How To Connect Your Sony Bravia Tv To The Internet

Connection and configuration

Many users are often interested in the question of how to connect the Internet to a Sony Bravia TV via Wi-Fi. You can connect your device to your TV without using a wireless router, and then stream photos and music stored on your device directly to your TV. To do this, you need to perform a number of sequential actions:

Press the HOME button ,

  • Select [Settings]. [Network]. [Wi-Fi Direct]. [Wi-Fi Direct Settings].
  • Select the TV name displayed on the TV screen using a Wi-Fi Direct device.
  • Use Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi device to connect to TV.
  • Send Content from Wi-Fi Direct / Wi-Fi Device to TV.
  • Note! If you cannot make a connection, you must wait for the standby mode to be displayed on the screen, select the SSID / Password to show the network, follow the on-screen settings to complete the action.

    To view the entire list of devices connected to the TV, do the following:

    Click on the “Home” button.

  • Select Network Settings. Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Select Show Devices.
  • Setting up Wi-Fi on an Android set-top box

    To answer the question of how to set up wifi on a sony TV using a set-top box, you need to understand the Android box itself.

    To set up Wi-Fi on the Android console you need:

    Turn off the TV. It is recommended to turn off the TV when connecting or disconnecting devices.

  • Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Android TV box. It can be found on the back of Android TV.
  • Connect the other end to an open HDMI port on your TV. It can be found on the back of the TV or on the side. Android TV requires HDMI port and HDTV.
  • Connect the power cable of the Android TV box. It will turn on automatically.
  • Insert batteries into the Android TV box remote control. The remote should come with batteries, but you can use any two AAA batteries.
  • How To Connect Your Sony Bravia Tv To The Internet

    Turn on the TV. Press the power button on the TV remote control or on the TV panel.

  • Press the INPUT or SOURCE button on the remote control. Marking will depend on the TV.
  • Select the input for your Android TV bo. You can switch between inputs until the welcome screen appears
  • Connect remote control (if prompted).
  • Sign in to your personal Google account. You will need to enter your own Google account information to complete the setup. Any purchases made on Android TV will be linked to this Google account.
  • If the remote pairing screen appears instead of the welcome screen, you will need to manually pair the remote:

    Press and hold the Back and Home buttons on the remote control for five seconds.

  • Setting up Android TVBox is as follows:
  • It is necessary to select the language by using the navigation wheel in the center of the remote control to navigate the menu.
  • Note! Some devices have an automatic setup process when the device is first started. If the device does not have an automatic setup process, select “Settings”, select “Language”.

    Select a wireless network.

  • Enter the wireless password. Use remote and on-screen keyboard to enter wireless password, wait for Android TV window to refresh.
  • If the Android TV window is not automatically updated, you must enable the “Settings”. “About” menu.

    How to connect internet to Sony TV via Wifi

    The use of wireless technologies to access the Internet space is currently not new. Wi-Fi functions are currently inherent in the absolute majority of technical devices, and the issued passports solve a number of configuration problems, in particular, how to connect Wi-Fi to a Sony TV. Why these questions are important, you can find out from the article.

    Using the WPS standard

    The WPS protocol was created in order to simplify the process of setting up a wireless Wi-Fi network, therefore its original name was Wi-Fi Simple Config. It significantly reduces the number of manual actions by users who do not understand the intricacies of customization. This protocol automatically specifies the network name and sets the encryption to protect the wireless Wi-Fi network from unauthorized access from outside.

    In TP-Link routers, this function was formerly called QSS (Quick Security Setup) and performed similar functions.

    Using a Wi-Fi adapter

    The USB adapter lets you connect to your network wirelessly, even if your device doesn’t have a wireless network card. After the USB adapter has been purchased, you will need to check if it automatically connects to the wireless network.

    If the connection does not occur automatically, you should:

    install the driver software on a personal computer. The adapter usually comes with an installation CD.

  • Load the CD into your computer and follow the instructions.

    If your device does not have a CD drive, you must connect it to your router using an Ethernet cable.

