How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Xiaomi

How to uninstall an app?

Consider a common situation. You downloaded the program to your Xiaomi, and it didn’t suit you, or you just don’t need it anymore. There are two ways to delete it.

  • Through settings

We go into the settings, scroll down, click on “All applications”. Select an unnecessary application from the list.

Below we see the trash can icon, with the inscription “Delete“. Click on it and confirm the action.

Now you need to move the application to the top and confirm your action.

How To Delete Unwanted Apps On Xiaomi

Removing preinstalled apps

Let’s see right away: not all standard programs can be removed from the phone in the usual way. Some of them can be disabled or updates can be removed. Now let’s look at all the ways to remove unnecessary junk.

Complete removal with root rights

First of all, install root rights. Look for information on this on the Internet specifically for your model. Then download any application manager that supports root rights and removes system applications. One of the tested ones is Uninstall Expert. It is slightly packed with ads, but it does its job perfectly.

Open Uninstall Expert, scroll to the right (to go to the “system app” tab), look for the desired program in the list. In our case, these are “Games”. We tick the required software and click “Uninstall”.

The program will ask for superuser rights, which we confirm. Unnecessary trash in the form of extraneous software is removed and no longer interferes.

All actions shown in the screenshots were performed on xiaomi redmi note 5 with MIUI 10. The principle of removal does not differ on MIUI 9 and MIUI8.

Safely uninstalling an app on a Xiaomi smartphone

Xiaomi smartphones, like most others, are crammed with unnecessary programs for the user, especially those produced by Google Corporation (Google Movies, etc.). Undoubtedly, some of the pre-installed applications may be needed by the user, but in most cases they are trying to be removed. We will talk about uninstalling applications that are installed by the user himself and those built by the manufacturer.

Is it dangerous to delete mi applications?

Whether or not to uninstall Mi applications is up to you. But you need to know the line between what will be safe and what will not. You can uninstall the MIUI Forum app if you don’t show up there. But removing the MI player, or MI Explorer can already harm the device, or rather, you will not watch the video, and you will not find the file you need in the phone’s memory.

List of applications that can be removed

We have prepared for you a small list of preinstalled programs that you can uninstall:

  • MIUI forum;
  • WPS Office;
  • Swiftkey keyboard (if you replace another);
  • Google Photo;
  • Google Maps (maps);
  • Mi Drop;
  • Screen recording;
  • Mi Credit;
  • SIM card menu;
  • Duo;
  • Google Play Music;
  • Games;
  • Google Play Movies;
  • Notes;
  • Weather;
  • App Manager;

Note. It is NOT NECESSARY to uninstall the programs that were presented in the list! They can be deleted, it will not harm your device, and you can free up some memory, but deletion is not mandatory.

Most of the programs on the list cannot be removed without root rights, and Google apps are no exception. But you can try to disable them, as described above, in the example with the Duo program.

Disconnection using third-party programs

Let’s take Duo as an example. For those who don’t know, this is a video chat, which is kindly provided by Google. Video chatting is claimed to work well even with low internet speeds. But we don’t need it, and we want to remove it. But if you look at the screenshot below, it can neither be deleted nor disabled.

In the open spaces of there is one wonderful shortcut program called “Application shortcut management”. It weighs only 9KB and just opens up some slightly hidden possibilities. Link to application (

We go through this shortcut to the application management, and look for Duo. Once you find it in the list, click on it. And we see that it can be disabled:

Click “Disable” and the application is removed from the desktop and no longer functions.

Now let’s take the Games. As you can see in the screenshot, it is impossible to disable it.

Notification permissions are also not worth it, but, nevertheless, they appear periodically. We try to go through the “Application Management shortcut”, but even in this way, you cannot turn off the “Games”.

And we smoothly come to another way to remove.

This concludes the article. We showed you how to uninstall an application in Xiaomi and gave you a list of programs that can be removed for redmi 4A, Redmi 4X and others. Be sure to make backups so that if you delete an important component, everything can be returned back.

