How to Copy Music from Computer to iPhone

How to Transfer Files from Computer to iPhone and iPad

Several different ways.

iPhone and iPad are multimedia devices with which you can listen to music, watch movies, read books and do a whole lot of other tasks. But a user who recently bought an iPhone or iPad has a reasonable question. how do you get all these files onto your device? In this article, we will look at the process of downloading various types of multimedia (and not only) files on the iPhone and iPad.

You can drop any file on the iPhone and iPad, without exception, but, unfortunately, not everyone will be able to open it. Let’s start with the simplest manipulations. learn how to reset movies, music, books and photos using iTunes.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone and iPad with iTunes

Open iTunes. In case it is not installed, download the latest version from the official website.

Connect iPhone or iPad to computer with USB cable.

Add the music you want to download to your smartphone to iTunes. To do this, click File → Add File to Library to open a specific song, or File → Add Folder to Library to add a folder with music. iTunes supports Drag’n’Drop, which allows you to simply drag individual songs and folders with music to the program window to add.

Wait until the music is defined in iTunes and select the icon with the image of your device on the panel.

Go to the Music menu and select the songs you want to transfer to your iPhone or iPad. You can also check the box next to “Entire Library” to sync all your music to your device.

Click “Apply” in the lower right corner of iTunes and wait for the sync to finish.

To transfer movies to your iPhone or iPad, you must do exactly the same operation as described above, but choosing in Step 5 not “Music”, but “Movies”. By the way, just after several such operations, users who disliked iTunes for their apparent complexity completely change their minds about this unique multimedia combine.

How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

Open iTunes. If the utility is not installed, download the latest version from the official Apple website.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable.

Select the device that appears on the top bar.

Select the “Photos” menu.

Click on the checkmark next to “Sync photos from”.

To the right of this label is a button labeled “Images”. Click on it and select “Select folder”

Specify the folder with the photos you want to see on your iPhone or iPad.

Click “Apply” in the lower right corner and wait for the sync to finish.

How to Transfer Books from Computer to iPhone or iPad Using iTunes

With books, things are a little different. We have already described in detail three different applications for reading books on the iPhone and iPad, these are iBooks, Bookmate and Aychitalka. Follow the appropriate links to get detailed information on this process.

How to use an iPhone or iPad as a flash drive

Download and install the latest iFunBox.

Open the program and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer. In order for iFunBox to see your device, iTunes must be installed on the computer.

The device will be identified in the program and you will be able to upload absolutely any files to it using your iPhone or iPad as a USB flash drive.

Drop files that need to be “moved” to the “Shared storage” folder.

A very convenient solution that can help out at the most crucial moment. For example, there is no flash drive at hand, but you need to drop an important file “weighing” several gigabytes. Do not send this by mail. iPhone or iPad, together with iFunBox, does an excellent job with this task. files are not damaged and are thrown off safe and sound.

Users who jailbreak their devices are in better luck. With Cydia’s huge selection of file system tweaks, they can unpack files using dedicated managers, download files straight from Safari, and more. A prime example of such a tweak is the iFile file manager. You can find other useful jailbreak tweaks for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by following this link.

How to Transfer Music to iPhone from Computer Using Google Drive

Open Google Drive on your computer.

Go to in any browser.

In the first case, if you have already logged into Google before, immediately open your personal Google Drive page;

And if you are not yet logged into your account, click the “Go to Google Drive” button (if available), and then enter your mail information.

Click on the Create button.

If you need to save music in a specific folder, remember to first click on that blue button located in the upper left corner of the page window.

Then a dropdown menu will open.

Click the Upload Files option found in the dropdown menu.

Select music files.

Select the music file that you want to upload to Google Drive;

To select individually, hold down the ^ Ctrl (Windows) or ⌘ Command (Mac) key and click the intended music files;

If you need to drop all the files in a folder, click on any, and then press ^ CtrlA (Windows) or ⌘ CommandA (Mac).

Click Open in the lower right corner of the window.

At the same time, the uploading process to Google Drive will begin.

Open Google Drive on iPhone after all files have finished downloading. Click on the icon in the form of a blue-green-yellow triangle on a white background, which opens a transition to the main page of Google Drive, if you are already logged in.

Select music files.

Click and select all the files you want.

Press ⋯ at the bottom right of the screen, then a pop-up menu will appear.

Click Make Available Offline in the pop-up menu.

