How To Determine The Sex Of A Turtle

Now many make turtles, claiming that these wise centenarians to some extent have sympathy for their owners. Some turtles love affection, especially when the owner pats them on the head. They become literally members of our family. The tortoise can be your best friend if you can provide her with proper care.

What turtle to have?

Many people care about how to determine the sex of the turtle. The answer to it can be found very easily by reading the article. There are many external signs that will help you determine the gender of your turtle. However, if she is very small, you will not be able to determine her gender for sure. This can usually be done when the turtle has reached puberty.

How to determine the gender?

Let’s figure out how to determine the sex of a turtle? There are several key signs that will help you understand correctly. whom you purchased. male or female:

  • All males have longer tails.
  • Female individuals have flat and shorter tails.
  • If the lower part of the shell is concave, most likely. This is a boy.
  • In the event that the plastron is completely flat, then you have acquired a girl.
  • In males, the rear end of the plastron has a certain shape, different from females, in the form of the letter V.
  • The claws of males are longer and curved

If you do not know how to determine the sex of the turtle, you need to contact a veterinarian who will help you deal with your pet.

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How To Determine The Sex Of A Turtle

Pros of keeping turtles:

  • Turtles eat very little: it is enough to feed them 2-3 times a week.
  • They do not emit unpleasant odors.
  • Defecation of the turtle is carried out in water.
  • Turtles consume very little fluid.
  • Able to withstand any temperature.
  • Very quiet and peaceful animals.

How to care for a turtle?

Turtles can adapt to any habitat. Once you have found the answer to the question of how to determine the sex of the turtle, you can move on to the features of caring for pets. In captivity, turtles live no more than thirty years. They need to be kept in a spacious aquaterrarium. Turtles simultaneously need both land and water. Equip a convenient and spacious island in the aquarium where your pet will relax and bask under the lamp.

How To Determine The Sex Of A Turtle

Water in the aquatorrarium needs to be changed once a month. It is best to use standing water. Turtles are very thermophilic, so a lamp must be installed above the equipped island. You can feed the turtle: minced meat, granular feed, bloodworms, boiled fish. Small turtles must be fed daily, including fresh vegetables in their diet. An adult can be fed three times a week. They are very fond of lettuce and young cabbage. Food must be stored on the island. Too overgrown claws of your turtle can be shortened with special tweezers. Domestic turtles are very friendly and crawl out of the water at the sight of their master.

How to feed a turtle:

  • Fruits and berries.
  • Young leaves of cabbage.
  • Fresh cucumbers.
  • Tomatoes
  • Dandelions and clover.
  • Leaves of young trees.
  • Low-fat varieties of meat and fish.
  • Hercules flakes.
  • Hard boiled chicken eggs.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese.

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