How to uninstall GetApps

  • For further actions, we need the Xiaomi ADB and Fastboot application. Go to this address and select a file suitable for the operating system of your computer;

Download the program to uninstall GetApps

  • Now in your smartphone go to settings and select the About phone section;
  • Here find the MIUI version item and tap on it quickly several times until an inscription appears that you have become a developer;
  • Select the section MIUI version

  • Go back a step to find the Advanced Settings section;
  • Find the For Developers item and select it;
  • Select For Developers

  • Find and select USB Debugging to make it active.
  • The smartphone stage is over. Now we turn to work with a computer or laptop. You need to put the downloaded ADB / Fastboot application in the computer memory. Connect your mobile phone to your computer using a USB cable. When connected on the phone, in the quick access menu, select the File transfer item. And in the running program, you need to click on the Debloader button.

    A list will appear listing all the system applications on your smartphone. There is a checkbox opposite each. You need to select the checkbox next to the application that you want to remove.

    Find GetApps in the list and delete it

    And click on the Uninstall button at the bottom of the program window. Finally, you need to click the Reboot Into System button in the application. Then the smartphone can be disconnected from the PC.

    How to disable GetApps in Xiaomi without PC

    If you don’t want to bother with a computer and programs to uninstall GetApps on your Xiaomi phone, you can SIMply disable it. But going to the system window of the application, the Disable button in the window is inactive. And we cannot do this. In this case, a special tool is required.

    You can download it on Google Play using this link.

    Application to disable system programs in Xiaomi

    It is called Redmi System Manager (No Root). It is analogous to the system utility that was included in earlier versions of Android. After installation, run the utility and at the bottom of the window click on the Start button. The window will display all applications of your smartphone.

    Now in the application you need to find all unnecessary programs that cannot be removed by themselves. In a separate window, click the Stop button. Then select the Storage section.

    Stop and disable GetApps

    You need to open it to delete the cache. Finally, click the Disable button. The application will no longer work even after restarting the smartphone.

    It will also be turned off under other circumstances. Only removing Redmi System Manager from the phone can undo this setting. Or reset to factory settings. You also have the option to return to the application again and enable them. A program that allows you to disable system utilities only works on Xiaomi devices.

    What is GetApps in Xiaomi

    Contrary to the online belief that GetApps is a viral application, we can say that it is not. This is a full-fledged market from Xiaomi, SIMilar to Google Play. MIUI smartphones use it primarily by default as a tool to download and install updates. As well as promotional offers.

    In smartphones, in all cases, GetApps is a system one. Therefore, it is not so easy to deal with it if you try to delete it. An interesting fact is that this application was developed by the MegaLabs group. Which, in turn, belongs to the Megafon company. And their development partner is Yandex.

    Launched GetApps in Xiaomi

    This explains that the smartphone has a lot of applications from Yandex “sewn” into the memory of the mobile device. When you open the home page, you will see a list of recommendations for applications and games for your device. Here you can find the same games and programs as on Google Play. If you already have a Google account, then why create another Mi account.

    How to uninstall GetApps in Xiaomi

    The mobile app market is a real battleground where the strongest wins. The battle does not stop for a second. Mobile phones are the territory for which the giant companies are fighting today. Kxiaomi owners are making attempts to move Google Play from the leading position. In this article, we will talk about a market like GetApps in Xiaomi and find out how to remove it from your smartphone.

    How to uninstall apps in Xiaomi

    Other applications that were not preinstalled on your smartphone can be removed quite SIMply. To do this, you just need to select its icon and hold it until it becomes movable. In this case, a basket symbol or a cross will appear at the top. Drag the application to this icon and confirm the removal.

    Removing Downloaded App in Xiaomi

    The uninstall button will also be available in the system window of each application. Find it in the list of all programs on your smartphone and select. Then find the Uninstall button on your Xiaomi. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of GetApps this way. Since it is pre-installed by the manufacturer.

    How to remove unnecessary pre-installed apps from Xiaomi (Redmi)

    It’s no secret that the manufacturer installs additional applications on a Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone with MIUI firmware to help the user get the most out of the device’s capabilities.

