How to create a link on your iPhone

FAQ: How to stop links from opening in the application?

In the “Advanced” menu, click on “Open by default”. Select the “Open supported links” menu and press “Open in this app. If the option “Open in this application” is already selected, select another option, for example “Always Ask”. Press “Open in this application” again.

How to open a link in a browser, instead of an app

  • Settings-Applications-All Apps. Click on the three dots at the top right and select “Default Apps”
  • Tap “Open Links.”. Find the app you want (in our case, it’s AliExpress)
  • Under “Open supported links”, choose not to open.

Copy the links from the tab group

If you have multiple websites in a Safari tab group that you want to share with someone, such as an email or message, you can copy all the URLs to the clipboard as follows.

Open a tab group, tap the group name at the bottom of the screen, then tap ” Edit” in the upper left corner of the “Tab Groups” card menu. Tap the ellipses in the circle next to the desired tab group, then select “Copy Links.

How to quickly drag and drop a link from your PC to your iPad?

I send links to my phone via text messaging through my operator’s gateway. It’s quick and free. Transferring between devices via iMessage (or WhatsApp). But on an iPad you have to use a draft in the mailbox, which isn’t very convenient.

Maybe there is some software for this or a simpler way which is not obvious?

Another slightly exotic way is to generate a QR code of the link and read it from the monitor screen:

By way of raving, my first thoughts were: 1) Evernote 2) Synchronizing bookmarks in browsers

Yes yes. Xmarks will solve not only this problem but a lot of other problems too! You can just skype chat.

I transfer between devices (desktop, laptop, phone with android) via jabber (messages within the same account). I haven’t used iPad, but I don’t think it can’t be done there. For PC and laptop I recommend psi. it definitely allows you to forward messages within an account and manage different clients connected from the same account., only not links, but pages in fact. It is very convenient to make “bookmarks” for viewing on a cell phone on a “large” PC

Normal Jabber-clients (which are aware of the other connections in their account) on my computer and iPad? Alas no your hardware, but on what I have: qutim on the computer and Meebo on the phone with Android link without problems and opened with a browser of choice.

Androids have a Chrome 2 phone utility. Look for similar ones for the combination of your browser and iPad. For ChromePhone/iPad, I definitely saw one on a lifehacker about a week ago.

I have a QR Box extension in my browser for those cases, and Red Laser on iOS. The link is transferred and opened in the mobile browser in 3 clicks. It’s the easiest and fastest link I’ve ever seen.

How to open a link in an iPhone app

All you need to do is install the application (you can do it from this link or below), open it and run the extension, which will always be in the “Share” menu. The list of supported apps is very impressive. from various browsers to Reddit. and many others.

For example, you get a link to a post on Medium or Tumblr in the Telegram app. If you click it, it will automatically open in the built-in browser, where you are not authorized in the desired service. To go to Medium (Slack, Tumblr, or other), just open the link in Telegram, then go to the “Share” menu (arrow button) and select Opener. the app will prompt you which applications can open the link, and give you a choice. My scenario is to open the links to our sites from messengers not in Safari, but in another browser, where I am previously authorized as an administrator. And in general there are as many as 40 browsers (the same Chrome has), not all of which can be placed in the menu “Share” in the native way.

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This method is much more convenient than copying the link and then opening Opener, where the utility will offer the application that corresponds to the link.

create, link, your, iphone

Of course, unwittingly makes you wonder if I need this app? Yes, in most cases, applications open links on their own (like YouTube), but not all utilities can boast of such a possibility. it mainly concerns third-party browsers. So if you’ve ever thought “man, would it be cool to open this link directly in the xxx app”, by all means download.

