How to connect your phone to a Smart set-top box

How to connect your phone to the T2 tuner

The capabilities of set-top boxes for connecting to digital broadcasting are already extensive, especially if you download high quality modern firmware. If you know how to connect your smartphone to a T2 tuner. these possibilities will become even more extensive. It can be used not only for video broadcasting from the memory and viewing photo gallery, but also as a remote control. There are several ways, and we will talk about them.

It is important to consider the fact that not every device supports this function. The latest models have this ability, but the previous generation does not. Both Android and iOS gadgets are suitable for synchronization.

How to connect your phone to the TV through HDMI

This option allows you to use your TV as an external display while playing games, watching movies and surfing the Internet. The picture from your mobile device is mirrored, that is, the TV shows everything that happens on the screen of your smartphone.

Depending on the phone connector, you will need an appropriate adapter or cable. It will have an HDMI connector on one side and a microUSB, Lightning or USB-C connector on the other. In image broadcasting mode, the device drains quickly, so there is usually a jack on the adapters to connect the charger.

Before you buy a USB-C adapter, make sure your smartphone supports picture output.

What to do

  • Connect your smartphone and TV with a compatible cable. If you are using an adapter, insert it into the gadget and connect the usual HDMI cable from your TV to it.
  • Select the appropriate HDMI connector on the TV as the signal source.
  • The picture will automatically appear on your TV. If not, open your smartphone’s settings and change the resolution of your screen.

Using Mirror Share

Mirror Share is a special broadcast function, available only on Huawei smartphones.

It’s present on almost all models that support Android 4.2 or higher.

To start the function, you need to do the following:

Open the notification curtain and swipe down to see the full menu.

All ways to connect your Huawei smartphone to the TV

Now open the menu on the TV and find the item “Broadcast” or “Connect picture”, depending on the TV model.

Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

Connection will be automatic and will start broadcasting, you just need to press the “Allow” button on TV.

If the item “Mirror Share” is absent in the notification curtain, it means that your device does not have this feature. Also tap the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the notification bar and check if the broadcast icon is there. it might be hidden.

How to watch video from your phone on TV?

Go to the settings of the gadget, section “Wireless Networks”, find there the item Wi-Fi Direct, enable the option (check the box). Do the same on your TV (usually the “Network. Wi-Fi Direct” path). Pair the two devices and enjoy.

How to connect your phone to an old TV through a set-top box?

  • Turn off both devices (unplug the TV cord from the outlet).
  • Plug the ends of the cable into the appropriate jacks.
  • Turn on your TV and your smartphone.
  • In the TV menu, set the HDMI port as the signal source. After this your phone screen will appear on your TV.

How to watch movies from your phone on a Samsung TV?

On your TV, go to the Sources menu and navigate to the Screen Mirroring tile to turn on the mobile device streaming function. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, swipe down from the top edge of the screen and turn on Smart View or Screen Mirroring in the menu.

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And you can also beam your phone’s screen to the TV. If you have a TV with Smart TV function, there is nothing easierStep by step instructions:

How to connect your phone to a Lumax set-top box?

Connecting the Lumax tuner and your phone to a Wi-Fi network. Find USB in the receiver menu, select “MeeCast QR” and scan the QR code from the phone app. Download MeeCast on your smartphone after the address appears.

Turn off both devices (unplug the TV cord from the power outlet). Plug the cable ends into the appropriate jacks. Switch on your TV and your smartphone. In the TV menu, set the HDMI port as input source.

What are the connection options?

Our tips on how to connect your phone to the TV will help you make friends with each other. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone. Detailed step by step instructions for connecting by USB cable, HDMI or with wireless networks and pairing software.

Connecting via USB-cable

So, you’re back from vacation, the best friends are gathered at the table with the delicious things brought from a trip and you want to share with them their impressions and photos, and to show each of them in detail. Except the photo is on the phone and the big-screen TV is on the wall. The easiest option is to connect your phone to the TV with a USB cable. In this case smartphone will become a flash drive, i.e. you will be able to launch files only via USB-interface of TV itself.

For such connection you will need: a cell phone with Android, a cord (for example, from the charger), and the TV itself with a working USB input. most modern models have it.

Connect the TV and the smartphone with a cable. Turn on the TV.

On the smartphone screen in the notification window that appears, select “Use as storage device (as USB)”.

From the TV-set select USB in the list of sources (usually you can do it with the Source button).

Use the arrows on the remote control to select the desired folders and open files. Thus you can browse image files, as well as to run a previously downloaded to the flash drive movie.

What to do if the TV does not see your smartphone connected via USB?

Check if the cable is working. Also, the wires that come with chargers may be for charging only. Make sure you’re using the cable that came with your phone to connect it to your computer.

If the cable works, make sure you select the right item on your smartphone screen. Try disconnecting it and reconnecting it to the TV, selecting the correct option (not “Charge Only”).

What you can do?

Use your smartphone as a flash drive.

If these ways didn’t help, your phone and TV may not be compatible to connect via USB. Try the other options below.

Connect using an HDMI cable

This way of connecting your phone to the TV turns the smartphone-TV bundle into a single computer and allows you to run all the files from your phone on the big screen. Some gadgets have a mini-HDMI jack, but this is a rarity. If your smartphone doesn’t have one, you’ll need to buy an adapter: it may be a USB Type-C to HDMI cable for more expensive smartphones, a Lightning to HDMI adapter for iPhone and iPad, or micro-USB to HDMI (with MHL interface).

To connect your phone to the TV is not difficult: connect the devices with the cable, as a signal source, select the port to which your smartphone is connected. Enjoy displaying your phone screen on the TV display.

