How To Determine The Sex Of A Turtle

To get cubs from your favorite pet reptile, you need to know exactly what gender your pet is, and therefore you need to understand how to determine the gender of the turtle. However, due to the fact that individuals do not have pronounced sexual characteristics, it is rather difficult to distinguish a female from a male. Therefore, the owner of this exotic reptile will have to make some efforts and observe the pet. Attention should be paid specifically to the habits of the turtle in the society of other individuals, as well as to study the appearance of the home reptile.

General rules for distinguishing the sex of turtles

It is not possible to determine the gender of small turtles (up to one year old), so if you want to understand who the male or female is in front of you, it is unlikely that you will succeed right away, because this requires only an adult reptile. Most types of turtles can be distinguished closer to puberty. In the event that you have one representative at home, you will need to focus on the common hallmarks of the sexes. But if you are a happy owner of several individuals, or you have the opportunity to borrow from your friends, their pet for comparison, then you can determine the gender of a domestic turtle by conducting some observations of the behavior of individuals.

How To Determine The Sex Of A Turtle

The difference between the sexes of turtles in appearance

To understand how to determine the sex of land turtles, it is necessary to learn about the anatomy of individuals, in particular their features.

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Plastron and tortoise shell

If you compare the shell of both sexes of turtles, you can find that in females it is not as oblong as in males. At the same time, such a part of the body as the plastron (located on the side of the abdomen) has much more characteristic differences. If you turn your pet over, you can immediately consider all its features. In female representatives, the ventral part of the carapace is flat, while in males it is slightly concave inward. Such sex comparisons can only be made with mature individuals that have become able to give birth, and have grown to 11 cm no less. You should also know that females are larger than males.

How To Determine The Sex Of A Turtle

Claws, cesspool and turtle tail

The tail of a reptile can also help with the answer to the question of how to determine the sex of a domestic turtle. In male representatives, the tail is longer and wider than in females, while its shape is also different. The males have a tail slightly down to the ground, and the tail of the females is straight and short.

In female representatives of the turtle world, the anus has the shape of a star and is located closer to the end of the shell, while in males the cloaca has the appearance of a straight line.

Claws are another characteristic with which you can determine the sex of the turtle. The front legs of males have claws, the length of which significantly exceeds the length of the claws of females, with the exception of Panther turtles, in which this feature has the opposite appearance. Male box turtles have thickened claws on the forelimbs, but on the hind legs they are bent down.

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How To Determine The Sex Of A Turtle

Reptile head

The eyes of the Carolina box turtle, in particular in the male, have a reddish hull. But such a species as a female swamp tortoise have yellowish eyes, while the “boys” have brown eyes.

Another characteristic feature for girl turtles is the development of the jaw at a higher level than that of males. Trachemys, namely males, have a longer nose, but females do not have such a pronounced feature.

Behavioral sex determination

To determine the sex of your favorite domestic turtle, you need some time to observe the behavior of the pet in a society of its own kind. Males are more active and can be aggressive, especially during the mating season, but for females it is more common to hide their head in a shell.

During the mating season, males very actively look after the females and peculiarly shake their heads in front of them, but in relation to other males, they very often show aggression.

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