Name: Opener Publisher/Developer: tijo, inc. Built-in purchases: No Compatibility: Universal App Link: Install

Features of developing applications for iOS

I will tell about the work with the account, maybe someone will be interested. Apple Developer Account costs 100/year. We received the development request in a week. After that, I wrote out the certificates and was able to add DeepLink (the ability to automatically navigate from the site to the app) to the app. Next, sent the assembly in TestFlight, and then, pulling together, sent the assembly to the App Store. The app was tested in less than 12 hours, other developers have told of a week’s wait for the first app. Unfortunately for us, the first time we were not able to go to the store. let down the buttons that did not work in certain conditions.

Service helps send a link from your phone to any device that has a browser. Since the problem to be solved is quite specific, here are a few examples of how to use it:

  • Find the show on your phone and send the link to Smart TV;
  • Send a presentation to a computer at a conference;
  • Send a link to a computer where there is no chat (acquaintances or your own).

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The 120Hz technology on the MacBook Pro 2021 isn’t implemented in a very standard way. The notebook itself will determine what is happening on the screen and adjust to your specific tasks. But the fact is that while the display of new devices does not adapt at all.

Rumors of a glucometer in the Apple Watch have been around since the introduction of the first series of smart watches. Despite this, the new sensor has not appeared. In this article we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t wait for this meter in the nearest future.

conveniently made that the link is valid for 30 days. You can provide links to some screenshots that you just want to show temporarily, because later it will become irrelevant and there is no point in sharing pictures forever.

Way one: simple and logical

Unfortunately, you can only put a tab on the desktop as a shortcut from the Safari browser, and if you’re used to using other browsers, you’ll still have to turn to the regular. The good news is that you don’t see any Safari interface elements in the app you create, so it doesn’t matter what browser you use to create the shortcut. Go to the tab with the resource we’re interested in, choose Share and Home screen. That’s basically it: you have a PWA ready to use.

In general, it is difficult to say why re-invent the wheel and use Quick Commands where you can do what you need in a couple of clicks, but if there is a way, we can not ignore it. The only obvious advantage we discovered during testing was that the user could select an icon and name for the PWA being created himself. In other words, a label for an application may become more colorful than its creator intended, or, on the contrary, it may get a less garish, recognizable design. Name the site with your favorite manga as a calculator, find a suitable icon, and enjoy your life. The disadvantage. this way you can create only one shortcut.As we’ve already mentioned above, to use this method we need to execute Quick Commands. Most likely you have it installed on your iPhone. If not, you can find it in the AppStore. You need to have the third-party installation enabled for this method. If not, go to Settings. Quick Commands and check the radio button next to Unreliable commands.Next, download and run Make app from URL. Here, following the prompts, you will need to select a name for the shortcut, insert a link to a resource, and select the desired icon.Once you have saved all the changes you made, go back to Settings. Profile and set the created profile. The PWA will then be available on your desktop. You can also quickly delete it from the menu.

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This looks like two ways to create a shortcut for a website on the iPhone desktop, or, scientifically speaking, a progressive web app. We tried to describe the process of their creation in details. But if you still have questions, you can always ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. And don’t forget to subscribe to TECHMO on Telegram in order not to miss out on other interesting news and useful content.

How to now install the Sberbank app on Android and what to do for iPhone users

Due to Western sanctions, Sberbank Online mobile apps have been removed from Google Play digital content stores for Android platform and Apple App Store for iOS smartphones and tablets. “Sberbank” issued recommendations for its customers how to be in this situation and bypass restrictions.

For Android users, everything is quite simple: the APK installer of the application can be downloaded directly from Sberbank’s website, or by clicking on this link. To install the downloaded file, you need to allow the installation of applications from third-party sources in the settings of your smartphone or tablet. To do this, go to Settings. Security. Unknown Sources (or an item of similar name). On some smartphones, you need to select the app from which you allow third-party programs to be installed, such as “File Manager”.

Android users can also visit third-party app stores, where Sberbank Online is still available. For example, for the time being, the software is available in the Xiaomi store and the Huawei AppGallery.

However, we strongly advise against downloading the installer from third-party sites. There you can easily get a fake or modified application, which will try to steal the credentials of the bank customer and then steal his money. Only download applications from trusted sources!