    But some programs do not provide obvious support, promoting the manufacturer’s own interests, which a certain group of phone owners do not like.

    Is it possible to remove unnecessary pre-installed applications, or nothing can be done about it, and they will continue to use RAM and processor time for their needs?

    My subjective opinion: you should not delete programs that are included in the firmware. They are well optimized and spend a minimum amount of smartphone resources for their work, and if you do not use them, then the Android task scheduler reduces their impact on autonomy and performance to values ​​close to the measurement error.

    However, they can be forcibly disabled so that background processes do not consume memory. Disabling, in my opinion, is more optimal than deleting, since at any time, at your request, or at the request of system functions, they will be restarted, there will be no errors in the phone’s operation, it will not freeze and you will not lose your usual functions.

    How to disable preinstalled programs on Xiaomi?

    After launching the application, you will see a window with three tabs, each of which corresponds to the version of the Android operating system, it must match the version that is running on your Xiaomi. You can find out the version in the section “About phone” in the settings of the device. Make sure you have selected the correct version and then click on the Manage Applications menu. A list of installed programs will appear, look for the one that you think you need to disable. As an example, I will show 3 programs: “Browser”, “GetApps” and “Facemoji Keyboard for Xiaomi”.

    When you enter the selected application at the top of the screen you will see 2 buttons: “Delete” and “Stop”. The first, respectively, deletes the program, and the second stops, i.E. Unloads it from RAM. Some applications cannot be removed, they are system applications and affect the phone’s performance, in which case the button will be grayed out and inactive. You can stop almost everything.

    How to uninstall Google Apps from Xiaomi phone

    Many Google services are built into the Xiaomi phone itself, so the previous methods won’t help you uninstall these apps. In general, these programs can be considered almost systemic. But you can use other solutions, which will be discussed further.

    How to uninstall an application on Xiaomi. Detailed instructions!

    For a number of reasons, users of Xiaomi phones often have questions about how to uninstall an application, why it is impossible to uninstall an application, how to clear all its data, etc. This may be due to the usual ignorance of the situation, an updated firmware, or any glitches in the phone itself.

    How to uninstall an app on xiaomi: first method

    If you are going to uninstall an application that you yourself downloaded, the uninstallation process will not be time consuming, but on the contrary, it will seem very SIMple.

    To use this method, the application must be located on the desktop.


    • Find the application on the desktop;
    • Pinch it with your finger. A trash can icon will appear at the top;
    • Drag the application there;
    • Confirm your choice.

    How to uninstall app on xiaomi

    How to uninstall stock apps on Xiaomi

    A rather relevant issue is the removal of standard programs from the phone, such as “Calculator”, “Calendar”, etc.

    But, in order, for example, to remove the “Weather” application, or updates are disabled, which will be discussed later, or super-user rights are obtained. The instructions will also be given later.

    How to uninstall google system apps and services: other software

    Many programs have been invented for third-party application uninstallation, which also perform many other functions that change the settings and capabilities of the smartphone.

    Often they are used on the Xiaomi Redmi 4x phone, this is due to the new firmware. MIUI 8.

    The methods below can also help to uninstall some mi apps.

    Removal via Activity Launcher:

    • Install the “Activity Launcher” application from the Play Market;

    how to uninstall app on xiaomi

    • Run it and in the top menu, replace “Recent Actions” with “All Actions”;
    • Next, find the “Settings” tab in Russian;
    • You will see a list of tabs, select “All Applications” with the link “android.Settings.Applications.Manageapplications”;
    • You will be presented with a list of installed programs, where you can find google applications;
    • Select the desired application and disable it;

    Removal via Shortcuts:

    • Install the Shortcuts app from the Play Market;
    • Launch the app and select Activity;
    • Enter “All Applications” into the search;
    • Now you need to create a shortcut for the desktop: click on the very last field “SettingsAllApplicationsActivity” and it will appear on the main screen of your gadget;
    • Open this shortcut and find the program you need;
    • Click the “Disable” button and confirm your choice;

    These two applications are SIMilar, and the methods for uninstalling applications with their help are almost identical.

