How to Delete Video from Phone

Many have already appreciated the new service, but not everyone knows how to remove igtv on Instagram. This is a hosting service for publishing records lasting from 15 seconds to 1 hour. In addition, it has the function of rewinding in different directions.


In addition to the duration of the clips, IGTV has other features:
It is a built-in function, as well as an additional application;
is a full-screen vertical that is ideal for Instagram users. Resolution capabilities are constantly increasing and should soon reach the 4K standard;
The image occupies the entire screen, so you do not need to twist the phone. There will be no black fields;
an intuitive interface that has standard tabs: “For You”, “Popular”, “Subscriptions”, “See “;
playback in tabs is automatic, it resembles television;
There is a rewind function. In full-screen mode, a temporary tape appears at the bottom, which makes it possible to go to the desired passage;
the functionality resembles Youtube, it has a wide selection of tools. You can comment, like, share in Direct, create your own channel and promote it;
to the most popular bloggers, monetization will soon be available, as a reward.

Before you remove IGTV, you need to find out what needs to be done to start it:
1. Update Instagram through the Play Market or social network settings. After that, the TV icon will appear in the profile.
2. Download the IGTV program to the device.
3. Register by specifying the username and password of the Instagram account. If you do not need synchronization, you can log in via Facebook.
4. Go to the menu, there will be offered relevant files and recommendations. Switching between them is done by swipes.
5. In the settings, you can change your account, and add access to reposts on Facebook.

Creating a channel and adding a post to a feed from IGTV

Absolutely any user can shoot a and publish it. And before you learn how to remove IGTV on Instagram, you need to post it by following these steps:
1. Click on the icon of the small TV.
2. Click on the gear icon, select “Create Channel”.
3. Click “Next” and then “Create Channel” again.
4. Click on the shortcut that appears next to the avatar, and then click on the “Download” item.
5. Select the desired from the gallery, come up with a name and description. You can allow him access to Facebook, for this you need to activate the slider.
6. The posted entries will be available to subscribers on Instagram, they will be displayed next to the stories.
Rollers should have a size of 9:16 or 4: 5. If you want to post them only for friends, then users who should not see the must be blocked. Or close the account, then the publication will be available only to subscribers, but will not get into the general feed.

Remove IGTV from tape

To understand how to remove a from IGTV on Instagram, you need to follow these steps:
1. Log in to Instagram, then to your profile.
2. Run the desired movie, expand it to full screen.
3. Open the menu, select the “Delete” item.
4. Confirm the action.
After that, the record will be deleted and will no longer be broadcast on this social network.

How to Delete from Phone

In addition to deleting a publication, it is possible to remove your channel from Instagram. This extreme measure is suitable for those who no longer want to use this social network. As well as people whose posted content is causing problems or who have no desire to continue publishings.
To learn how to remove a from IGTV using this method, you need to:
1. Open Instagram.
2. Go to settings.
3. Select “Delete account.”
4. Confirm the action.

How to hide the show of uninterestings

If you do not want to see any files in the tape, you can remove them in Instagram itself or in the IGTV application. In order to learn how to removes from Instagram from your phone you need:
1. Find the in the stream, “swipe” from top to bottom on its preview.
2. In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, click on the icon of three horizontal points.
3. Select “Hide”.
After that, the annoying will disappear, and the next one will replace it.


Before you post content to your channel, you need to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the service:
it should be in a vertical orientation, as it will be viewed mainly on mobile devices. If the is horizontal, then the InShot program will help to turn it over;
it can only be downloaded from the IGTV application and the web version of the service. In the Instagram application, you can only watch the;
You can comment ons, like, send messages to their owners and copy the link to the;
the sender can see the statistics of views and likes;
if the publication is downloaded from a mobile device, then the duration should be from 15 seconds to 10 minutes (no more than 650 MB). And if through the web version, then no more than 1 hour (5.4 GB). In addition, the required frame rate of at least 30, and a resolution of at least 720 pixels;
the format should be mp4, so if the is downloaded from a computer or mounted in a special program, then you need to follow this before publication.

