How to delete iPhone backup from iTunes

How to delete backups in iTunes and iCloud

In the process of using the iOS device iTunes, if you do not disable the appropriate setting, regularly back up the content of iPhone and iPad. Nothing wrong with it, but it takes a lot of time and space on your computer. This raises the question of how to delete old backups created by iTunes and disable backups? Let’s explore.

often than not, people think about deleting backups when they are faced with a lack of free space on their computer. In this case, you will see an error like this one:

iTunes failed to update iPhone (iPad) “Name” due to insufficient free space on this computer. Deleting files and emptying the recycle garbage can will free up extra space.

  • launch iTunes;
  • Go to the settings section;
  • Switch to the Device tab;
  • Select and delete backups.
  • C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup.

Check that you have an up-to-date backup in iCloud

Don’t rush right away to look for iPhone or iPad backup files on your computer. First, you should find out if your device’s backups have already been created using iCloud. This is Apple’s cloud storage facility on the Internet that contains the backup files. And this information is not on your hard drive.

If you don’t know if iCloud has backups, you can check it this way:

  • iOS 11 or later: go to Settings → [username] → iCloud → Manage storage → Backup.
  • iOS 10.3: Go to Settings→[username]→iCloud. Click on the bar graph showing iCloud usage, and then click “Manage storage”.
  • iOS 10.2 or earlier: go to Settings → iCloud → Storage → Manage Storage.

Once you’re on your device, click on “Backups.”.

How to see what backups are saved in iCloud and delete the ones you don't need?

You will be able to find a list of devices associated with your account that have backups in iCloud. If you want, you can delete old backups to free up space in iCloud.

If in the list of backups in iCloud you have found the one you need to restore your iPhone or iPad, then you need to perform a full reset of the mobile device to delete the data on it.

After performing a device reset, use the Apple ID that you used to create the backups to log in to iCloud. You can now select the desired backup to start the restore process.

How to disable backups in iCloud

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Free up space on your Windows PC with iTunes

Say, this is a program that we can download and install from the official system store, Microsoft Store. In this way and from the Windows computer itself, we can delete files from the iPhone backup as easily as from the Mac.

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So for this, the first thing we need to do is to open the program as such, once we have installed it on the computer. Once we iTunes on the Windows screen, we have to go to the Edit menu of the main interface. Then we’re in the Preferences option, so that brings up the window that we’re really interested in.

At this point we open a tab called Devices, where we can now select the files corresponding to the backup that we want to delete. Then all we have to do is click on Delete Backup and confirm the process.

On the other hand, to delete the iTunes backup file directly from the applications folder in Windows, we can also do this, although it is more inconvenient. To do this and from the Researcher. we are at C: / Users / donie / AppData / Roaming / Apple Computer / MobileSync / Restore. Here we can already delete terminal backups in a simple way.

What’s the difference between backing up to iCloud and syncing to iCloud?

We explained the difference between backing up to iCloud, syncing to iCloud, and iCloud Drive storage in maximum detail in this article.

It’s very likely that your device already has iCloud backup enabled. It’s easy to check:

Unlock your iPhone and go to Settings → → iCloud.

Scroll down the menu to Backup to iCloud and tap on it.

Make sure the switch is in the On position. Pay attention to possible notifications about the size of iCloud storage and when the last backup was made.

Click the “Backup” button to force your iPhone to start this procedure, or do it later, at your convenience.

If you see a message saying that your iPhone can’t back up due to lack of free space, in which case you need to either reduce the amount of data on your device (such as photos) or upgrade your cloud storage usage plan. When registering with iCloud, Apple provides only 5 GB of space for free, which is not much by today’s standards. Go to Settings → → iCloud → Storage Management and click “Change Storage Plan” to increase its size.

If you have an iPhone with low storage capacity and don’t have a lot of photos, games, or videos stored on your device, then buying 50GB of cloud space for 1 a month is fine. If you need to back up multiple devices or share storage with family members, or if you’re an active digital content user, then 200GB of cloud space for 149 per month is a great option.

How to choose your own data to back up in iCloud?

It is possible to fine-tune the backup of your device in Settings → → iCloud → Manage storage → Backups.

Click on your device icon and view all the items scheduled to be backed up to iCloud. Exclude Media Library (photos and videos) or selective apps from the backup by setting the switch to Off.

Creating a backup copy of iPhone in iTunes

You will need a computer (Mac or Windows) to create a copy of your iPhone files in iTunes. It must have the latest version of iTunes installed. Connect iPhone to PC first, using USB. There are two ways to go next:

If you use the first method, the copying process starts immediately. In the other case, the saving will start after you set up the copying.

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Setting up

In the menu that opens you should set up copying. From the “Auto Create” menu, select “This Computer”. Now all future changes will be saved on your PC. If you want, you can put a password, remembering or writing it down beforehand. Then you can safely click on the “Create Now” button. If you have not transferred purchases from the device, you should do it (the program will offer it, you only need to agree).

So, in just a couple of minutes you can delete all unnecessary copies of your iPhone and iPad, thus cleaning up the space on your desktop hard drive and in iCloud.

Deleting backups from iCloud (Mac)

Step 1

Go to settings. click on the iCloud tab.

Step 2

In the bottom corner on the right is the “Manage” button, click on it.

Step 3

Click on the “Backups” tab and clear the excess.

Step 1

Settings. iCloud. “Storage and copies”. Storage.

Step 2

Choose a copy and it is safely deleted.

Note: the last method disables data copying to iCloud. It is enabled in the old window.

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Backup archiving

In the first part of this article we already mentioned the algorithm of creating backups for iOS devices. Each new copy is overwritten with the previous one, unless the device is set as “new. However you can save older copies in unmodified form by archiving. To do this, simply open the list of backups in the iTunes settings, select the desired one and activate the archive option in the context menu.

After performing these actions, subsequent backups will be saved separately, without affecting the archived copy.

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