In this case, you can open all your favorite songs in the Google Drive app of your iPhone, even if it does not connect to the Internet.

It should be noted that there is a Google Drive option in the Files app, but music cannot be copied from the Google Drive app to the Files app (as in other cloud storage apps).

Method 1 How to Download Music to iPhone from Computer via iTunes

Step instruction:

1.Connect your iPhone to your personal computer.

2.Check the app series and open iTunes on computer.

If you are greeted with a message prompting you to “update iTunes” then click “Update iTunes” and restart your computer after completing the full update process.

3.Click “Trust this computer” when prompted on the computer screen.

You may also need to tap that message on your iPhone screen.

4.Click on the “Device” icon in the form of a phone, select the desired iPhone and go to your device page.

5.Click “File” in the upper left corner of the iTunes window and a drop-down menu will appear.

6.Click “Add folder to library”.

This option is roughly in the middle of the dropdown menu. When you click on this, a popup appears.

7.Choose your music folder. Click the folder where your songs are stored.

8.Click “Select folder” in the lower right corner of the window.

This will start importing your files into the library.

9.Click on the “Music” tab. It’s in the Preferences section of the tabs on the left side of the iTunes window.

10.Select the “Sync Music” checkbox at the top of the page. Check the box next to “All Music Library” to ensure that all music from the folder you selected and any subfolders is downloaded to your iPhone.

11.Click “Apply” in the lower right corner of the page.

The songs will be copied to the apple music app (on iPhone). Now all selected songs can be opened on iPhone at any time, even if the device is not connected to the Internet.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone 5/6/7/8 / X-Step Instruction

If you often use iPhone for music entertainment on the go, you should think about how to transfer music from computer to phone. Everyone knows to use iTunes. This is undoubtedly one of the ways that most Apple users know. In addition to this, there are other simple methods that are helpful to you. This article will guide you to transfer music from computer to iPhone with detailed instructions.

The fastest way to transfer songs from computer to iPhone

Tenorshare iCareFone App supports 9 file types: Contacts, Music, App, Videos, Photos, Notes, Calendar, Bookmark, iBooks from PC to iPhone XS / XR / X / 8/7/7 Plus / SE / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6 / 5s / 5c / 5 / 4s / 4. It is fully compatible with Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / XP / Vista and Mac OS X 10.14 EI Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5.

Step instruction:

Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.

Run the program. Click on the “Control” button from the main interface.

Select the file type to transfer.

A total of 9 file types appear on this page. To move on, you need to click on the files that you want to drop, in this case, the music.

Select the “Import” option, then select the music in the computer folder that you want to download to your iPhone.

Using iTunes it is impossible to select the music you want to transfer, but in Tenorshare iCareFone it is convenient to view all files by type and select, the “Manage” function allows you to manage 8 types of files: photos, music, videos, contacts, messages, applications, books and bookmarks (Safari). At the same time, please note that Tenorshare iCareFone is not completely free, it will allow you to transfer 20 files. If you want to transfer more, then upgrade to the Pro version. The purchase link below is provided.

Of course, apart from iPhone data management, Tenorshare iCareFone is an all-in-one tool to fix all issues for iPhone, iPad and iPod. With this amazing tool, you can easily clean up unnecessary files and speed up your devices, create backups and restore iOS devices in case of data loss, etc.

All of these methods are very useful. You can choose the most suitable one for transferring music from computer to iPhone. And if you want to transfer purchased music from the iTunes Store and copy songs you didn’t buy from the iTunes Store, iCarefone is a great option too.

Update 2020-02-12 / Update for Transfer iPhone Data


In place of AcePlayer, there can be almost any music player or file manager, since these applications support much more music formats than the standard iPhone player. So, using AcePlayer, you can play the FLAC format, which is characterized by high sound quality. But all subsequent actions will be performed through iTunes.

  • Download AcePlayer to your smartphone.

Connect your Apple device to your computer and launch iTunes. Go to the device control menu.

On the left side of the window, open the “Shared Files” section.

Find AcePlayer in the list of applications, select it with one click. A window will appear to the right into which you need to drag and drop music files.

How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

As it turns out, there are far more options for importing music from computer to iPhone than you might have thought. All of them will be discussed later in the article.


iTunes is the main program of any Apple user, as it is a multifunctional processor that serves primarily as a tool for transferring files to a smartphone. Earlier on our website, we have already described in detail how the transfer of music from iTunes to an i-device is carried out, so we will not dwell on this issue.