    Be careful with disabling applications, as some programs can cause bad consequences for the phone.

    Third-party ways to uninstall apps

    Sometimes the above methods of uninstalling programs are not enough.

    But there are two more methods on how to save your phone from an unnecessary application: through the Play Market and using CCleaner.

    What apps can be uninstalled on Xiaomi

    Below is a list of those applications that can be removed from the phone, and not just disabled:

    • Self-downloaded programs through the Play Market or browser;
    • Some installed google-services: YouTube, Books, Movies, Music, etc.

    How to uninstall a google app: disable updates

    This method does not completely remove the application from the phone, but only disables all updating processes and work in general. You can forget about its existence, but if you suddenly need it, it will be possible to reactivate it.

    Among the services provided by google, there are applications such as Play Books, Play Movies, YouTube, etc. Often already installed on a smartphone (especially often on Android), but they can be removed in the usual way.


    • Go to “Settings” in the “All Applications” tab;
    • Select the required Google application that you want to remove;
    • At the bottom, click the “Disable” button;

    How to uninstall an app on Xiaomi: second method

    This method is suitable for all Xiaomi devices and is the same way to uninstall applications as on Android. Through the settings.


    • Go to “Settings”;
    • Open the “All Applications” tab;
    • If you are still uninstalling the program you have installed, it will not be superfluous to go to “Third-Party Applications”. You will find the necessary object faster, since only applications installed on the phone yourself are shown there;

    how to uninstall app on xiaomi

    • Select the required application and go to its settings;
    • Before deleting, you can also use the “Erase data” and “Clear cache” functions so that no traces of the application remain in the “insides” of the phone;
    • Click “Delete” and confirm your choice;

    Method 3

    Third-party utilities can be used to uninstall applications on Xiaomi smartphones. For example, Ccleaner. It can be installed from the Play Market. It allows you to clean the system from “garbage” clogging up memory.

    By the way, all programs installed from the Play Market can be removed using it as well. To do this, you need to take the following steps:

    • Open the Play Market;
    • Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left corner;
    • Click on “My Apps and Games”;
    • Go to the “Installed” tab;
    • Select a program and click “Remove”.

    You can delete it in another way: on any page of the Play Market, click on the search bar, enter the name of the application, go to it and erase.

    How to uninstall an app on Xiaomi. A guide to uninstalling any apps. Method 2

    The disadvantage of the first method is that it cannot get rid of all programs. There are also some that are not located on the desktop. These include widgets and various system utilities.

    To delete such files, you must use the smartphone settings menu. The aLGorithm of actions is as follows:

    • Open settings:
    • Go to the “Applications” section;
    • Select the “All Applications” tab;
    • Click on the required program;
    • Click on the “Delete” button;
    • Confirm action.

    Method 1

    In the proprietary MIUI shell, there is no separate menu for installed programs. As a result, all the applications on the phone are on the desktops. The fastest way is to remove it from the desktop.

    Since there is no menu, the shortcut will disappear from the screen, and all data about the program will be erased from the system. It’s easy to do. There are three easy steps to follow:

    • Press and hold the icon until it can be moved;
    • Move the icon to the trash can icon at the top of the screen;
    • Confirm the action by clicking on the “Delete” button.

    When you try to erase the program, the system asks for confirmation. If you do not want to perform the action, you must click on the “Cancel”.

    How to uninstall an app on Xiaomi

    There are many applications installed by default on any smartphone. The most popular operating system is Android. Phones with this OS get a few standard programs out of the box. Only the most necessary ones. However, almost every manufacturer installs its own shell as an interface, which noticeably, or not very much, changes the appearance of the system, and also adds new functions. ASUS ZenUI and, of course, MIUI are examples. Not everyone needs these programs, so many want to erase them. Today we will look at how to uninstall the application on Xiaomi.

    Every program uses RAM. Due to lack of RAM, the smartphone starts to slow down. Of course, nothing is easier than uninstalling apps. But everything is not as SIMple as it might seem at first glance. The thing is that not every program can be erased from the smartphone’s memory.

