How to Control Your TV From an iPhone Phone

Today, in order to control the TV, you do not need a remote control at all. Modern devices can connect with mobile phones or tablets. This allows you to manage them using these gadgets. Let’s talk in more detail how this happens and what is convenient.

Benefits of Mobile Management

TV control from a mobile phone or tablet is carried out using special applications. Below are the 10 most popular programs with which this can be implemented.

Tv remote control

How to Control Your TV From an iPhone Phone

TV Remote Control is a universal remote control. It can be used for any TV model. TV Remote Control can be downloaded and installed on Google Play.

The main screen of the installed application is a virtual version of a conventional television remote control. However, due to the size of the smartphone’s screen, not all elements of the traditional device were able to fit on it. There was not enough space for the digital channel buttons. Therefore, a separate menu has been created for them, which can be accessed by pressing the “123” button at the top of the display. Otherwise, the functionality of TV Remote Control completely repeats the capabilities of the most ordinary remote control.

The application transmits a signal to the TV using infrared radiation. Therefore, for its correct operation, the phone must have an IR blaster. If the TV supports Smart-TV technology, then you can connect using Wi-Fi.

Supported devices are Samsung, Toshiba, LG, Sony and other brands. With Chinese little-known brands of TVs, the program may not work.

Easy Universal TV Remote

Easy Universal TV Remote. a mobile program that is designed to control TVs with Smart-TV. With models that do not support this technology, the application will not work.

Easy Universal TV Remote can be downloaded on Google Play.

The main advantage of Easy Universal TV Remote is that in addition to controlling the TV, it has two additional functions that make using the TV more comfortable.

  • Touchpad. One of the options of the program allows you to turn the display area of ​​the smartphone into a touch panel. After that, the mouse cursor will appear on the TV screen. This is true for Smart-TV, in fact, with the functionality of a computer.
  • Synchronization. After installing the software on the TV screen, you can play the applications running on the mobile gadget, as well as play the multimedia files stored on the phone on it.
  • Smart-TV control. The program allows you to perform all necessary actions from the phone in the TV OS (including its settings, installing and uninstalling applications, as well as many others).

Samsung Universal Remote

Samsung Universal Remote is a proprietary application from a South Korean corporation, which is designed to control its production TVs with Smart-TV and FRAME TV technology.

A distinctive feature of the program from Samsung is that during its operation on the smartphone you can run other software and games. However, it will not be displayed on the TV screen.

Samsung also took care of the convenience during the game. The program has an improved touch controller. With it, you can comfortably play mobile games by displaying an image from them on the TV screen.

The program supports only phones with Android version 6.0 and higher. On earlier versions of the mobile operating system, it will not work.

Onezap remote

Onezap Remote is a mobile application that allows you to control TV using mobile devices. The program is suitable for both traditional devices and those using Smart-TV technology. True, in the first case, you need the phone to have an IR blaster.

The main advantage of the program is the ability to fine-tune. In it you can create your own buttons and sliders that will be responsible for a particular function.

Onezap Remote supports a total of more than 250 TV models. However, it can work with devices that are not included in this list. Onezap Remote uses automatic learning technology. To start it, you need to direct the phone to an unknown device. After that, Onezap Remote analyzes the received data and independently selects the necessary commands.

LG TV Plus

LG TV Plus is the official mobile app developed by LG. Using it, you can control TV from your phone running LG WebOS software.

LG TV Plus allows you to:

  • control your TV using your mobile phone as a remote control;
  • display on the TV screen the image from the display of the smartphone (including pictures,s, running games.

Unlike the Samsung program, the LG application can work with gadgets running the Android operating system under the 6th version. However, in this case, the user will not be able to access a number of settings.

Tv sideview

The main advantage of the program is that it completely synchronizes all content on the phone and TV. As a result, the playlists and subscriptions of both devices are combined into one. This is very convenient if you use services like Netflix and view previously downloaded files from them.

Tv assistant

TV Assistant is a universal application for mobile devices that can be used as a teleconsole. It is available for download and installation on Google Play.

TV Assistant is designed primarily for televisions that use Smart-TV technology. It can synchronize them with a phone or tablet, and also combine them into one ecosystem with several devices at once. In this case, become available:

  • viewing files on gadgets;
  • synchronization of file playback;
  • displaying the image of the gameplay of the mobile game on the TV screen.

