How to copy contacts to another phone

How to copy contacts from your phone to your computer?

The owner of a mobile device probably has an idea how to flash Android via computer or download the best games and applications to it. However, any smartphone becomes obsolete over time, it is time to buy a new one. and in order not to lose old acquaintances, colleagues and friends, to transfer contacts to it. How to copy numbers quickly and without data loss. let’s try to understand.

Of course, the owner of the phone can transfer contacts created under the Android OS, using special programs and services; these methods are also noteworthy, but you should start from the beginning. with the system option “Import/Export”. It is no more difficult to use than recovering files from the flash drive; the main thing is to be patient and follow the provided algorithm carefully.

Note: in order to provide the user with the greatest level of comfort, below we will consider the options for exporting numbers in VCF (Universal Contact Form) and Excel (Spreadsheet) formats. The other methods also have the right to exist, but are less convenient and by and large unnecessary.

To export contacts from Android to your computer using the system function, you need:

  • Copy the card with the names and numbers of your relatives, friends, and acquaintances and save them to your hard drive; when you open the file, you will see the contact windows. and moving between tabs, you will easily find all the exported information.

How to import contacts from Android to SIM card

Let’s look at the import of data on the SIM-card in the phone on Android 9 and above. On mobiles with earlier versions of Android the process can differ a little with the names of the menu items, but in general the algorithm of actions is the same.

To transfer numbers from phone to SIM card is required:

  • Open the phonebook on it.
  • Press the image of three dots, which is located in the upper right corner of the main window (can also be in the center).
  • In the opened list of actions select “Manage contacts”.
  • Then click on “Import/Export.
  • Then select “Export”.
  • Then you need to choose a SIM card, on which you want to write down numbers from the phone book of the gadget.
  • Next, you need to mark in the list the necessary records for export. If you need to transfer all records to the SIM card, you need to check “All” at the top of the list.
  • Then press “Done”.
  • Wait until the data copying procedure is completed, then check how correctly everything is done. To do this you need to enter the phone book. Next to the copied records should be an icon of a SIM card, indicating that they are stored on the SIM card.

After writing the contacts on the sim card, you must check how correctly they are displayed in the phone book, so that in the future there are no problems with the numbers and names (sometimes they are displayed incorrectly).

Via SD card, export a file with contacts

Transfer contacts from Android to Android is possible with the help of an SD-card. When using a memory card along with an Android device, the user will probably want to move the drive to a new smartphone. By making a copy of the file with contacts and saving it on the memory card, you can quickly and easily transfer the necessary information. Instructions:

  • Click “Export” and select SD card for storage.
  • After the procedure, the drive is moved to the new smartphone.
  • You need “Import/export contacts” in the settings. Click on “Import.”.
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Transferring contacts using a VCF file

Next, consider a whole block of instructions on how to transfer contacts to Android from another phone. All methods listed below have in common the use of VCF-file. This is a kind of archive of Android contacts on your phone, which you can manage at your discretion. When considering how to transfer contacts to a VCF file, only the middleman will differ. Here are all the options.

SD card

You can use your memory card as source to transfer your contacts to your new phone if both devices have support for this component. During the operation you will need to save the phonebook as a separate file. Finally, it remains to transfer a copy of your Android contacts by inserting the SD card into your new device.

Just a side note. Don’t forget that phones support different types and capacities of SD cards. A memory card that is readable on one device may not be supported on another.

Now in order. First we need to transfer phonebook numbers from the memory device or SIM-card to the SD-card. Earlier we’ve learned what the import and export of contacts means, so the first part of the instruction will not cause you any difficulties:

  • Check the checkboxes that will be the source of information. By default contacts are transferred from the phone, but at the same time you can transfer data from messengers and other applications where numbers have been previously saved. Once you have checked all the necessary information, click on the “OK” button.

This completes the first part of the transfer contacts from one phone to another. If the contacts file from one phone is saved on the memory card, you can skip to the second part of the instruction. If not. you need to manually transfer contacts from your phone to the SD-card. Locate the saved VCF file and perform the transfer using the standard means of the device, just like you transfer any other file, be it music or photos.

Now move on to the second and simultaneously the final step, which will help us export contacts. If you were able to skid all the numbers on the memory card, immediately insert the external drive into the new smartphone. Now the phone contacts must be unpacked according to the following instructions:

  • Open the phonebook.
  • Go to “Export and import”.
  • Among the options offered, select “Import from storage” to load the numbers previously saved on the memory card.

Then begins unpacking procedure, which will take no more than 5-10 seconds, depending on the number of contacts in VK and other platforms, added to the VCF-file. This will end the procedure, and you will not have to figure out how to synchronize contacts to your phone. They shall be automatically loaded and displayed in the general list of license plate numbers.