    Method 4

    It is impossible not to mention how to uninstall system applications on Xiaomi. MIUI has a number of programs that cannot be erased without harming the smartphone. The Shorcuts utility helps to fix the situation. In the window, go to the item “Activity” and write in the search bar “All applications”. Three results will appear in the SERP. You need to select the last one. Settingsallapplicationsactivity.

    After completing all the above actions, a new icon will appear on the screen of the Xiaomi smartphone. It cannot remove Google applications and other data necessary for the normal functioning of the system, but you can disable them. Disconnection procedure:

    • Click on the new shortcut;
    • Choose a program;
    • Click on the “Disable” button;
    • Confirm action.

    Should you uninstall preinstalled apps?

    Removing unnecessary system applications is a completely adequate step if you need to clear the built-in storage or unload RAM. However, this action must be approached extremely responsibly, because if you remove the system application on Xiaomi, which is necessary for Android or MIUI to work, you can harm your smartphone. As a result of such an error, some functions will not work correctly, and the system itself may issue various kinds of error messages.

    On the other hand, if you remove unnecessary pre-installed applications, the user will receive several benefits at once:

    • Freeing up permanent and random access memory, which will positively affect the speed of the system (for example, games will start to start faster);
    • It will be possible to replace factory applications with third-party and more convenient ones;
    • Since many such utilities work in the background, they drain the battery, so removing them will increase the autonomy of the gadget.

    Unlocking the bootloader

    To unlock the bootloader, you need to go to the Xiaomi website, log in and submit a request. For the reason item, enter To install localized firmware. The term for consideration of the application is 1–3 days. After you receive a positive decision, download the MiPhoneManager and MiFlashUnlock applications to your PC. In addition, the actual firmware on the phone itself is required. Go to the gadget settings and check if there is an available OS update (if there is, install it).

    After that, you will need to link your smartphone to your Xiaomi account:

    • In the settings go to “Device Information”;
    • Tap 7 times on the inscription “MIUI version” until the message about receipt is displayed. Available for superuser mode;
    • Now go to the “For the developer” section and enable factory unlock;
    • Enter the previously installed MiFlashUnlock utility on the computer, then enter the data from the Xiaomi account.

    After all these steps, you must turn off the smartphone, then turn it on by holding down the power key and increasing the volume. As soon as the manufacturer’s logo appears on the screen, release the power button while holding the second key. Next, select Fastboot mode. Now connect your smartphone and PC via USB and tap “Unblock”. If you followed all the steps correctly, the bootloader will be unlocked.

    What system applications can be removed on a Xiaomi smartphone

    Along with the new phone, we get a bunch of built-in system apps. Some of them are very useful and are used by us regularly, while the rest of the programs SIMply consume battery power, working in the background. In this article, we’ll talk about which applications on Xiaomi can be permanently deleted, as well as how this can be done with or without root.

    How apps can be removed

    Before proceeding directly to the actions, we will find out which applications removal will not affect the system operation. You can erase the following programs without consequences:

    There are other applications that can be removed or disabled: mail, music, services. Feedback, email, google maps and more.

    Removing applications without root rights

    To uninstall applications without root rights, you need the following:

    • Any computer on Windows, Linux or Mac (unfortunately, this action cannot be performed without a computer);
    • A smartphone from which you need to erase the factory utilities;
    • USB cable for PC connection;
    • Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools program.

    First, download the Xiaomi ADB utility to your computer. Before installing, select the file to be installed on your operating system.

    After the program is downloaded, unpack it and install it in the usual way. After that, you need to enable debug mode on your smartphone. This is done as follows:

    • In the smartphone settings, scroll to the “About phone” item, then select “MIUI version”. After that, a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen that you have acquired the developer status;
    • Return to the previous menu and open “Advanced settings”;
    • In the “For Developers” section, scroll until you see “USB Debugging”. Turn it on and confirm the actions by clicking “OK”.

    All preparatory activities have been completed. Now you can go directly to uninstall programs.

