How to create a backup iPhone through a computer

Ways to make a complete iphone backup

IPhone loss is a nuisance for its owner. In addition to the need for re.Purchase of an expensive device, the user exposes himself to the risk of loss of confidential data, including passwords from social networks and bank accounts. To avoid such problems, we will find out in detail how to make an iPhone backup copy.

The instruction is universal and suitable for all models: 4, 4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, Se, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, Xs, XS Max, XR, 11 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max.

Why make an iPhone

Iphone. Valuable property, and even lowering the fact how much it costs, for the owner he is a repository of memories, whether it be photos from events that will never be repeated, or valuable documents. Therefore, it is important to make sure that all these data are reliably protected from loss, theft or accidental damage.

In addition, Apple releases updates for iOS several times a year, and we strongly recommend that you make backup copies before updating in case something goes wrong. Well, if you purchase a new phone model, a backup copy is the best way to transfer data from an old device to a freshly cooled.

There are many ways to create a backup for the iPhone, both on the local PC or Mac, and online. Using various cloud services, from official iTunes and icloud to numerous third.Party.

In order to feel our data truly protected, we recommend using at least two available ways. If the worst happens, and the backup is damaged, then you will have a spare.

How to backup iPhone in 2022

For one iPhone, it is better to have two backups

How to create a backup copy of the iPhone, iPad, iPod [Instruction]

Many of you have probably faced the problem of data loss on a mobile device. This can happen due to glitch or malfunction, or by the inattention of the user. The first two options Apple almost brought to zero. Having more than two years of experience using iOS, I can say that a simple user who is not spoiled by Twecers from Cydia and occasionally

Sets programs and games on its device, a software failure does not threaten. You can safely abandon any kind of backups and sleep peacefully. But active users have regretted more than once that they did not make a backup after unsuccessful experiments.

create, backup, iphone, computer

Bekap in iTunes. Many will notice that in the standard iTunes there is a backup, moreover, it is by default inclusive. Yes it is. For greater convenience, I recommend calling the context menu of your device when connected with the right mouse button) and select “Create a copy”. In the same way it will be possible to restore it.

The option from Apple is good, but only saves a copy of the programs and games from the App Store. Other applications that were installed through Installous, Ifunbox or Ifile are not preserved. And, of course, they will not fall under the protection of tweaks and programs from Cydia. This method is not acceptable for any jailbreak user. I offer you the following options for getting a backup:

Contacts for contacts for firmware above iOS 5 using iCloud. A very simple and most reliable way that consists in synchronizing contacts with the cloud ICLUD service. One. Create the Apple ID account (if you have this account, skip this item). 2. Go to iCloud at the IOS setting up. Icloud

Activate the synchronization of contacts using the corresponding contact switch. 4. If your contacts are saved on a SIM card, then you can copy them into the device using this instruction. If you do not have a digital copy of the contacts, go to the next point. 5. Open the icloud website.Com and enter your Apple ID data.

Go to the Contacts application to icloud website.Com. If your contacts were on the phone, then they are automatically copied to your iCloud account (if there is an Internet connection, of course).

Make your contacts manually (using the icon) or import (if you have a copy of contacts in VCARD format).

All! Now when adding contact on the device, it will be automatically synchronized and will appear in your account in iCloud, if you make contacts on the icloud website.Com, the contacts will automatically transfer to your device! Now your contacts will be reliably saved, even if you update the device with a new version of iOS or God forbid, you will lose.

Reserve copy (backup) of contacts for devices on the firmware below iOS 5. When I was still a user of Android devices, I made it a rule to keep contacts in the Gmail account. It is very simple and convenient, and most importantly, at the moment, almost all devices on different platforms support synchronization with Gmail.

I recommend that you use this way. Creating a Gmail account-free and takes 3-5 minutes. The benefits are visible not with an armed eye. It is convenient to make a backup of contacts, restore them to the device, transfer them to another device and simply edit. In more detail, the way to save and synchronize contacts using the Gmail postal service is painted here.

Reserve copy of the Cydia applications. Our beloved and respected Mr. Jay Freeman (Saurik) in his creation Cydia was worried about the backup of our tweaks. Like iTunes, Cydia binds an account to the device and stores a list of installed tweaks. To see the list, you need to enter the “Manage Accounts” section, and select “Installable Purchasses”.

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However, Saurik took care of us, took care of his colleagues. Creators of paid tweaks. By his solution, only the tweaks that you purchased are preserved in Cydia (how to buy at Cydia, you can read here).

