How to convey a video from iPhone to iPhone

How to transfer videos / films from iPhone to iPad

It is easy to find a way to synchronize video from iPhone on iPad. You can simply transfer files through e.Mail, Airdrop, iTunes, ICLOUD and others. But what should be the best way to postpone the video from iPhone to iPad?

If you do not want to spend a lot of time transferring files, here is a suitable article for you.

The article tells about the most commonly used methods 5 to transfer video from iPhone to iPad, you can read the article and get the desired software for transmitting video iPhone, respectively.

I import video from the iPhone on PC from Windows Autoplay

Connect your iPhone 6 / 6s to a computer with Windows 7, and an automatic launch window will automatically open. Click “Import Image and Video using Windows” “Import” to start transmitting videos and photos from your iPhone to a computer.

Connect your iPhone 7 / 7s to a computer running Windows 8 and enter PC. Click with the right mouse button on the iPhone device to select “import photos and videos”, select “Improve new elements now” and press “Next” to import video from iPhone in Windows 8.

For Windows 10 users, the Photo application for a simple video from the iPhone to a computer from Windows 10 is available. Connect the iPhone to Windows 10 and run the photo “Photo” on the computer. Click the “Import” button in the upper right corner of the Inte Wee and follow the instructions. He will automatically select new photos and videos that you have not yet imported to your computer.

How to send longer videos from iPhone on Android and PC

When it comes to sending video files from iPhone on Android, you should rely on Mail Drop, cloud storage applications (for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, Box), third.Party file exchanging (such as Shareit, Xender, Kapi) or use the computer as an intermediary.

Use Cloud-Storage applications

  • Download one of these applications to your iPhone. I am using Google disk.
  • Open the Google disk and enter your Google account.
  • Click on the plus → upload → photo and video. Provide the disk application “Photo” access.
  • Select the desired video file and click download. Let it complete the load.
  • To watch a video on your other devices: Open the Google application on the Android phone or visit it using a browser on a Mac or PC. Log in using the same Google account. There you will have a video file.
  • Send a video to someone else: click on the icon “” (three points) next to the video file in the Google application for iPhone. Then click Share. Now enter the Gmail address of a person. Or click in the section “who has access”. On the next screen, click “Change” and select the option. (Viewer allows you. And the recipient can download the file). Finally, copy the link and send it to your friends and family through any medium, such as e.Mail, messages, WhatsApp, etc. D.
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Use file exchange applications

Applications such as Shareit, Xender, Zapya allow you to easily transmit video from iPhone to another iPhone, Android or computer. You need to download the application to both mobile devices and follow the instructions on the screen. If necessary, we talked about how to transfer songs from Android to iPhone via Shareit. The process of sending video files is similar.

convey, video, iphone

Iphone video transfer to a computer using a cable

  • Connect your iPhone to Mac using the right Lightning cable.
  • Open the built.In Image Capture application on Mac.
  • Unlock your iPhone, and if you see “trust”, click on it.
  • Wait a few seconds so that all photos and videos are displayed in the Image Capture application.
  • Select a video file and click “Import”.

Note. To copy files on the Android and Mac phone, use Android file transfer.

How to send a video from the iPhone more than 5 GB

Icloud is usually useful for backup iPhone files, but when it comes to video exchange of more than 5 GB, a third.Party application, such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive, is often the best option.

In this example, we will use Google Drive because it offers 15 GB of memory at its free level and supports huge video files up to 5 TB. You can also share the video from the link in messages, e.Mail, WhatsApp, etc. D.

convey, video, iphone

If you have not installed it yet, download Google Drive from the iOS app store.

Open Google disk. If you first use it on your iPhone, use your Gmail accounts to enter.

Click plus in the lower right corner.

There may be a notification with the question of whether you want to provide access to your photos and videos. Just click OK. To continue.

You will see a list of your various iPhone albums. Click the video.

Find the video you want to share. Click to highlight it, then click load.

After the load is completed, press three horizontal menu lines.

You will see your video at the top of the list. Press the three.Point menu on the right on behalf of the video to open additional parameters.

Click the link. Link to the video is now saved in your exchange buffer.

Now you can insert and send a link to the video via chat or by e.Mail.