    • Connect your smartphone to the computer using a cable and change the debug mode to “File Transfer”.
    • Now run the downloaded ADB application on your computer, then click on the Debloater inscription.
    • The recognition process will start, after which the message “Enable debugging” will appear on the display. We allow.
    • Click on Debloater again and the application will display a list of utilities that can be removed. Carefully review the list and mark the preinstalled applications that you would like to erase from memory.
    • Once the required applications are marked, click on Uninstall and wait for the uninstallation to be completed.
    • When the uninstallation is complete, restart your smartphone. To do this, you need to click on Reboot system.

    After the Xiaomi smartphone is restarted, check if everything is working properly in it. If your Redmi 6A, Note 7 or any other model started up quickly and function without stuttering, then the procedure was successful. In the “Storage” section you can notice that there is more free memory, and now it can be filled with more useful programs.

    Installing software

    Now we install the Team Win Recovery Project application on the computer. As soon as the program is loaded, open it and in the bat item follow the suggested actions. Then go to Advanced and select Tools, then Disable Verify. The last point is needed so as not to harm the functioning of the system after removal.

    Removal with root rights

    The most proven method is to remove programs by obtaining root rights. However, in this case, you cannot do without a PC.

    Rooting and uninstalling applications

    All the most difficult is over, since all that remains is to get root-rights and uninstall applications. Follow the instructions:

    • Turn off the phone and wait until the screen turns off completely;
    • Press and hold the power key and the volume down and up buttons. This will take you to the TWRP menu;
    • Now enter the Install menu, select SuperSU and download.
    • During the installation process, the phone may reboot several times, but as a result, the root rights will be obtained.

    Now the SuperSU application will appear on the main screen of the smartphone. You just need to install a suitable file manager that allows access to system applications. Once it’s downloaded and installed, log in and do the following:

    • Enter the item / system / app. In it, delete the fields of the programs that you do not need. They will have.APK and.Odex permissions;
    • In the point / data / app you can remove updates for applications;
    • The / data / data tab will clear the cache.

    If you do not use any built-in utility and its removal will not affect the operation of the system (read above which applications on Xiaomi can be painlessly removed), then you can safely erase it from the memory of Xiaomi Mi or Redmi. The second method, described in the article, is the most effective. However, if you have not previously had to work with root rights or the phone is under warranty, use the first instruction.

    Games application on Xiaomi. How to disable (uninstall)

    Xiaomi is changing its policy every month, switching to a more independent regime. Earlier, with the update, users found the application “Mi Apps” replacing the Play Store. With the recent MIUI 10 update, Xiaomi owners now have the Games app.

    The Games app for Xiaomi is a service that provides reviews of mobile games. In addition to classic reviews, you can find walkthroughs, tips, and more. Everything that is related to mobile gaming.

    How to uninstall the Games app on Xiaomi

    The question of how to remove the “games” application is asked by all users who try to keep order on their smartphone and not keep anything superfluous that would interfere with their work.

    To uninstall the Games application on Xiaomi you don’t even need to unlock the bootloader, you only need a computer.

    We will remove the system application through the program “Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot tools”.

    First stage. Enable “Developer” mode and USB debugging on Xiaomi smartphone.

    Go to “Settings”. “About system” to activate the “Developer” mode. Activation takes place by 7 times pressing the line “MIUI version”. After that, turn on the mode “Debugging via USB”, “Install via USB”, “Debugging via USB (Security settings)” in “Advanced settings”. “For developers”.

    Second phase. Download the Xiaomi ADB / Fastboot Tools utility (hereinafter Xiaomi ADB) from the link. Make sure that the Java library is installed on the computer (download from the official site), otherwise the application will not start.

    Stage three. Launch Xiaomi ADB and connect the smartphone to the computer using a USB cable.

    Fourth stage. In the Xiaomi ADB program, it is necessary to remove unnecessary daws in the ADB Unistaller list and put only on “Games” where “Package name” is com.Xiaomi.Glgm and click on the “Unistall” button.

    On the left in the program window there is a log of actions, as soon as the inscription “Done” appears, we check the device. The “Games” application on Xiaomi is removed.

