How to Customize Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Watches

How to Customize Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Watches

Xiaomi wearable gadgets (xiaomi) are sold everywhere. This article is devoted to setting up the popular Amazfit Bip smart watch.

Amazfit Bip Features

The restrained design is a small rectangle, the entire surface of which is occupied by a touch screen with an oleophobic coating. The bracelet is made of porous rubber, but the surface is smooth, that is, non-absorbing skin secretions. The strap can be replaced with any suitable one. Charger in the form of a docking station.


Five levels of brightness. Color or monochrome. The principle of operation is similar to e-ink readers. the image is also visible when the display is off in reflected light.

There are 9 dial options sewn into the watch and it is possible to load your own.

Glass Gorilla Glass 3 does not require protective films, does not scratch, does not get dirty with your fingers.

With a size of 320,320 pixels, the screen sensor supports swipes.


The manufacturer claims a capacity of 190 mAh, which is enough to work in standby mode for 45 days, in continuous use. for 10. The average time from charging to charging according to statistics is 21 days.


What sets Amazfit Bip apart from conventional wristbands is its built-in GPS receiver. Positioning is supported both by the American GPS system and by the Russian GLONASS. The gadget remembers the track, so there is no need to take a smartphone with you for training. after synchronization, the data on the movements of the clock will be transmitted via Bluetooth.

Heart rate sensor

Located on the back of the watch. The principle of operation is similar to that of other similar devices, but it was built up quite accurately, users checked its readings with chest sensors.


IP68 waterproof. you can even dive to depths of up to 30 meters in your watch. And you don’t have to worry about the bath, shower and other household wetting.

Setting the Amazfit Bip

Almost all the clock settings are made in the application on Android or iOS. Therefore, we install the Mi Fit application on the smartphone. The box and instructions for the bracelet contain a QR code with a link to the program.

We charge the bracelet. immediately after registration we will connect it to the smartphone.

If you have a Chinese version of the watch, for example, with Ali. do not worry, the English interface will be available after synchronizing the device with the phone.

Mi account

If you don’t have one yet, you need to register, otherwise Mi Fit will not work. Registration is very simple, based on your existing Google account or social network. Choose your account, the rest is done by the application.

Registration in Xiaomi is convenient. Firstly, all Xiaomi smart devices are registered in it. Secondly, changing the smartphone does not lead to the loss of statistics data. We enter our Mi-account on the new smartphone and get access to the previous data.

User options

Calculation of indicators such as the number of calories burned can not do without source data, which include:

It is logical that when walking a man of 45 years old with a height of 176 cm and a weight of 150 kg spends more calories than a girl of 22 years old with a height of 167 cm and a weight of 50 kg.

Bluetooth watch connection

If you just installed the application, it will itself ask you to find the clock. Otherwise, we are looking for a watch on our own. Go to Menu. Profile. Devices. On the add device screen, click the Clock button. We execute application commands. Amazfit Bip will be defined as a Chaohu bracelet.

Amazfit Bip Settings in the App

Open the application. Tap on the profile symbol, then look for a watch in it.

An important digression. In addition to Mi Fit, there is also a “native” Amazfit application. And Mi Fit is constantly updated, Russification can also be different from version to version, so do not look for verbatim matches, focus on the meaning of the points.

Screen unlock

If you have installed a PIN on your phone, graphic password, unlock by fingerprint or by face, you can add to this list for hours. To unlock, you need to bring the screen to the clock or watch to the screen. This unlock is turned on with a normal tap in the settings.

Incoming call

In order not to miss a call from a phone that you don’t hear or that is silent, turn on this mode. The watch will vibrate with an incoming call.

Alarm clock

You can add three phone-independent alarms.


If you are not annoyed by constant vibration or you are afraid to miss an important message, turn on notifications from applications. Messages will be displayed on the screen.

“Don’t mess around”

If you forget about the warm-up, turn on this mode. Every hour, he will remind that it would be nice to get up and do, as they said in the USSR, “industrial gymnastics.”

SMS Inbox

If you enable this setting, SMS will also be displayed on the watch. And be accompanied by vibration.

Goal Notification

Achieving training goals will be displayed upon completion. Goals are set in other watch settings, about which below.

Connection Drop Notification

It will help you not to forget your smartphone, notifying you of a loss of connection with it.

Do Not Disturb

Here, set the time interval during which the clock will not respond to external stimuli, except for alarms.

Find a watch

Activating this mode will cause the watch to vibrate. You can hear the vibration and find the device in the place where it was left.


Enables Bluetooth visibility for other devices so that they can detect your watch.

Clock location

For the pedometer to work correctly, you must indicate on which hand you wear the watch. Choose between right and left.

Watch Screen Settings

This option allows you to configure the screens.

Weather settings

Here the region is set, in which the weather will show the clock.

Lift your wrist to view information.

If you enable this mode, you will turn on the backlight when raising your hand to your eyes with a certain speed and amplitude. I would like to note that the inclusion of this mode leads to a fast discharge of the battery, and the sudden inclusion of the backlight when you wave your hand can scare and unmask you.

Heart rate

Sets the heart rate. Many users note that only the most frequent measurement makes sense, especially when playing sports.

The following settings can be set on the main screen of the application, and not in the profile.

Activity Goal

Here you can set the number of steps per day. As soon as the goal is achieved, a notification will arrive on the watch (if enabled in the settings, see above). Analysis of the goals is carried out daily. The application will tell you what is good about fulfilling goals and why it is important to achieve them.

Weight goal

We set your desired weight, focusing on the data of the application, which has already calculated the ideal for your gender, age and height. We set the desired weight by swiping left and right on the scale.


You can share information about your activity with friends. And to receive data on the activity of your relatives who have Xiaomi fitness bracelets or smart watches. To make friends, create a link to your profile in the form of a QR code and let a friend scan it in the application on his phone.

Add Accounts

Add Google Fit and WeChat accounts here.

Activity Alerts

If the option is enabled, the application generates a report on your activity every day and issues it in the notification curtain.

Awakening Notification

By enabling this option, you force the application to give you data on the quality and duration of sleep in the morning. A report is issued in the notification curtain.


In this section, the units of weight and distance are set, and the mode for displaying the status of the clock in the notification curtain is also set.

Watch Screen Settings

The screen view can be selected from the application (see above) or on the watch itself (see below). Using the separate Amazfit Watchface application, you can install additional screens and then select them in any convenient way.

Watch Settings

Before that, we described the settings in the application. And the watch itself also has a small selection of settings. In order to open them, scroll through the screens to the settings, tap them on the screen and activate them.

There are two settings screens with six options in total:

  1. Watch face. select a screen.
  2. Long button press. select an action for a long press of a button.
  3. Adjust brightness. adjust the brightness.
  4. Find device. search for a phone. When activated, the phone will ring a rather nasty, clearly audible signal.
  5. About. information about the clock (firmware version, etc.).,
  6. Factory reset. reset to factory settings.