Many PC users are familiar with a popular player like VLC, which is available not only for computers but also for iOS devices. In the event that both your computer and iPhone are connected to the same network, music transfer can be performed using this application.

  • Install the VLC for Mobile app. You can download it completely free of charge from the App Store at the link above.
  • Run the installed application. First, you need to activate the function of transferring files via Wi-Fi. for this, tap in the upper left corner on the player’s menu button, and then move the toggle switch next to the item “Access via Wi-Fi” to the active position.

Pay attention to the network address that appears under this item. you will need to open any browser on your computer and follow this link.

Add music in the VLC control window that opens: you can either immediately drag it into the browser window, or just click the plus sign icon, after which Windows Explorer will appear on the screen.

As soon as the music files are imported, syncing starts automatically. After waiting for it to end, you can launch VLC on your smartphone.

  • As you can see, all the music was displayed in the application, and now it is available for listening without access to the network. This way you can add any number of favorite songs until the memory runs out.
  • Dropbox

    In fact, absolutely any cloud storage can be used here, but we will show the further process of transferring music to iPhone using the example of the Dropbox service.

      To work, you will need the Dropbox application installed on your device. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, download it from the App Store.

    Transfer your music to your Dropbox folder on your computer and wait for the sync to finish.

    Now you can launch Dropbox on iPhone. As soon as the synchronization is complete, the files will appear on the device and will be available for listening directly from the application, but with a slight clarification. they will need a network connection to play them.

    In the same case, if you want to listen to music without the Internet, the songs will need to be exported to another application. this can be any third-party music player.

    To do this, tap in the upper right corner on the menu button, and then select “Export”.

  • Select the “Open in.” button, and then the application to which the music file will be exported, for example, to the same VLC, which was discussed above.
  • iTools

    As an alternative to iTunes, a lot of successful analog programs have been developed, among which I would especially like to mention iTools due to its simple interface with Russian language support, high functionality and conveniently implemented ability to transfer files to Apple devices. It is on the example of this instrument that we will consider the further process of copying music.

      Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable and then launch iTools. On the left side of the window, open the “Music” tab, and at the top, select “Import”.

    The Explorer window will appear on the screen, in which you need to select the tracks that will be transferred to the device. Select, confirm copying music.

  • The song transfer process begins. As soon as it is completed, you can check the result. all downloaded songs appeared on the iPhone in the Music application.
  • Each of the presented methods is simple to perform and allows you to transfer all your favorite tracks to your smartphone. We hope this article was helpful to you.

    Transferring Music Using iTunes

    The easiest way to transfer music from computer to iPhone is through iTunes. If you don’t already have iTunes, the first step is to download it from and install it on your computer. After installation, launch iTunes and go to the “My Music” section.

    Chances are, your iTunes section will be blank. This is normal, because you haven’t downloaded anything there before. To fix this, open the “File. Add Folder to Library” menu and select the folder with the music you want to transfer to iPhone. You can also add music to your library one song at a time using the “File. Add File to Library” menu.

    After you select the files, the process of adding files to your iTunes library will begin. This may take a while, depending on the number of files you add. At this point, you just need to wait for iTunes to add all the files.

    Once added, the music you selected appears in your iTunes library. You can view the contents of your library using the links on the left side of the window (Recently Added, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres).

    After filling your library with the music you want, you can start transferring that music from your computer to your iPhone. To do this, you need to connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and click on the iPhone icon in iTunes (this icon will appear in the upper left corner of the window).

    This will take you to the iPhone settings. Here you need to go to the “Music” section and enable the “Synchronize Music” option there.

    You can also choose which music you want to sync here. Selecting Entire Library transfers all the music you’ve uploaded to your library to iPhone. If you select the option “Favorite playlists, artists, albums and genres”, then you can choose which music to transfer and which not.

    In order to start transferring music from the library to the iPhone memory, you need to click on the “Finish” button, which is located at the bottom of the window.

    After that, a warning about changes to the iPhone memory will appear. Here you need to click on the “Apply” button.

    Then you just need to wait until the synchronization is over. There will be a progress bar at the top of the iTunes window to indicate the syncing process.

    How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

    Users who used to use Android smartphones and now own an iPhone often have problems transferring various files from their computer to the iPhone and vice versa. For example, very often users do not know how to transfer their favorite music collection from their computer. This is exactly what you will learn in this article.