Full data backup. All your beloved Cydia has two XBACKUP and PKGBACKUP tweaks. At the moment, these are one of the best solutions for backup data on iOS. Read more about PkgBackup. In the tweak settings, there is the possibility of choosing backup options. It can be stored locally on your PC or on the program server. You can choose a full or partial backup (contacts, settings or applications).

Creating a backup iPhone, iPad or iPod

It is not difficult to create a backup, and you can do this not only through the iTunes program, but also on the Apple Affairs itself, and the data can be saved both on the computer and in the ICLUD cloud storage.


Before you start creating a backup, start the iTunes program and connect your device to the computer using a complete USB cable.

    As soon as iTunes determines the connected device (in our example it is iPhone), click on its icon in the upper left corner.

The meaning of each of them does not need to explain. To ensure additional safety, we also recommend putting a check from opposite the “Add Local Copy” item. Having decided on the choice, click on the “Create a copy of now” button on the right ”.

Note: Backap, stored in iCloud, can be restored without iTunes, directly from the mobile device (via Wi-Fi). If you save the data on the computer, then for recovery you will need to use it and the program.

If necessary, invent and twice enter a password to protect data.

Immediately after this, the creation of a backup will begin, behind which you can observe the program window in the upper region (filling out scale).

Ios girl

The possibility of using a computer and iTunes to create a backup is far from always and not all. Apple took care of this and implemented in iOS the ability to save data from the device in iCloud.

IMPORTANT: To form a backup, in this way you need access to the Internet, so if you have limited traffic, we recommend connecting to Wi-Fi. It will also require a sufficient amount of free space in iCloud.

How to create a backup using an alternative file manager ITOLS?

Apple’s attitude towards iTunes is ambiguous: the official program for transferring files regularly “pleases” with problems and “bugs” and, in addition, is quite complicated for development. The newly.Made iPhone owners are usually striving to postpone acquaintance with iTunes “in a long box”. However, you still need to download data on the iPhone-many users turn to alternative file managers, which are a simpler software. Such programs are able to do everything that iTunes is able to perform, including creating a backup copy.

Itools is the most convenient file manager for iPhone. Thanks to this program, you can back up completely free. For comparison the iPhone Backup Extractor (another well.Known utility for copying) costs 25. ITOLS advantage over iTunes is that ITOLS allows you to create backup copies with video and music files. You can download Russified itools here.

Backup through itools is carried out as follows:

Connect the iPhone cable to the PC and run the utility.

Go from the “Device” section to the “Toolbox” section.

In the Data Management block, select Super Backup.

In the next window, determine what data you would like to see in a backup copy.

create, backup, iphone, computer

Itools does not copy files such as, say, notes and data of the browser.

Mark the necessary box, then click “Next”.

The next window will appear where you can determine the saving path. This is done through the Browse button. By default, the path is this: D: ITOOLSBACKUP.

Click Start Backup. So you start the process of creating a backup copy.

If the copy includes only “contacts” (as in our case), then its creation will take no more than a second. When saving heavy files (video or music) will have to wait much longer. Signs of completion of the process. A value of 100% on the right and a check box on the left.

Click Backup Complete and find a copy in PC memory.

If necessary, you can easily erase backups that have lost its relevance.

Is it possible to make a backup iPhone on a computer through iTunes and without it

It would seem that it is difficult to backup-use iTunes and just. But what if your PC is not on your PC? Consider all possible cases.

What is backup and when it needs to be carried out

This term refers to the creation of a direct copy of the data from a smartphone, which is stored in an encrypted form on a computer or in a cloud. Such a procedure is necessary so that you can restore old contacts, photos, files and folders.

The backup will be useful in several other cases, among which:

create, backup, iphone, computer
  • Loss of iPhone or its breakdown. If you have a backup, you can restore data from a lost or failed device on another smartphone.
  • Problems in the work of iOS. In rare cases, they can occur when iPhone updates when the smartphone refuses to turn on, requiring restoration.
  • Buying a new iPhone. A backup copy will allow you to quickly and without unnecessary manipulations to transfer the previously created content and applications from the old device.

You can create a copy of files in iTunes and in iCloud.

create, backup, iphone, computer

These two main methods are slightly different among themselves, having their own characteristics and nuances.

It is also worth knowing what kind of information is saved when copying:

  • Smartphone settings;
  • Application settings and data about them;
  • The history of messages, including Imessage;
  • Media text;
  • Ringtons,
  • Shopping history in App Store and iTunes Store.
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Apple incompatibility with Windows OS. Only a stereotype. In this case, synchronization is possible both through iTunes and without it

How much space will be needed on another disk

Apple mobile devices cannot simultaneously save copies of settings in iTunes and iCloud, although there is the possibility of switching between them without removing previous images. Typically, the final “file” takes up a lot of space, so the old data when recording new as it is best deleted.