    Do not temporarily connect the wireless adapter to your computer.

    Next, you need to follow the instructions on the screen. This will depend on the adapter used. During this process, you will be prompted to connect the adapter, select your own wireless network from the available ones, enter the password for the wireless network.

    The adapter will then connect wirelessly to the internet router and any other appropriate devices on the network (e.G. Smart TV, game consoles, phone, etc.).

    Wired connection (LAN)

    The wired connection provides a stable signal. In this way, you can enjoy streaming 4K high definition image data from network services such as YouTube.

    To set up a wired connection, you must:

    • Connect an Ethernet cable from the router to the local area network (LAN) connector on the back of the device. Wired or wireless LAN routers and modems are equipped with BRAVIA TV router function.
    • If your router does not have an open LAN port, you need a hub device to connect your BRAVIA TV to your modem. Check with your ISP or manufacturer if you are unsure of the specifications.
    • To adjust the settings of Android TV models, you must:

      Press the HOME button on the remote control.

    • Select Settings.
    • Select Network in the Network and Accessories category.
    • Select Network Setting.
    • Select Easy.
    • Select Wired LAN and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.

      For TV models released in 2014 and earlier:

      Press the HOME button on the remote control.

    • Select Settings.
    • Select Network.
    • Select Network Setting.
    • Select Set up network connection or Wired setting.
    • Select Easy or Auto and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.

      Connection diagnostics can be used depending on the TV model. If the TV cannot be connected to the Internet, you should try to diagnose the problem.

      Variety of resolutions and screen diagonals

      Each model of Sony Bravia TVs has a variety of diagonals. Almost every device is manufactured in 29, 32, 40, 42, 49 and more inches. This does not degrade the image resolution.

      In addition, older models have the ability to play in Full HD, but only newer devices improved in 2017 are ready to be organized in 4K or Ultra-Full HD.

      Tv sound can be improved by connecting separate speakers

      Additional properties and features of remote control for Sony Bravia TV

      Each device in the Bravia line supports some internet applications and communications. To use Skype on a big screen, you need to connect a camera from the same company or find a cheaper one. In the SEN menu, which can be opened with the remote control, you will find built-in programs and online games. The device is controlled using the remote control. Using the TV buttons is not very convenient, since they are not enough to use all TV interfaces.

      Today, not all models are able to open documents of different formats

      How to choose Sony Bravia TVs. Helpful tips from our editorial team

      Without knowledge of the selection rules, you probably will not make a purchase of a TV taking into account all the significant characteristics. Of course, I want the device to match all the innovations, and, nevertheless, there is one more thing to consider:

      Diagonal of the TV. It is calculated in advance, based on the area of ​​the room and the optimal angle of view. A too large TV will be inappropriate in a small room, even if it is of a photographic quality.

    • The higher the resolution, the better watching movies and cartoons. Especially for children, a Sony TV with a screen resolution of 800 Pcs or more will be optimal. Over, it will not distort colors and images.
    • The TV sound system for home use can be “stereo”, but for professional broadcasting of films and music, it is necessary to have acoustics with a 5.1 format.
    • Convenience of internal use. Bravia TVs must have a clear menu and a Russian-language interface. Plus, managing channels and embedded apps should be available even to schoolchildren.
    • Additional connectors are needed if you plan to connect either game consoles, cinema systems or tuners to watch channels. Sockets for a flash drive, SCART, headphones and a microphone will not be superfluous.
      The more technical equipment on the device, the higher its price. But some features are not always important.

      You must use all the available functions, otherwise you will simply overpay for a chic model, while not using even the built-in equipment of your TV receiver.

      Timeline of Sony Bravia TV releases

      Like many other TV models, Sony Bravia has its own markings and features of the internal equipment. The specifications differ depending on the year of manufacture of the device. Consider a table showing which variants of household appliances have been produced in the entire history of their existence.

      Note that even the early Sony models are more expensive than some of the competition. This is due not only to the popularity of the brand, but also to the quality of production.

