How To Delete iPhone Icloud Backup

The modern world of high technology makes us deal with all kinds of data. However, over time, a large amount of data can accumulate and then there will be a need to delete old and unnecessary information. This also applies to saved iPhone backups, which may be irrelevant or you may need to delete for other reasons.

It will not take a lot of time to delete a backup. Especially when compared to backing up your iPhone. Popular wisdom says: to break. Not to build. Also in this case.

There are two places to store iPhone backups. A folder on your PC’s hard drive created through iTunes and a virtual copy in iCloud storage. Let’s start by deleting data from the PC, as last year’s hacking scandals of stars put this type of data storage in a better light.

Delete iPhone backup from computer

  • You need to open iTunes on your computer. In the window that appears, look in the upper left corner and select the “Edit” section or a small rectangle in the corner. In both cases, select “Settings”. Also, “Settings” are called up by pressing CtrlB.

How To Delete iPhone Icloud Backup

Backup. Removal from iTunes

You will see a table in which you need to select the “Devices” tab. A list of all saved copies that are on this PC will appear here. To delete information, you just need to select the unnecessary backup and click on the corresponding button (it is called “Delete Backup”).

  • If you want to personally delete data, you can do it directly from a folder on your computer. On Windows, the data is located in the user folder located in the Documents directory. Next, go to the Application Data directory, then to Apple Computer, and the Backup directory with all the copies is waiting for you in the MobileSync folder. When using the Mac OS, you need to go to the Libraries directory, then to Application Support, and then the folders go in the same order.

Delete backup from iCloud cloud

If you remain committed to storing your data in the cloud, then deleting a backup copy will not be difficult either. All you need is a telephone and internet access. In the case of using iOS 7 and iOS 8, the action plan is the same, only the name of the item you need to enter is only slightly different.

So, to delete the iPhone backup, open “Settings” and go to iCloud. Here, select the item “Storage and copies” for iOS 7 or “Storage” for iOS 8 and go. In the process, you may be asked to enter the password for your account.

Backup. Uninstall from iCloud

You will see a list of backups and a list of data in front of you. Select the copy that needs to be deleted, and in the window that appears, click on the button below with the red caption “Delete copy”. Done, the data is deleted!

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