How to Deny Updates On Windows 10

How to prevent windows 10 redstone updates

Good afternoon, dear readers, today the article is again dedicated to the top ten, as you recall, almost a year and a half has passed since its release, and the number of glitches associated with new updates that Microsoft employees rivet is only growing and people who used to happily switch from 7 or 8 to a fresh operating system, while haya old versions, are forced to admit that a dozen are far from ideal and are switching back to their usual wasps. Today we will deal with the question of how to prohibit windows 10 redstone updates, of course I am for installing security updates, but for example there are times when installing them is only harmful, and it requires updating to the top of a new update, which comes out not immediately.

Why can I turn off automatic updating of Windows 10

  • The new update brought me a blue screen of death, an example is the blue screen whea uncorrectable error, agree not very cool when closing another glitch MS creates another
  • One of the devices does not work, examples are the cases that after updating windows 10 the camera does not work or the sound does not work on windows 10, I think that any person will immediately lose the desire to update something, especially for clients, why there is extra hemorrhoids.
  • Games or programs stopped working, for example, a friend of mine has a cool mouse, and for example in anniversary update a special utility worked for it, but it doesn’t work in redstone, but I generally keep quiet about games, especially for those people who are used to installing cracked versions.

So, as you see, the people have reasons not to love the top ten and prohibit its updates.

How to disable updates in windows 10 forever

Yes, it’s always forever, until you explicitly want to turn them on yourself, below I have selected all the methods I know, some of them simple others are more complicated.

How to prevent automatic updates in windows 10 through update center

As you know, in the Windows operating systems there is a service called Windows Update, it is the presence of this process that makes your top ten get fresh updates. The fastest way to disable a running service. We press the magic combination of WinR hot keys and in the window that opens, write services.msc

We go down to the bottom and find a service called Windows Update, as you can see, it works and its startup type is automatic, which means that when the system starts, the service starts in the place with it, we don’t need it. We right-click on it and stop it at the beginning, then go to properties.

How to Deny Updates On Windows 10

We find the startup type field and select Disabled there, this is a hundred percent prohibition on starting the service.

Thanks to this, you managed to disable the windows 10 update, but there is still a small nuance.

Open Control Panel Administration Task Scheduler

Go to the Scheduler Library Microsoft Windows Windows Update and turn off 4 jobs there, through a right click.

It should be like this.

Below we will consider the second method how to disable automatic windows 10 update.

How to disable automatic updates of Windows 10 through the local policy editor

The first method we have examined, I’ll tell you about one more, but it is not suitable for all users, since it only works in Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise, since they have such a component as the local group policy editor. It essentially helps to disable windows 10 updates in the registry, since all the mutable settings in it are just a GUI interface to the Windows registry.

Click WinR again and enter gpedit.msc.

Here the editor is the local group policy editor, contains two sections, one for the user and one for the computer, we will be interested in the second. We go along the path:

This item will help to disable windows 10 updates in the registry, double-click on it. We put the switch in the Disabled position, by doing this you prohibit the automatic update of Windows 10 forever.

for people who want to control everything and create the necessary keys in the registry themselves, we do the following. We need to start the windows registry editor, go to the following branch:

here you need to right-click to create a DWORD 32 bit parameter in hexadecimal with a value of 1.

These are the two most effective methods to prohibit updates in windows 10 redstone, below I will show a couple of additional settings that will also supplement the first methods to one degree or another.

Program prohibiting windows 10 upgrade

Yes, there is a program that prohibits updating windows 10, to be honest, I am not a supporter of such things, if everything can be implemented using regular and built-in tools of the operating system itself. We go to the site, below we find the program Win Updates Disabler. Download, it even has a portable version

You will need one action to check the box Disable Windows Update and click Apply Now.

Using limit connection

The Windows 10 operating system has such functionality as a limit connection, thanks to it it can be made so that it will not download updates automatically if this connection is used. Having set a limit connection for WiFi (it’s logical that it won’t work on the local network), you will disable the installation of updates.

We press WinI, at you Windows 10 Parameters will open.

Go to Network and Internet. Wi-Fi and click on Advanced Settings below the list of wireless networks. We set the disconnect slider to Set as a limit connection.

Now, a dozen will not automatically download and install new updates until your Internet connection is listed as limited.

If you still have questions about how to prevent updates in windows 10, then write them in the comments.