How to create a couple between iPhone and MacOS

How to synchronize MacBook and iPhone?

To first configure synchronization, you need to connect the device to the MAC via USB or USB-C cable. When the device is connected, its icon appears in the side menu Finder, and when choosing the icon, synchronization options are displayed.

Creating a pair between the device and the Bluetooth accessory

  • On the device, go to the Bluetooth “Settings” menu and turn on Bluetooth
  • Put the accessory into detection mode and wait until it displays on the device screen
  • To create a pair, click the name of the accessory when it appears on the screen.

How to connect iPhone to Mac using a cable

The easiest way to connect the iPhone to Mac is to use the cable included in the IPhone delivery kit. The cable method is also a faster way to connect both devices when you want to synchronize the data or transmit files, and you need when you want to restore the IPhone factory settings.

You can connect your iPhone to Mac to synchronize data or transmit files. In this case, you can use iTunes (MacOS Mojave or an earlier version) to synchronize photos, videos, albums, television shows, podcasts, playlists, films, audio books, calendars and contacts.

Note. If you are updated to MacOS Catalina, you will not find iTunes, but you can use Finder to synchronize, update, backup and restore your iPhone. You can use the USB or USB-C cable to connect iPhone to Mac, open Finder and select your iPhone on the left panel in the Finder window.

What do we need

The MAC computer will need to change several settings, and on the mobile device you will need an application-file manager. You can use, for example, a free Documents program.

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On Mac, open the settings. Overall access.

How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Mac

We go to the parameters section.

We turn on the overall access using SMB and indicate users for which files will be available (you can create a separate user for access to data from a mobile device, note that the protocol is poorly friends with Cyrillic in the user name).

Add folders that will be visible from a mobile device and distribute the rights to read or read and record.

We go to the Documents application settings on a mobile device.

In the network section, select the addition of an account.

Choosing Windows SMB service.

create, couple, iphone, macos

We make settings: we use the Mac address from the fourth step, login and password. This is the accounting data of the user Mac.

A section with common folders of our computer will be displayed in the side panel.

Now you can view any files from these folders and write data from a mobile device there (if the rights to recording were issued).

The data can be saved on the device or completely enabled the synchronization of the folder if the free space allows on the iPhone or iPad.

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Other capabilities of Wi-Fi passwords with Mac on iPhone

Ability 1: Restore the password in the Wi-Fi router settings

Wi-Fi routers allow them to enter them for monitoring and managing such parameters as password. First, connect your iPhone to the Wi-Fi network with a password that you want to track. Click on the Wi-Fi I settings next to the name Wi-Fi network. Track the router field and enter the number in the list. Go to Safari and go to the IP address in the last step. Enter your router with the name of the user and the password that you used to configure it.

Opportunity 2: Wi-Fi network adapter

Here you will need to invest your money in the Wi-Fi network adapter, which allows one connection intenses to connect to Wi-Fi, while the other repeats it. You cut out a Wi-Fi Mac access point without Ethernet. After connecting the Wi-Fi adapter and its settings, follow the instructions for the solution #1 and select any of your Wi-Fi adapters, and not the Ethernet connection.

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How to connect iPhone to macbook via wi-fi?

Connect your smartphone (which should be turned on and unlocked) to the Mac using a USB cable. (If you do not have a suitable cable, it is especially likely if you have one of the newer ones, only USB-C, MacBook-then a wireless connection is possible.

How to synchronize files with iPhone or iPad

  • Click on the Finder Dock application.
  • Select your device in the left side of the screen in the “device” section.
  • Click on the “” tab on the right.
  • Click the files that you want to synchronize using the revealing menu for each applicable application.
  • Select applies.
  • Click “Synchronize”. To synchronize the files of your Mac and mobile device.

You can manually make a backup iPhone or iPad on your Mac:

So, you have it, you have successfully learned how to synchronize iPhone with Mac From this post. We hope that you have carefully performed all the steps, and if you want to clean your Mac, we recommend using PowerMymYMAC.

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How to connect a phone to a Mac computer?

Connect your smartphone (which should be turned on and unlocked) to the Mac using a USB cable. (If you do not have a suitable cable, it is especially likely if you have one of the newer ones, only USB-C, MacBook-then a wireless connection is possible.

  • Connect the device to the computer using the USB cable, and then open itunes and select the device
  • Click the “review” on the left side of the iTunes window.
  • Select “Synchronize with this [device] through the Wi-Fi network”.
  • Press the “Apply” button.

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What to do if Airdrop does not work between iPhone and Mac?

So, you have acquired the new iPhone, tried everything that Apple offers in its instructions, but Airdrop does not work. What are we doing? Create a Bluetooth park between MacBook and iPhone.

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To do this, we are convinced that on the smartphone Bluetooth module is included, go in a laptop in “System Settings → Bluetooth”, we find in the list of devices our iPhone and click on “Create a couple”.

create, couple, iphone, macos

A window with a code will appear on the laptop screen and a similar code will be displayed on the iPhone with a proposal to create a couple. You agree. After that, the MacBook will appear on the list of Bluetooth devices on the iPhone and vice versa:

create, couple, iphone, macos

When I did all the above actions, Airdrop between the iPhone and MacBook earned. Devices find each other for several seconds and exchanged files without problems.

In the process of preparing this material, for the sake of the experiment, I deleted the iPhone-MacBook Bluetooth Par, and Airdrop stopped working again. The gadgets did not find each other. Repeated all the actions described above. Airdrop earned. I hope my experience will help someone.

P. S. If you have “fell” Airdrop after the transition to El Capitan, the instructions described above should also help.

P. P. S. After you do all the operations, go to Finder → Airdrop on the Mac, and on the iPhone try to send something to the computer from the Photo application. In theory, both Mac and iPhone should see each other.

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I am sure that many faced this problem. Almost always, when buying a new iOS device or changing Mac, I began incomprehensible problems with AirDrop. Over time, they somehow decided in some incomprehensible way (Airdrop just started working), but only now I managed to accurately determine the cause of the difficulties that arise. As it turned out, the problem is solved quite easily. But the decision is implicit. Its useful to note.

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