Tenorshare icarefone

This program is downloaded to the computer for free from the developer website. Www.Tenorshare.Com. With its help, you can throw the music from the iPhone on the iPhone, as well as the ringtones, contacts, notes and much more. However, in the free version there is a restriction on the volume of transmitted information:

You can transfer 10 audio files for free

First we connect the iPhone, from which we download music, to the computer using the standard Lightning cable. The ITUNES program should be installed on the computer (official software from Apple).

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Open Tenorshare icarefone and click on the “Transfer of media files to iTunes” button:

We mark the files that need to copy:

After this procedure, musical (and other marked) files fall into the iTunes media text stored on a personal computer.

Now we connect to the computer in the same way through the second iPhone cable (where you need to transfer music). Open iTunes and “go” into our phone. Then we synchronize as shown in the image to move sounds from PC to a smartphone:

Pumping pictures using Airdrop

Convenient function that serves as an alternative to the exchange of multimedia files between the “apple” devices. Airdrop.

How to Transfer Videos from PC to iPhone (and iPhone to Windows!)

“Airdrop” appeared in iOS for a long time, but not all users know how to use it. For this, there is no need to connect to the Internet, which is one of the main advantages of this method.

The transmission of images is quite simple: to drop multimediafiles, you need to perform the following actions:

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the maximum range of Airdrop: about nine meters. In addition, the function is available only for iPhone devices with iOS7 and newer, equipped with Lightning connector.

How to copy video from iPhone to another iPhone using AirDrop

Assent useful tool for transferring files between two iOS devices. If you want to transfer the video from the iPhone to the iPhone, you can also use AirDrop. In fact, just like sending iPhone photos or songs to another iPhone, you can take similar steps to import video on iPhone.

Step 1 Turn on your iPhone and open the “Photo” application.

Step 2 Find the video that you want to export to another iPhone and click the “Share” button.

Step 3 Unlock the iPhone that you used to get a video and turn on the device in the list of available Airdrop.

Step 4 Select “Accept” the video on another iPhone.

It seems the easiest way to transmit video from iPhone to another iPhone. But in fact, the whole process will take you a lot of time, especially for some large multimedia files.

Iphone video transmission to iPhone / iPad using iTunes

Itunes. This is a utility for Apple customers to backup of the device, buying content and restoration of phones. And when updating to the new iPhone, this can help you just transfer the video from the iPhone to the iPhone.

Connect the source iPhone to the computer and start the latest version of the iTunes application. After it recognizes your device, press the “device” icon in the upper left corner and go to the “Summary” tab on the left side panel.

Find the backup sector on the right. Be sure to select “This Computer” and click “Create a backup now” to make a backup copy of the entire device. After completing the process, delete the old iPhone from your computer.

Then turn on the new iPhone or iPad and set it up until you reach the “Appendix and Data” screen. Select “Restore from the backup of iTunes” and click “Next”. Connect the target iPhone or iPad to a computer via a USB cable.

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Advice. If the target iPhone or iPad is not a new device, you need to reset the settings on your iOS device.

Wait for ITUNES to find the target IDEVICE, and also go to the Summary tab. Click “Restore a backup” and select the last backup file to restore the target device.

Step 5. When the recovery process is completed, follow the instructions on the screen to process the steps of the reset. Now you can enjoy the video transferred from the iPhone to iPhone.

Note. Itunes cannot transmit video from the iPhone to iPhone or iPad separately, so you need to use the backup function and recovery to synchronize all files between two IDEVICES devices.

Recommend: compression of the size of the video file using Video Converter Ultimate

Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate is not only a video converting application, but also a solution for compressing multimedia files.

  • Compression of large video files for sending between devices.
  • Offer several ways to reduce large video files.
  • Automatic improving video quality when performing video compression.
  • Support for all video formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. D.

Apparently Video Converter Ultimate. This is the best way to compress the size of the video file, so you can send and store them on any devices without loss of quality.

This manual told how to send large films from the iPhone to another device, such as Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone. The easiest way to convey your big video files to the iPhone. This is Fonetrans. He is not only capable of protecting the quality of the video, but also quite easy to use. When it comes to sending video files from iPhone to Android, Aiseesoft Mobiesync. The easiest option. He offers extensive advantages, such as improving the quality of the video. We hope that these methods and their leadership will be useful to you. If you still have questions related to the transfer of big videos, leave a message under this message, and we will answer them as soon as possible.

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