      The best Sony Bravia TVs: an overview of models, features and prices

      Table of Contents

      • 1 Sony Bravia. History of origin
      • 2 Timeline of releases of Sony Bravia TVs
      • 3 Specifications Sony Bravia: the main features of the devices
      • 4 A few words about new technologies from Sony
      • 5 Excerpt from Sony Bravia TV manual
      • 6 How to choose Sony Bravia TVs. Helpful tips from our editorial team
      • 7 Best Sony Bravia TV Models: 5 Devices You Should Have in Your Home
      • 8 How to find an error in the work and decrypt it by code on Sony Bravia TVs
      • Excerpt from Sony Bravia TV manual

        The serviceability of the TV directly depends on whether the requirements for the operation of the household appliance are met. Over, it is important for the user’s health to follow the basics from the manual for the device.

        It is necessary to follow the instructions from the first day of using the TV:

        The optimal viewing distance for a plasma TV is 2-3 diagonals of the TV, while viewing should be done in a sitting position so that all picture angles are perceived equally by vision.

      • Do not obstruct the space near the TV. Remember that air should flow freely around it and sound should be produced. Otherwise, you expose the TV to the risk of fire due to the large accumulation of dust on it.
      • Some Bravia models are equipped with a safety strap, so do not ignore its use, but fasten it to the stand during installation. Install fasteners only in designated locations, do not drill new ones.
      • It is forbidden to stay on the TV near heating devices: fireplace, oven, multicooker, etc. Excessive heating can cost the device performance that is difficult to establish.
      • Turn on your Sony TV only after all peripheral devices are connected to it. Over, it is desirable that all these devices be powered through one outlet (use a tee or filter).
      • Select the type of automatic setup. This will allow you to use all existing utilities without looking for the necessary data in the TV interface. This will help you set up your TV broadcast automatically.
      • Remember that this is a compact multimedia center, so all its features should be used as intended. Then the device will work for a long time and please with the quality of its owner.

        Useful INFORMATION!

        Resetting all settings to factory defaults will help to get rid of some problems. But this can be done only when the other way to correct the errors fails.

        Direct connection

        If a router is not provided in the house, and the Internet is needed only on TV, then the Internet cable laid in the apartment by the provider should be immediately inserted into the TV by analogy as described in the previous paragraph.

        If the provider uses the dynamic IP address technology, synchronization will be performed automatically. If the technology uses a static IP address, then after connecting, you will have to open the “Network” item in the TV settings and select “Manual setting”. Next, we register the parameters of our connection. Ip address and DNS. This information can be obtained from the provider or searched in the service agreement. As a rule, a sheet with settings is issued with it.

        Some providers bind the connection to the MAC address of the device. In this case, having a PC connected to the Internet in the house, it will not work to connect the TV to it. You need to contact your provider and ask to change the associated MAC address to the one assigned to the TV. To do this, go to its settings and find the “device support” or “product information” tab. The list of information will also indicate the MAC address. We rewrite it and inform the provider, after changing the address, we make the connection according to the above methods.

        Settings for Smart TV

        How to connect the Internet in different ways on the TV is now clear, but for the full use of the capabilities of Smart TV, just one connection to the World Wide Web is not enough.

        We connect the TV receiver to the Internet

        Today, Internet access is implemented on many devices, and the TV is no exception. The easiest way is to connect new models of TV receivers to the Internet. They have built-in Wi-Fi modules, and the setup is intuitive. However, you can also connect to the Internet on older devices using a cable connection and special external smart set-top boxes. Read more about the various ways to go online through the TV. In the material below.

        Via Wi-Fi

        How to connect a modern TV to the Internet via a cable was discussed above. But this is not the only way to get the opportunity to use the Internet on TV. You can also do without laying wires around the apartment using a wireless connection. To connect the TV to the Internet (wireless) via a router, you need a minimum of steps, provided that the device has a Wi-Fi module. Before making the configuration, you will need to prepare information about the name of your network and remember the password for it. Further, taking the remote control in hand, with the device turned on, do the following:

        Turn on the device and go to the menu by pressing the desired button.

