How to create Apple ID without a credit card

How to create an Apple ID on iPhone, iPad or on a computer

Congratulations! Now you have replenished the ranks of the multimillion.Dollar army of Apple devices owners. It is safe to say that having some knowledge (they can be obtained on our website) you can evaluate the huge potential of your new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. We recommend that you get acquainted with the device by registering Apple ID account.

How to create Apple ID through iTunes

In order to create a new Apple account (aka Apple ID) from the computer we will need:

  • Computer based on Windows (PC) or Mac OS X (Mac);
  • Internet connection;
  • Itunes (preferably the latest version);
  • Email (access to the box is required).

The Apple ID registration process is very simple, but rather routine, you will have to enter:

How to create an Apple ID/ iCloud without credit card

  • E-mail address;
  • Password;
  • Secret information to verify your personality in case of hacking Apple ID (answers to 3 questions of the established form);
  • Email address to restore control over the account (should differ from the main one);
  • Date of Birth;
  • Payment details (credit or debit card number, shelf life, protective code, physical address).

Do not be afraid, you will need to go through this procedure only 1 time (or each subsequent when registering a new account).

  • Email is an email address, it will be an identifier (user name) at the entrance to Apple ID.
  • Password. Password.Password Requirements for Apple ID:
  • Should consist of 8 characters, including at least 1 digit, large and small letters;
  • Should not contain spaces and repetitions of 1 letter more than 3 times;
  • Should not match the Apple ID or password that was used earlier (for new accounts the latter is not relevant).
  • Security Info (Secret Information). Select the desired question from the list and next to the text field, enter the answer. Questions only 3, you need to answer everything.
  • Optional Rescue Email. An additional email address to restore access (optionally).
  • Enter Your Date of Birth. Indicate the date of birth. The system will refuse to register Apple ID if less than 13 years have passed from the specified date to date. Tip: indicate such a date of birth so that you are more than 18 years old, then age.Related restrictions in iTunes will not be an obstacle.
  • Woup You Like to Receive the Following Via Email?.If you want to receive email notifications about new products, apple news, and information useful from the point of view of the company, put both checkboxes.

For Mac the procedure is no different, we do not see the point of repeating.

We create an identifier without a credit card from a computer

You will need the ITUNES program. For PC working on Windows, download and install it. On devices with MacOS, it has already been installed.

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It is possible to create a unique identifier in all versions of iTunes. Starting with 12.7 In the program there is no store. Therefore, before creating an identifier without binding a bank card, check the version of the program. How to do this, see the article: “Itunes does not see iPhone”. If the version is older than 12.7 do the following:

  • Deinstallize the installed version of the application. See more in the article: “Delete games and programs”;
  • Install the ITUNES 12 version.6.5. Town link: MacOS. Windows.


Launch iTunes, cross the left near the panel with navigation arrows to the “Program” section. In the “Arr Store” section, download a free application. Select: the form will open where indicate email. He will be a unique identifier. Choose security password:

  • At least eight characters;
  • At least one title letter
  • Without the same in a row of letters and symbols (333, aaa);
  • It should not be simple, such as: 12345678, password.

Choose the country, click “Continue”. Write personal data. Use secret issues to confirm the identifier. Used if you forget the password. When choosing a payment method to create an identifier without a card, click “No”. In the future, it will always be tied to the identifier. Write home address, phone. The form will open where indicate the code. He will come to email. Open the mail, copy the code, write down in the form, click “Confirm”. The account is created.

How to create Apple ID in another country without a bank card

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This instruction has been published as part of the IPhones support project.Ru. Write to the mail: Press (AT) iPhones.Ru and get solutions to the problems and operation of Apple devices.

Reader Question: You need to download a free program from the English App Store. When trying to download, the system asks to change the country and enter payment information.

To create a foreign Apple ID without a card, do the following:

Open the App Store, in the selection section at the very bottom of the page, click on your Apple ID account and select the item exit.

Find any free application in the store and try to download it, in the dialog box, select the creation of a new account.

Fill in all the necessary data and indicate the country to which the account will be tied.

Only in this case, in the section with the setting of payment data, there will be an option None.

It remains to confirm the account at the specified email address. Now you can download applications in the App Store of the country for which we created the account.

Attention! When changing the accounts of Apple ID, an unpleasant feature with Apple Music is triggered. We have already talked about how to deal with her earlier.

