How To Control The Phone If The Sensor Does Not Work

Damage to the smartphone screen greatly complicates the work, and in some cases even makes it impossible. This leads to the fact that the user can not even backup important data to transfer it to a new phone.

In this case, it is possible to display an image of a laptop or desktop computer. This does not require special equipment: it is enough to have a suitable USB cable and install a program to control the smartphone. Great solution, even if the screen is broken or does not work.

Smartphone preparation

The first step for controlling a phone with a broken screen is to prepare your smartphone. To do this, enable USB debugging. This can be done through the settings of the device, if, of course, the touchscreen and some part of the screen are functioning.

  1. We go in Settings Phone Details.
  2. We click on the version of the assembly or firmware (7 times) until a notification about entering the developer mode appears on the screen.
  3. In chapter Developer Options activate item USB debugging.
  4. Reboot the phone.

As a result, access to the phone’s screen via USB will be provided. This will allow you to restore data or obtain the necessary information through special programs.

Android screen output via browser

One of the easiest and fastest ways to manage your smartphone through a computer is to use the Google Chrome browser. Third-party applications in this case are not needed. The image output to a PC without programs step by step looks as follows:

  1. Open Chrome browser
  2. Install the Vysor extension.
  3. We connect the smartphone to the computer via USB and run the installed utility.
  4. Click “Find devices” and select the desired device.
  5. Confirm USB debugging
  6. We get access to the phone through a PC.

Screen broadcasting from Android to a computer is possible not only through a browser, but also using special applications. About them. further.


AndroidScreencast is a free utility for viewing the contents of a phone and remotely controlling a device through a PC. Can be used on smartphones and tablets Android 4.1.1 with a faulty screen.

  • No client application installation required on the problem device
  • Using your PC keyboard: enter text without character restrictions
  • Full support for swipe, tap and other gestures
  • Support for display options: landscape, portrait
  • Android file navigation via PC
  • Recording of what is happening on the screen of a mobile device

The application uses the technology androidscreencast.jnlp, based on Java. This means that root access and other hacks are not required. To connect to the phone, use the installed installed Java 7

The following commands are entered through the ADB console:

adb input swipe

How To Control The Phone If The Sensor Does Not Work

Read more about using AndroidScreencast on the forum.

Apowersoft phone manager

A multifunctional program that allows you to manage phone files, even if the phone sensor is faulty. True, access to the device with a completely non-working screen will fail: it should be possible to install the client on the phone.

The cost of the official version is 40, a free demo version is available to users in the first 3 days.

To evaluate the functionality of the application, it must be installed on a Windows computer. The same thing needs to be done on a mobile device. Android owners can find the application on Google Play and download it by reading the QR code. Next, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Connect the gadget to the computer using a USB cable.
  2. Launch the application and access the smartphone screen.
  3. Transfer the necessary data from the phone to the PC via the “Export” button, indicating the appropriate directory.

It is noteworthy that the diagonal of the screen in the Apowersoft Phone Manager application can be changed by decreasing or, conversely, stretching it to the maximum.

Droid @ Screen

Not the easiest to install, but easy to use application, which also makes it possible to control a phone with a broken screen or an inoperative sensor through a computer. You do not need to install the client application on the phone, just connect to Android through the ADB console.

For the application to work correctly, users will need:

  • Java (preferably the latest version);
  • Android SDK Tools;
  • Droid at Screen app.
  1. Download the distribution kit. better from the official site (link below). This ensures correct operation.
  2. After installing Java, go to SDK Tools.
  3. Experienced users recommend downloading the application to the root of the system drive, which greatly simplifies further access to files.
  4. After completing the installation, unzip and install the applet Droid at screen.
  5. Next, you need to run the application
  6. Find item Adb and press ADB Executable Path.
  7. Set the path to the ADB drivers and click OK.
  8. If USB phone debugging is enabled, you can connect the device to a computer and launch the application.
  9. The gadget is searched automatically, after which the screen is displayed on the PC.
  10. If you need to copy data from a phone with a broken screen and transfer it to a computer, go to the “Explore” item and get access to all the information on your smartphone.


One of the simplest and most convenient applications that acts as a mirror for a broken phone screen. The step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  1. Download the program MyPhoneExplorer from the official site and install it on the computer.
  2. We launch the application and select the type of connection: USB (also wi-fi or Bluetooth to choose from).
  3. We connect the Android phone via a USB cable.
  4. We go into the settings and enable the display of screenshots.
  5. We control the smartphone using a computer mouse.

Important feature! MyPhoneExplorer application allows not only to control the smartphone, but also to display the keyboard on the screen.

Questions and answers

Samsung Galaxy S10. The USB connector does not work and the screen goes blank. How to drop a photo from it to another device?

Answer. Try to make a copy of the data through the official KIES app. If it does not help, try the remote control applications and methods described in this manual.

Are photos removed from the gallery or application, etc., if you give the phone to repair the screen? (The phone fell to the ground and crashed, and so. everything works).

Answer. This is negotiated directly in the service. In any case, try to back up through the KIES desktop program for Samsung devices.

My Supra M141G tablet fell off the table, its screen cracked and stopped responding to clicks. I could not connect a computer mouse to the tablet via the USB OTG adapter (OTG is supported). The tablet does not respond to mouse connections. Also, the tablet does not respond to connecting headphones, flash drives, keyboards, SIM cards and SD cards to it. Tell me, please, why can’t I connect a mouse to the tablet? What could be the problem?

Answer. Try another program for remote control, for example, AndroidScreencast or Droid @ Screen. Most likely, not only the touchscreen, but also other vital components of the tablet were damaged during the fall.

My tablet is about 2 years old. I have not used it for quite some time. and now I needed it. I did not charge it for a very long time. and so I decided to charge. I put on charging. the screen first lights up, then a certain flicker or some glitches appears, and then it goes out again. and this happens many times until I turn it off.

Answer. Here is the instruction. The most common reason is a malfunctioning device charging or loose contact with the phone’s charging socket.

I have a Samsung Galaxy c5. broke the screen. the phone still works (I hear when messages or emails arrive and the damn alarm clock wakes me up in the morning :)) But when I connect the phone to my computer. The computer shows that there is no data on the phone. not a single folder at all.

Answer. If the files were stored on the sd card, you can read its contents through a card reader connected to the PC. If the data is in the phone, use the above programs.

Answer. Everything is quite simple. put the program for remote control of the phone (any of the list) and copy the files to the PC. If this fails, you will have to change the phone screen, and whether the remote information is worth the cost of the repair is up to you.

My phone crashed screen, a month later gave for repair and a month. In general, after 2 months I received my phone, but, unfortunately, I forgot the password. I beg you, help. there are all my files.Answer. Apparently, you need to regain access to your Google account. This official guide will help you.