Via USB Type. C connector

This adapter will help you connect your new smartphones, flagship models with modern connector for fast charging to TV. It’s best to choose a universal adapter that can connect to a TV with HDMI, VGA, DVI, or MiniDP.

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Via Lightning

This adapter allows you to connect your Apple devices (iPhone or iPad) to your TV. The device can also be universal and can fit any TV. It is cheaper to buy a simple adapter, it costs from 1500.


It’s a way to connect an older or cheaper device to your TV. If your smartphone has a microUSB connector, the MHL adapter allows you to connect it to HDMI. Both your smartphone and TV must support Mobile High-Definition Link. To check if your smart phone supports this feature, download and run the MHL Checker app. Your TV should say MHL on it next to the HDMI connector.

Via Slim Port

This method is suitable if your smartphone does not support the previous method. This is mostly for older devices. They must also have a microUSB input.

What you can do?

Use your TV as an external display for playing games and watching movies. The TV shows the full screen of your smartphone.

Connecting via Wi-Fi

This method is suitable for televisions equipped with a Wi-Fi module. You can find out if it is on your TV by looking at the instructions or description on the Internet. It is also worth checking if your smartphone is modern enough: nothing will work with phones equipped with Android OS below version 4 or iPhone below 4s. Everything will succeed if your smartphone has a “Wi-Fi Direct” item in the “Wireless Networks” section. You can usually find it in the settings sub-item (behind the three dots in the right corner). It must be made active.

Then in the TV to which you want to connect your phone via Wi-Fi, you need to find the “Network” section in the menu. Here we also select Wi-Fi Direct. In the list of available devices that appears, select your phone. most likely it will be the only one here. The connection request will fly to your smartphone. confirm it in the pop-up window that opens.

What you can do?

View images from the smartphone. The speed of information transfer is low.

Connection via DLNA

This method is suitable for Android smartphones and TVs with DLNA support. To transfer files, you need to connect your phone and TV to your home internet network (there are many ways to do this), then turn on the DLNA function on your TV in the settings. After that, select a movie, picture or music, click on the file name and in the settings, press: “Menu. select player”. Find your TV in the list.

What you can do?

View files from your smartphone. For advanced settings and viewing files not only from the gallery you will need to put any app for DLNA from Google Play.

Wired connection options

You can connect your smartphone to the TV through the HDMI port, USB connector or tulip. It all depends on the availability of the correct port in the TV and cable in the house. Let’s look at each option in detail.

The most reliable way to connect your phone to the TV is with an HDMI cable. Virtually all TVs today are equipped with an HDMI port for audio and video. Some modern models have a version 2 port.1 that is capable of working with the 8K format. But for streaming media from your mobile device, HDMI 2 is enough.0.

Important. If your phone has no HDMI-mini you can buy an adapter. The adapter will have the right connector for TV and USB Type C or Lightning for the gadget. Before buying, it is important to see what inputs are in the smartphone.

Connection steps

  • Selecting or buying the right cable. To do this, check the connector types on the devices.
  • Connecting the devices by wire. First connect the mobile device and then the TV.
  • Selecting in TV menu When there are several connectors, you need to find the right one through Source.
  • Waiting for the picture to be displayed. If nothing appears, go into the setting of the gadget and select “screen” in the image settings.
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It is faster and easier to connect the phone, where there is a HDMI-mini connector. There are such ports in premium gadgets. And in this case, adapters will not be required.

Tip. To save battery power on your smartphone, you can turn off the backlight for the duration of the media broadcast on the TV screen. It is also advisable to immediately put the phone on charge, so that it does not turn off at the wrong time.

How to choose a set-top box

Before you make a choice, it’s worth understanding that there are different types of set-top boxes. It all depends on what features the user wants to see on their TV. It is worth first examining in detail the types, and then proceed to the basic choice, the criteria for choice.

What kind of STBs there are

All set-top boxes have features that classify them as smart devices. However, the user receives a device that can support all available applications. At this time, set-top boxes differ in what brand.

Note! The main thing is not to get confused by the fact that Smart. STBs and TV. receivers. are different things. In the first, the user sees the smart features, but they do not have the tuner, which is necessarily in the receiver. The second. the receiver. is just for watching digital TV.

There are many manufacturers of set-top boxes, but the most popular companies are:

These are not all brands, but only the most popular ones among users. There are a lot of good set-top boxes on the market, so the user can choose the one he likes best.

The brand is not decisive, because it basically all depends on what the technical characteristics (TS) of the console. They all differ in processors, operating systems, different memory configurations, support for different formats and files.

If, for example, a Smart set-top box has 3 GB RAM and 1 GB RAM, then it will be more complete in terms of performance, and it will be possible to install many different applications.


Now it is worth to understand by which indicators the console is worth choosing, and by which it is not. The buyer should pay attention to all the features, just do not pay attention to the screen, which the device may not have. But it’s worth paying attention to important things like connection to TV and more.

Choosing a smart device can be compared to choosing a smartphone, as some characteristics are very similar. The buyer should look closely at such indicators as:

This list does not include such a parameter as battery capacity, because the set-top box works from the wall outlet. In this case, the characteristics are otherwise similar to those of the phones.

You shouldn’t pay much attention to such things as brand and design, but the fact that the set-top box has wires is very important. If the user is confident that the connection will be via USB, then it is worth considering having such a port on the console. The same goes for Micro SD, as well as additional ports such as an audio jack.

The other parameters depend on the requirements that the buyer puts forward to buy the console. That is, if the user wants to watch YouTube, the amount of built-in and main memory is not so important, but if the user wants to play games, it is fundamental.

Built-in memory capacity is important. If the user is used to install a program, later also need to run many programs, then a flash drive will not help the user, you need to buy a set-top box that already assumes everything.

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