If you have questions for the solution of which the official support of Apple has not taken up, write to us by mail: Press (AT) iPhones.Ru. Or set them directly from our section help.

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How to create an Apple ID account without a credit card in iTunes:

    (for PC or Mac), install

  • Select on the left iTunes Store, after the App Store in the top panel
  • We are looking for any free application (they are in the right column, a little lower, in the Free Apps tab)
  • Click on “Free Apps” under the program icon
  • In the pop.Up window, click “Create New Account”
  • On the page that opened, click Continue (Continue)
  • We accept the agreement and click Continue (Continue)
  • On the page you can choose a credit card, select “None”
  • Fill the remaining fields, you should correctly specify e-mail
  • We climb into the mailbox and open the link, in the coming letter
  • In this window we enter the “ID and password”, the account was created and activated
  • Congratulations window will open, you need to click “Done”

If you did not find an answer to your question or you didn’t succeed, and in the comment below there is no suitable solution, ask a question through our help form. It is fast, simple, convenient and does not require registration. You will find answers to your own and other questions in this section.

How to create an account in the App Store without a credit card? [ifaq]

You are the owner of a brand new iPhone, you are almost satisfied with all the functions of the default phone and you are not going to buy applications in the App Store, and all the more you do not want to hear anything about Jailbreak. The only thing you would like is to establish support for social networks, for example, such as classmates and Yes, readers will forgive me for what was written above with a share of sarcasm, but in reality I met just such users.

Easiest way to create an Apple ID (without credit card)

This brief manual will be discussed how to create an account in the App Store without a credit card to download free (free versions) app from App Store.

In order to create an account in the App Store without a credit card, you need to start iTunes on a computer. 2. Click at the very bottom. 3. Choose your country in the list of countries. 4. Click on the App Store. 5. On the right in the block TOP free applications, click on any free application. 6. On the left, under the application icon, click on the Free button (Free App), a sign should appear, click “Create a new account” in it. 7. Fill in all the necessary data. Eight. The password must contain large, small letters and numbers. Total at least 8 characters.

In the column with the choice of a credit card, click on nothing (none). Ten. Confirm the account using your email. Eleven. Authorize the computer in iTunes (store. Authorize the computer). 12. Download from App Store Free application (free). You can download it using iTunes on a computer, and right on the phone from the App Store application.

Almost identically, you can create an account in the App Store without a credit card directly from your Apple mobile device. It is enough to open the App Store app and click on a free application. After which you will be invited to register an account.

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How to create Apple ID for free on iPhone or iPad

1st step: Open the App Store, iTunes Store or other Apple content store

create, apple, credit, card

2nd step: Find any free content, click on the “Download” button and confirm your intention using “Install”

3rd step: When a content store asks to enter Apple ID data, select “Create a new Apple ID”

4th step: Follow the instructions on the screen, and when you get to the “Payment Information”, select the option “No”

5th step: After indicating all the necessary information and confirmation of the creation of Apple ID, activate the identifier using a letter that will come to e-mail

Apple ID account without credit card

Today we will tell you how to create your own Apple ID record for downloading applications from AppStore without a credit card.

The problem for many is the registration in the application store without a card. Not everyone has it, and some are simply afraid to connect. I will talk about 2 main methods that are very similar: creating an iPhone, iPad or Mac account via the App Store or through the iTunes program (https: // iTunes.Apple.Com).

On the device iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Open the App Store on the device;

We are looking for any free application and click “Download”;

Enter our personal data and the date of birth (important). Users under the age of 13 will not be able to create Apple ID, and users under the age of 18 will have restrictions when used;

In the next window “Payment Method”, select the item “No”; You need to specify the password. It should contain 1 large, one lowercase letter, one special symbol and at least 8 characters. Then it is considered reliable and suitable for registration;

We click “Next” and wait for a letter with confirmation of the email you specified. We confirm our data.

Now you have access to the function of downloading free applications.

We install iTunes on your computer (here) are the most relevant versions of the program. If you use Mac OS, then the program is installed “out of the box”;

We are looking for any free application and click “load”;

Select the item “Create Apple ID”;

We perform all of the above actions.

So you can easily and simply create an Apple ID account without a credit card having 2 different applications and a method.

To become available, icloud needs to go into the application, enter your Apple ID and answer additional questions. Now all the chips of the service (synchronization in applications between devices, “find iPhone”, backup, etc.) will work for you.

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