How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi 7 to TV

Watchings and photos on a smartphone is not as convenient as on a large TV. Therefore, periodically, many users have a question, how can I transfer information from a phone to a TV device? Of course, you can offer to first throw everything on a USB flash drive, and then connect it to the TV. But this is all long, inconvenient and not always possible. In addition, in this way online content cannot be displayed on the big screen.

We will be pleased to tell you how to connect a xiaomi smartphone (Redmi 4, 5, 6, mi 8, 6 and other popular models) to a TV? Believe me, this skill is useful to you more than once. It may not be today or tomorrow, but someday you will go on a business trip or on a visit, and there you can easily “make friends” two devices for broadcasting documents, images and other data.

How to Connect Xiaomi Redmi 7 to TV

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Using wireless technology, you can connect your xiaomi smartphone to your TV. For example, using Wi-Fi Direct. True, everything will work out only with Smart TV. The connection procedure itself through this channel is simple:

  1. First of all, we connect both the phone and the TV to one Wi-Fi network.
  2. We go to the “Settings” on the smartphone Xiaomi.
  3. Go to the “Wi-Fi” section.
  4. We go down the menu and tap on the item “Advanced (advanced) settings.”
  5. We are looking for the option “Wi-Fi Direct”. Click on it.
  6. In the window that appears, the process of searching for devices with which pairing is possible will begin. We need our TV to display here. As soon as the smartphone finds it, try to connect.
  7. Usually a TV model is prescribed. So tap on it. Then click on the completion of the connection process.
  8. Open the “Gallery”, “Youtube” on your xiaomi smartphone or run the movie through a player. We see the icon from above, which tells us about the successful connection to the TV.
  9. Enjoying the image on the big screen.

We use Miracast

Do you want to display the image on the TV from your smartphone and do not pull the wires? Then you can use the Miracast function.

A prerequisite is a modern TV, so that it supports this technology of wireless transmission. But intermediary devices in the form of routers and routers are not needed. The signal is transmitted directly from one device to another.

The connection procedure itself will not cause difficulties. It will not require you and special efforts or a lot of time. At least on xiaomi redmi note 4x we were able to literally set up data transfer to another monitor in just a minute. We did everything as follows:

  1. First, activate the function on the TV device. The fact is that on many models it is turned off by default. So it’s better to start with this one. In our case, this is a Samsung TV. On the remote control, select the button called “Source”. In the window that crawled out on the screen, click “Screen Mirroring”. How to enable miracast on LG? Press the button “Settings” remote. Next, select the “Network” section. Then we find the item “Miracast”. In it, just change the position of the switch to “On”. On TVs from other manufacturers, the miracast function is enabled in the same way. If something does not work, then you can find help on the Internet.
  2. We leave the TV for now. But do not turn it off. We pick up Xiaomi Redmi or Mi series. Go to the “Settings”.
  3. We open the subsection “Additional functions”.
  4. Tap on the item “Wireless Display”.
  5. Now we wait (usually no more than 30-40 seconds) until the smartphone finds an available monitor.
  6. It remains only to click on it and wait for the connection to complete.

By the way, the above-described action algorithm is suitable for xiaomi smartphones with MIUI shell. If you, for example, mi a1, working on a “clean” android, then you will need:

  1. Through the “Settings” go to the “Screen” section.
  2. Then scroll down and select “Broadcast”.
  3. Next, we do everything as in the first embodiment: we select a TV device and synchronize with it.

For reference! The disadvantages of wirelessly connecting a smartphone to a TV are minor broadcast delays and periodic quality distortion.

Another popular wireless standard. With it, you can also connect your Xiaomi smartphone to TV. But we recommend using this synchronization option in those cases when you do not need a live broadcast of images from your phone.

After all, a mobile device when connected via DLNA will work on the principle of a flash drive. Only no wires are needed, and this is a big plus.

On the TV, those files that are stored on the xiaomi smartphone will be available to you. And you can start them already from the TV itself.

For this technology to work on your smartphone, you need to install special software in advance. BubbleUPnP. The program is available for download on Google Play. The transmitted content may be:

  • music;
  • a photo;
  • Images;
  • some formats.

Also, do not forget to connect the TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, synchronizing the two devices via DLNA will fail.

Using HDMI or USB

But if you need to transfer the image from your phone to a relatively old TV that does not support wireless data technology? Then you can connect the two devices via usb cable. The corresponding connector is on almost all TV models.

At the same time, the connection procedure is very similar to when you synchronize your smartphone with a PC:

  • Using a microUSB-USB cable, we connect the phone to the TV.
  • Using the remote control, turn on the TV device and go to the menu.
  • We choose the suitable USB exit.
  • Open the desired image or file on the phone.

The only nuance of connecting two devices via USB. in a TV, a smartphone will be defined as a flash drive with a file structure. It turns out that you can’t broadcast anything in real time. That is, you can open the photo on the phone, and it will be displayed on the big screen. But launching a in the smartphone’s browser and waiting for it to be displayed on TV is not worth it.

Two devices are connected via HDMI as follows:

  1. Be sure to turn off the TV.
  2. We connect the wires, now turn on the TV.
  3. Using the remote control, we open the settings or the main menu.
  4. Select the broadcast mode for HDMI. If you can’t understand how this is done, then refer to the user manual that came with the TV.

After these manipulations, both the image and the sound should begin to be duplicated on the big screen. over, the quality is usually at a very good level. When properly connected, there is no interference, graphic artifacts, blurry colors and contours.

For reference! If you own a smartphone xiaomi, then you can use the gadget not only for its intended purpose. Your phone is easy to launch as a TV remote control. This is done using the program Mi Remote. Downloading and downloading this program is not required, because it was originally built into the firmware.