As for iPhone users, Sberbank recommends them to use the web version of the service. It’s available at this link, which can be accessed through Safari or any other browser. It should be noted that the web version of Sberbank Online is adapted for mobile devices. Of course, the web version is also available to Android users.

Finally, if your smartphone or tablet already has the Sberbank Online app installed, there is no need to uninstall it. Previously installed apps work, no restrictions on using them on both iOS and Android. The bank also notes that its systems and infrastructure “work as usual, customer funds are safe.

Russian Blogs

Use the URL scheme directly. (Advantages: very easy. Configure the scheme in the plist file. Click the schema in the SMS or type the schema in the browser to go directly to the app. Disadvantages: if the app is not installed on the phone, clicking on the scheme in the SMS will result In case there is no response, the browser will not be able to access. And this method is disabled in WeChat and QQ).

Use the new feature after iOS9, universal links.

Ask the background staff to write a web page that can be accessed, click the link in the text message, navigate to the web page, determine whether it is iOS or Android on the web page, and then automatically navigate to the appropriate scheme. If the app is installed on the phone, Go directly to the app. If the app is not installed, you will stay on the current web page. The web page has a button to download. Click the button to download the app.

In the following I will detail the process of implementing the three schemes:

Use the URL scheme directly.

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If you want to analyze the relevant content and navigate to the relevant interface, you only need to evaluate the parameters of the incoming url link in the app. (BOOL): openURL: options: method Appdelegate and perform various operations as shown below.

Option two, new features after iOS9, universal links

What is a Universal Link?

For convenience, Apple has launched Universal Link for iOS9 or higher: a way to easily launch apps using traditional HTTP links and use the same URL to open websites and apps. This can be accomplished with a universal link. When you have an app on your mobile device, after tapping this link you can implement a deep link and go directly to a specific page in the app; if the app is not on the phone, you can open a given URL (e.g. the app download landing page). SpecificView the official documentation。

Prerequisite: you must have a domain name and that domain name must support https.

Must be configured in the Developer Center: find the appropriate App ID, in the list of Application Services there is an item Associated Domains, and it is enough to change it to Enabled.

Open Associated Domains in the project configuration and enter the domain name you want to support in Domains, which should start with the applinks prefix :.

Create the file in json format. Apple will request this file from the domain name we specified in the project when necessary. The file name must be an apple-application-site association without a suffix. The contents of the file look like this:

Upload the file to the root directory or a well-known directory that matches your domain name, so that Apple can get the file you downloaded. After downloading, go to the site first to see if you can get it. When you enter this link to the file in your browser, you should directly download the apple app-site association file.

Check Click the link in the text message on your iOS device and it will go directly to your app.

Or you can open the link you want to test in Safari, scroll down over the page that appears, you will see that it is open in the “XX” app:

This is also possible in the WeChat web browser. Although WeChat blocks all cross-linking schemes to other applications, universal links are handled directly by the system. WeChat cannot be blocked. This also allows you to go from WeChat to us. App.

For the convenience of developers, Apple provides a web page where you can check to see if the apple-application-site association we made is legitimate and valid.Verify URL Authentication:

Processing after logging into the app Now the user clicks the link and can directly log into our app, but our goal. To get the user’s incoming link and display the relevant content to the user according to that link. We need to implement the method in AppDelegate in the project

Solution 3.Allow background staff to write a web page that can be accessed, click the link in the text message and navigate to the web page. On the web page, determine if this is the iOS or Android end, and then automatically navigate to the appropriate schema. If the application is installed on the phone. Then go to the app directly, if the app is not installed, stay on the current web page, the web page has a button to download, click the button to download the app in the AppStore.

If you need to go to a specified page, you need the background staff to connect the parameters behind the link when you send the SMS, and then insert them into the schema and bring them into the application, and then we are in the AppDelegate. (BOOL): openURL and. (BOOL) Method: openURL: options: gets the parameters behind the incoming url link, and then goes to the specified page.

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