor in the unlock button. Front bezel is black regardless of color. There are black, pink, green, blue and silver variants. On the back there’s the number A2316 on regular models, and the numbers A2324, A2325, or A2072 on devices with built-in Internet support.
  • iPad Mini with a diagonal screen size of 7.The 9-inch fifth-generation came out in 2019 and has Touch ID in the home button. On the back is a single camera without a flash. The frame on the front is white. There are gray, gold, and silver models. Standard devices have the number A2133, but gadgets that can have a sim card inserted say A2124 or A2126.
  • The regular eighth-generation iPad at 10.The 2-inch 2020 release. There is no Face ID here because it uses the Touch ID sensor in the home button. The front panel only comes in black. Main camera in the back is single and without flash. There are gray, gold, and silver colors. The number A2270 is for the regular variant, while A2428, A2429 or A2430 are for devices with a SIM card slot.

That’s all, now you know how to determine which model of iPad you have and can tell your friends how to check it.

How to find out the Apple ID on a locked iPhone?

A user who decides to lock his iPhone and can’t unlock it back will understandably not be able to find out his Apple ID directly on the device. But do not get upset: there are alternative and no less convenient ways. About the two easiest we will talk about.

On the trusted device

Apple Inc. Not only allows the iPhone or iPad owner to pair multiple devices under one account, but almost insists on it. Such intrusiveness can be beneficial: if you forget the Apple ID of one phone or tablet, you can view it on another trusted device. simply, as described earlier, enter the “iTunes Store and App Store” or “Passwords and Accounts” subsection.

On the manufacturer’s official site

Another way to find the Apple ID of a locked iPhone is to use a handy form on the Apple Inc. website. To do this, you need to:

  • In the online form that opens, enter your first name, last name and e-mail address, to which the account is supposed to be created, then click “Continue”. a new page will show the information you are looking for.

Important: The user may have to go through several email options. It’s not always possible to get Apple ID at the first attempt, but there’s no limit on the number of attempts. you can guess as many times as you want.

With paid services

Above we promised you a story about two ways to find out the Apple ID on a locked phone; there are indeed two. despite the annoying ads, getting the information based on IMEI, UDOD and other nice acronyms will not work.

It’s true that Apple ID is tied to the iPhone or iPad individual number, but Apple, out of concern for customer security, doesn’t pass the login and IMEI information on to anyone and won’t distribute it itself. All services and applications available on the Internet today either don’t work at all, or honestly notify visitors that they are closed, or have been created with the intention of extracting personal data, including IMEI, or money from the user.

Besides, why bother searching for a long sequence of numbers when you can use the two above-mentioned, completely safe and free methods? The iPhone owner can undoubtedly act as he or she sees fit, but risking your savings or privacy without having the slightest reason to do so is at least unwise.

How to tell the difference between iPad Air and iPad Air 2

The iPad Air was released in late 2013 and early 2014, and the iPad Air 2 was released from late 2014. Both are in a good lifecycle. But you still need to know what model iPad you own.

iPad Air vs. iPad Air 2: model number

Check the iPad model numbers on the back.

A1567 on iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi cellular

A1476 on iPad Air Wi-Fi cellular (TD-LTE). Was released in early 2014

iPad Air vs. iPad Air 2: design and display

Home button. One of the obvious signals by which you can directly distinguish the iPad Air from the iPad Air 2. The iPad Air has a round Home button with a small rectangular design, while the iPad Air 2 has a prominent round button with an embellished metal ring. And the power button is inserted in different places, too.

To figure out which generation iPad Air you have, you can also measure your iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Air 2 model with your hands. Thinner version. The iPad Air 2, which is 18 percent thinner than its predecessor. iPad Air.