There are times when you need to change the preview of the. For example, because it is not popular or does not like the cover, which cannot be edited after publication. For such situations, the answer to the question. How to remove a from Instagram, will be as follows:
1. Open your account on your mobile device, go to the main profile.
2. Click on the desired clip.
3. Click on the icon in the upper right corner of the. On iOS it will be three horizontal dots, on Android three vertical dots.
4. A menu appears with the functions: “Delete preview”, “Edit preview” and the “Cancel” command.
5. Select delete, refresh the page.
When deleting a preview, it only happens in the Instagram feed and profile. This does not affect the itself, which will still remain on the IGTV channel.

“How to remove a from Twitch” is a question that a tape drive arises when loading the best moments of a game on its account. Over time, the information loses its relevance or the streamer wants to shoot the same moment in improved quality, using other skills. Twitch developers offer several options for removing the clip. They do not take much time and do not create difficulties. But you must understand that it is impossible to recover materials after.

Delete broadcast from computer / browser

The most convenient way to uninstall is through a PC. To implement it, you must do the following:

  • Open the main page of the site;
  • Select “Video”;
  • Find the desired stream in the proposed list;
  • Open the file, in the lower right corner click on the button with three vertical dots;
  • Click on “Delete”.

The system will additionally request clarification of whether the decision to delete the record is final. And if you are sure of the need to eliminate the broadcast, you need to confirm this.

How to remove Twitch from phone

Using a mobile phone, you cannot delete a stream. You can “Block” and “Report” from a smartphone. You can use a smartphone for these purposes, subject to the availability of a mobile web browser. You need to open the full version of the site, repeat the same steps as with a PC.

How to remove a clip on Twitch

Cleaning the channel from unnecessary files begins with authorization on the resource. Follow the algorithm to find out how to remove a Twitch stream.

  1. On the top page on the top, find the “Clips” heading.
  2. After opening the list, find the required file.
  3. Press the button resembling a trash can.
  4. The system informs about the success of the operation by the message shown in the picture below.

Streaming is a popular destination for people who love games, are able to play and want to make money on it. To increase the audience of fans, it is important to take care of the quality of publications. And if the past material no longer meets the necessary indicators, it is better to prohibit other streamers from accessing it.

Read how to delete from phone on Android. And also the answer to the question, deleted the on Android, how to restore Simple methods with and without a computer.

How to recover on a phone that was recently deleted? How to delete a clip from your phone so that recovery is not possible? This article will try to answer all these questions.

Sometimes there are situations when a is deleted from a smartphone absolutely by accident. Are there ways to return suchs? Yes, if not a lot of time has passed since the deletion. Is it possible to erase a from the device’s memory so that no one can definitely restore it? And we will give a positive answer to this question. For information on how to delete and restores, read the article you have opened.

When is it necessary to completely delete from the phone?

To begin with, you should understand that deleting a file does not mean its complete disappearance. In fact, when you click the Delete button, the operating system simply sends a signal: “This section of memory can be overwritten in the future, and the visibility of the file should now be hidden.” Why are memory sectors not cleared? To save time. Otherwise, the removal process would have lasted several seconds, and sometimes even minutes.

Now you understand that the deleted file continues to exist for some time. Someday, the operating system or some program will overwrite it with its files. But until then, there is the possibility of its restoration (sometimes, unfortunately, only partial). Why it may be necessary to completely destroy a without the possibility of its restoration is another interesting question.

Someone wants to use this feature due to the fact that the filmed the juicy details of his personal life. Others want to hide the facts of viewing adult content. Still others remove all files before contacting a service center. Specialists could see all the files deleted by the standard method. You don’t want to allow this. In a word, there can be many reasons. Let’s already try to understand how exactly you can delete a so that it cannot be restored.

How to delete a from an Android phone

You should be familiar with the usual deletion ofs. If not, then this process is very simple. Open any player, and then hold your finger on the that you want to delete. Then it remains only to press the corresponding button, which is usually depicted as a trash can.

On some versions of the Android operating system, third-party applications cannot delete files from a memory card. If you have just such a case, then use the preinstalled player. Or perform special actions that will be described when you try to delete a.

You can also use the file manager to delete the. Many of them provide quick access to the folders that contain media files. For example, ES Explorer has this ability. Your actions should be the same. Select the unnecessary file and click the “Delete” button.

Finally, you can use the usual “Gallery” for deletion. But do not forget to enable the display ofs in it, if they are not shown.