If you configure copying through iTunes, then the data will be stored on the PC hard drive unlimited amount of time.

A copy cannot take more space than smartphone memory allows. In the case of iCloud, the backup image is stored for 180 days, after which Apple removes it. Cloud storage offers 5 GB of free space.

Create a copy through iTunes

With this method, the size of the backup is limited only to the volume of the drive on the computer itself. And it is best to save the data with its help when a lot of media files and folders are stored on the device.

For this, it is recommended to adhere to the next algorithm:

  • We connect the iPhone to a PC or laptop by means of a USB cable and start iTunes. If it is not on the computer, you can download the latest version from Apple website.
  • In the iTunes window, select the right device.
  • When opening the “Overview” tab, we put the flag next to the “This computer” item.
  • From the list, select the “Create a copy now” tab “. Before this, it is possible to configure encryption of a local image in order to install a password on the backup version of the data.

It is important to remember the access key, otherwise it will not work to restore the information.

The actions performed are simple and do not require additional knowledge or third.Party software.

No iTunes

The most common way to create a copy for Apple laptops is to use iTunes. However, starting with MacOS Catalina and in later versions, the developer decided to abolish the aforementioned application.

For a backup, you need to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Find and open the Finder window.
  • We connect the iPhone to the laptop by means of a USB cable.
  • When a request appears, assign the computer trusted and enter the password for unlocking the smartphone.
  • In the side menu Finder, select the connected iPhone.
  • In the “Basic” section, you should not forget to encrypt the data, otherwise the copy will not include saved passwords, information about the already familiar Wi-Fi networks, the history of the browser, calls, etc. D.
  • Enter a memorable and reliable password for recovery.
  • Choosing a point with the creation of a backup right now.
  • We wait for the end of the process without turning off the smartphone from MacBook.

When copying is completed, it is necessary to check how successfully it has passed. The window displays the date and time of creating the last backup. The window marks the date and time of the creation of the last backup.

Reserve copy of iTunes

How to create a backup iPhone/iPad using iTunes?

I remind you that this is a local backup (stored on the hard drive of your Windows or Mac computer).

Select your device and click the “Create a copy now” button “. Itunes will launch the backup process.

Information about the backup will appear in the program settings on the “device” tab.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев of users:

When creating a backup, a message appears that the backup is damaged or incompatible with the iPhone data. What could be the problem? Firmware 9.0.2.

Another question. Programs were installed on the iPhone. There was a firmware 8.4. Before updating up to 9.0.2, synchronized iPhone with iTunes. All programs were transferred from the device to the media text. But after the update, some programs were not established. It turns out that the program is not installed, t.To. She failed to find her. Some are established, but do not open. How to understand this?

The problem is indicated in the message you received, the backup copy is damaged or incompatible with your phone model. For example, if you are trying to restore a copy from the iPhone 6 with 128 GB of memory on the iPhone 4s with 8 GB. Or it may be such that during the backup in iTunes an error arose or the process was interrupted and the failure led to damage to the backup.In any case, through iTunes you will not be able to restore data from such a copy.You can try Fonelab, it works with tank copies of iTunes and icloud. With it, you can extract the desired information from a copy.

If uploaded applications are no longer in the App Store, for example, they were deleted, it is impossible to download such an application. Or if the application does not support iOS 9.0.2. Download the latest versions of applications to the iTunes media from the App Store, and then synchronize.

Mklink /H “C: \ Users \ Vika \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ Mobilesync \ Backup \” H: \ iTunes \ Backups an error. Error in the parameter format. Please help me figure it out. The whole head “broke”. Windows 8 system.

You made an error when entering the command:. You have this: Mklink /H “C: \ Users \ Vika \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ MobileSync \ Backup \” H: \ iTunes \ Backup. And you need it: Mklink /D ” C: \ Users \ Vika \ Appdata \ Roaming \ Apple Computer \ Mobilesync \ Backup \ “H: \ iTunes \ Backup

Baby error /D. You indicated /h. This is not an indication of the letter letter, but the key to processing nested folders in Backup.

Thank you very much. I did everything, as you prescribed. It turned out.

Good afternoon!Please tell me what is the difference between backups icloud and iTunes? In addition to the fact that one is in the cloud and the other on the computer. Data in backup copies will be identical? Or some of the copies save more data?