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Both the iPad Air and iPad have the same display 9.7-inch Retina, and have a resolution of 2048×1536 for 264 PPI.

iPad Air vs iPad Air 2: performance

Definitely iPad Air 2 has better performance. The original iPad Air game has a 64-bit Apple A7 chip and M7 coprocessor. And the iPad Air 2 can achieve a 64-bit A8X chip and M8 co-processor. So the iPad Air 2 can run the processor 40% faster. Also, the iPad Air 2 contains 2 GB of RAM, and the iPad Air. 1 GB only.

iPad Air vs iPad Air 2. performance

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  • Backup all types of iPhone data to PC / Mac.
  • Support for iPhone X / 8/7 / SE / 6/5/4, iPad, iPod and more.
  • Extract files without backing up from iPhone directly.

Ways to determine

Usually the user knows what kind of tablet he has, because this thing, especially when it comes to products with an emblem in the form of a bitten apple, is chosen by address. But it could also work out differently. For example, it was a gift machine. Or the family has been forgotten, or maybe the person just found this tablet. You never know what situations may be? So, to determine the version of the device, you can use several ways.

The first, the easiest, is if the iPad is linked to iTunes on your computer, you can find out what model it has in the settings. Usually there is a special code written in the device information, the value of which you should see in the correspondence table. Here it is:

Code Family of devices
A1432, A1454, A1455 iPad Mini
A1474, A1475 iPad Air
A1489, A1490 Second generation iPad Mini, with Retina display
A1219, A1337 The “classic” first iPad
A1395, A1397 Second Generation
A1403, A1416, A1430 The third generation
A1458, A1459, A1460 Fourth generation

Based on the value you have found you can determine the version of your iPad. As you can see, there are really a lot of codes, as well as versions, but they are unique, and with their help you will identify the device without hesitation.

Since you may need to determine the model of your iPad not only if you have a computer with iTunes at hand, the developers of firmware have provided an opportunity to find out it on the device itself. Unlock your iPad and enter the menu. Among all the app icons you will need to find “Settings”. All the content there is structured, so that you will not have to look for the right item for a long time. If you have English firmware, then find the item “General”. Here you will find the basic settings and information about the device, and among other things is the version number. In fact, it is listed under “Model. Write the combination down from there and check it against the table. You can even just type it into a search engine and the answer you need will appear in the search results. If the firmware is in Russian, then you can find out the model of iPad, as you understand, in the same way. Only instead of English inscriptions will be Russian. Look for the tab “General” and in it the line “Version”. This applies to mini and Air tablets. It’s a little different on the iPad. You also go to the settings, find the tab “General”, but now look for “About” or “About device. These tablets have information about the firmware, operating system version, IMEI and the like, including the device code we need, they are all collected in this centralized repository. This is where you’ll find the code to identify the version of the device.

This method is appropriate when you can unlock the tablet, and it is very simple in this case. But what if you found the tablet somewhere or forgot the unlock code? How do you search for information about it without knowing what model it is?? On the back of the iPad, as a rule, you can see what model it is. In fact, it has the corresponding engraving right next to the word “iPad”. It’s small, but if you look closely, you can make out the code.

Well, the last option for today is probably the most technological: you can ask Siri, if it works on your tablet, what is my iPad. Since it can detect the context of a conversation, it will understand that you’re talking about a specific device and can give you the right value. Note that you can do this only on your own tablet, because otherwise the intelligent protection of the voice assistant will not work with you.

Using iTunes

And the last, but perhaps the most convenient and easy way to find out the model of your tablet is to use the proprietary media player iTunes. The procedure is elementary. take the device in your hands, connect to the PC using USB. Wait until there is an icon on the left side of the interface. All we have to do is to click on the thumbnail image and go to the settings. All the info you need, including the model and available features like Cellular, appears on the screen.

Of all of these methods, iTunes is probably the most convenient and fastest. all the buttons are in sight, and it is impossible to get confused with some numbers and numerical combinations, even if you really want to. over, this option works even without the Internet, when you can not access the network services. In any case, to find out what version of the iPad in your hands. not a problem for a long time, just choose a method (or better yet, tell your friends about everything. let them also experiment, right?).

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