How to Connect Xiaomi Headphones to Phone

Wireless headphones are in great demand. Not only that, some manufacturers began to abandon the 3.5 mm jack in their smartphones in favor of a single USB Type-C connector or Bluetooth technology.

Be that as it may, in this article we will talk about how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Xiaomi smartphone.

How to connect wireless headphones to a Xiaomi smartphone?

How to Connect Xiaomi Headphones to Phone

  • Open the settings section on your device.
  • Click on the Bluetooth line.
  • Turn on the wireless connection by moving the switch to the on position.

Bluetooth is on. Turn on pairing mode on the headphones. Usually, you need to press the button on the headphones themselves, or press and hold it for about 5-10 seconds. After that, the indicator on the headphones, if any, should change color. On the screen, click on the “Update” button, not forgetting to bring the headphones closer to the smartphone.

  • The Rarely Used icon has appeared. Click on it. If the headphones are used often, then the name of their model you will see on the same screen.
  • See a list of devices, possibly including neighboring ones, as in our case. Click on the icon of your device.
  • The device is connected.

Usually it takes less than 5-10 seconds to connect, and more often it happens even faster.

How to connect Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones to a phone: instructions

Wireless headphones are the flagship accessory of the past few years. And more people began to replace the “wires” with a more comfortable headset. Therefore, now many brands are focusing their production on such gadgets.

Xiaomi’s Chinese brand also does not stand aside. In the spring of 2019, the manufacturer released the new Xiaomi Redmi Airdots, also known as Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic. According to customers, they provide good performance and great sound. How to deal with connecting them to a smartphone. We will discuss in this article.


The gadget will not be able to work if it is not charged, so before use, place it in a case to fill the battery. If the indicator is lit in red, Redmi Airdots are charged, if white. They are ready for operation.

Remove the headset from the case and wait a couple of seconds. The earbuds should synchronize with each other. When the left catches the signal of the right, the synchronization is completed, as indicated by the indicator, which will begin to flash white.

How to connect Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones

To connect headphones, you need only a Bluetooth-enabled phone and the accessory itself.

Please note that turning the gadget on and off occurs as a result of removing or re-placing the headphones in the case, respectively. So do not try to find any buttons with which you can activate them.

How to connect both headphones:

  • Remove the headphones from the case.
  • Open the Bluetooth tab on your phone, located in Settings.
  • Turn on bluetooth.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on the Refresh button to search for new devices.
  • In the list, select the name of the accessory “Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (Right. Right earphone).”
  • Click on the name and confirm the connection request.
  • Next, you will see your accessory in the list of “Paired devices”. Connected devices.
  • In the menu you will see information about the status of the headphones and the battery level.

Done! Now you can listen to music. The manufacturer decided not to be limited to one connection method, and just in case, provided for the second method.

How to connect Xiaomi Redmi Airdots headphones. The second way:

  1. Take them out of the case.
  2. Clamp the touch panels on both headphones.
  3. There should be a couple of blinks of red and white light. Hold the touch buttons.
  4. There will be another flashing with both colors.
  5. Put the accessory back in the case.
  6. Take out and wait a bit. Frequent flashes become slow at the right earphone.
  7. Then just plug in the headphones to your phone.

What you need to know about connection

Let’s pay attention to some nuances that are useful to know and consider when it becomes necessary to connect Redmi Airdots.

Features of connection and control:

  • Remember the colors of the indicator: red means no battery at the moment, white means readiness for use, full charge.
  • The sound volume is regulated only by the rocker on the smartphone itself.
  • Connection methods are similar on Android and IOS.
  • Recharging the battery takes about 45 minutes.
  • Battery life: about 3-4 hours.
  • To use only the right or only the left earphone, remove one device from the case, and leave the second there, wait until the frequent blinks change to slow and connect in the usual way.
  • The headset is connected to the computer in the same way.

What to do if the headphones do not connect

Many people ask this question when the gadget can not synchronize with the phone, or the name of the wireless headphones is missing from the list of paired devices.

Instructions for returning the accessory to work are as follows:

  1. Remove the Airdots from the case, they should be turned off.
  2. Hold the touch pad on each insert and hold for up to 15 seconds.
  3. After flashing three times, put the headphones in the case and let them charge.
  4. Go to the “Bluetooth” page on your phone and remove the name of the gadget from the list.
  5. And finally, do the whole connection process from the very beginning.