    Transferring Music Through iTools

    In addition to the above method, there are other, alternative ways to transfer music from computer to iPhone. For example, you can use the iTools program. This program is not official, it is being developed by Chinese programmers. Both advantages and disadvantages follow from this. On the one hand, iTools is much simpler than iTunes, but on the other hand, it has compatibility problems, sometimes it just refuses to work.

    You can download the iTools program on the website or on the forum. You can also get more information about this program there.

    In order to transfer music from computer to iPhone using iTools, you need to connect iPhone, launch iTools and go to the “Music” tab. Here you need to click on the “Import” button and select the desired music.

    Using Finder

    • Supported formats: MP3 and others.

    Newer versions of macOS, starting with Catalina, no longer have iTunes. Functions of this program, including copying music to iPhone, are now performed by the Finder app.

    Launch Finder and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.

    Click on the smartphone icon in the Finder sidebar. If macOS asks whether to trust your smartphone, answer yes. If necessary, enter your Apple ID login and password to access your iPhone.

    Go to the Music tab and enable the Sync music onto. option.

    To copy all songs from your computer library to your iPhone, check the “Entire music library” checkbox and click “Apply”.

    To copy only selected music to iPhone, check Selected artists, albums, genres, and playlists, select the desired items in the list, and click Apply.

    To copy only songs from the selected folder, go to the General tab and check Manually manage music, movies, and TV shows. Then just drag the songs to the Finder window which displays the iPhone menu.

    How to Download Music to iPhone: 6 Easy and Free Ways

    You can quickly download audio files via the Internet or via a USB cable using a computer.

    How to Rip Only Selected Songs from iTunes Manually

    The manual method gives more control: it allows you to copy one or more selected tracks without affecting the rest of the files in the library.

    In the iTunes sidebar, open the Overview section.

    Scroll down and check the “Manually process music and videos”.

    Above the iPhone image in the sidebar, click the back arrow to enter the library.

    Open the Songs section in the sidebar. If it doesn’t appear at the top of the window, click on “Media Library”.

    Drag the tracks you want from the right side of the window onto the iPhone image on the left. Wait for iTunes to copy the files.

    How to set up automatic copying of music from iTunes

    This method is for bulk copying. It downloads to the iPhone or generally all songs from iTunes, or all music from a selected category, be it genre, album, artist or playlist.

    How to Copy Music from Computer to iPhone

    In the iTunes sidebar, open the Music section.

    In the panel on the right, check the item “Sync music”.

    If you want iTunes to copy not all, but only the music of your choice, turn on the “Selected playlists, artists, albums and genres” option and mark the necessary options in the list that appears.

    At the bottom of the window, click “Apply” and wait until iTunes copies the files.

    Using iTunes

    • Supported formats: MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless. Files are automatically converted to AAC.

    Perhaps the most obvious way to download your music from a Windows or macOS (pre-Catalina) computer to an iPhone is through iTunes. All audio files added in this way can be listened to in the standard iOS Music application. It’s worth noting that iTunes copies music faster than the rest of the apps listed below, apart from Finder.

    So, start iTunes. If the program is not installed, download it from the official Apple website and install.

    Now add the music you want to listen to on iPhone to your iTunes library. To do this, in the program menu, click “File” → “Add file to the library” or “Add folder to the library” and specify the storage location of the music on your computer.

    When done, connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable and click on the iPhone icon at the top of the iTunes window. Enter your Apple ID and password if asked.

    It remains to copy the music from the iTunes library to the memory of your smartphone. This can be done in two ways: in automatic mode and manually.

    Via Google Play Music

    • Supported formats: MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, OGG, ALAC. Certain file types are automatically converted to MP3.

    Each user (not only subscribers) of the Google Play Music service can upload up to 50,000 of their audio files to the Google cloud and then listen to them in the app of the same name on the iPhone. for free and without ads. You will need any computer to download songs.

    • Install a special bootloader on your PC and follow its prompts.
    • Upload music from computer to Google Play Music cloud using downloader.
    • Download the Google Play Music app on your iPhone and sign in with the same Google account that you connected to the downloader.

    All songs you downloaded will appear in the application’s music library. They will initially be available for streaming only. But the program allows you to download music to the device memory and listen offline: just select the desired album and select the download command.

    How to Copy Music from Computer to iPhone?

    To upload songs or, for example, audiobooks, from a computer to an iPhone, you need to install iTunes on this computer. All manipulations for copying any files to Apple devices are performed only through this program.