TV Assistant also has a traditional control menu, which is an emulation of the remote control on the gadget screen.

Android TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Control is an easy to learn and use software that is designed to control various types of TV.

The program has two working screens.

  • The traditional remote. It is an emulated navigation and input buttons without a numeric keypad. Suitable for controlling traditional TVs, as well as devices that use Android TV technology. From this menu you can call the keyboard to enter commands or use voice control.
  • Touchpad. Turns a portion of the phone’s display into a small touchpad. As a result, the cursor appears on the TV screen. Suitable for controlling devices that use Smart-TV technology, Android-TV.

At the same time, the application does not provide for synchronization of multimedia files and subscriptions on a mobile gadget and TV.

ZaZa Remote

ZaZa Remote is a universal Android application, with which you can control not only TV, but also other household appliances available in the house:

  • air conditioning;
  • a fan;
  • a projector;
  • sound system;
  • a microwave;
  • a digital camera.

Of course, for this, all devices should be connected to each other via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and ideally connected to a common controller. In general, ZaZa Remote is designed not to control electrical equipment, but to control the smart home system as a whole.

As for controlling the TV, then everything is pretty standard for this kind of software. The program has a separate screen on which the navigation and input buttons without a numeric keypad are located. Also, from it you can call the advanced menu for Smart-TV.

SURE Universal Remote

SURE Universal Remote is another program that is designed to control household appliances in a smart home. Accessible and interaction with the TV. At the same time, all varieties of smart TV are supported, including:

Among the advantages of the program is the fact that it can control many models of TVs made in China with its own version of firmware. It also supports interaction with TVs, which can only be controlled using an infrared remote control. True, for this, the phone on which the program is installed must have an IR blaster.

Available synchronization of multimedia files on a mobile device and TV, as well as display on the TV screen images of the gameplay of mobile games.

How to connect the phone to the TV

You can synchronize your phone with TV without installing applications that turn your smartphone into a remote control. To do this, use:

After the devices are interconnected, in the TV menu using the image source instead of the antenna, select the connector with which the smartphone is connected to it. Once this is done, the image from the display of the gadget will be displayed on the TV screen.

A similar method is used for:

  • launching mobile games or software on a large TV screen;
  • playback of multimedia files (audio,, photo).

With this connection method, controlling the TV from the phone will be unavailable. Each device will remain independent. Therefore, to control the TV will have to continue to use the complete remote control.

Control your TV from your phone via infrared

One of the most common ways to pair your TV and phone is to use an infrared port. This is due to the fact that the technology is used by all TV models (including Smart-TV). In addition, this method is also available on relatively old TVs.

In this case, the smartphone will work on the same principle as the traditional remote control. it will need to be sent to the TV and only after that press any button to execute a certain command. If there are any opaque objects between the gadget and the TV, control will be impossible, since infrared radiation will not reach the receiver.

The method cannot be used if the smartphone does not have an IR blaster. After all, it is he who generates radiation, with the help of which control commands are transmitted to the TV.

You do not need to connect your smartphone to the TV when using the infrared port. In order to start control, you need to select the TV model in the application menu and display the remote control emulator.

Control your TV from your phone via Wi-Fi

Controlling a TV using the Wi-Fi wireless protocol is gradually replacing the method using infrared radiation. This is due to the following:

  • the technology does not require direct visibility of the smartphone and TV with each other;
  • Wi-Fi, unlike the infrared port, is on all phones;
  • The range of the Wi-Fi signal is several tens of meters, which allows you to control the equipment from another room of the apartment or house.

To use this control method, the TV must have a built-in Wi-Fi module.

To connect a TV and a smartphone, you need to turn on Wi-Fi on both devices, launch the remote control application and pair.

TV control features for various phone models

The control features of the TV do not depend on the phone model, but primarily on the application used and the functionality that it provides to the owner of the gadget. However, the smartphone can also influence the process of the program:

  • incorrect functioning with weak mobile hardware is possible;
  • branded applications work better on devices of the same manufacturer, as they are optimized specifically for them (for example, the Samsung universal item is more convenient to use on devices of the same name).

The TV can be controlled not from the remote control, but from the telephone. To do this, you need to install a special application on the device. Older TVs are controlled using an IR blaster, while modern TVs use Wi-Fi. Today, the user has dozens of programs that can turn a smartphone into a remote control, an analogue of a computer mouse or gamepad.