How to control your computer without a mouse

How to control the cursor with the keyboard and the PC in general, if the mouse is broken

Greetings! Nothing is immune to malfunction, and it is especially unpleasant when it happens while working. Among the typical failures of a computer mouse, you can note the following: the loss of performance due to bending the cable, or failure of the keys due to wear and tear. If your mouse is out of order and you need to continue working with your computer, this material is for you!

If you have a laptop, the problem can be partially solved by switching to using the touchpad it has. But the classic (desktop) personal computers do not have a touchpad a priori. You can, of course, switch between the elements of the interface with the Tab key, but this activity, to tell you the truth, not the most convenient and rather quickly tiresome. The most frustrating thing is that you need to continue to work, and it is a problem that often confuses the unprepared user.

Important keys for controlling Windows:

Arrow keys: allow you to move up, down, left, and right on a page or in menus (where possible).

Enter: used to execute any command or confirm a dialog.

Space bar: Usually used for scrolling. But if you work only with the keyboard, without a mouse, you can use the Problem key to enable/disable various options in the window using the control panel or system properties.

Tab: Goes to the next item, textbox or link on the page. Tab key: highlights anything you can click on on the page to interact further.

Shift: allows you to use extra functions of individual keys. For example, the Shift Tab key combination allows you to jump to the previous item on a page, as opposed to just pressing Tab.

Ctrl: Used in combination with other keys to perform various operations quickly.

Windows (WIN) key: The key with the Windows logo is called the Windows key. It can be used to start Start, or in combination with other keys to perform various actions.

Menu key: This key is located between the spacebar and the right Ctrl key. It allows you to navigate using the arrow keys. Also, the Menu key does the same thing as pressing the right mouse button, but not the same thing, because it only opens the menu for the highlighted item.

Page Up/Page Down: these keys allow you to move one page up or down. The page usually represents the size of the content that you see on the screen at that moment.

Controlling your computer from your phone

Now that you can move the cursor and click the mouse, you can launch your browser and download and install a program that makes it easier to control your computer. Such applications can be used not only by users who are left without a mouse, but by everyone in general. In fact these programs allow organizing remote control of the computer via a smartphone.

Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse is free software with a catchy name. Designed to “turn” a smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android into a wireless mouse (in fact, the mobile device becomes a touchpad laptop). The application interface is in English, but there are no difficulties in using it. The main requirement is that both the mobile device and the computer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Further actions:

  • Install Remote Mouse on your computer and on your phone (there are versions for Android and iOS). Run it on both devices.
  • The server (computer) module of the program is a miniature window with connection settings. It can generate a QR code for further connection to PC. If necessary, you can set a password, which must be entered from your smartphone each time you connect.
  • Remote Mouse will connect to your computer and you can operate it immediately. The program allows you not only to move the mouse pointer and perform clicks, but also to enter text into any open application on your computer, as well as switch between open windows.
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The main disadvantage of Remote Mouse is advertisements (up to showing promotional video clips) in mobile application. Additionally, the free version does not have such features as control of the currently open windows and the currently running media player, emulation of special (Fn, Ctrl, etc.) keystrokes.) and Windows keyboard shortcuts.


Monect is an analog of previous program, also intended for remote computer management. Similar to Remote Mouse, Monect consists of two functional modules: server (for PC) and client (for mobile devices). There are versions for iOS and Android.

The main advantage of Monect over Remote Mouse is the function of remote computer control with the transfer of the image from the monitor to your phone/tablet, as well as the ability to use the program as a gaming device. This feature is useless for users who only need to control the mouse pointer and keyboard, but very useful for gamers. If the game supports control of a joystick, steering wheel or other game device, then it will be possible to play it using a smartphone.

  • Install and run the program on your computer and mobile device.
  • In the main window of the mobile app, tap the “Connect” button in the bottom right corner.
  • Select “Wi-Fi” as the communication method by tapping the corresponding icon. The name of the computer on the network will be displayed in the center of the screen. tap on it to connect.
  • A virtual touchpad will appear on your phone/tablet screen, slide your finger over it to control the mouse cursor. There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen. use them to click (right, middle (wheel), and left mouse buttons). The slider on the left side of the screen emulates scrolling with the mouse wheel.
  • If you go to the tab “Utilities” and run the function “Remote Desktop”, then the image from the monitor will be displayed on the mobile device, and the computer can also be controlled

Monect also has paid functionality, but the free version is enough to solve the main task. controlling the computer without a mouse.

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How to control the cursor without using the mouse

So, let’s study the not so extreme variant of controlling the computer without a mouse. After all, as the well-known folk saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed!”

To be able to control the cursor on the monitor screen without a mouse, you need to perform a number of actions:

  • In the left bottom corner of the screen find the “Start” button, press it and select the “Control Panel” item.
  • Choose a “Special Features” category in the window that opens.
  • In a new window that appears there are tabs, among which you need to select the one titled “Ease of use of the keyboard.
  • You do not need to check the “control with the keyboard” line! You should only click on the “Setting up the pointer control” button.
  • Another box titled “Setting the pointer control with the keyboard” appears.
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Now the following should be done: How to control your computer without a mouse

  • Check the box “Enable Keyboard Pointer Control”;
  • If necessary, you can adjust the speed at which the pointer will move;
  • After the phrase “Use keyboard control if Num Lock:” select the “Disabled” option.

