How to Connect Wireless Charging on Iphone 5s

Apple invests in Energous, a company that deals with wireless charging on distance. And the head of this startup managed to hint that the iPhone will receive this technology already in 2017.

And today at iPhones.ru gathered at least five questions about this feature of the smartphone. They remain unanswered. And I think wireless charging will not be useful to iPhone 8 owners at all.

How expensive will the charging equipment be

How to Connect Wireless Charging on Iphone 5s

In the first place in the case of wireless charging at a distance, the expected cost of equipment goes. And the order of numbers today is not indicated from the word at all.

Induction wireless charging for the Galaxy S7 from Samsung today costs about 50 users. I believe the price of the Energous device will be several times higher. 250-500.

And now we multiply this number by the number of charging points that everyone needs. You need a minimum of a couple. for home and office. This is already 500-1000. And if you have to put in every room. from 5 thousand

Will it be difficult to install at home, in cafes and offices

Today, on official Energouss, the process of wirelessly charging devices from a distance looks simple and seamless. But in the real world, things can turn out differently.

And besides the cost of the equipment itself, the complexity of its installation in a room, a car, and so on is also incomprehensible. And it can come out to the fore on the use of technology.

It will be a separate device in the manner of Time Capsule. something universal, codenamed Home. Or, nevertheless, they are built in to the surface with a similarity to the induction charging principle. Question.

Will the standard be compatible with other devices

Today, induction charging, which Apple ignores, uses two coils in the device itself and the dock. Through them, the device’s battery also receives energy.

The manufacturers of Android smartphones have secretly approved this standard. But the same WattUp, if its name does not change after the release, may be proprietary an option for Apple.

This is not much bad, but then we won’t be able to charge non-Apple Bluetooth headphones without wires and so on. Or the company will certify Is it all in the manner of MFi?

How fast will he charge the same iPhone 8

Back to induction wireless charging. Today, the official website of Samsung and other manufacturers does not indicate the efficiency of energy transfer with their help.

But previously, companies boasted even 70% charging efficiency compared to wired connections. This was considered a real technical achievement.

If there is no direct contact with the surface, can the charging speed of the conventional WattUp reach at least 25-35%? There is no answer to this question either. But the inner voice insists. not.

Will “British” scientists find negative for health

In the end, what is the likelihood that wireless charging at a distance will be safe for human health, as many skeptics around the world are talking about today.

Today, a modern user is already 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in the coverage area of ​​Wi-Fi, cellular networks and so on. Will any WattUp survive or will he will be fatal?

And the harm to the body of wireless charging at a distance will be revealed only years after launch. And we will learn the answers to other questions after the release of the commercial product with Energous. But maybe well him?

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