    So, install iTunes on your computer, after downloading it on the official website. At the time of this writing, the current version of iTunes is 12: Run the program. From the top in the center, select the “My Music” tab, or click on the note-shaped icon in the upper left corner: If suddenly you do not see the menu bar at the top, click on the square-shaped icon in the upper left corner and select “Show menu bar” ”:

    So, we are in the “Music” section and we have nothing here yet. Now we will add songs from the computer here, and then for convenience we will place them in a separate playlist.

    This is done as follows: in the menu bar, go to “File”. “Add a file to the library” (if you want, you can add a whole folder with songs here at once. then you need to select “Add folder to the library”): We find the songs we need on the computer. select them and click “Open”: Songs added to iTunes! By default, iTunes displays songs as albums. This is not very convenient: Therefore, I advise you to click on the word “Albums” in the upper right corner and select “Songs”: Now we can clearly see all our downloaded songs:

    Basically, you can already connect your iPhone to your computer and transfer our music to it. But personally, I suggest that you first create separate playlists and scatter our downloaded songs over them. Imagine that we would add not 7 songs to iTunes, as in my example, but, for example, 70. If we create 2-3 different playlists, it will be easier for us to navigate, and they will look neat on the iPhone.

    Switch from the top center to the “Playlists” tab: Then in the menu bar go to “File”. “New”. “Playlist”:
    A new playlist will be created, which we will rename as we need: for example, Songs 2015: Now click on the “Add” button on the right:
    Then, from the list of our songs, select those that we would like to place in this playlist, and drag them with the mouse to the right (where the note is shown). You can drag them one by one; you can, by holding down the Ctrl key, select several at once and transfer everything at once. After dragging and dropping the songs you want here, click on the “Finish” button on the right: One playlist. ready!

    Now let’s create another playlist for the sake of example. On the menu bar, go to “File”. “New”. “Playlist”. Let’s give it a name: Songs for the beach: Then press the “Add” button on the right. Drag the songs you want to the right side. click “Finish”:

    So, we have created two playlists with songs. Now we can copy them to iPhone.

    We connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. After that, our device will be displayed on the icon bar. click on it:

    Here, in the “Settings” section, select the “Music” line. Then, on the top right, we put the checkbox “Synchronize music”. Slightly below, switch the marker to the position “Favorite playlists, artists, albums and genres”.

    Even lower, in the “Playlists” section, put the checkboxes on the playlists we created: “Songs 2015” and “Songs for the Beach”.

    After that, at the very bottom, click the “Apply” button:

    Everything! Immediately after that, two new playlists with songs appeared on my iPhone in the Music application:

    How to Delete Music from iPhone?

    It’s very simple. Launch iTunes on your computer. We connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. After that, our device will be displayed on the icon bar. click on it.

    Here, in the “Settings” section, select the “Music” line. Then, on the top right, uncheck the “Sync Music” checkbox.
    A window will appear with a message: “Do you really want to sync your music? All songs and playlists on the iPhone will be deleted. ” We press the “Delete” button in it: And then at the bottom we press the “Apply” button. Everything! After that, all songs and playlists will disappear from your iPhone.

    Via iTunes

    So here’s a step-by-step guide:

    • Installing iTunes software on your computer. The program for downloading music to iPhone is stored on the official website. Supports updated versions of Windows, Vista. The sites contain a lot of useful information on how to add music to iPhone through iTunes and other programs.
    • After installation, launch iTunes.
    • Connect iPhone to computer via USB cable.
    • Add the composition you like that you want to throw off. To do this, click the “File” button, go to “Add to Library”. Open the desired song or several songs.
    • There is a second way to transfer compositions. Click “Add folder to library”. The second method is suitable for adding a large number of songs.
    • We are waiting for the songs to be determined by iTunes. Select the image of your device and click.
    • Open the menu with compositions. We select the songs that you want to transfer. If necessary, check the box next to “All Library”. Synchronization will occur.
    • Click the “Apply” button. It’s located in the lower-right corner of iTunes. We are waiting for the end of synchronization.

    If you want to throw off photos, videos, applications, then repeat the whole procedure above. Audio, video and photos are manually processed through iTunes. This function is useful if the multimedia is larger than the size of the smartphone. Adding materials is different in one diagram of how to add songs to iPhone. Instead of the “Compositions” section, select the required one, for example, “Films”.