How to play without mouse

Play games without a mouse. you can, but it all depends on the genre of game. For example, to play a shooter without a mouse is only theoretically possible, but in practice you can not do it, because the main actions in such games are performed with the mouse. To play games without a mouse, you need to go to the settings of the game and change the settings for all the functions performed by the mouse. Select the keys for yourself: use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move, space bar to jump, etc. д. Another option to play without a mouse is to use a gamepad.

Almost all functions and programs in Windows can be controlled from the keyboard, without using the mouse. In some cases this is inconvenient, but in some, on the contrary, speeds up the process, because you do not have to spend time on the movement of the cursor. If you learn the most useful keyboard shortcuts for the most common actions you perform on the computer you will save a lot of time on routine activities such as “save project”, “paste text”, etc. п.

How to use PC without a mouse

Any version of Windows provides mouse emulation mode, which is activated by the Shift Alt (left) Num Lock key combination.

control, your, computer, mouse

When you press these keys a dialog box will open that will offer you to configure keyboard shortcuts and cursor settings. I recommend to do it right away by clicking on the appropriate item.

When this mode is activated, the icon in the system tray, representing a computer mouse, appears. Cursor control is performed with the help of the keys of the numeric keyboard. the ones with arrows on them.The 5 key is used for clicking. The minus sign switches to the right mouse button and back. For example, when Num Lock is disabled you can control the cursor, but when it is enabled you still have to type.

You can use such a “virtual mouse” in the same way as a usual mouse, including the Internet and even in computer games. In what cases is it convenient to resort to such a solution, I can not answer. perhaps not too fast shooters, when you play as a sniper, for more accurate aiming to get a guaranteed headshot.

The speed of cursor movement in this mode is too low, compared with the usual manipulator. But you have to act fast. it is unlikely you will be able to aim and shoot your enemy slowly, unless you are a camper who is in no hurry.

The disadvantage, as you have already realized, is the low moving speed of the cursor. at first sight it is too annoying.

However, for example in the browser you can use this way instead of the usual mouse to switch between tabs or click on a link. especially if there is not much of an alternative.

Controlling programs without a mouse

Of course, it is more convenient and comfortable to control the programs with the mouse, but when it is broken, or you do not want to be distracted from the keyboard, some hacks are useful.

  • Close the program: AltF4
  • Restore/collapse window: Windown arrow
  • Roll out the window: Vin arrow up
  • Pin the window to half of the screen: pin to the left or pin to the right
  • Move the window: press and release the Alt key on the Space bar, then select Move. Use the arrow keys to move the window, then press Enter when finished.
  • Changing the window size: press and release AltSpace, select “Size” parameter. Use the arrow keys to resize the window, then press Enter.
  • Switching between the open windows: AltTab
  • Open the task view: WinTab
  • Switch virtual desktops: TrlWinLeft/Right
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How to control your computer without a mouse? Mouse emulation with the keyboard.

To start the emulation mode, press a consecutive key combination: Left Alt Left Shift NumLock.

Press the “Yes” button in the dialog box and the mouse emulation mode will be active.

Also, you will be prompted to enter the special features mode in order to configure. Note the “Customize Mouse Buttons” window: it allows you to specify options for mode behavior (e.g., mouse pointer speed, etc.п.).

When the mode is running, in the system tray (the notification area, where the clock) displays a characteristic mouse icon.

To exit this mode just press Left Alt Left Shift NumLock again.

Hotkeys in this mode are located on the numeric keypad on the right. The central “number” buttons we do not use, (for the laptop we use a small numeric keypad). To help you understand how to work without a mouse, let us have a closer look at these keys.

NumLock helps to pause and restart mouse emulation. When you press it, the mouse icon in the tray is crossed.

Often there is even a mouse symbol on the key itself.

All keys-digits, except “0” and “5”, are responsible for movement of the mouse pointer in all directions. When you hold down the keys, the pointer “slides” across the screen.

The Ctrl and Shift keys help to slow down or speed up the movement of the cursor, provided that these modifiers are allowed by the settings (the corresponding tab at the start of the emulation mode).

Button “5” is a click. Double click makes a quick successive keystroke. The button of the mouse which click is emulated depends on the mode you are currently in.

The button “” makes a double click of the key, (as well as pressing “5” in succession)

The “/” key switches to the left mouse button. “-” switches on the right button. “” switches to both buttons simultaneously. “0” is holding any button on the mouse, and “.”. release the key.

The current state and activity of all the commands described above is displayed in the system tray.

How to control your notebook without a mouse

It’s very easy to use a notebook without a mouse, the developers have taken care of that by inventing the touchpad. touchpad (touch means to touch, pad means to touch). This device is located below the keyboard and is a small rectangle, usually equipped with buttons. The touchpad is easy to use, but some cursor manipulation skill is required. Otherwise it is the same as a mouse.

If you happen to have a broken mouse and touchpad, the way you control your cursor is the same on a notebook as it is on a standard computer.

A little tip Buy an inexpensive mouse as a spare. This kind of foresight will help you continue your work in case of an unexpected failure.

We hope this article was informative and answered all your questions about controlling your computer without using a mouse.

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