How to connect Xiaomi headphones on the phone

Smartphone users cannot always figure out how to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Xiaomi phone. Below, we will consider step-by-step instructions for solving this problem; we will analyze the main causes of the problems that arise and ways to disable the wireless device.

How to connect bluetooth headphones to your phone

The easiest way to connect Xiaomi wireless headphones to your phone is to use the built-in capabilities of your mobile device.

The general algorithm of actions has the following form:

These steps are enough to connect Xiaomi headphones to the phone. The bluetooth of the mobile device automatically scans the network and finds a headset.

If pairing is successful, the wireless product appears in the Available devices line. Press the button and wait for pairing. Sometimes the system asks for a PIN code. After that, Xiaomi headphone setup is available. To make changes, click on the gear next to the name.

There are situations when Xiaomi wireless headphones do not connect to the phone the first time. Reasons may vary:

A lot of questions arise with regard to how to connect Xiaomi wireless headphones such as Air Dots. Sometimes situations arise when the left ear cannot “find” the right one. In this case, take the following steps:

  • Disconnect both “ears”, and for this hold the touch panels and hold them until the red indicators appear;
  • Hold for 30 to 50 seconds. First, white lights up, and after 15-20 seconds a red-white glow appears. In this case, the indicator flashes twice;
  • Keep the products until they blink several times and go out for a couple of seconds, and then they blink again with a post. This indicates a reset.
  • Put the “ears” back in the box and remove them again. The left should find the right and sync.

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to a Xiaomi phone. Instructions

For a modern person, a telephone headset has become an integral part of everyday life. While doing your own business, you can simultaneously communicate with friends, listen to audio books, music and news. Therefore, many users are thinking about how to connect wireless headphones to a Xiaomi phone. Today we will answer this question.

Which is better: wired or wireless headphones

Before buying a headset, you need to decide what kind of gadget design you need: wired or wireless? To do this, think under what conditions and how you will use the headphones.

Do you like to play sports and go jogging daily? Do you travel a lot? Leading an active lifestyle? Then definitely look at the bluetooth headsets. Your movements will not be blocked by wires, and you can easily be away from the phone (within the range of Bluetooth access).

Prefer to listen to music indoors, but for phone calls use primarily a smartphone, rather than a headset? In this case, do not overpay, because you can buy ordinary wired headphones.

Comparison table

Below you will find a detailed diagram with the pros and cons of the two types of headsets. Read and choose your ideal option.

Bluetooth headsetWired headset
Mobility. Your movements are not constrained. There is no need to carry a phone with you everywhere.Need a power source. Bluetooth headsets run out pretty quickly.Do not worry about the charge. You can listen to music and chat without time limits.The presence of wires. With active classes, the wires greatly interfere, it is also necessary to carry a phone with you everywhere.
Compactness. Take a look at the excellent minimalistic Xiaomi AirDots headphones. This is a great budget alternative to Apple’s expensive gadgets.Intricate Connection. It may take a while for the first synchronization of the headphones with the phone. Beginners are often confused with the sequence of actions.Just connect. The pairing is as simple as possible: just plug the wire into the USB port and you’re done.Wire breakage. If you use the headset for a long time, the cable may break, burst, and crack. To replace it, additional funds will be needed.
Interesting design. And more wireless models with completely different appearance are entering the modern market.Price. For a quality headset with the latest features you have to pay a lot.Availability. For several thousand, you can buy excellent headphones with basic functionality.Outdated models. Gradually, wired structures still fade into the background, replaced by modern Bluetooth gadgets.
You can not decide on the choice of headphones? Then take a look at a great alternative: wired headphones with bluetooth connectivity.

Video: How to Connect Xiaomi Headphones to Phone

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xiaomi

Getting to practice. First you need to make sure that there is bluetooth on the smartphone. Most modern models have this module, but on older phones it may not be.

It is also advisable to choose headphones with a Bluetooth version, which fits your device. After all, if the fifth generation wireless technology is built into the headset, and on the fourth device, the headphones will work on Bluetooth 4.0 (they will work, but the sound quality and the distance between devices will noticeably decrease).

