How To Decode Channels On A Tv

Satellite channels for the most part are encoded, and their legal decoding costs a lot of money. However, there are quite affordable methods for decoding paid satellite channels. We will talk about the most common and relatively simple decoding paths below.

Method 1 Decoding using a computer and the necessary software

What do we need

  • ProgDVB program (frequently updated, free, well-functioning);
  • plugin MD Yankse 1.32.1 TT (allows you to monitor the selection of keys) or similar programs (S2emu, CAPi, EmuNation, vPlug, PSoftcam, Card Server Client (CSC));
  • Softcam Server 1.2.2 utility. designed to download constantly changing decryption algorithms and keys, as well as generate files ‘Keys.bin’, ‘Softcam.key’, ‘Easy.Keys’ based on them;
  • satellite television system (antenna with convector).

1. Download the software:

How To Decode Channels On A Tv
  • download SoftCam.Key;
  • save by specifying the ProgDVB directory: SoftcamLocation = c: \ ProgDVB;
  • set automatic update every time the program starts: ServerMode = 0;
  • indicate ManualMode = 1 to save files without confirmation;
  • specify the key file names: Softcamname = Softcam, KeybinName = Keys, Keysfilename = Easy;
  • install the plugin MD Yankse 1.32.1 TT, why unzip it to the ProgDVB folder.

2. Using Yankse, we decrypt the encrypted channels (highlighted with red checkmarks) by clicking on them with the mouse, after which we wait 5-6 seconds. Yankse settings change in the menu Plugins. Yankse.
Decryption is complete.

Method 2 Decode channels using the tuner

What do we need

1. Turn on any (preferably not encoded) channel.
2. We’ll go into the tuner emulator, for which the remote control will dial the numbers alternately 9339 or another combination of numbers, for example, 9766, 9976, 9776 etc., depending on the firmware version:

3. Let’s enter the BISS list, which can be empty (if no one added keys) or with a list of added keys. To add a new code, 2 options can be used:

4. Add a new key, for which on the remote control press the green button in the lower block. When editing the key used, you must first select the unused code in the list, and then click on the red button on the remote control:

  • frequency. 10806;
  • ID. 5;
  • key. 10 06 10 00 11 07 11 00.

Pressing the green button, we see such a window with an image:

Literal code values ​​are entered using the colored keys on the remote control, as well as the keys P- and P. After completing the entry of all data, click on the OK button:

5. To exit the decoding process, press the EXIT button on the remote control:

If there is no BISS encoding in the list, select any encoding presented in the list, then you need to enter it and add a “blank key”, while entering CAID 2600. After entering the encoding, press the remote control’s green key, enter the key (see the figure below) and click OK to save.

Method 3 Decoding the encoded channel in BISS encoding

What do we need

1. Select from the list the channel that you want to open (in this case, the STS International channel, which is broadcast from HotBird), and we will see a window with the following data:

2. On the remote control, press red button (on the bottom block), after which a window for entering the BISS key will appear:

3. Enter the key (in this case 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11) and press the OK button on the remote control, saving this code in the tuner memory:

Worth paying attention to
The information is presented for familiarization (broadening the horizons of the reader) and is not a guide to action.
It should be noted that viewing paid channels in free mode is a violation of the Law, this is definitely worth considering.