How to Create an Apple Id

IPads, Macs, iPhones. what unites all these devices except the manufacturer? The answer is very simple. the ability to create a single account for all brand devices. And how will this help users? Detailed instructions on how to create and why you can use the Apple ID are below in the text. From it, readers will learn what it is and what is useful to the owners of gadgets from Apple.

How to Create an Apple Id

What is an Apple ID and what is it for?

This is a general account for all devices from the brand of the same name. To create a personal account in Apple Idi means access to the entire database of the company’s online services. In this list: games (paid and free), a variety of software from the App Store and other features. And this is not all the reasons to create an account here.

Here are a few more for those who doubt the need for this procedure:

Those. absolutely all online services of the company are open for use to owners of “apple” devices that have created a single account. But how to do it right? Proven methods are given below.

How to create a new Apple ID

The identifier is one for all gadgets, but there are several options for creating it. For any of the methods described below, users will need the “apple” assembly itself (for example, A1893), access to the Internet and some free time. Do you already have all this? You can begin to study the question of how to create a new Apple Idy correctly and without unnecessary trouble.

Creation through the site

What needs to be done? First, in the internet, find the official website of the brand and go to the page for creating Apple Idy.

Secondly. spend a couple of minutes and fill in the fields:

  1. Write the name, surname, select the country of residence and enter the date, month and year of birth.
  2. Write the email address, which will now serve as an identifier in the system on any device of this brand, for example, on the iPhone-7.
  3. Enter the secret password in the string.
  4. Answer 3 any funny questions.
  5. Introduce captcha.

It remains only to wait for the receipt of the coveted e-mail, open it, follow the link in it and log into your account using the mailbox address and personal password.

Create via iTunes
Necessary “equipment”:

  • Mac (for example, A1347 Mac mini) or a computer on Windows;
  • Internet availability
  • AiTunes itself (downloaded program from the official site);
  • electronic box.

Now it’s worth going to the iTunes Store. A welcome window will appear, in it you need to click on “Continue”. After that, the user enters the section with the user agreement, which is worth exploring and, if everything suits, click on “accept”.

Next, proceed with filling out the data required for registration:

The final stage. click on “Continue”. If all the data is entered correctly, the next page will open. Here you will need to enter data on the user’s credit card and his address of residence.

Registration is completed, now you need to wait for the confirmation email, open it and follow the link. All.

Create via Mac or PC

You can create an Apple ID via a computer (for example, MGEM2RS / A) using the already familiar iTunes program (with a credit card link).