How to Connect Xiaomi Watch to Phone

Mi Band is a line of fitness trackers that are released by Xiaomi. This tracker is fixed on your hand and looks like a small watch or bracelet. With it, you can track the number of steps taken, distance, heart rate, and other indicators.

In this instruction, we will talk about how to connect the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet to an Android phone. In order to demonstrate how this is done we will use the Mi Band 3 generation bracelet. But, Mi Band 4, as well as Mi Band 2 and an older version of this bracelet, connects in the same way, so the instruction will be quite universal.

Connecting the Xiaomi Mi Band

Before you start connecting the Mi Band, you must first charge it. To do this, you need to use a special cable, which should come with the device. Connect the fitness tracker to this cable and plug it into the USB port on the computer or into the charger for the phone.

How to Connect Xiaomi Watch to Phone

After installing the Mi Fit application, just launch it on your phone, create a new account, if necessary, and go to the “Profile” section, the link to which is located in the lower right corner of the screen.

The Mi Fit application profile will display all the basic information about Xiaomi devices that are connected to your mobile phone. You can also add new devices from here. For example, to connect a new Mi Band bracelet, you need to click on the “Add Device” button and then select “Clock”.

After that, a message appears that warns about what data the connected device will collect. In this case, the bracelet will collect information about your activity, sleep and pulse. To continue the connection, simply click on the “OK” button and bring the Mi Band closer to the phone so that the bracelet binding process starts.

After that, the message “Press on Mi Band with vibration” should appear on the screen. When this message appears, you need to wait until the Mi Band bracelet vibrates and after that press the button on the bracelet itself. On this, the process of connecting the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet to the phone should be completed. If the gadget requires a firmware update, then it will start immediately after connecting.

After completing the connection and updating, information on the main functions of the bracelet will appear on the screen. You can scroll through it or immediately return to the Mi Fit app.

To make sure that the connection went fine, open the Mi Fit application and go to the “Profile. Devices” section. This should display information about the gadget that you have tied to the telefen.

How to disable the old Mi Band

Only one Mi Band bracelet can be connected to one Mi Fit app at a time. Therefore, if you have an old Mi Band that is already connected to the phone, you will need to disconnect it before connecting a new one.

In this case, when starting the connection, a pop-up message will appear on the screen, in which you will need to click on the “Unlink” button. After that, a page with information about the connected gadget will open, here you need to scroll to the very end and again click on the “Unlink” button.

After disconnecting the old Mi Band, the connection process will resume and you can continue it according to the instructions described above.

Sometimes instructions for use are not attached to the smart watch, or it is in a foreign language. This is inconvenient for those who purchase a wearable gadget for the first time and do not know how to connect a smart watch to an android phone. Consider how to do this.

  1. Instructions for connecting a smart watch to a smartphone
  2. How to connect 2 or more smart watches?
  3. If you cannot sync
  4. The connection is complete, but it is unstable, what should I do?
  5. Summary
  6. Video

Instructions for connecting a smart watch to a smartphone

How to synchronize a smart watch with a smartphone.

  1. To get started, download the Android Wear app from the Play Market, which is free.
  2. Turn on the smart watch, run the downloaded program on the phone, place the gadget at a distance of no more than 1 meter from the smartphone.
  3. In the application, click “Configure”, the name of the watch will be displayed on the screen, select them.
  4. On the displays of both devices codes will be displayed, if they are the same. Click “Connect”, otherwise perform the procedure again.

If the process is successful, the Connected icon is displayed in Android Wear.

How to connect 2 or more smart watches?

Parents who have 2 or more children buy several children’s smart watches at once, the question arises: “is it possible to control 2-3 devices from one smartphone?”. Yes, there is such an opportunity. To get started, open the same Android Wear app. Next, you will see a down arrow next to devices already connected, click it. Then the New Clock menu opens, where, according to the prompts, the second Smart Watch is connected. If you want to add a third gadget, follow the same instructions. There are no restrictions on the number of connected devices.

If you cannot sync

We will analyze the popular reasons why devices on android wear do not connect to a smartphone. The first thing to check if your internet connection is data transfer is turned on. If so, look at 3 more reasons.

  1. Updating the operating system and Google applications. Pay attention to device compatibility. Smartwatch on android wear connect to phones and tablets on android 4 and above. Check this option. In addition to the OS, the device must have Google services 7.3.28 and newer, Google Search 4.0, Android Wear 1.0.
  2. See if you forgot to turn on Bluetooth on your phone (In Settings, “Wireless Networks” section).
  3. On a smart watch, flight mode should not be turned on. Go to the device settings and check.