How to permanently delete from your phone without recovery!

Of course, these are all simple removal methods. If you want to “wipe” those segments of memory in which the was contained, then this is somewhat more complicated. Have to use other applications. For example, SDelete is suitable for this purpose. This program is able to delete any personal data. There is no way to restore them. Including those that will be described below. Elimination ofs, documents and any other files occurs according to international standards US DoD5220.22-M and NIST 800-88. Powerful computer programs act similarly to perform roughly the same actions. The application works without any problems on the operating systems Android 6.0 and 7.1, and in the near future, developers will ensure functioning on the G8.

The program works very simply. In fact, it is a file manager. You need to go to the desired folder, and then mark the files that you want to delete right now. All that remains is to click on the button in the form of a trash can. The application interface is in English. But, as you already understood, you need to click on the icon, so you are unlikely to have any problems. In addition, the creators have introduced the function of opening an application for entering a password. This will not allow permanently deleting any files to unauthorized persons who have gained access to your smartphone.

It should be noted separately that the program deletes not only the itself, but also its thumbnail, which is usually stored in the cache. This allows you not to resort to the help of all kinds of optimizers or the firmware itself. The utility is distributed free of charge. Earn creators by showing ads. If she’s tired, you can download and install SDelete Pro. For 119 rubles, developers are ready to turn off the display of ads and provide access to some special features.

Another way to irrecoverables and other files is to use Wondershare SafeEraser. This is a computer program. There are versions for Windows and Mac. Perhaps this option can be called ideal for those people whose smartphone is regularly connected to the computer. The fact is that you can not do without a USB connection. The program allows you to erase specific or absolutely all data. At the same time, it will overwrite the used memory sectors with random code, after which it will also delete it. As a result, no one can recover files.

This method still can not be called convenient. To implement it, you need to keep a USB cable nearby, and your computer is obviously not always turned on. Therefore, we recommend that you use the program only to those people who store some secret personal data on their smartphone. In this case, you can spend some time completely and permanently deleting such files. However, another fact causes some grief. The program is paid.

How to restore on an Android phone

If we are talking about a computer, then it makes sense to use it to restores. This can only be done if the deletion was performed using the standard method. Then you can install on your PC a program called 7-Data Android Recovery. With its help, a variety of files are restored. Documents, contacts, images, music and, of course,. The utility’s interface also includes a Russian-language translation, so even an unprepared user can deal with it.

Starting the process is very simple. To do this, you need to connect a smartphone using a USB cable. Then the program itself starts. If the smartphone is determined by the operating system, then the Scan button will be available to you. Click on it, then wait until the process ends. The application window displays all the files that were found on the device, including deleted ones. Then it remains only to tick off those that you want to restore. Along the way, you will be available settings. This allows, for example, to immediately transfers to a computer without leaving them in the memory of a portable device.

How to recover without a computer

Of course, using a PC to restore is completely optional. For these purposes, you can use the mobile application GT Recovery. It works on many versions of Android, including quite old ones. The program works on the same principle. It also starts scanning the file system after you click on the appropriate button. Then, files that have either been deleted or are located in hidden folders will be displayed (such a strange principle of display is due to the characteristics of the operating system). The user is required to find the desireds (or some other files, since the program is tailored for any of their extensions), after which it is necessary to mark them and click on the “Restore” button.

The problem is that the Android operating system is very secure. It simply does not give the user access to remote files if you do not use a PC. That is why the GT Recovery program asks for root access. Without it, the application refuses to work. Root-rights gives the application access to absolutely the entire file system, so that searching for deleted files takes place without any problems. The utility is distributed free of charge. Please note that there is a computer version of this program.

Is it always possible to recover deleted?

Unfortunately, you can successfully restore a with less probability than a photo. This is explained by the large weight of the. If a snapshot weighs 5-10 MB, then the may be gigabyte. Of course, some segments of memory before the start of a search can already be “overwritten” by other files. As a result, you seem to be able to restore the, but in fact part of its code will already be foreign. You can’t play such a in any way. The players will give an error. There is nothing to be done about it. You have to forget about restoring such a.

Have you ever tried to restore a? Were your attempts successful? And what kind of program did you use for this purpose? We are waiting for your thoughts in the comments!