    Downloading music content to iPhone

    Also, sometimes the question arises about how to download music to iPhone? The fact is that thanks to the connected Internet it is possible to go to the iTunes Store from the phone. There, you can purchase content through your created account on your computer. But you can listen to music only when you connect the device to your computer. Interestingly, applications and games can be installed directly to the phone from the Internet and launched immediately after the download.

    If you still could not figure out how to transfer music from computer to iPhone, ask the device users who will show you in detail how to use the universal program for apple products.

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    American brand policy

    It is company policy that your iPhone and iPod are completely dependent on your personal computer. And this was done for a good reason, because, thanks to just such a policy, it was an American brand that was the first to implement detection of a gadget using an account through your computer. Of course, there are also disadvantages in this understanding by the company, which concerns the transfer of media files to devices. After installing iTunes and using this program for literally 10 minutes, you will immediately understand how to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone and iPod.

    Copy Music to IPhone Using iTunes

    The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices today. With this smartphone, the user has almost the same capabilities as on a computer, but still some actions are performed a little differently. For example, you can absolutely safely copy any files from PC to iPhone, but at the same time, not everyone can be opened, because transferring multimedia files from computer to iPhone has its own characteristics, which we will talk about.

    Ways to Download Music to iPhone

    Any composition can download iPhone and iPad, but not everyone can read it. Using iTunes is an easy way to transfer and convert files. We bring to your attention step-by-step instructions on how to download the desired materials to your phone. With her, it’s easy to learn how to throw off songs that will later be read by the device.

    Learn How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPhone

    Apple has always strived to differentiate itself from a large number of competitors. Thanks to the genius of Steve Jobs, the American giant did it with ease. It is he who owns all the successes of the company, because his talent to create new things and introduce them to the masses is simply amazing. Apple phones and iPods differ from all similar devices in every way. If you have never used a phone of this brand, you will not immediately understand how to transfer music from computer to iPhone. It’s all about the iOS operating system. It is designed in such a way that any outside intrusion is prohibited. Earlier versions of gadgets from the American company came with a disc that included software. Now, when everyone has access to the Internet, the buyer can visit the official website of the company and download the necessary program.

    How to Download Music to iPhone from Computer

    Some of the most popular devices are the iPhone and iPad with the ios operating system. With them, it’s easy to listen to audio, watch a movie, read your favorite works, complete tasks, play. Users who have just bought such a device do not always know how to transfer music from a computer to an iPhone or iPad. There are so many difficult and useless instructions out there. The article describes a simple instruction on how to properly transfer music from a computer to an iPhone.

    Music format for iPhone

    There are many formats that differ in sound quality for the same playback power. The mp3 format is no longer the only one. And it is not considered one of the best, while it is the most popular. Modern iPhone and iPad models support any format. Few people know how to download music of other formats to iPhone 6. If necessary, they are converted using programs. Playable formats include:

    With iTools

    Using iTools lets you learn how to add music to iPhone. In the program, the user can write tags for simplified search, grouping and organization of any file. Independent settings are registered separately and the volume level is set. The user creates his own playlists, compiled by genres, styles, performers. The materials are transferred to the smartphone via synchronization. Both individual compositions and groups are downloaded. Here’s a simple guide on how to upload music to iPhone using iTools:

    • Launch the iTools program. If necessary, the latest updated version is stored on the official website. After starting, select the “File” item, click “Add to Library”.
    • Let’s figure out how to add music files to iTunes. Select the folder containing audio. The program downloads both individual audio and a group. We copy materials. Loaded with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl O or Command A. Try copying and moving the files. This is the easiest way to throw them.
    • Be aware when downloading that iTunes uses the metadata specified by the tags. Feel free to create a collection of files.
    • The created collection is available in the “Audio” section. Synchronization is required for materials to be downloaded to the smartphone’s memory.
    • You may have questions about how to connect your iPhone to your computer. There are several ways, we recommend using a USB cable or the Internet.
    • Open the “Devices” tab, click “Browse” and select the desired device. Waiting for contact.
    • In the “Parameters” tab, you must check the “Process audio and video manually” function. So it is convenient to independently configure the synchronization of the created collection by genre.
    • To download all materials quickly, select the “Entire Library” function.
    • After compiling the playlist, check the amount of free space on the device, and then click “Apply”.
    • Use the app store to download apps on iPhone.
    • Setting up and transferring audio from iTunes was successful.