How to Customize Color on Samsung TV

Many owners of TV from the Samsung brand can not always quickly and easily understand the features of setting up a new device, especially when it comes to Samsung Smart TV, which is worth buying for all fans of modern technology. Do not think that setting up a Samsung TV is capable of causing a lot of problems. in fact, this process does not take so much time, especially if you know exactly what needs to be done in each particular case. In any case, you need to use the instructions or find all the necessary information in advance, which this article will be devoted to.

How to Customize Color on Samsung TV

Channel setup

Modern TVs do not need to purchase additional devices to watch digital television broadcasting. they already have a tuner built-in. In addition, the configuration process here is almost automatic, no special knowledge is required from the user. How to do this is described below, but in the algorithm there may be differences for different models and generations of TV. However, in general, everything is similar and you can figure it out without difficulty.

Auto Channel Search

Automatic search is the easiest and most suitable option for setting up TV channels for most users.

  1. Using the remote control, we enter the TV settings and select “broadcast”.
  2. Select the item “auto-tuning”.
  3. We mark “cable” as a broadcast source.
  4. Specify the type of channels. only digital are needed.
  5. In the search modes menu, it’s worth choosing the full option to find TV and radio channels.
  6. Click on “scan” and wait for the end of the procedure. If for some reason the search should be stopped, then you need to select the “stop” button on the screen.
  7. At the end of the search, the result should be saved and the signal quality checked. If some channels do not show, it is recommended to repeat the procedure again.

Manual Search

In most situations, auto search is fully justified, but if something went wrong, you can manually configure it.

  1. We enter the section “broadcasts”. You can find it in the device settings.
  2. Select “manual tuning”.
  3. We indicate cable connection in the “antenna” submenu.
  4. Region: “Russia”. In rare cases, “Eastern Europe” is established.
  5. If the TV asks for a confirmation code, then the standard Samsung options are four “0”, four “1” or from “1” to “4”.
  6. It remains to indicate the frequencies at which the search will be carried out. For digital terrestrial television, they can be found on the website rtrs.rf by selecting the desired settlement on the interactive map.
  7. We indicate the type of channels. “digital”.
  8. We start the search and wait for the end of the procedure.
  9. We save the result, if the channels were not found, then the setting is worth repeating.

How to set up channel order

By default, the TV saves all found channels, but if some are not needed and interfere, then they can be removed from the list or blocked, so that when switching the device simply skipped them. To do this, go to the “broadcast” menu, open the “dispatcher” and mark the channels to block. To remove them, you need to use the Tools menu, on the remote control there is a special button for it.

If the device is equipped with smart functions, you need to log in to SmartHub using the remote control. In the window that appears with a list of channels at the top of the screen on the right there is an “edit” button that allows you to delete or block unnecessary broadcasts.

To block TV shows on a particular channel, for example, inappropriate content for children, you should enter the “broadcast”, find the “channel lock” submenu and, after selecting the one you need, click on it. An additional menu will appear, in which you should click “program lock”. We select the unnecessary, enter the password (it is better to specify the one that you will not forget). With it, you can unlock the transmission, if necessary. If it is necessary to mark such a lock, you need to do everything in the reverse order.

Internet Setup via Wired Connection

Smart TVs can be connected to the Internet via wired or wireless. In the case of using the wire, two options are possible.

  1. Direct connection. The provider’s cable is directly inserted into the TV. It works only if you do not need to configure it to access the network, that is, you do not need to enter a login, password and server address.
  2. Connection through a router. A router is used as an intermediate link. Such a connection is more convenient, so it is suitable for any network.

The setup procedure is given for the TV series N, M, Q, LS, since they are the most relevant and common on the market.

  1. The cable of the provider or from the router must be inserted into the LAN connector on the back of the TV.
  2. On the remote control, press the “home” button (the “house” icon) and enter the device settings.
  3. In the “general” item, set “network” and “open network settings”.
  4. Next, indicate the type of network, in this case it is a cable.
  5. It will automatically connect, after the window with the corresponding message appears, click on “ok”, and you can start using smart TV functions.

Advice! If the connection does not occur, then it is worth rebooting the router, disconnecting it first from the power supply, and reconnecting the cables. If this does not help, then you should contact your provider.

Image adjustment

When it comes to how to set up a Samsung TV, you should pay attention to the image. This can be done in the simplest way using the remote control. Often the picture on the screen may seem too dark or light. in order to get the right color, you need to go to the color rendering settings. You will need to open the Service menu using the button above and select the Image section, then go to the menu with the appropriate parameters.

  1. Using Contrast, you can set the ratio between the brightest and darkest image.
  2. Sharpness helps adjust image sharpness.
  3. The Brightness command allows you to make the picture lighter or noticeably darken it.
  4. An option called Color helps make colors richer or lighter, as well as switch to black and white mode.

A correctly configured color rendering mode is very important, since the image perception depends on this.

There is also an additional and very convenient option, which allows you to reset the image completely if you cannot fix it after changing several settings.

Sound adjustment

Easily customizable and properly installed sound also has no less noticeable significance than the image. To do this, you will also need to go to the Service menu, in the Settings section and select the Sound item. It is in this section that you can choose the quality and method of sound transmission.

It is also worth noting that many modern models are equipped with additional options, for example, an equalizer, Dolby function, and surround mode. The speaker system of each Samsung TV model has individual features that are worth paying attention to, since the sound quality and the overall impression of it will depend on their proper settings. You also need to know how to properly configure the Smart TV interface from Samsung. access to all the provided multimedia functions, in particular, to connecting to the Internet, will depend on this.