How To Determine The Gender And Age Of The Tortoise

How to determine the gender of the red-eared turtle? There are ways in which you can get the answer to this question.Getting a pet, the owners primarily come up with a name for him, which is chosen depending on the sex of the animal. If there are no problems with cats or dogs, then it is impossible at first glance to find out whether a female or a male is a turtle.

Knowing the gender of the new pet is necessary not only for the correct choice of name. If several turtles are acquired at the same time, it is important that they coexist in the same space. And therefore, do not inhabit the aquarium with same-sex individuals.

How To Determine The Gender And Age Of The Tortoise

How to correctly determine the gender of the tortoise

When the red-eared turtle appeared in the house, and the question arose of how to determine the sex, it is necessary to carefully examine the animal. There are characteristic signs that distinguish a male from a female:

  • Body dimensions and head shape. If you begin to determine the sex of the turtle with a surface examination, you should pay attention to the dimensions of the animal. Female individuals are larger than males, this is due to the fact that the female nature is intended to lay eggs. The head of the males is elongated, in females – rounded. But a “comparative analysis” can be carried out provided that several individuals live in the aquarium.
  • The structure and appearance of the shell. How to accurately determine the sex of a tortoise with a red-eared shell? There are differences that make this possible. The “armor” of males has a depression in the inner, abdominal part, and in females there is no cavity. The males are distinguished by a long, elongated shape of the shell, and in the turtle-girl it is rounded, with an opening near the tail. This is necessary for normal egg laying.
  • The length and shape of the claws. Female red-eared turtles have a neat “manicure” with short, dull claws, while males have long and sharp ones. However, with prolonged living in captivity, the claws of the animals grind off, and then the method of determining the sex of the tortoise eared by this criterion will be ineffective.
  • The shape of the tail and the location of the cloaca. In males, the reproductive organ hides in the tail, and this part of the body is wider and longer than in the female. The male cesspool is located at a short distance from the shell and has a straight shape, in females it resembles an asterisk and is placed close to the “armor”.
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In addition to external signs, you can find out the gender of the turtles by observing the behavior. Males are more active, especially during the mating season, when they try to attract the attention of females by various maneuvers.

What methods determine the age of the tortoise

In addition to gender, it is important for aquarium owners to know how to determine the age of the red-eared turtle. This can be done by carefully examining the shell.

Method 1 The color of the armor. In the process of life, the tortoise shell changes the color intensity. In young individuals, it is light, and in those who have reached the age of 4 years, it begins to gradually darken. Old-age animals have an almost black shell with rings of the same color.

Method 2 The number of rings. When the animal reaches one year old, rings begin to appear on the surface of the "house". Every 6 months, 2-3 pieces are added, and after 4 years a new ring is formed on the carapace only once a year. By counting these patterns, you can determine the age of the turtle.

Method 3 The dimensions of the shell. Trachemys grow up to 6 years, then this process gradually stops. The first year of life, animals have a body length of 6-7 cm, after which an increase in growth occurs as follows:

  • at 2 years, the length of the shell of the female is 8–9 cm, of the male – 7–8 cm;
  • at 3 years old, the female armor has a length of “armor” of 10-14 cm, male – 8-10 cm;
  • at 4 years old, red-eared turtles-girls grow up to 13-16 cm, boys – up to 12-14 cm;
  • at 5 years old, the body length of the female is 17-18 cm, male – 14-15 cm
  • at 6 years old, the female turtles reach a length of 19-20 cm, the male – 17-18 cm.
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How To Determine The Gender And Age Of The Tortoise

The figures are approximate, and in reality may differ from those indicated. This is due to the influence on the growth of the following factors:

  • living conditions for animals;
  • dimensions and degree of population of the aquarium;
  • diet of individuals.

In addition, turtles, which are prone to hibernation, develop more slowly than their year-round awake counterparts.

DFor keeping animals, it is important not only to know how to determine the sex and exact age of the red-eared turtle, but also to familiarize yourself with the rules and requirements for caring for individuals. If you make the existence of animals comfortable, properly equip the aquarium and feed well, they will delight their owners for more than one year, and the glass "house" will turn into an original decoration of the home.

Video about the sex and age of red-eared turtles.

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