First setup after purchase

  1. We take a smartphone and activate Bluetooth. For this we visit “Settings”. We go to the section “Wireless network”. Bluetooth. Move the slider to the “On” mode.
  2. Now set up the headphones. The instructions should explain in detail how to properly turn the headset on and off. Usually the power button is located on the side. Click on it and wait for the sound signal.
  3. On the smartphone, go to Available Devices. We are looking for a model of our headphones there. Click on them and agree to pairing.

Sometimes a password is required, which is also indicated in the instructions for the gadget. That’s all, for the first time we have connected Bluetooth headphones.

General Terms of Use

After the first connection to the Xiaomi smartphone, pairing occurs automatically. The device itself determines the headset, and immediately starts playing audio files. But Bluetooth, of course, must be pre-activated on the phone.

Solving Common Problems

Have you purchased a quality headset, you strictly follow the instructions, but are there certain problems with the headphones? Do not worry, problems can be easily resolved, Having read our tips and tricks.

What to do if Xiaomi does not see the headphones

Most often the error is software. For example, after system updates, this is a fairly common occurrence. Then it is worth rolling back to the previous version or resetting to factory settings.

If there are problems with a wired connection, then it is worth checking and thoroughly cleaning the connectors. And also pay attention to the serviceability of the wire and the contacts themselves.

In most cases, the headphones are not connected if the setting is incorrect by the user. So carefully read each paragraph of the manual before contacting a service center.

Headphone sound too loud or quiet

We talked about how to increase the volume in headphones on Xiaomi phones in our separate article. There are a huge number of different methods, as well as a video instruction and answers to your questions.

Xiaomi headphone bluetooth connection

Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi have long been releasing various sports accessories: sneakers, backpacks. However, fitness watches and wireless headphones are in great demand. Those users who first encounter this accessory are interested in how to connect Xiaomi bluetooth headphones. The answer to this question can be found below.

Connecting Wireless Headphones

The principle of connecting different models is almost the same.

Instructions for synchronizing with a smartphone:

  • Mi Collar Headset. Connecting wireless headphones to your Xiaomi phone is easy. The headset should be inserted into the ear, the lower part should be directed towards the mouth. To synchronize the device with a smartphone, hold the button located at the top of the device. When the light, which is located below, blinks, this will indicate that the device is ready for work. Next, you need to activate Bluetooth in the phone, select the required gadget in the list that appears.
  • Millet Sports. First, turn on the bluetooth, holding the only button on the device until the blue indicator appears. If the smartphone does not detect Millet Sports, then you need to click “Update”. Click on the added equipment, wait for the connection. When the light on the capsule lights up, the equipment is ready for use.
  • Mi Sport Headset. You need to activate Bluetooth on the phone, hold down the power key. When the smartphone finds the equipment, you need to click on it from the list.
  • Mi Collar Headset Youth. This model has the ability to connect to multiple devices at once. There are buttons on the left side of the arc to control the Mi Collar Headset Youth. With their help, you can answer and make calls and synchronize with your smartphone using the method described above.
  • Mi Monitor. Launch the device (key on the speaker cup). To pair with a smartphone, go to the settings, turn on Bluetooth, select the desired device from the list.
  • Mi Sport Mini. Turn on the Bluetooth device. Find the button located on the remote. In the list of available equipment on your phone, select Mi Sport Mini.

As for pairing Redmi AirDots, there is a separate article on this.

Xiaomi headset

Connecting a Xiaomi Bluetooth headset is practically no different from synchronizing with headphones:

  • Mi Bluetooth Headset Youth. Feel the power key on the headset, press. Go to the settings of the mobile device, Bluetooth section. Make the slider active. From the list of devices found, find this accessory, select it.
  • Mi Bluetooth Headset. Press the long key located on the side. You can synchronize with two phones at the same time. Connection will be carried out in turn according to the same principle as described above.
  • Millet Mini. There is only one button on the headset that performs different functions: turning it on, off, answering a call, listening to music. Connects to the gadget through the Bluetooth settings. The headset must be turned on during pairing.

Other headphones and other devices

All models of wireless devices connect the same way (Jabra, Huawei, etc.). You need to open the settings section, go to the “Bluetooth” tab. Launch the accessory itself. This usually requires a single press or hold of the button for 5-10 seconds.

Xiaomi devices are synchronized with any gadgets that have the Bluetooth function: computer, laptop, tablet, etc. The connection will be the same for both Android phones and iPhones.