    We disconnect the smartphone from the computer and additionally, you can disable USB debugging in developer mode.

    All of these methods work on all devices that support MIUI: Xiaomi Mi, Mi Max, Redmi, Redmi Note and so on. If you still have any questions. Ask in the comments.

    Should I uninstall system apps?

    This is a very reasonable step in terms of cleaning up the device’s memory. Only you need to approach the issue with intelligence and caution. Indeed, if you uninstall an important system application for the Android operating system, the operation of the mobile device may be disrupted. As a result, some functions may not work correctly, various kinds of errors will appear.

    If you remove the built-in apps that are not responsible for the vital functions of your smartphone, you will get several benefits:

    The procedure for disabling or even completely removing it does not require Root rights. There are two ways to solve the problem. Through the Xiaomi settings and using the functionality of a special application for a computer. Next, let’s get acquainted with each of them.

    Method 2. Removal via Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools

    To successfully complete all the necessary steps, you will need a personal computer or laptop, a driver for your Xiaomi smartphone, an original USB cable and a special program. You can download this link.

    If the program displays an error code 0xc000007b when launched on the computer, install or update DirectX and Net Framework. Also, in some cases, updating the video card driver helps.

    On your smartphone, enable the “USB debugging” option. If you have never used this system tool before, then to enable it, you must first activate the “Developer Mode”. Go to “Settings”, then open the section “About phone”, several times in a row click on the item “MIUI version” or “Build number”. The system will inform you that “You have become a developer”.

    Now in “Settings” find a new menu item “For Developers”. As a rule, it is located in the “System” or “Advanced settings” section.

    Scroll down to the Debugging section. Here enable debug mode when connecting Xiaomi to PC via USB.

    Connect your device to your computer and open the notification shade. Instead of “Charging via USB” (or on some models “No data transfer”), select the “File transfer” mode.

    Now let’s move on to the actions on the PC. Launch ADB Fastboot Tools. Click “Debloater”. After a few seconds, the “Status” window will display information about your mobile device. After that, a window will automatically appear on the phone with a proposal to enable USB debugging. Check the box “Always allow this computer” and click “OK”.

    After that, press the Debloater button again. A list of system Mi and Google programs will appear that can potentially be present in the memory of a Xiaomi smartphone. For example, we will select several for deletion at once. Compass, Downloads, Google Maps, Scanner, Yellow Pages.

    Then click the “Uninstall” button. In the “Status” window you can watch the process of deletion.

    When finished, click “Reboot into System”.

    Now you can disconnect Xiaomi from your computer.

    Method 1. Disconnect via Xiaomi settings

    If by default this option is available on your device, then just go to “Settings”, select “Apps and notifications”, then “Show all applications”. In the window that appears, find the one you need. As an example, we will disable the built-in Google Play Music service. Just click “Disable App”.

    On some Xiaomi, the shutdown button is missing. In this case, try launching “Settings” and in the “Search for settings” field enter “Change system settings”. Select the section with the same name, and then “All applications”, then disable unnecessary in the list.

    Also for this task, you can use the special application “Redmi System manager (No Root)”.

    This way you can disable many system applications, but not all. But the next method allows you to completely remove (if necessary, restore later) any built-in Google and Mi application.

    Removing pre-installed apps on any Xiaomi

    By default, Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones that run Android and MIUI shell have many Google and Mi apps built in. Often, users decide to remove unnecessary system programs, because some of them are automatically loaded when the smartphone is turned on, take up permanent and RAM memory, or even use an Internet connection. You can get the desired result only with the use of additional software. There is nothing super complicated in this, if you follow all the steps of our instructions correctly.

    • Should I uninstall system apps?
    • Method 1. Disconnect via Xiaomi settings
    • Method 2. Removal via Xiaomi ADB Fastboot Tools
    • What apps can be removed on Xiaomi without consequences?

    What apps can be removed on Xiaomi without consequences?

    Below you will find built-in applications, the removal of which will not affect the stable operation of the Xiaomi smartphone. Each comes with a short description to help you understand what you’re dealing with. If you do not use this or that program, then you can safely erase.