These are the main points when a smartphone or tablet does not see the device. If the operating system and programs are in the correct versions, the flight mode is off and the bluetooth is active, restart both devices. Resetting also helps.

Go to the gadget settings, select the “System” section, and then “Disable and reset the settings.”

If the phone still does not see the smartwatch, uninstall and reinstall the Android Wear program. Repeat the synchronization process.

The connection is complete, but it is unstable, what should I do?

If the connection between the smart gadget and the phone has taken place, but it is unstable, check how far the device is from each other: it should not exceed 1 meter. It may still fail the Internet connection, make sure it is stable. Also try to perform the actions applicable if there is no connection: updating the OS and programs to the desired version, see the Bluetooth activity, make sure that the flight mode is turned off. Further also according to the scheme: we try to reinstall Android Wear or reset the parameters.


Gadgets are connected to the smartphone simply, it will take 5-7 minutes. If you encounter difficulties with visibility or synchronization, check your Internet connection, whether bluetooth is turned on, if the flight mode is active and the version of Android matches the one you need. If everything is correct, resetting and restarting devices helps.


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Gadgets from the popular manufacturer Xiaomi do not cease to amaze users with their capabilities. Recently, Amazfit smart watches have begun to gain popularity. However, they are able to fully function only when connected to a smartphone. In connection with this, the first thought that arises for buyers is a logical question: how to connect an Amazfit watch to a phone? Syncing gadgets is not difficult, but not everyone can handle the problems that arise. Therefore, before proceeding with the settings, it is worth considering all the nuances of this process.

What you need to sync

To connect Amazfit to a smartphone, you need to take smartphone (iOS / Android) and the watch itself, and also check the phone’s Wi-Fi connection and the normal speed of wireless Internet. Phone recommended charge (at least up to 30%), so that during the synchronization process it does not suddenly turn off.

Is there a difference in connection between Bip, Pace and Stratos

The synchronization of Amazfit Pace, Stratos and Bip with a smartphone lasts equally long. For all of the listed devices, the connection can occur through programs Mi Fit or Amazfit Watch.

How to connect Amazfit to Android

When connecting, for example, Amazfit Stratos to your smartphone on the Android platform, you will need to perform several actions:

  1. Install on phone Amazfit Watch app, open it and register. Here you can use your Google account or create a new profile directly in the application. Before connecting gadgets will automatically turn on Bluetooth, and GPS. This should not be turned off.
  2. Exit the application and then open again his. When a tab with a number appears on the phone’s screen, just press OK button after which the connection will continue.
  3. Wait until the connection procedure is completed and the software update starts. In the process of this it is forbidden to disconnect smartphone and watch.

It is also possible to connect devices through Mi fit. It is very good if this program is already installed on your smartphone and other Xiaomi gadgets are present in it. In this case, you need to open (download and run) the application, click “Add device” and select the desired clock from the list (the procedure is identical to connecting Mi Band 3). The application carries out all subsequent actions on its own, and the owner can only configure the work of the watch for himself.

How to connect Amazfit to iPhone

If you are interested in connecting the Amazfit smart watch to the iPhone, then with the help of simple actions you can connect these devices. Here you will need to first install the official application on the phone from Xiaomi. Mi Fit.

After that, you should open it and enter the profile (using your Mi account or Facebook account). Next, all the necessary information about the clock will appear on the screen. Following actions:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone and visibility.
  2. Open tab “Profile”, which is at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Press the button “Devices” and choose “Add device.”
  4. Find the necessary hours in the list and click on them.
  5. Confirm action on the watch screen.

So, connecting devices was successful. With this program, the user can interact with the watch, change their settings and perform other actions.

Amazfit sync with Samsung Health

Users think about connecting the watch to Samsung Health when it becomes necessary to clearly track steps, heart rate and other things on Samsung phones. In addition to this program, you will need install on smartphone also:

  • Mi Fit;
  • Google Fit
  • Health Sync.

Further actions:

  1. Open Mi Fit and wait for the synchronization to pass. Go to “Add Accounts” and click “Add Google Fit.”
  2. Open Samsung Health, go to “Steps” and put a checkmark on “Health Sync” in the settings for viewing the data on the number of steps.

What to do if Amazfit smart watches do not connect to the phone

If such a problem occurs, the first thing you should try to connect the watch to another phone to figure out what is the reason. In your smartphone or watch. In the event that Amazfit quietly connects to another device, then you need to pay attention to the “problem” phone.

In most cases, the situation is resolved in a positive direction immediately after reboot phone / smartwatch. But in this case, you will first need to remove Mi Fit, then turn off and on the gadget, and reinstall the official application.