      • Next, in the settings you need to select “Network” and “Network Settings”.
      • Then select the type of connection, in this case. Wireless.
      • The device will start searching for the Web environment, and after a short period of time it will display a list of it (it will display, in addition to yours, the networks of neighbors if you live in an apartment building).
      • Select your network, and after pressing the “Ok” button on the remote control, you will need to enter the password in the appropriate line. After a moment, a window will appear with a message that the connection has been established and the power on has been successful. If it doesn’t, find out why the TV won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

        If there is no Wi-Fi module

        How to connect a TV without a built-in module to the Internet via wifi, but with the ability to use an external device? It’s very simple. You need to purchase a Wi-Fi adapter and connect it to the USB port of your TV receiver.

        Then, having entered the settings, select “Network”, “Network settings: wireless” and press the OK button located on the remote control. You will see a menu in which we select the desired connection.

        “Setting from the list of access points (AP)”. Is selected if you have data for authorization and information about the name of your home network.

      • “Easy installation (WPS button mode)”. Is used if your router supports the ability to automatically establish a connection to Wi-Fi. This method can be called the simplest, since all you have to do is select this item and press the “WPS” button (holding it for a few seconds) located on the router. The setting will take place in automatic mode.
      • “Network Setting (Ad hoc)” is intended if you want to set up a connection with your computer without Internet access, that is, a local.

        On Samsung Smart TV

        To connect the Internet, cable or wireless, to a Samsung TV, you can use the instructions for the same LG device. The connection steps and the diagram are not much different, except for the names of the items in the menu (the meaning is easy to guess about the purpose of the buttons). But there are some differences in setting up Smart TV on Samsung TV:

        • After connecting to the Internet, try to enter the Smart Hub menu by pressing the corresponding button on the remote control;
        • To test the Internet and Samsung smart TV for operability, you need to run some application, for example, YouTube.
        • If you managed to connect the Samsung TV to the Internet, and everything worked, then you can relax and start installing various kinds of applications from Samsung Apps, and enjoy watching and Internet TV.

          Description of Sony Bravia

          The Japanese company never ceases to delight users with more and more advanced gadget models.

          Sony’s new Bravia TV not only has an attractive design, but also great functionality.

          The updated 4K HDR standard produces the best picture resolution without ripples and other interference.

          The screen perfectly reproduces the entire color gamut, creating a realistic effect. Contrast and clarity are the main characteristics of the gadget.

          Watching TV has become much more enjoyable!

          The sophisticated design in the literal sense makes the device not only an entertainment device, but also an interior item. It will perfectly fit into absolutely any style and complement it.

          What can be distinguished from the convenient functionality of this TV, we will consider further.

          Sony Bravia Smart TV

          With the advancement of technology, more advanced gadgets with multiple functions began to appear in many homes.

          Television, like other branches of the media, has also stepped forward. Now users with the latest devices have Smart TV service.

          What it is, how to install it and other nuances will be described below.
          Function description

          Smart TV function

          The name “smart” TV came into use not so long ago. In fact, everything turns out to be much simpler.

          The function is an alternative to a smartphone, allowing you to enjoy the same entertainment services on a large screen.

          Good internet connection with high speed required to work.

          By connecting the service, you get a whole range of useful benefits.

          Firstly, Smart TV makes it possible to watch your favorite movies and TV series, regardless of the set program schedule.

          It is enough to enter the name in the search by pressing a certain key, and the function will automatically give you all the available options in the browser, or through a special portal, which will be discussed later.

          Secondly, in addition to the usual TV viewing, users can use the screen as a game console. The game list is also displayed in the search for the specified criteria.

          Thirdly, the device easily becomes a replacement for a computer, since it allows you to view mail, read articles, find out weather forecasts and other information.

          Most TVs have built-in keyboard and mouse connectivity.

          Fourth, YouTube lovers have a nice alternative to use a wider screen.

          As you can see, the function is really convenient in many aspects, so connecting it clearly will not be useless.