What to do if Xiaomi does not see the hardware

This problem can occur for several reasons, ranging from mechanical damage to incompatibility devices. Therefore, before purchasing, you should find out which version of bluetooth the accessory works with.

To fix the problem, you should start with synchronization diagnostics. Sometimes the connection freezes. In such cases, you must cancel the process, then start pairing again. The device may not be selected. Often the reason lies in the discharged battery. If previously the device worked with another phone, then it must be rebooted with a long press of a button (15 seconds).

Sometimes for pairing you need to enter a PIN code, which is attached to the accessory instructions.

How to connect Xiaomi Airdots wireless headphones to your phone

Wireless headphones have an undeniable advantage over wired ones. It is much more convenient to use them, since there is no dangling wire that often clings to clothes, hands, and foreign objects. As a result, you can easily damage both the wire and the “ears” themselves. However, the big plus of wired ones is that the connection does not cause any problems, but with bluetooth analogues it is not so simple.

The first connection of Xiaomi Bluetooth headphones to the phone

Before proceeding to the connection instructions, pay attention to such a point as checking the version of Bluetooth on your phone. Why is it important? The fact is that you can connect Redmi AirDots to your smartphone only on bluetooth version 4.2 and higher. Headphones are not connected through BT 4.0.

To avoid problems, open the Settings application on the Android phone. Scroll through the list of options to the end. We need the item “About phone” (or “Help” > “Hardware Information”). This is where the version number of the Bluetooth wireless module is indicated.

The second important point before connecting concerns the headphones themselves. They must be charged, if not completely, then at least 50%. After all of the above recommendations are implemented, you can proceed to the implementation of the instructions.

  • Step 1. Remove the Xiaomi headphones from the charging case.

While the “plugs” are in the case, it is impossible to pair with the phone.

  • Step 2. Turn off Xiaomi AirDots.

Each time you remove the headphones from the charging case, they automatically turn on. To pair successfully, you need to turn off the headset.

To do this, on each of the Redmi AirDots headphones, press and hold the physical button for about 3-5 seconds (it can be a touch panel if, for example, you have Xiaomi AirDots Pro or Mi AirDots). When turned off, the status indicators on the headphones blink red.

  • Step 3. Sync the right and left earphones

After turning off, you need to turn on both Air Dots again so that one earphone is paired with another. To do this, press and hold the physical buttons (or touch zones) on both “dots” simultaneously for approximately 30 seconds. You will see how the indicators alternately blink red, then white. This means that the synchronization mode is started.

Now put the headphones back on the charging case for 5 seconds, then remove them to connect them to the phone. Pay attention to the status indicator on the right earphone. If it blinks, both “dots” were successfully synchronized with each other. It is important to remember that the main one in the pair is the right earphone.

  • Step 4. Connect AirDots to your phone

Now pick up the phone and do the following:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap the “Bluetooth” menu.
  3. Turn on the bluetooth module by moving the slider to the “On” position.
  4. After turning on the module, the scanning process will automatically start: the smartphone will try to detect other Bluetooth devices nearby. In our case, “Redmi AirDots_R” or “Redmi AirDots_L” should appear on the phone screen. The recording will match the Xiaomi headphone model that you are going to use.
  5. Click on “Redmi AirDots_R.” In the window that appears on the phone asking for permission to connect, click “OK”. If the system requires a code to pair devices, enter 0000.

Sometimes you can’t immediately connect to your mobile device. Then you will have to repeat the whole procedure again, having previously removed from the list of devices discovered via Bluetooth everything related to AirDots.

How to turn off Xiaomi AirDots after using

After a successful first connection of Air Dots, subsequent pairing will be done automatically as soon as you remove the headphones from the case.

The instructions above will help you if you need to connect AIrDots to another device, such as an Android tablet or laptop. All actions will be exactly the same, but first you need to reset the existing connection to the smartphone.

Xiaomi headphones turn off automatically as soon as you remove them from your ears. At the same time, for example, AirDots Pro can be in standby mode for another 30 minutes or more. If you remove the “dots” in the case, they will begin to charge in it.

Physically disconnecting Xiaomi headphones is required only when there are problems with synchronization of the right and left “ears” or communication with the phone is regularly lost and you have to re-establish a connection with it.