This is not the only way to transfer numbers via VCF file. Next we’ll look at a few more ways to transfer data, but without using a memory card. In almost all cases the same actions will be performed, so we will consider them in less detail, suggesting to turn to this instruction.

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Transferring contacts from Android to Android via computer

This option is an alternative for those who cannot use the SD card to transfer numbers from the old phone to the new one. You can take a detour. Before you copy contacts from Samsung to Samsung, as well as from any other phone, the VCF file must be downloaded to your computer. It will act as the same binder as the SD-card.

Now in order of how to transfer contacts from Android to computer. You can guess that we will use the same VCF-file to perform the operation. It is created in a similar way to the one discussed in the first step of the previous instruction. Go back to it and see how to save contacts on the phone as a VCF file.

Now you need to transfer the numbers to a new device. Here before you open a whole range of synchronization options from data transfer via Wi-Fi to wired connection via USB. We assume to use the second option, as it is universal:

  • Do the same thing to transfer your contacts to your new smartphone. Transferring contacts from computer to Android is as easy as performing the operation in reverse order.

After you were able to export the contacts and transfer them in a VCF file to the new device it only remains to unpack them. To this end, we suggest you revisit the instructions where we looked at how to transfer contacts from Android to Android using a memory card. In this context, you should be interested in the second step (import Android contacts through a VCF file).

How to transfer contacts from phone to phone using Gmail

If you still do not understand how to transfer contacts from Android to computer, or simply do not have at hand PC, we suggest to consider another option that allows you to perform the transfer of contacts to a new device. You don’t need a computer or an SD card. The only requirement is to have access to the mailbox on the old and new device.

Other apps

If the user does not want to use a computer to transfer data or connect synchronization, you can install a special application designed specifically to transfer contacts from different devices. For example, Contact Backup copes well with such operations.

  • Transfer data from any smartphone to another device connected to the app;
  • Transfer information without an Internet connection;
  • restore data on your smartphone and back it up.

The above-mentioned ways are enough to clone data from your phone to your phone without any problems. All third-party utilities that can be used for the migration, operate on the same principle, but it is better to install the software that is recommended by Google Play \ App Store editorial and has good user reviews.

Previously, users had access to the service of Yandex.Move, but at the moment it does not work. For the same purpose, you can successfully use the Google account and its Disk.

To transfer contacts from one Android device to another, just use the built-in tools. If this option is not suitable, the user can resort to Google sync or third-party utilities. The operation will be done quickly with whatever option you choose.

MOBILedit Enterprise

There are a lot of software for PCs that let you copy your Android contacts to your computer or to another phone; one of the best options is the long-proven MOBILedit Enterprise. To transfer numbers using it, you’ll need:

  • Connect in the same way the second phone to which you want to transfer contacts, go back to the “Phonebook” and click on the “Import” button.
  • After confirming your decision by clicking on the button with the same name and waiting a dozen or two seconds, the owner of the smartphone will get a filled phone book. with numbers, email addresses and even avatars assigned to the contacts.
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Exporting numbers on your Android phone using a memory card

If both your old and new phones have an SD card, then you can use it to transfer your phonebook. This method also does not require internet access and, unlike the first method, is able to hold a significant number of contacts at a time. To use this method do the following.

  • As in the first method, go to “Contacts” on your phone. Access the menu of available functions and select the option “Import/export”
  • Then select the “Export to SD memory card” option. Confirm the export by pressing “Yes” on the request and all the numbers will be saved on the card.vcf.
  • Next, remove the SD card from the old phone and insert it into your new device. Go to “Contacts”, access the menu of available options and choose the “Import/export” option.

Click on “Import from SD card” option, select the save location: “Device” and select the file/files with phone numbers you want to import. After the process is finished, all your important contacts will be saved on the new device.

Using VCF file

The next way to import contacts from one gadget to another is to use a VCF file.

Next, you need to find the document in the format.vcf. If it is on an installed memory card, it can be removed and installed in the new gadget. Otherwise you can move the file via Bluetooth, send it to yourself via e-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp or another messenger or other social network, or in any other way in the archive or in the original form, and then download it to the memory of the new gadget.

After moving, you need to click on the file and specify where the data will be moved. to your phone or Google account.

Another way to import numbers is to press “Import/Export” in Contacts, select internal or external memory (the one where the VCF file is), and then specify the Google account or gadget where the data will be entered. Next, the search for documents and the subsequent import of contacts is performed.

Sending via Bluetooth

Another easy way to send contacts that will work even with older Android firmware. It is implemented as follows:

  • On your old and new device, you will have to turn on Bluetooth beforehand. Note that both devices must be visible to others. This can usually be set up directly when you turn on Bluetooth.
  • Go to the “Import/export” section in the “Contacts” of the device.
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on the “Send” button.

These are all standard methods of transferring contacts from one Android to another Android. You can also use special programs from third-party developers, but for the average user they are not too convenient. These same methods are universal and suitable for everyone.

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