          How to connect Smart TV to Sony Bravia?

          In total, there are two ways to connect the service to the TV: wired and wireless.

          As mentioned earlier, Smart TV requires an Internet connection, hence the options given above.

          1) To use wired communication, you will need to purchase a special cable, patch cord. It is important to choose it correctly, since others, similar, may not fit.

          The next step is to “connect” the TV and the Internet router. When the network appears, let’s start setting up.
          Press the Home button.

          Home Menu

          In the window that opens, in the upper right corner, find the “Settings” icon, and then select “Network” from the list that appears.

          Home screen List of functions

          You will need to configure it before the Internet starts working. Find the appropriate section and then click on “Configure network connection”.

          Settings Network connection

          Next, indicate the option for setting up the network (“Simple”). If the cable is connected correctly, the TV will find the network automatically.

          User setting

          2) When using Wi-Fi connection, follow the same instructions to the last point.

          At this stage, a window will pop up in front of you where you will need to select the appropriate type of network.

          After the Internet has appeared on the TV, you need to turn it off and on again. Now let’s proceed to the direct setting of the Smart TV function.

          Press the button “Home”, then also go to “Settings”, and then to “Network”.

          Next, select “Refresh Internet Content”.

          After this step, the device will connect to all Sony entertainment services, and then a prompt will pop up to return to the home screen.

          This completes the installation of Smart TV. To start using it, click the “Sen” button.

          All available channels and applications will now open, which will be discussed in more detail in the next section.

          Application menu

          Sony Bravia features

          The “stuffing” of this device is really perfect.

          In addition to excellent quality, Android TV is built into the TV. In fact, this is the same Smart TV.

          All services are provided by Google, so you need to register before testing the features.

          Wi-Fi from any provider with a speed higher than 40 Mbps is perfect.

          If this is not possible, then a modem router will do, however, if the connection quality is poor, Smart TV may freeze.

          This TV model is good because it has built-in numerous functions that simplify the process of use

          Smart TV. First, voice control. By pressing the corresponding key, you can simply tell the device the movie or TV series that you would like to watch.

          A list of available channels will appear on the screen, where you can choose the most suitable. Secondly, the ability to broadcast images from their devices to a large monitor.

          The Chromecast service continues to amaze users. It is enough to select the broadcast button on the smartphone screen and the image will go to the TV.

          Chromecast feature

          Have you already decided that you just need the Smart TV option? Read on for how to do it.

          List of applications on Smart TV from Sony Bravia

          After switching to Smart TV mode, a window will open.

          On the left there will be a column with the proposed current channels, and on the right there is an empty field, where you can later add your favorites.

          To view the full list, click the “All Apps” button at the bottom of the screen.

          Here you can see channels of various topics: applications for watching exclusively films in excellent quality (ivi.Ru), various music TV channels, portals of cartoons, serials, ordinary user (YouTube) and much more.

          For lovers of a more classic set of entertainment, state channels are also present, for example, Channel One or STS.

          In addition, Smart TV from Sony Bravia has the “Opera TV Store” function, which allows you to expand the possibilities of ordinary TV viewing.

          Opera TV Store app

          Here you can improve image quality, see even more information, play online games and much more.

          Games on Sony Bravia

          Features Smart TV from Sony Bravia

          It remains to find out what is unique about the service on the described device.

          1. Thoughtful interface. Users are given the opportunity to enjoy watching movies and TV series with maximum convenience.

          2. The remote control that controls the Smart TV function may not be included depending on the region.

          3. Some apps and TV channels may vary from country to country. This is due to the blocking of inappropriate content and political sanctions.

          4. The broadcast function does not work on all applications. Compatibility can only be checked with direct use.

          5. Netflix requires registration before use. After that, the search for the necessary.

          6. Image resolution on all channels. 4k: 3840 2160 pixels.

          Excellent contrast and color rendering immerse users in almost the real world.

          Other features depend on each individual device and only open after the start of use.

          Generally, the name of the buttons and some other small design details and functions may differ.