How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Iphone 10

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Iphone 10

Today we will talk in detail about how to connect wireless headphones to the iPhone, and what to do if the already configured headset refuses to work. Headphones that can be connected via Bluetooth are a universal accessory. It can be used not only with a company phone, but also with a laptop, player, tablet and TV.

To begin with, synchronizing various Apple devices is especially easy thanks to the common iOS operating system. The platform starts to work incorrectly in extremely rare cases. We remind recent owners of wireless headphones that if you have a microphone in them, you can immediately answer calls that come to your iPhone, this opens up additional usability.

Wireless Earphone Guide for iPhone

We discussed the theory, now in practice we will describe in stages how to connect a wireless earphone to an iPhone. Curiously, the wireless headset connection algorithm is common to almost all Apple devices and iPhone versions.

Launch order:

  • turn on the headphones;
  • we activate on them the ability to connect to a previously unknown device (usually by pressing a button and holding it for more than two seconds);
  • when the headphones become open for searching, turn on the power.
  • expect the blue indicator to flicker.

If the indicator refuses to blink, we use a special key, on which you can see the Bluetooth symbol. In some cases, you have to use the headphone power key. In this case, you will need to hold the specified button.

  • Important: it is necessary to achieve exactly the blue blinking from the indicator.

Bluetooth Earphone Activation

  • Bluetooth activation is performed in accordance with the following sequence of actions:
  • Go to the settings of our iPhone.
  • We open the section called Bluetooth.
  • We activate Bluetooth and click on our headphones in the list of found accessories.

After completing the described steps, the phone will assign the status “Connected” to the headphones. A new designation will appear near the battery level indicator, which is an indication that the headphones are connected and ready for use.

Thanks to the function marked with the “i” symbol, we can disconnect the headset for a while or completely delete all connection information. For the latter case, the item “Forget this device” is provided.

The indicator that notifies the user about the headset’s charge level is called “Batteries”. When reconnecting the headphones to the phone, the device recognizes almost instantly and without user intervention.

Problems connecting wireless headphones to iPhone

In some cases, the iPhone may refuse to recognize the headphones. In this situation, we check the availability of the headset for detection by other devices. If the Bluetooth indicator is constantly on, but not flickering, to activate it, press a separate button or use the hold of the power keys.

In different models of headphones, this action has its own characteristics. Turning off Bluetooth and reactivating it may help. There is a possibility that after this the accessory will appear in the list of devices that are available for connection.

Wireless Headphone Features

Some modern models of wireless headphones allow you to:

  • answer calls;
  • end a conversation;
  • choose the optimal volume level.

In addition, often while listening to music, you can use the headphones to change songs while holding down the volume keys. For beginners, it may also be a pleasant surprise that branded iPhone widgets show how much energy is left in the headphones.