Hello, the data that are already uploaded to iCloud (contacts, photos, notes, etc.D.). In a copy of iTunes, these data are available.

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Applications loaded from iPhone to the iTunes media during synchronization are not tolerated. The iPhone is full of applications. What could be the problem.

Hello!In iTunes “file”. “device”. “transfer purchases”.The computer must be authorized.Naturally, the iPhone should be connected to the computer.

How to Backup & Restore iPhone using itunes (Updated)in Hindi��

There are no more differences in copies? Is there any advantage of a copy of iTunes? For example, some data or settings that are not included in the backup iCloud?

Your computer should be authorized for all Apple ID, with which applications have been installed on your device. Purchases are transferred to iTunes when restoring iOS, and not during synchronization.Information about the installed applications is recorded in the backup iCloud and iTunes. Create a copy and sleep calmly, after flashing those applications that were installed at the time of creation of the copy will be loaded and installed from the App Store automatically.

ITUNES backup is more complete and contain more information. And it is stored locally on your computer.A copy in iCloud is stored on the Apple server. What is more reliable. Decide for yourself. The same information will be restored from both copies.

Hello, I am acting with one hard disk to the other. Writes that the link has been created, but nothing appears in the list of backups in iTunes, an empty list. How to be in this situation?

Hello, first check whether in a standard catalog appeared with copies of iTunes, a link to the folder into which you transferred a backup copy. Twice click on the label and the folder should open, where the symbolic link leads.

I did everything as you described, but in iTunes there is no copy (by the link it issues that the location is not available. Sorry, I can’t invest Printskrin.

Hello, the following happened, handed over 6 for repairs, before that I made a backup on my PC. I received a new apparatus in a week. I connect it to the tuna, to which the inscription pops up to me that your iPhone cannot be connected to this iTunes, t.To. A newer version of iTunes is required.Okay, I download the new version of iTunes, but when I install it, the message jumps out that you need at least Windows 7! And I have on this netbook XP and even Home!And what to do? If I demolish the operating room, then a backup will be lost with it, and there everything is probably there in 6 years!

I tried to make a copy of Backup, it seemed to be threw it on a flash drive (4 hours were copied!- 11GB).And then on another computer, where the last iTunes also tried to insert this folder from the flash drive. It went much faster. 20 minutes in 20 minutes. But after rebooting the computer, that backup copy did not appear in iTunes. What am I doing wrong? Help Help!

Good evening! I stumbled upon you in search of a solution with my gadget. I’m trying to restore the new iPhone 68GB from a backup of 6 64GB, with a viewpoint gives an error that the backup copy is damaged or incompatible. I don’t know what to do, there are information and photos for the last 2 years, which is nowhere else to. Very sad. Tell me what to do? From 6, everything was deleted as I sold it, on icloud only what is on this new phone. Please help

Somewhere Apple came across information (on the recommendation of technical support) that when restoring another model on the iPhone, iOS should be the same on it as on the previous one, on which a backup copy was created.

In general, on the iPhone 6, when the reserve was created, should have been standing, for example, iOS 9.1, the new iPhone 6s should be iOS 9.One.

Hello, Alexander. A question. There was a need to reinstall Windows, was 7, set 10. Previously, I copied to the disk d the iTunes folder, which on 7 was along the way C: \ Users \ User Name \ Music \ Itunes \ iTunes Media. Installed the Windows 10 system, installed iTunes, and ITunes returned to the place. However, not all content appeared on iTunes, there are no films, there are no all music, no books, etc.P. Now, when connecting the iPhone to the PC Itunes, I invite me to remove everything from the iPhone and load from iTunes, which I do not need to. How to make synchronization in the reverse order, t.E. With iPhone in iTunes so that all the missing content is loaded from the phone to the computer and appear in iTunes? Thanks

Which solution for backup is better for iPhone?

You can guess for a long time what solution for backup is better. But any of these options is better than the lack of data storage in general. If you do not want to pay for the cloud storage of iCloud, then start at least regularly make backups in iTunes. And for complete calm, you can also perform backups in iCloud, and create backups in iTunes as necessary.

The convenience of backup in iCloud lies in its inconspicuous work, most often this happens at night, during our sleep. It is necessary to perceive this as the necessary protection of your data. And is it 59 a month. This is a lot to preserve spiritual calm?

And in some situations it shows itself better backup in iTunes. When replacing the iPhone with a new model, data is required to restore as quickly as possible. In such a situation, a backup copy in iTunes is what you need. ICLOD recovery speed is limited to the speed of your Internet access. Reserve copies in iTunes are made by cable at a speed of dozens of MB/s.

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