How To Determine The Gender Of Red-Eared Turtles

Determining the sex of turtles is quite easy only when they reach the age of 5-7 years, i.e. become sexually mature. At the same time, males of red-eared turtles become sexually mature by 3-5 years, while females by 5-7. At an earlier age, when they sell you a small turtle, it is very difficult to say something specific about the field. You can also reliably say something about the field only after the size of the tortoise shell reaches 7-10 cm.

Experienced factory turtles know that it is better to determine the sex of any individual In comparison with others. So it is much easier to verify the guesses, because sometimes something can raise doubts or seem incomprehensible.

Now let’s see how to distinguish the red-eared turtles. For all turtles, there is one common sexual difference: tail cesspool. In females, the cesspool is located at the base of the tail and has the shape of an asterisk. In males, the cesspool is located closer to the end of the tail and looks like an elongated line.

In addition to this main feature, the sex of the red-eared turtle can be determined by looking at its appearance. Females and males are slightly different from each other, but an inexperienced breeder will not be able to understand what exactly.

Back to the tail. The male tail is longer and thinner, than the female, and has a thickening at the base. The tail of the female is slightly shorter and thicker.

It is easiest to determine the gender of the red-eared turtle by the claws. The males have claws on their forepaws very long and curved. But the females have very short nails. The male needs long claws so that during mating he can hold the carapace of the female.

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Another feature that helps you understand who your red-eared turtle is, a girl or a boy, is the structure of the shell. While the turtles are small, there will be no differences in the shape of the shell, but when they grow up, the difference becomes noticeable. On the plastron (the lower side of the shell), males have small depression. It is required that the male with his help be fixed on the carapace of the female. Females do not need such a recess on the plastron, so it is flat and smooth.

Since female turtles have to bear and lay eggs, then females are much larger than males. This is very noticeable if you have both a female and a male.

All these signs help you determine who lives with you. Perhaps you made a mistake with the name and for several years under the name Masha, Misha has been living with you. Of course, the tortoise doesn’t care, but you surely want to know your pet’s gender.

Do you know that males have very pronounced sexual behavior? Already from the age of one year (only in captive conditions) they begin to actively care for females: bite their neck, chase and nod their heads. But this is especially noticeable only if several turtles of different sexes live in the same aquarium.

How To Determine The Gender Of Red-Eared Turtles

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